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Alexander McCall Smith was born on August 24, 1948 in Zimbabwe. He was a professor of medical law at the University of Edinburgh, but he left in 2005 to focus on his writing. He has written over 60 books, including specialist academic titles including Forensic Aspects of Sleep and The Criminal Law show more of Botswana, short story collections including Portuguese Irregular Verbs, and children's books including The Perfect Hamburger. He is best known for the No. 1 Ladies' Detective Agency series. He also writes the Corduroy Mansions, Isabel Dalhousie and 44 Scotland Street series. He has received numerous awards, including The Crime Writers' Association Dagger in the Library Award and the 2004 United Kingdom's Author of the Year Award. His book, The Full Cupboard of Life, received the Saga Award for Wit in the United Kingdom. In 2007, he received a CBE for his services in literature. (Bowker Author Biography) show less
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Works by Alexander McCall Smith

Tears of the Giraffe (2000) 6,949 copies
Morality for Beautiful Girls (2001) 6,003 copies
The Full Cupboard of Life (2003) 4,772 copies
Blue Shoes and Happiness (2006) 3,998 copies
The Sunday Philosophy Club (2004) 3,952 copies
The Good Husband of Zebra Drive (2007) 3,484 copies
44 Scotland Street (2005) 3,344 copies
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Pride and Prejudice (1813) — Foreword, some editions — 78,376 copies
Excellent Women (1952) — Introduction, some editions — 2,679 copies
The Tiger in the Smoke (1952) — Introduction, some editions — 1,373 copies
High Rising (1933) — Introduction, some editions — 673 copies
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19th century (1,381) Africa (4,782) Alexander McCall Smith (647) audiobook (653) Austen (754) Botswana (4,293) British (1,203) British literature (1,071) classic (3,192) classics (3,094) crime (1,234) crime fiction (550) detective (1,999) ebook (1,004) Edinburgh (1,182) England (1,529) English (541) English literature (928) fiction (20,436) historical fiction (468) humor (2,307) Isabel Dalhousie (489) Jane Austen (1,043) Kindle (636) literature (1,829) love (537) mystery (8,765) No. 1 Ladies' Detective Agency (1,052) novel (2,483) own (826) philosophy (463) Precious Ramotswe (522) read (2,105) Regency (503) romance (2,650) Scotland (1,963) series (1,560) to-read (4,240) unread (556) women (677)

Common Knowledge

Legal name
McCall Smith, R. Alexander
Bulawayo, Zimbabwe (then Southern Rhodesia)
Places of residence
Edinburgh, Scotland, UK
Belfast, Northern Ireland, UK
University of Edinburgh (LL.B|PhD)
Christian Brothers College, Bulawayo
professor (Medical Law)
The Really Terrible Orchestra
Royal Society of Edinburgh (Fellow ∙ 2001)
Awards and honors
Order of the British Empire (Commander, 2006)
British Book Award (Author of the Year, 2004)
Edinburgh University's School of Law, Honorary Degree of Doctor of Laws, 2007
Caroline Walsh (David Higham Associates)
Short biography
ALEXANDER McCALL SMITH has a double existence. He is a Professor of Medical Law, but also an author who has now written over fifty books on a wide range of subjects. These range from specialist titles such as 'Forensic Aspects of Sleep', (the only book on the subject) to 'The Criminal Law of Botswana' (also the only book on the subject) and from the widely translated 'The Perfect Hamburger' (a children's novel) to 'Portuguese Irregular Verbs' (a collection of stories about eccentric German professors). His collection of African stories, 'Children of Wax', received critical acclaim and has been the subject of an award-winning film.



#1 Ladies Detective Agency in All Books Africa (May 2009)


This is the twenty fourth in the simple but charming No. 1 Ladies Detective series. All the familiar characters are here.
And, yes, the talking shoes do make a cameo appearance!

Precious Ramotswe has two cases on her plate. The first is yet another pro bono for an employee of Mma Potokwani. It seems there is a “Cool Singles Evening Club” where married men are paying fees to be admitted and pass for single. Mma Ramotswe decides to put her apprentice, Charlie, in charge of the investigation. When Mma Makutsi gets involved, an unfortunate situation arises that the agency feels compelled to resolve. Those familiar with Gabarone will chuckle when the owner of the club is revealed.

While dining in a local restaurant, a visitor from Indiana, USA recognizes Mma Ramotswe and asks her help in finding the distant relatives of the man she called grandfather, who is long deceased. The search brings Precious to her beloved hometown and along the way readers learn of some of the history of British rule in Africa.

And there is also the problem of the birthday present dress that has been damaged!

Mma Ramotswe always manages to come up with clever and successful solutions to problems. Her gentle way and penchant for always finding the positive in a situation is balm for the soul.

Usually I binge this series, reading the book all in a day. For this installment, I decided to read a chapter at a time, taking a break in between and allowing time to savor Mma Ramotswe’s wisdom, profound in its simplicity.
This is another feel good addition to the series. It makes a nice afternoon or evening read while curled up with a pot of tea. Fans of McCall Smith’s gentle prose and perceptive musings will welcome this latest endeavor.

Thanks to #netgalley and @aaknopf @pantheonbooks for the ARC
… (more)
vkmarco | Dec 3, 2023 |
In my opinion, Alex. McC. Smith has not lost his touch with this long-running series. The lyrical physical descriptions, and the gentle observations about husband and wife relations and friendship and "extra low-grade" people and hard work and history - it's all there. Also, there's an interesting storyline about wartime history and an American woman who comes to Africa to search for relatives.
One of my favorite passages is this, spoken by that American woman in a conversation with Mia Ramotswe: My father was from Antigua, which is why, as you can see, I have a bit of Africa in me. He came to work in the US and that's when he met my mother. She was half French, half German, and so you see our background is a bit complicated. Sometimes I think of myself as being half American, half history — as many people are, don't you think? We all have history in our veins.… (more)
ReadMeAnother | 1 other review | Nov 29, 2023 |
From a Far and Lovely Country - McCall Smith
Audio performance by Lisette Lecat
3 stars

Mma Ramotswe wakes up on her birthday, but will anyone remember the day? Well, yes, of course they do. Eventually. And the day brings two new clients for The # 1 Ladies Detective Agency. The details don’t matter, and I’ve already forgotten most of them. But something important always stays with me after listening to one of these books. I feel like I’ve had a pleasant afternoon of tea and conversation with friends. Sometimes that’s just the thing I need.… (more)
msjudy | 1 other review | Nov 22, 2023 |
2023-11-19: This was lovely. I don't even know what to say about it beyond it being about decent people being decent. Humanity needs a LOT more examples of that but it turns out that modelling violence and antisocial behavior makes more money so that's mostly what we get. Thanks, capitalism.

This was lovely.
Awfki | 30 other reviews | Nov 19, 2023 |


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