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Michael Teitelbaum is the author of more 150 children's books including young adult and middle-grade novels, tie-in novelizations, and picture books based on characters, movies, and television shows such as Spiderman, Superman, and Avatar. He has worked with all the major trade children's show more publishers, including Scholastic, Little, Brown, Dorling Kindersley, Random House, Penguin, Simon & Schuster, Disney, Reader's Digest, and HarperCollins. Michael's sports series, Backyard Sports, is based on the best-selling video game of the same name. He was also editor of Little League Magazine For Kids, and is the author of a two-volume encyclopedia on the Baseball Hall of Fame as well as Breaking Barriers; In Sports, In Life a character education program, based on the life of Jackie Robinson. Michael is the author of The Scary States of America, 50 short stories, one from each state, all about the paranormal, based on true events, published by Yearling. Michael's latest book,The Very Hungry Zombie, done in collaboration with artist Jon Apple, is a parody of a children's classic, published by Skyhorse. (Bowker Author Biography) show less
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Works by Michael Teitelbaum

The Lost Scrolls: Water (2006) 227 copies
The Lost Scrolls: Earth (2007) 180 copies
The Story of Spiderman (2001) 154 copies
Happily Ever After Stories (Disney Princess) (2004) — Author — 89 copies
The Scary States of America (2007) 83 copies
Colossal Book of Dinosaurs (1989) 71 copies
But, You're a Duck (1990) 65 copies
The Tale of Azula (2007) 65 copies
Arrival (Smallville) (2002) 64 copies
The Tale of Aang (2007) 59 copies
Marvel Encyclopedia, Vol. 1 (2002) — Author — 58 copies
The Tale of Toph (2007) 58 copies
Weird Sports (2011) 53 copies
The Tale of Zuko (2008) 51 copies
Tony and Fievel (1986) 49 copies
Hand-Off (Backyard Sports) (2008) 48 copies
ASK KERMIT: All About Food (1995) 45 copies
Fievel's Friends (1986) 41 copies
The Tale of Sokka (2007) 41 copies
Little Lost Fievel (1986) 41 copies
Journey Across the Desert (2001) 40 copies
The Tale of Katara (2008) 39 copies
Fievel's Boat Trip (1986) 35 copies
Sonic The Hedgehog (1998) 34 copies
TONKA: Big Haulers (2006) 32 copies
TONKA: Dozers and Diggers (2006) 32 copies
The Mott Street Maulers (1986) 24 copies
Toppers Rainforest Animals (2009) 22 copies
Honey, I Blew up the Kid (1992) 20 copies
TONKA JOE: Volcano Rescue! (2001) 19 copies
Pedal to the Metal (Tonka) (2003) 18 copies
Little Bunny's Magic Nose (A Golden Fuzzy Wuzzy Book) (1991) — Retold by — 15 copies
Texas, 1527-1836 (2005) 15 copies
Emergency! (2006) 13 copies
Marvel Heroes Mix & Match (2007) 13 copies
TONKA ~ TRUCKS ON THE GO (2005) 13 copies
Donkey Kong Country (1995) 13 copies
Resources all around us (2009) 12 copies
Way of the Warrior (Turok) (1998) 10 copies
Sonic & Knuckles (1995) 10 copies
On the Move! (2009) 9 copies
Slightly Spooky Stories (1992) 9 copies
Escape from the Catsacks (1986) 9 copies
Arena of Doom (Turok) (1998) 8 copies
Transformers: Prime Time (2007) 8 copies
Exploring Space 3.2.4 (2006) 7 copies
Seeds of Evil (Turok) (1998) 6 copies
Transformers Armada: The Autobots Strike Back (2004) — Author — 6 copies
Journey to Mirror World (1997) 6 copies
Living on a Space Station (2009) 6 copies
TONKA Emergency! (1779) 6 copies
Pokemon Activity Book (1999) 6 copies
Trial By Fire (2010) 5 copies
Gex Novelization (2000) 5 copies
Extreme Skiing (Extreme) (2007) 5 copies
Follow That Sleigh (1989) 4 copies
Meet the Avengers (2013) 4 copies
Richard Petty: "The King" (2002) 3 copies
Never Give Up! (2003) 3 copies
Resources 3 copies
Red Flag (NASCAR Racers) (2001) 3 copies
Rock climbing (2007) 3 copies
Justice League Treasury (2017) 3 copies
In the sky 2 copies
Truckin' (Hot Wheels) (2003) 2 copies
Spiderman 2: Wallcrawler (2004) 2 copies
Steer the Wheel! (2011) 2 copies
The Best! (1990) 2 copies
Blinkins Magic Bk/cas (1986) 1 copy
Search And Rescue (2003) 1 copy
LEGENDE D'AZULA -LA (2008) 1 copy
G.I. Joe (2003) 1 copy
Legende de katara -la (2008) 1 copy
Stanley Cup Heroes (1992) 1 copy
Hat Trick! (2004) 1 copy
Gremlins (1984) 1 copy
Spider-Man (2002) 1 copy
Prisoners of Evil (1955) 1 copy
Hyperformance (2003) 1 copy
Tony Stewart 1 copy

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BooksInMirror | Feb 19, 2024 |
A book about firefighters and fire trucks.
B-Chad | 1 other review | Jul 4, 2023 |
It's a game, a sport, an art, a spiritual discipline, a form of self-defense, and great exercise! Karate, the ancient oriental martial art, is more popular today than ever, and nowhere is it more popular than among young people. Today karate students begin at a young age, training their bodies and minds, building self-conficence, and learning to defend themselves in karate schools (dojos) around the world.

This book brings the world of Jr. Karate to life with informative text and beautiful, full-color photos of young karate students (and masters) in exciting, action-packed demonstrations of this ancient art and modern form of fun, exercise, and self-discipline.… (more)
AikiBib | Aug 14, 2022 |

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