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Marcus Sedgwick (1968–2022)

Author of Midwinterblood

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Marcus Sedgwick was born in East Kent, England. He is primarily a young adult author. His books include She Is Not Invisible, White Crow, Revolver, and The Ghosts of Heaven. He won the 2014 Michael L. Printz Award for Midwinterblood. His first adult novel, A Love Like Blood, was published in 2014. show more (Bowker Author Biography) show less


Works by Marcus Sedgwick

Midwinterblood (2011) 869 copies
Revolver (2009) 734 copies
The Book of Dead Days (2003) 672 copies
My Swordhand is Singing (2006) 504 copies
The Foreshadowing (2005) 436 copies
Blood Red, Snow White (2007) 387 copies
She Is Not Invisible (2013) 348 copies
The Ghosts of Heaven (2014) 342 copies
White Crow (2010) 307 copies
The Dark Flight Down (2005) 265 copies
The Dark Horse (2001) 253 copies
Floodland (2000) 187 copies
Saint Death (2016) 145 copies
The Kiss of Death (2008) 108 copies
Mister Memory (2016) 103 copies
Witch Hill (2001) 101 copies
Flood and Fang (2009) 87 copies
The Monsters We Deserve (2018) 78 copies
A Love Like Blood (2014) 77 copies
The Spear of Destiny (2017) 66 copies
Ghosts and Gadgets (2009) 51 copies
The Emperor's New Clothes (2004) 50 copies
The Dead Days Omnibus (2003) 46 copies
Snow (2016) 41 copies
Dark Satanic Mills (2013) 40 copies
Killing the Dead (1600) 38 copies
Snowflake, AZ (2019) 34 copies
Lunatics and Luck (2010) 33 copies
Vampires and Volts (2010) 29 copies
A Christmas Wish (2003) 26 copies
Magic and Mayhem (2011) 23 copies
Diamonds and Doom (2011) 23 copies
Fright Forest (2012) 19 copies
Cowards (2003) 14 copies
The Swordhand Omnibus (2011) 14 copies
The Truth is Dead (2010) 12 copies
Dread Desert (2013) 9 copies
Monster Mountains (2012) 8 copies
Ravencave (2023) 6 copies
Wrath (2022) 5 copies
A Winter's Tale (2003) 5 copies

Associated Works

Doctor Who: 11 Doctors, 11 Stories (2014) — Contributor — 261 copies
Doctor Who: 12 Doctors, 12 Stories (2014) — Contributor; Narrator, some editions — 259 copies
Doctor Who: 13 Doctors, 13 Stories (2019) — Contributor — 48 copies
The Arthur Ransome Society : transcripts from the literary weekends (1993) — Contributor, some editions — 1 copy
Waterstone's Books Quarterly 25/2007 (2007) — Contributor, some editions — 1 copy


adventure (61) Alaska (35) anthology (52) children's (54) children's fiction (40) death (67) Doctor Who (87) England (33) family (30) fantasy (362) fiction (489) goodreads (37) gothic (78) historical (56) historical fiction (191) horror (180) love (33) magic (45) Marcus Sedgwick (33) mystery (129) novel (35) own (29) read (59) reincarnation (56) romance (43) Russia (31) science fiction (114) short stories (104) supernatural (55) suspense (68) teen (52) teen fiction (37) thriller (48) to-read (610) unread (32) vampires (98) WWI (79) YA (277) young adult (301) young adult fiction (68)

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When I first read this, I was like 9-10 years old and I thought it was well written but the Death of Korps freaked me out so I stopped reading it. Years later and I remembered the summary of this book but not the name or cover so I asked a book group on goodreads (titled: WHATS THE NAME OF THAT BOOK????) to help me out, within a few hours, I got a reply and I confirmed it was the book, I’ll come back to thank the person who solved it for me on this review later.

The book started off well, it had promise of the dead days and a good mystery at first with all these deaths what force it was that was coming for valerian. This book is very plot driven which I appreciate but at times it doesn’t line up with the characters either. It felt that the “kids are smart and adults are creepy and mean” trope which at the time of the writing, YA was still in its infancy so I’m not surprised by that. I gave it three stars because the plot has potential and the pacing was good and I liked the concept of the dead days being used in here.
… (more)
clstrifes | 25 other reviews | Nov 10, 2023 |
Arturo is a teenaged boy scratching out a meager existence in a Mexican border town run and terrorized by drug cartels. His friend Faustino reappears after a year out of contact and asks Arturo for a favor upon which all their fates depend. The rich imagery of religious and spiritual iconography, along with the vivid Freudian dreamscapes and the ritual of a card game (calavera) are painted in sharp relief against the barrenness, poverty and tragedy of Anapra in this dark thriller ostensibly written for theteen/YA market; but a bit more sophisticated than the genres usually provides.… (more)
Tanya-dogearedcopy | 5 other reviews | Sep 10, 2023 |
A middle-grade short novel about a post-global-warming world in which much of what was England is now under water. Ten-year-old Zoe and her parents struggle to survive in Norwich, now an island, until the last supply ship is set to take them away. But Zoe gets separated from her parents and misses the boat. Months later she finds a small boat and sets out to try to find them.

Meh. S’okay. It felt like it could have been fleshed out much more than it was; honestly it reads more like an outline of a story rather than the finished product.… (more)
electrascaife | 6 other reviews | Sep 8, 2023 |
Snowflake, AZ by the brilliant (and sadly no longer with us) Marcus Sedgwick. A sensitively written and powerful novel about environmental illness - a superb book for raising awareness of invisible illnesses. Read my review here: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1vDkpSAJXcOs7joz7YqhiZC2RCwfkF861/view?usp=share...
ArdizzoneFan | 1 other review | Jun 27, 2023 |



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