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Mansfield Park (1814) — some editions — 22,594 copies
Middlemarch (1871) — Narrator, some editions — 17,790 copies
Sum: Forty Tales from the Afterlives (2009) — Narrator, some editions — 1,554 copies
A Dark-Adapted Eye (1986) — Narrator, some editions — 1,244 copies
Windhaven (1981) — Narrator, some editions — 1,158 copies
Ragnarok: The End of the Gods (2011) — Narrator, some editions — 910 copies
Asta's Book (1993) — Narrator, some editions — 891 copies
Sense and Sensibility [1995 film] (1995) — Actor — 840 copies
Atonement [2008 film] (2008) 377 copies
The Young Victoria [2009 film] (2009) — Actor — 158 copies
The Spoilt City (1962) — Narrator, some editions — 117 copies
The Crown: The Complete First Season (2016) — Actor — 93 copies
Bright Young Things {2003 film} (2003) — Actor — 48 copies
The Boy That Time Forgot (2008) — Narrator — 32 copies
Have His Carcase [1987 TV miniseries] (1987) — Actor — 22 copies
Gaudy Night [1987 TV miniseries] (1987) — Actor — 22 copies
Strong Poison [1987 TV miniseries] (1987) — Actor — 20 copies
The Advocate [1993 film] (1993) — Actor — 15 copies
Hard Times [1994 film] (2005) 8 copies
Best of Women's Short Stories, Volume 3 (2007) — Narrator — 7 copies
Ladies in Lavender (2014) — Narrator, some editions — 7 copies
The Secret Garden (BBC Children's Classics) (2006) — Narrator — 7 copies
Law & Order UK: Season One (2010) — Actor — 6 copies
Short Stories: The Thoroughly Modern Collection (2008) — Narrator — 5 copies
The Garden of Truth (2005) — Narrator, some editions — 4 copies
Law & Order UK: Season 2 (2011) — Actor — 4 copies
Heading Out — Actor, some editions — 3 copies
Shakespeare : The Tempest [2018 film] — Actor - Prospero — 1 copy
Short Stories: The Nostalgia Collection (2008) — Narrator — 1 copy


Common Knowledge



This book presents thoughts about Shakespeare, and playing Shakespeare, by a top tier Shakespearean actor. Harriet Walter may not be a household name in the U.S., but in classical acting circles she is deservedly famous -- a major Shakespearean actor, a Dame of the British Empire, and recently the star in three major male Shakespearean roles. I was fortunate enough to see her as Brutus in Julius Caesar and as Henry IV, so as soon as I became aware of this book, I rushed to read it. It is very interesting, and makes a strong contrast to most Shakespeare criticism, which tends to view the plays more as literature than as actual plays that are put on in theaters by hardworking actors. Ms. Walter's key focus is in getting into the skin of her character by figuring out what motivates the character. It's interesting to read about how this works in practice, particularly when other actors and directors are also developing their own interpretations. And Ms. Walter is very strong on the relationships between characters, interpreting (for example) the Merchant as a love triangle between two men and a woman. Reading the book makes me anxious to see Ms. Walter in action again!… (more)
annbury | Jun 12, 2017 |
This is an excellent collection of short stories all relating to love, or a form of love. The first story Ladies in Lavender, by William John Locke, recounts how two spinster sisters, slightly more than middle-aged, spot a young man washed ashore near their home. In taking care of him, they both discover love, sadly unrequited. I've seen a movie from the story that captured Locke's sentiments beautifully. I believed this would be my favourite story of the collection, until I reached the last one, The Yellow Wallpaper by Charlotte Perkins Gilman. I've heard of this story but until now had not come across it in any collection. It is disturbing to think that Gilman herself was subjected to this inhumane "therapy" for postpartum depression, that of being imprisoned in a room with no activity or stimulus of any type. Not surprisingly, the woman in the story became more deranged by the day. Unlike her fictional character, Gilman was able to take control of her own treatment forming the complete reverse. This is a wonderful anthology! These two stories deserve 5 stars, the others round it out to 4.5. The audiobook, narrated by Harriet Walker, was a treat.… (more)
VivienneR | Jan 2, 2016 |

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