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Alexandra's Legacy (2009) 93 copies
Discovering Dani (2006) 66 copies
Katie's Art of Seduction (2005) 45 copies
Drakon's Promise (2016) 40 copies
Legacy Found (2011) 38 copies
Isaiah's Haven (2010) 33 copies
The Way Home (2006) 28 copies
Ellora's Cavemen: Legendary Tails IV (2005) — Contributor — 28 copies
Quinn's Quest (2012) 26 copies
Finding Chrissten (2012) 24 copies
Dreams of the Oasis Volume 4 (Anthology 6-in-1) (2006) — Contributor — 24 copies
Annabelle Lee (2004) 24 copies
Erin's Fancy (2005) 23 copies
Overtime, Under Him: Ellora's Cave (2008) — Contributor — 22 copies
Wolf in Her Bed (2014) 21 copies
Fury Unleashed (2020) 20 copies
Tapestry Dreams (2007) 18 copies
Drakon's Past (2018) 18 copies
Damek's Redemption (2012) 17 copies
Wolf at the Door (2014) 17 copies
Drakon's Prey (2017) 16 copies
Wolf from the Past (2015) 15 copies
Harker's Journey (2005) 13 copies
Embracing Silence (2009) 13 copies
Ellora's Cavemen: Jewels of the Nile IV (2008) — Contributor — 12 copies
Drakon's Plunder (2017) 12 copies
Arctic Bite (2020) 12 copies
A Legal Affair (2008) 11 copies
Wolf on the Hunt (2016) 11 copies
Wolf on a Mission (2016) 11 copies
By the Book (2008) 10 copies
Wolf in Her Soul (2017) 10 copies
Trick or Treat (Ellora's Cave) (2009) — Contributor — 10 copies
Tempting Tori (2009) 10 copies
Drakon Unchained (2018) 9 copies
Wolf on the Run (2014) 9 copies
Past Promises (2009) 9 copies
Burning Ash (2020) 8 copies
The Gift of Shayla (2011) 8 copies
Unmasking Kelly (2006) 8 copies
A Touch of Magick (2010) 8 copies
Bjorn Cursed (2021) 8 copies
Craig's Heart (2014) 7 copies
Drakon's Tear (2018) 7 copies
Wolf in His Heart (2016) 7 copies
Three Swords, One Heart (2007) 7 copies
Beyond Shadows (2008) 6 copies
Blue Collar (2017) — Contributor — 6 copies
Summersville Heat (2007) 6 copies
Feral Fixation (2007) 5 copies
Capturing Carly (2005) 5 copies
Drakon's Knight (2019) 5 copies
Lassoing Lara (2010) 5 copies
Rescuing Rory (2014) 5 copies
Stefan's Salvation (2006) 5 copies
Lucian's Delight (2005) 5 copies
Jamesville Affairs (2010) 4 copies
Amethyst Moon (2008) 4 copies
Eternal Brothers (2007) 4 copies
Anastasia's Style (2007) 3 copies
Hades' Return (2016) 3 copies
Jessamyn's Christmas Gift (2005) 3 copies
Drakon's Treasure (2006) 3 copies
Tracking Talia (2011) 3 copies
Love in Flames (2011) 3 copies
Stranded (2019) — Contributor — 3 copies
Dreams of Seduction (2011) 3 copies
Endless Chase (2009) 2 copies
Heat Wave (2005) 2 copies
First Response (2020) — Contributor — 2 copies
Coming Home 2 copies
Amethyst Dreams (2009) 2 copies
Alpha's Revenge (2016) 2 copies
Mad Loving (2014) 2 copies
Ancient Desire (2022) 1 copy
Double or Nothing (2013) 1 copy
Debt of Honor (2014) 1 copy
Into the Flames (2015) 1 copy
Hunter Avenged (2023) 1 copy
Lily Blossoms (2008) 1 copy
Rescue Me (2019) 1 copy
Wild Loving (2014) 1 copy

Associated Works

The Mammoth Book of Hot Romance (2011) — Contributor — 32 copies
Ellora's Cavemen: Seasons of Seduction III (2007) — Contributor — 19 copies
White Hot Holidays, Vol. III (2006) — Contributor — 16 copies


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Walters, N. J.



This delightful addition to the Salvation Pack Series by N.J. Walters left me with a giant smile and a bounty of euphoric feels. "Wolf of Her Own" is a heartening story of second chances for two characters who'd assumed the time for love and happiness had passed. As a longtime fan of this series, I enjoyed the story of the Alpha's mother (Elise LaForge) and Rina's brother (Mikhail Matheson) finding each other. Most of the book depicts Elise's daunting struggle to overcome an abusive past and to trust her heart and body to the ever patient Mikhail.

I found Elise's reticence to become his mate both tedious and frustrating by the last third of the novel, at which point Waters added a thrilling subplot with a treacherous villain. Once the subplot resolves, Elise embraces her own sensual nature in Mikhail's safe, loving, and accepting arms, thus providing a satisfying conclusion to her exasperating journey of self-discovery and concupiscence.

The publisher provided me with a free copy via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review, but I enjoyed it enough to buy it at Amazon. Recommended for followers of the Salvation Pack, and anyone who loves hot shifters, second chances, and happy endings.

SEXUAL CONTENT: This story is only suitable for people 18 and older. Twelve percent of the book explicitly describes M/F sexual activity within the context of a monogamous relationship. These scenes are both passionate and tasteful. See description of violent sexual content below.
VIOLENCE: One scene portrays an attempted rape and bloody retribution. The back-story alludes to non-consensual rough sex in the heroine's history.
PROFANITY: 107 instances of various obscene words occur in the story, including 86 lewd anatomical references, which blend with the storyline, such that none of the characters are crude or vulgar.
ENDING: Ends with a satisfying HEA with a heartwarming epilogue and no cliffhanger.

HERO: 5/5 Stars
HEROINE: 4.5/5 Stars
ROMANCE: 5/5 Stars
PLOT: 4/5 Stars
DIALOGUE: 4/5 Stars
MYSTERY: 4/5 Stars

REVIEW: "WOLF OF HER OWN" (Salvation Pack) by N.J. Walters
SERIES: Salvation Pack, Book 9
FORMAT: Kindle Edition
PAGES: 290
GENRE: Paranormal Romance
REVIEW BY: Noetical
RATING: 4/5 Stars
POV: Third person, alternating between hero and heroine's point of view.

Is sex the central theme of this book? NO
Do I recommend this book? YES
Do I recommend this series? YES
Do I auto-buy books by this author? YES
… (more)
Noetical | 1 other review | Oct 16, 2023 |
This book is the fourth in the compelling dragon shifter romance series, "Blood of the Drakons." While not the best in the series, it adds new and exciting possibilities to future books. Nic and Constance are both believable and likable, but frustratingly stubborn at times. Constance is a capable, independent and strong-willed heroine. Nic is handsome, protective, powerful and wounded. Unfortunately, Ms. Walters' characterization of Nic lacks the distinction and depth exhibited in her previous works. The villain, a carryover from the previous books, is deliciously evil. Overall, it is a rousing plot with high stakes, hot sex, and true love, culminating in a surprise twist.

SEXUAL CONTENT: Mostly vanilla M/F, relationship-based sex. About 12% of book is devoted to the explicit description of sexual activity, including four complete sex scenes. Nothing crude and no rape or abuse scenes.
VIOLENCE: The description of violent action described lacks excessive gory details, even when death is involved. There is no rape or torture.
PROFANITY: About 72 instances of profanity occur in the story. However, it blends within the storyline, such that none of the characters seem crude.
ENDING: Satisfying HEA without a cliffhanger, while leaving room for more books in the series.

The author/publisher provided this complimentary advanced reader copy in exchange for an honest review via NetGalley.
… (more)
Noetical | 5 other reviews | Oct 16, 2023 |
I couldn't feel it.

Where was the romantic tension, the build up? All I saw was sex.

This failed on so many levels. The plot was predictable . Neither protagonist had a personality beyond I'm a badass and both the antagonists seemed ridiculous.

I hate giving bad reviews but this just didn't do it for me.
dragonlion | 1 other review | Jul 30, 2022 |

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