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Lisa Scottoline was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania on July 1, 1955. She received a B.A. in English with a concentration in the contemporary American novel from the University of Pennsylvania in 1976 and graduated cum laude from the University of Pennsylvania Law School in 1981. Before becoming show more an author, she worked as a trial lawyer. Her first novel, Everywhere That Mary Went, was published in 1994. Her other books include Come Home, Keep Quiet, Every Fifteen Minutes, and Most Wanted. She also writes the Rosato and Associates series and the Rosato and Dinunzio Novel series. Lisa's title, Daddy's Girl, is a April 2016 New York Times bestseller. (Bowker Author Biography) show less
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Works by Lisa Scottoline

Look Again (2009) 2,044 copies
Dirty Blonde (2006) 1,176 copies
Daddy's Girl (2007) 1,161 copies
Save Me (2011) 1,143 copies
Mistaken Identity (1999) 1,129 copies
Killer Smile (2004) 1,083 copies
Courting Trouble (2002) 1,063 copies
The Vendetta Defense (2001) 1,057 copies
Moment of Truth (2000) 1,053 copies
Think Twice (2010) 1,037 copies
Dead Ringer (2003) 1,016 copies
Lady Killer (2008) 1,014 copies
Devil's Corner (2005) 985 copies
Everywhere That Mary Went (1993) 894 copies
Every Fifteen Minutes (2015) 859 copies
Come Home (2012) 799 copies
Legal Tender (1996) 758 copies
Rough Justice (1997) 757 copies
After Anna (2018) 751 copies
Don't Go (2013) 729 copies
One Perfect Lie (2017) 717 copies
Accused (2013) 695 copies
Keep Quiet (2014) 684 copies
Running from the Law (1996) 655 copies
Someone Knows (2019) 648 copies
Final Appeal (1994) 631 copies
Most Wanted (2016) 599 copies
Betrayed (2015) 572 copies
Eternal (2021) 561 copies
Corrupted (2015) 502 copies
Damaged (2016) 480 copies
Feared (2018) 395 copies
Exposed (2017) 390 copies
Loyalty (2023) 163 copies
The Best American Mystery Stories 2013 (2013) — Editor; Introduction — 97 copies
Have a Nice Guilt Trip (2014) 85 copies
Someone Knows (2019) 2 copies
Accused 2 copies
Hide 1 copy
Look Again & Save Me (2009) 1 copy
Éternelle (2022) 1 copy
Getaway 1 copy

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Save Me by Lisa Scottoline (April 2011 batch) in Reviews of Early Reviewers Books (July 2011)


Interesting idea, but was very tiresome to read trying to differentiate all the Tony's with typography (ALL CAPS) or attempts to use phonetic spelling to convey accents. Not for me.
rumbledethumps | 1 other review | Nov 25, 2023 |
This is only a brief review as I don't want to give anything away. There are plenty of twists that caught me by surprise adding to the pure enjoyment of reading this book so I wouldn't want to take that away from anyone.
I will say that I loved this book it is a book that is extremely high up on my list of books I recommend to family and friends.
It is also going to make a great Christmas present for my step-dad!
This is the first book I have read from this author and from enjoying this one so much I will look forward to reading more of her work.… (more)
DebTat2 | 56 other reviews | Oct 13, 2023 |
Lisa Scottoline always weaves a good tale. Loyalty is set on the island of Sicily and covers the start of the mafia. Therefore, there are a few evil deeds, some murders, and revenge.
It starts when a young child is kidnapped and taken to a madhouse. Franco Fiorvanti did the crime for a baron, expecting to gain favor, and own his own lemon grove. Yet, Sicily's class system would never let him rise to power, so he chose a path of power grabbing - which is basically the start of the mafia.
In another thread, a young lawyer, Gaetano, tries to find the kidnapped child, and loses his job, and a child in the process. Mafalda, a young mother, has a daughter, Lucia, who is the color of milk, not olive skinned. She is outcast. Alfredo is the lone Jew in Sicily, as all other Jews were removed.
The is the story of good vs. evil, and which will prevail? Very interesting historical novel with a twist of mystery, too!
… (more)
rmarcin | 11 other reviews | Oct 1, 2023 |
Happy Publication Day!(March 29,2022)

Tense and suspenseful, Lisa Scottoline's What Happened to the Bennetts is a thrilling story with enough twists and turns to keep you engaged till the very end.

When an attempted carjacking results in the death of their teenage daughter Allison, the Bennetts- Jason and Lucinda and their son Ethan find themselves in the WITSEC program for protection against an organized crime family whose son was one of the carjackers and was killed by his accomplice the same night. Traumatized by the violence they witnessed , overcome with grief over the loss of Allison and afraid for their own lives they reluctantly leave their home, friends and lives behind and move to a safe house under FBI protection till they are to be relocated. While the investigation and search for the perpetrator continues, Jason who owns a court reporting business finds himself doubting the efficacy of the FBI’s efforts and tries to dig deeper into the events that led to the horrific tragedy. While following numerous theories and suspects, some shocking revelations come to light and what follows is a thrilling chase for answers to what was behind all that happened on that fateful night. Public speculation behind the family’s overnight disappearance leaves friends , neighbors and colleagues asking questions and pointing fingers often at Jason himself . With his family’s lives upended , Jason takes in upon himself to find those responsible for his daughter’s death and his quest takes him on a dangerous path putting his own life and those of his family in peril.

While Jason’s search for answers takes up most of the story we also get a close look at the family’s grief and their reactions to losing Allison . The author’s sensitive depiction of the emotional reactions and resulting behavior of each of the family members is very well written. Though the narrative does lose its pace at times and some parts could have been kept shorter, nowhere does it make you lose interest and does keep you waiting with bated breath to find out what happens next.

Thanks to NetGalley and Penguin Group-Putnam for providing an eARC of this novel in exchange for an honest review.
… (more)
srms.reads | 25 other reviews | Sep 4, 2023 |



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