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Rowena Sudbury

Author of The King's Tale

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The King's Tale (2009) 21 copies
Blue Moon (2012) 10 copies
The King's Heart (2012) 10 copies
Promises and Lies (2010) 9 copies
If 4 copies
Silent Night (2009) 3 copies

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This was a good bittersweet story. Shane had it all with Micah until he threw it all away. Micah is devastated and while Shane wants Micah back it's not going to happen.
Connorz | 1 other review | Jan 4, 2023 |
Blue Moon by Rowena Sudbury is a delightful romance with alluring protagonists and a fresh plot. It is the perfect blend of extra steamy sex and tender emotions. To read my review in its entirety, please visit
kbranfield | 3 other reviews | Feb 3, 2020 |
This is one of the shorter stories within the Mistletoe Madness series, but one I really liked because it gave such a message of hope.

Jonah has been lonely and used by his colleagues on the tour. No longer holding out any hope for a real relationship, he runs into Max, an older guy who used to tour with them. When they both get stuck at the airport due to bad weather and spend the night in the lounge, they open up to each other and make love.

Even though this was too short a story for full character development, there was enough of a sketch of the two personalities to help me connect emotionally. Jonah's plight and loneliness is clear, as is Max's unhappiness with his current relationship. The message at the end, with Max wanting to join Jonah rather than going to his own home may be 'unrealistic', but I liked it as a 'step in the right direction' and it was just the message of hope this story needed.

I hope we will hear more about these two!
… (more)
SerenaYates | Oct 19, 2017 |
I really liked this short read about two "tough guys", both into martial arts and not quite able to admit their feelings for each other.

Sam and Mason are very 'real' guys, with all the issues that entails. Especially since Mason is not exactly ready to admit he's gay and has a problem with alcohol. They battle infidelity on Mason's part and temptation on Sam's part. The story ending is very realistic, but with a heavy dose of hope.

SerenaYates | Oct 19, 2017 |

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