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Patricia M. Scarry (1924–1995)

Author of When Bunny Grows Up

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When Bunny Grows Up (1955) 766 copies
Hop, Little Kangaroo! (1965) 43 copies
The Wait-for-Me Kitten (1962) 29 copies
Corky (1962) 27 copies
Danny Beaver's Secret (1953) 20 copies


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Richard Scarry is best known for his classic illustrations, and this little story written by his wife has the perfect narrative accompaniment. I love the lighthearted approach to a common family friction point: bedtime. Mother and Father Bear take perfectly in their stride Little Bear’s reluctance to go to sleep, and make the last note of the day a playful one. C is old enough to tell that Father Bear is just pretending, which adds to the fun because she’s in on the joke!
KristenRoper | 3 other reviews | Oct 6, 2021 |
So you want to be in with the in-crowd, but they're always running away and leaving you behind to deal with their mess? Stay and clean it up, then you will be rewarded. They will want some of your prize. Give it to them! Then they will like you. Is this really good advice in the real world?
flemertown | 1 other review | Jul 10, 2021 |
I grew up with this book's sequel, 'Little Richard and Prickles', as a constantly requested favorite for storytime. Szekeres' illustrations were so appealing and the stories wholesome and funny without being saccharine. I never realized there was another book until years later, and now here we are. Judging by the numbers here and on other book review sites the series never gained much traction. This is a shame, but I understand there are a LOT of books out there. Having said that I do have to say that 'Little Richard' is not as good as the sequel. There are many elements that Scarry hasn't fleshed out yet, such as Prickles being referred to here as just "Porcupine" and Owley only makes a brief, unnamed appearance as a "Wumble". The stories themselves also don't have as much of a sense of completeness to them. The exception is near the end where Little Richard comes up with a clever solution to Mr. Rabbit's penchant for leaving hats all over the house.

So, this is a nice, very 1970s animal story with, in the best way possible, a heavy Holly Hobbie aesthethic. The sequel is better, but are both worth picking up if discovered in a children's section at a used book store.

P.S.: There appears to be an unofficial third book published in the '80s with a different illustrator called "Adventures of Little Willy and Spike", about a rabbit and a procupine and 14 stories...I will have it!

Little Richard

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ManWithAnAgenda | Jul 9, 2021 |
An absolute favorite growing up. Scarry's illustrations compliment the gentle stories and adventures of Little Richard, Prickles, Owley and Raccoon.

"Owley had been naughty again, you could just tell."

Little Richard

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ManWithAnAgenda | Jan 30, 2020 |


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