David J. Smith (disambiguation)

"David J. Smith" is composed of at least 8 distinct authors, divided by their works.

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Includes the name: DAVID J SMITH

Author Division

David J. Smith (6)

Works have been aliased into David John Smith.

David J. Smith (unknown)

Xenobiotics in fish (1999) 5 copies

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Disambiguation notice
#1 David Julian Smith - If the World Were a Village
#2 Smith, David J. (David John), 1943 October 1- Britain's military airfields,
#3 Smith, David J., 1953- How can I ask God for physical healing?
#4 Smith, David J. 1944- Mapping the World
#5 Smith, David John, 1943- Functional safety
#6 Smith, David John, 1941- Police and people in London
#7 David James Smith, born 26 June 1968 - The Baltic States
#8 David J. Smith - Godly Sorrow Works
#9 Smith, David J. 1960 January 3- Peacebuilding in Community Colleges: A Teaching Resource
#10 Smith, David James 1956- Der Schlaf der Vernunft. Der Fall James Bulger.