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Hervé Tullet was born in 1958. He studied Fine Art and worked as an Art Director before joining the advertising industry. In 1994 he published his first book for children and has since become one of the world¿s most innovative book makers. He is known in France as `The Prince of pre-school books' show more because he takes the concept of reading to a new level, teaching young minds to think imaginatively, independently and creatively. Tullet's beautiful illustrations, interactive cut-outs, and magic lines make titles such as The Game of Light, The Game of Patterns, and The Game of Mix-Up Art, the perfect way to encourage seat-bound kids to think creatively and independently. (Bowker Author Biography) show less


Works by Hervé Tullet

Press Here (2010) 2,940 copies
Mix It Up! (2014) 962 copies
Let's Play! (2016) 386 copies
Say Zoop! (2017) 210 copies
Help! We Need a Title! (2013) 157 copies
The Book With a Hole (2011) 69 copies
The Game of Light (1800) 65 copies
I am Blop! (1833) 47 copies
The Five Senses (2003) 45 copies
The Game of Mix-up Art (2007) 44 copies
Art Workshops for Children (2015) 42 copies
The Game of Finger Worms (2006) 41 copies
The Game of Shadows (2007) 30 copies
The Game of Let's Go (2010) 28 copies
The Game of Mix and Match (2010) 26 copies
The Big Book of Art (2013) 23 copies
The Game of Patterns (2011) 23 copies
The Coloring Book (2008) 22 copies
The Finger Circus Game (2009) 18 copies
The Game of Lines (2015) 17 copies
10 times 10 (2013) 16 copies
Imagine (2005) 16 copies
Eye to Eye (2006) 15 copies
Yellow & Round (2002) 14 copies
The Game of Shapes (2007) 13 copies
Blue & Square (2002) 11 copies
The Countryside Game (2013) 11 copies
The Good Morning Game (2015) 10 copies
The Trail Game (2015) 9 copies
Pink Lemon (2001) 9 copies
Press Here: The Game (2014) 8 copies
Doodle Cook (2011) 8 copies
The Scribble Book (2008) 7 copies
Pallini pallini (2013) 5 copies
聲音遊戲書 (2017) 4 copies
¡Flores! (2020) 4 copies
The Finger Sports Game (2015) 4 copies
¡Formas! (2020) 4 copies
Les vacances de Turlututu (2011) 3 copies
The Finger Travel Game (2015) 3 copies
Guixa que guixaras (2010) 2 copies
Arrivo (2014) 2 copies
Où es-tu Turlututu ? (2015) 2 copies
Jeu de sculpture (1900) 2 copies
Turlututu (2013) 2 copies
Giorno e notte (2000) 2 copies
Aí Vou Eu! (2015) 1 copy
Paroles de liberté (2006) 1 copy
I cinque sensi (2010) 1 copy
Fort, vraiment fort ! (2015) 1 copy
C'est magique ! (2003) 1 copy
Say Zoop 1 copy
Figle migle (2015) 1 copy
une expo idéale (2021) 1 copy
Premier jour (Le) (2003) 1 copy
Nur nicht verwechseln. (1999) 1 copy
Danse ! 1 copy
Dix fois dix (2003) 1 copy
Souboje barev (2017) 1 copy


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Tullet, Hervé



EducatingParents.org rating: Approved
MamaBear297 | 28 other reviews | Dec 2, 2023 |
hcs_admin | 181 other reviews | Aug 30, 2023 |
First sentence: Ready? Place your hand here. Close your eyes. Concentrate. Wiggle your fingers gently to warm them up. Heads up, your turn now....

Premise/plot: This is an "interactive" book that may [or may not] appeal to young children. It invites them to follow the instructions of the book, be directed by the illustrations. It is written in second person, present tense.

My thoughts: I may not be the right audience for this one. I wanted to be. I just wasn't. I do think it has potential to appeal to young ones. (As do most books). I think if there was more tapping and less swooshing or sweeping, it might have been more enjoyable to me.… (more)
blbooks | Aug 17, 2023 |
After reading Press Here! by Hervé Tullet, I had to read the sequel, Mix it Up! Mix it Up! uses the same interactive elements of rubbing, smudging, tilting, closing, and opening the book as the original but adds in the more complicated task of mixing the colors. In this way, there is an educational aspect instead of just a fun book.

As you turn the pages and perform the tasks, the colors are mixed, and a new color is introduced. The book goes through all of the primary color combinations and then tests the reader. I really like this non-messy way of learning about mixing colors, and I wanted to get my paints out to play some more. Even as an adult, I loved the interactive element. My sensory-seeking, will-not-sit-still son loved it more.

A word of caution: Read the book on your own first so you can guide the mixing, especially if your child doesn't know their colors yet. The book will only be correct or make sense if the correct colors are mixed. You want to teach the right thing!

This book would be good for teaching colors and color combinations, such as for art or science class. The obvious follow-up is painting a canvas and mixing colors. This could be a good review before that.

Recommended age: 4-6 years

Writing style: The words are actions directed to the reader, like "Are you ready?" and "Yes! You've got the magic touch!" Admittedly, I only read some of them because we wanted to perform the actions too quickly. I also had to add extra words like "Oh, it's purple. Blue mixed with red make purple."

Lexile range (unofficial): 210L - 400L
Decoding difficulty: 2/5
Vocabulary difficulty: 3/5
Sentences difficulty: 2/5
Patterns difficulty: 4/5

Illustration style: It's finger paint, complete with fingerprints and smudges.

Reality-based: It felt like painting and mixing colors, but a mess I needed to clean up after.
… (more)
mommyonthespectrum | 28 other reviews | Jul 4, 2023 |



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