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Also includes: NGS (2), The Editors Of National Geographic (1)

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Our Country's Presidents (2001) 753 copies
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Secret Corners of the World (1982) 309 copies
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Those Inventive Americans (1971) 129 copies
Life in Rural America (1974) 98 copies
Realms of the Sea (1777) 98 copies
Nomads of the World (1971) 92 copies
The Soviet Union Today (1990) — Editor — 88 copies
Undersea Treasures (1974) 83 copies
Man's Best Friend (1966) 69 copies
Adventure America (2002) 65 copies
The Book of Fishes (1939) 49 copies
Vacationland U.S.A. (1970) 48 copies
Compact Atlas of the World (2012) 45 copies
Sea Otters (Animal Safari) (1999) 40 copies
Inside China (2007) 39 copies
Walking London (2012) 39 copies
Wondrous World of Fishes (1965) 32 copies
Park Profiles: Yosemite (1997) 27 copies
Walking New York (2012) 23 copies
Marvels of Engineering (2007) 23 copies
What Happens At The Zoo (1984) 20 copies
NG Kids Big Book of Fun (2010) 19 copies
Walking Rome (2012) 19 copies
Creatures of the Woods (1985) 19 copies
Exploring the Seashore (1984) 17 copies
The Story of Jesus (2016) 15 copies
National Geographic Titanic (2020) 12 copies
Amazing Animal Groups (1981) 12 copies
Atlas of The Civil War (2019) 12 copies
The World in Your Garden (1957) 11 copies
Europe [map] (YEAR UNKNOWN) (2017) 10 copies
What Is a Seed? (1983) 10 copies
Complete Birds of the World (2009) 10 copies
Earth Science (2002) 8 copies
Butterflies (1983) 7 copies
The Most Influential Figures of Ancient History (2016) — Publisher — 7 copies
Ngk Infopedia 2012. (2011) 7 copies
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Family Reference Atlas (2009) 6 copies
Tree Frogs (2000) 5 copies
Mammals and How They Grow (1984) 5 copies
Galaxia (NATGEO CIENCIAS) (2018) 5 copies
Alaska (1976) 5 copies
The Civil War (2013) 5 copies
Spiders (1994) 5 copies
Animals That Travel (1982) 4 copies
Land of the Tiger [video] (1985) 4 copies
Dogs on Duty (1988) 4 copies
Gran atlas del mundo (2007) 4 copies
Mothers and Children (2009) 4 copies
I grandi fotografi (1998) 4 copies
Halloween Book of Fun (2011) 4 copies
Histoire de la mythologie (2012) 4 copies
Inside Special Forces (2003) 4 copies
Animal Families (1990) 4 copies
Dinosaurs: Giant Reptiles (1986) 4 copies
Born of Fire [1983 film] (1983) 4 copies
Bear Island (2007) 4 copies
La Ruta Maya 4 copies
Water 4 copies
Venezia (2007) 4 copies
Strange but True (2015) 3 copies
Guide identif. oiseaux (1987) 3 copies
Inside the Milky Way, The (2011) 3 copies
Messengers to the Brain (1994) 3 copies
Rain Forest [video] (1983) 3 copies
GRANDES MUJERES (2018) 3 copies
The Philippines 3 copies
A pie por Nueva York (2012) 3 copies
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Amsterdam - Guia Audi (2003) 3 copies
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King Tut's DNA 3 copies
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Great White Odyssey (2009) 3 copies
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owls (level 1) 2 copies
Far East - 1952 [map] (1952) 2 copies
Who Were the Pilgrims? (1989) 2 copies
So Cool! Sharks 2 copies
Wild South West (2019) 2 copies
Bernie Madoff In Their Own Words — Publisher — 2 copies
Colors 2 copies
Here I Am (1999) 2 copies
We Americans (1975) 2 copies
Walking Barcelona (2021) 2 copies
Infinite Potential (2009) 2 copies
De oorsprong van de mens (2003) 2 copies
Time to Sleep 2 copies
Pacific Northwest Map (1986) 2 copies
Ocean Drifters [video] (1993) 2 copies
Penguins 2 copies
Persepolis (2018) 2 copies
Indian Country [map] (2004) 2 copies
Expedition Great White (2010) 2 copies
Animal Holiday [video] (1997) 2 copies
Match! 2 copies
Katrina 2 copies
Cyclone! [1995 film] (1995) 2 copies
Jfk: the Lost Bullet, The (2011) 2 copies
Blue 2 copies
Creepy Creatures [video] (1997) 2 copies
The Grizzlies [1998 film] (1988) 2 copies
Native American Portraits (2012) 2 copies
Soviet Union 2 copies
Barcelona 2 copies
What Air Can Do (1983) 2 copies
Les États-Unis (2016) — Director — 2 copies
Florida [GuideMap] (1998) 2 copies
Lava blast! (1998) 2 copies
Inside North Korea (2007) 2 copies
Marte 2 copies
Atlas National Geographic (2004) 2 copies
Weird but True 2 copies
Far-out fun! (1982) 2 copies
Mountain People 2 copies
Pirate Code, Real Pirates (2009) 2 copies
Geo Whiz (1988) 2 copies
Histoire de la peinture (2012) 2 copies
Paris 2002 (2002) 2 copies
Dogtown: Second Chances (2008) 2 copies
La foret tropicale (1990) 2 copies
Skylines (2016) 2 copies
Wunder der antiken Welt (2000) 2 copies
High Uintas (1994) 2 copies
Fotografías : ayer y hoy (1999) 2 copies
Animals in Danger (1978) 2 copies
Russia's Last Tsar (2013) 1 copy
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ATLAS 1 copy
OUR FLAG NUMBER (1917) 1 copy
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Wicked Tuna Season 6 (2017) 1 copy
Into the Grand Canyon (2020) 1 copy
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Nature's Fury! [VHS] (1996) 1 copy
Almanac 2016 1 copy
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La Vía Láctea (2017) 1 copy
Da Vinci's code (2006) 1 copy
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California 1 copy
Plant Life 1 copy
Escocia 1 copy
New York 1 copy
Life Science 1 copy
Live it Up! 1 copy
Rio Azul 1 copy
Lightning 1 copy
Glass 1 copy
Liberty 1 copy
Shanghai 1 copy
Powwow 1 copy
Funny Faces 1 copy
Laruta Maya 1 copy
Yugoslavia 1 copy
Macaws 1 copy
Turkey 1 copy
Ancient Iran 1 copy
Eat It Up! 1 copy
Francia 1 copy
Ride On! 1 copy
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Stonehenge 1 copy
NUEVA YORK - GUIA AUDI (2008) 1 copy
Illinois 1 copy
China: Vergangenheit - Gegenwart - Zukunft — Coorporate Editor; Coorporate Editor — 1 copy
Bird Sounds 1 copy
The Vikings 1 copy
The Far East 1 copy
700 Babies 1 copy
Antarctica 1 copy
The Greeks 1 copy
Louisiana 1 copy
Cina d'autore (2008) 1 copy
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Photosynthesis [video] (1983) 1 copy
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Spider Spins 1 copy
World Hemispheres (2010) 1 copy
Adaptaciones 1 copy
Pakistan 1 copy

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Running with Wolves: Our Story of Life with the Sawtooth Pack (2019) — Cartographer, some editions — 43 copies


America (124) American history (122) ancient history (98) animals (356) anthropology (104) archaeology (155) art (110) atlas (716) biography (129) biology (73) birds (162) Canada (95) children (58) children's (59) DVD (82) geography (787) Greece (58) history (1,021) M005 MAJALAH DOCUMENTARY (75) map (68) maps (395) National Geographic (729) National Parks (116) Native Americans (64) natural history (86) nature (366) non-fiction (1,502) North America (89) oversize (59) photographs (150) photography (663) reference (842) Rome (57) science (486) to-read (401) travel (1,199) travel guide (63) USA (304) world (91) world history (79)

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It's from National Geographic, so of course the photos were wonderful. But the text, little though there was, was surprisingly well written, and the maps and timelines really brought out the history and geography of Egypt, then as well as now. Decent coverage of the evolution of Egyptology, too. A book meant for a coffee table but worthy of a library.
dhaxton | Jun 10, 2024 |
The Glass Age is the main article, but there's also an article "Borneo's Wild Green Heart" about
West Kalimantan's sprawling Gunung Palung National Park.
Alhickey1 | Mar 29, 2024 |
The Hidden World of the Hyenas
Alhickey1 | Mar 29, 2024 |
Alhickey1 | Mar 29, 2024 |



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