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Ahh April and Carter are so good together. I don't mean just the chemistry they share but the emotional bond as well. It is like their souls were yearning for one another. Especially true for Carter. He being a celebrity has to have his guard up as he does not know who is true or fake. So, I could understand his hesitation when he first met April.

April made quite the first impression on Carter. She wowed him with her fairy pink hair among other assets. However, it did not take too long before these two were sharing a kiss. What a kiss too. I liked these two.

I read this book quickly. Another emotional, good read from Emmanuelle.
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Cherylk | Apr 2, 2024 |
This intense and emotional read had me gripped by the heart from page one and I devoured it all instantly. Ava goes through a lot of emotional moments that has her being sent to her aunt and Uncle’s for the summer and while this is not ideal for her, what she doesn’t know is this will be a life-changing time for her. There are those who are holding on to secrets that they just can’t tell her and it’s slowly eating away at her all the while she is trying to enjoy her time and her life. I don’t want to give anything away because this book is something that you will want to devour without anyone spoiling it for you I just know that right now I am Team Ryder even though he hasn’t come off as the best at times, I just know that there is something that calls to me the way it does Ava and although Joseph is just as amazing I can’t help but think there’s going to be something that doesn’t add up, but I could be totally wrong here. I’m on the edge waiting to see what will happen in the next book because this does end on a cliff hanger, and I need my Ryder fix.… (more)
readonreader | Jan 24, 2024 |
This author really knows how to pull out all the emotions in each read and I have enjoyed riding these rollercoasters with her characters, so I didn’t know exactly how I would feel going back to a previous character’s story prior to his HEA, when I already knew how his HEA went. I love Carter and from Pink Country I fell for the guy even though I hated how much he loved his brother’s girl while crushing on his neighbor and that whole situation. In this we go back to before April stole Carter’s heart and we get to see so much of what makes him, well him. I like a good backstory and having Savannah in there to throw my anger at made her the perfect villain. Absolutely HATE her! I will say I did enjoy seeing and feeling things Carter went through to get him to exactly where he needed to be and you can see all that in Pink and Country.… (more)
readonreader | 1 other review | Jan 24, 2024 |
In this book we get Dahlia’s story and it is an utterly heartbreaking one. I was glad to see the dynamic between her, Jeff, and Carter even if it was hard to swallow the hurt they go through. Dahlia and Jeff have this soulmate connection and even though Carter has always been her friend when she realizes he wants more than friendship she knows in her heart who she wants, but she still had this one night with Carter which blew my mind. It was hard to read this story when we got Carter and April’s epic love story (book 1) because even thought we all have pasts its hard to see these characters be with someone else even if it occurred earlier in their life. Anyways this story was a good, emotional, read that will stay with me for a while.… (more)
readonreader | Jan 5, 2024 |


½ 4.4