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"David L. Smith" is composed of at least 9 distinct authors, divided by their works.

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#1 David L. Smith - Theology Professor (Ph.D., Southern Baptist Theological Seminary) - A Handbook of Contemporary Theology: Tracing Trends and Discerning…
#2 David L. Smith - British Historian born 1963 - A History of the Modern British Isles
#3 David L. Smith - Author of the Golf Book The Gods of Golf
#4 Smith, David Livingston, 1953- Approaching psychoanalysis
#5 Smith, David L. Tales of the Glasgow and South Western Railway.
#6 Smith, David L. (David Lee), 1941- Video communication
#7 Smith, David L. (David Lee), 1929- Indianapolis Television (IN) (Images of America)
#8 David L. Smith - Curriculum : action on reflection
#9 David L. Smith - Reasedale School Mystery
#10 David L. Smith - Amenity and urban planning