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Holy Bible (0001) 1,963 copies
The Book New Testament (1986) 6 copies
The Torat Chaim Chumash (1993) 3 copies
The Book of Psalms (1912) 2 copies
Bibelen (1992) 1 copy


Common Knowledge



Hello, My Pronouns are,--------\-------- in Christianity (August 2023)
The Book of PSALMS DLE $410 in Easton Press Collectors (January 2023)
The bible visualised in Christianity (November 2013)


One of the Holy Books of the world.

In the early history of church composed out of the then available scriptures.

After a lot of suppressing existing literature (as we know now since the Nag Hammadi publishing) . See also Quispel : Pimander 10 (dutch).

Very honest literature, you shouldn't always expect.

Take your time and enjoy it! It has been inspirational since centuries!… (more)
ruit | 31 other reviews | Aug 9, 2022 |
Another Chronological Bible (this one NKJV). [It says it was formerly titled The Life and Times Historical Reference Bible - I don't know if they differ.]
This one is not divided for yearly reading. It does have a lot of additional material - so basically a study Bible. Pages 1-3 cover information "Before the Patriarchs" followed by a short introduction to the book of Genesis. Pages 4 & 5 are most of Genesis 1, but about half of each page is sidebars covering other early cultures' beliefs about creation. Page 6 is similar, but at the bottom is an additional, but very short, sidebar. Page 7 has a small timeline from 26,000 to 8000 BC. Sidebars very in types of content. If you split this 1668 pages into 365 readings you would be reading a lot of material besides the text of the Bible, so I imagine it would take longer than the One Year Chronological, where Jan 1 took less than 10 minutes.
This Bible comes with a CD including the Logos Bible for your computer, the complete NKJV text and notes (sidebars). It also has a KJV with Strong's numbering system, plus additional books such as a Bible Dictionary, Atlas, Strong's Hebrew and Greek 'Dictionaries,' and other materials.
… (more)
JS888 | Jan 21, 2017 |
Not a bad read
Denaid | 31 other reviews | Nov 29, 2009 |
Excellent and consistent in its presentation of how our world got to be in its present condition, and what has been arranged in order to restore it to its original condition.
1 vote
tbdunamis | 31 other reviews | Oct 4, 2009 |



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