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LOVING YOUR LIFE! is an insightful and beautiful heart-centered book that is filled with wisdom we all need to think about and feel into as we make our way through this modern stressful world. I personally experienced that as I read this book, it was a healing process in itself, supporting a positive understanding of the inner self and opening the heart to loving self and others. I recommend this book for everyone, no matter how much inner work you have already done.

Grant Soosalu has a way in his writing style of taking some very complex studies and theories in Positive Psychology, Neuro Linguistic Programming and the neuroscience behind Multiple Brain Integration Techniques (mBIT) and synthesizing them into profound wisdom about the intelligence of our three brains that is easy to understand and to begin applying to one’s life.

The author suggests that he wrote this book as a coffee table book and that the reader may wish to skip around reading what calls to them. However, I decided after beginning to read it that I did not want to miss anything, so I read it the first time straight through. Now, I am in the process of re-reading it, this time non-sequentially as a daily meditation. Each morning, I select and read one of the 30 sections or what he calls “Explorations” and meditate on its meaning throughout the day. It is interesting how often the wisdom of the exploration comes up in the experience of that day. Each day that I read Loving Your Life, I always learn something valuable in my own life from these beautiful and positive insights about being Human with multiple brains—something I can apply to enjoying and loving my life with greater wellness. Personally, I plan to buy this brilliant and uplifting book as a Christmas gift for a number of friends and relatives who I know will love reading it and learn a great deal, as I did and always do from Grant Soosalu’s books.
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MarthaCLove | Nov 20, 2015 |