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Idries Shah (1924–1996)

Author of The Sufis

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Idries Shah, whose full name is Nawab-Zaba Sayed Idries Shah el-Hashimi, is Grand Sheikh of the Sufis and the eldest son of the Nawab (the Mohammedan equivalent of Maharajah) of Sardana, near Delhi in India. His family originates from the principality of Paghman in the Hindu Kush, where his show more ancestors have reigned since 1221, and claims the senior descent from Mohammed in Islam. Idries Shah was born at Simla in the Himalayas and lives in London show less


Works by Idries Shah

The Sufis (1969) 673 copies
The Way of the Sufi (1968) 475 copies
Tales of the Dervishes (1967) 406 copies
Caravan of Dreams (1972) 227 copies
Wisdom of the Idiots (1971) 198 copies
Thinkers of the East (1971) 181 copies
Oriental Magic (1956) 176 copies
Secret Lore of Magic (1957) — Author — 138 copies
The Boy Without a Name (2000) 135 copies
The Magic Monastery (1972) 134 copies
The Silly Chicken (2000) 94 copies
The Commanding Self (1764) 91 copies
Reflections (1968) 90 copies
The Dermis Probe (1970) 83 copies
Kara Kush (1986) 79 copies
The Farmer's Wife (1998) 69 copies
Witches and Sorcerers (1965) 66 copies
Neem the Half-Boy (1998) 65 copies
The Magic Horse (1998) 54 copies
The Old Woman and the Eagle (2002) 53 copies
The Elephant in the Dark (1974) 49 copies
The World of Nasrudin (2003) 40 copies
The Book of the Book (1969) 36 copies
Darkest England (1980) 35 copies
The Man with Bad Manners (2003) 33 copies
The World of the Sufi (1979) 20 copies
Destination Mecca (1969) 14 copies
The Natives Are Restless (1731) 14 copies
The Englishman's Handbook (2000) 10 copies
The Idries Shah Anthology (2019) 4 copies
Contes soufis (1982) 4 copies
The Man and the Fox (2015) 3 copies
Pensadores do Oriente (2013) 3 copies
The Onion 2 copies
The Old Woman 2 copies
Just Friends 2 copies
The Sufi Mystery (2007) 2 copies
Moudrost hlupáků (2023) 1 copy

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Mostly Blank Arab Philosophy Book in Name that Book (May 2013)


BooksInMirror | 15 other reviews | Feb 19, 2024 |
this is about a chicken who learns to talk. And when he does he tells people that the earth is gonna be swallowed. And for this the people run all over the place, when they return they ask the chicken why he said that and he said that you are silly for believing what a chicken would say. And the people began to laugh. So now when they want to laugh they go to the chicken. I would use this in a kinder class because it is a silly book but also has fun pictures. Along with that they would be able to create their own story like this.… (more)
cflores21 | 15 other reviews | Apr 26, 2023 |
this book is about two workers, and they have to compete to see who is the best for the king. One creates a fish and one creates a magical horse. With this the man turns into a beast after having the horse. This book is a good read for third graders, it has pictures to describe but is longer than a quick read for younger kids. Along with that the beast might scare young kids. I would use this in my classroom for a independent read so that kids were able to focus on the book but feel accomplished once they finished it.… (more)
cflores21 | 4 other reviews | Apr 26, 2023 |
EuniceGomes | Apr 2, 2023 |



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