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Noisy Farm (My First) (2013) 232 copies
A Christmas Prayer (1896) 61 copies
Ten Cheepy, Chirpy Chicks (2014) 56 copies
Ten Tiny Gingerbread Men (2015) 53 copies
Hey, Diddle, Diddle (2012) 52 copies
Ten Sparkly Snowflakes (2017) 33 copies
Old Macdonald Had a Farm (2012) 32 copies
Stories for 1 Year Olds (2013) — Author — 27 copies
Hug! (Magnetic Arms) (2013) 22 copies
5 Minute Bedtime Stories (2012) 19 copies
I Love You, Grandma (2017) 14 copies
Let's Find the Dinosaur (2020) 13 copies
Ten in the Bed (2017) 12 copies
Starry Night, Sleep Tight (2009) 11 copies
My First Bedtime Prayers (2017) 11 copies
Stories to Share (2014) 11 copies
Let's Find the Tiger (2019) 8 copies
5 minute nursery rhymes (2013) 8 copies
Let's Find the Mermaid (2020) 7 copies
5 Minute Farm Tales (2013) 6 copies
Let's Find the Puppy (2020) 5 copies
The Itsy Bitsy Dinosaur (2021) 4 copies
Funny Faces Girls (2014) 4 copies
Baby Bounce (2014) 3 copies
Stories for Boys (2015) 3 copies
Sweet Dreams, Little Bear (2013) 3 copies
Cows on the Bus (2021) 3 copies
10 Little Dinosaurs (2018) 3 copies
Baby Sparkle (2014) 2 copies
Let's Find the Kitten (2020) 2 copies
Baby Roar (2014) 2 copies
Stories for Girls (2015) 2 copies
Now I Am One (2018) 1 copy
I Love Mommy! (2018) 1 copy
Animals Talk 1 copy
Now I Am 2 (2018) 1 copy


Common Knowledge




The bright colors and lift the flap format are appealing to young children, but the standout is really the handle to carry it by.
chilirlw | May 27, 2023 |
123 Count with Me allows a child to trace the numbers from 1-20. On the last three pages, there is a review for counting along a number line and an extension for adding objects via pictures. The first addition page shows the answer, and then the flap reveals the total with the text: "3 and 6 make 9". The second addition page shows the count with the solution under the flap. Cartoon illustrations aside, this book is good for teaching counting and numbers. As a parent, you can stop on every page and count all the objects, which allows for a lot of repetition. Unlike the letters book, this follows the progression numbers are taught, so we end the book whenever we get above the child's ability.

Recommended age: 4-6 years

Writing style: The page shows a number along with text spelling out the number and then an object to count. The last of each object is hidden under the flaps. As an example, "17 seventeen butterflies" (opens flap) "number seventeen flew here."

Lexile score: AD190L
Decoding difficulty: 4/5
Vocabulary difficulty: 3/5
Sentences difficulty: 1/5
Patterns difficulty: 4/5

Illustration style: Cartoon-y drawings.

Reality-based: This doesn't seem applicable to this book.
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mommyonthespectrum | 1 other review | Mar 31, 2023 |
I have mixed feelings about this book. The tracing and interactive flaps are engaging, and I haven't seen anything like it in other books. The finger tracing reminds me of some of the early Montessori letter recognition before a child could hold a pencil to help learn the shape of letters. That said, I have several criticisms as well.

1. The images are not in line with teaching phonics and beginning sounds. Please ensure the child has a good grasp of beginning sounds before this. For instance, I is for Ice cream, and O is for Orange.

2. The tracing is only for the capital letters, and then the letter of the object is also capitalized, which is not the correct case for a sentence and not what a child would see most often when reading.

I'd probably use this book for the tracing aspect or an educational activity when on the go. Still, it should be something other than the primary or even secondary way to teach letters.

Recommended age: 4-6 years

Writing style: This book has a lot of new vocabulary, but it's easy to guess because there is a single picture on each page. Each page goes like this: "N is for Nest" (lifts flap) "and nut."

Lexile score: AD30L
Decoding difficulty: 3/5
Vocabulary difficulty: 4/5
Sentences difficulty: 1/5
Patterns difficulty: 1/5

Illustration style: Cartoon-y illustrations. Most of the animals have giant smiles that you wouldn't see on the actual animals, as do the sun and moon.

Reality-based: Not really, but it does use familiar objects and animals.
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mommyonthespectrum | 6 other reviews | Mar 31, 2023 |


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