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Jo Lindsay Walton

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Works by Jo Lindsay Walton

Invocation (2013) 5 copies
BSFA Awards 2020 (2021) — Contributor — 2 copies
Vector 291 (2020) — Editor — 1 copy
Vector 294 (2021) — Editor — 1 copy
Vector 296 (2022) — Editor — 1 copy
Vector 207: Futures (2023) — Editor — 1 copy
Hax 1 copy
Vector 292 (2020) — Editor — 1 copy
Vector 290 (2019) — Editor — 1 copy

Associated Works

Up and Coming: Stories by the 2016 Campbell-Eligible Authors (2016) — Contributor, some editions — 23 copies
Interzone 284 (2019) — Contributor — 7 copies
Strange Economics: Economic Speculative Fiction (2018) — Contributor — 6 copies
BSFA Awards 2019 (2020) — Author — 2 copies
Vector 288 (2018) — Editor — 1 copy
Vector 299: Modernisms (2024) — Editor — 1 copy
Conjurations: Reliquary (2022) — Contributor — 1 copy
Vector 293 (2021) — Editor — 1 copy
Vector 289: African and Afrodiasporic SF (2019) — Editor — 1 copy
Vector 295: Greek SFF (2022) — Editor — 1 copy
Focus 76 (2023) — Contributor — 1 copy


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Interesting and rewarding. Learned lots of new writers to checkout.
elahrairah | Jan 8, 2023 |
I enjoyed this one very much. I learned a lot including new ways of looking at three of my favourite novels, and I have made dozens of notes of things to look up. Great stuff.
elahrairah | Jan 25, 2022 |
Some very interesting pieces and some not so interesting. My personal favourites in this anthology are Red_Bati, but Dilman Dia, which is an exciting and well-written story of an AI; and Paul Kinkaid's extract on Christopher Priest. Worth a read.
elahrairah | May 1, 2021 |

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Paul Kincaid Contributor
Dev Agarwal Editor, Contributor
Nick Hubble Contributor, Editor
Francesca T Barbini Contributor, Designer
Eugen M. Bacon Contributor
Tobi Ogundiran Contributor
Susan Oke Editor
Ida Keogh Contributor
Iain Clark Illustrator
J.R. Burgmann Contributor
Dilman Dia Contributor
Nani Walker Illustrator
Anne Charnock Contributor
Sinjin Li Illustrator
Ruby Gloom Illustrator
Andrew Milner Contributor
Adam Roberts Contributor
Fangorn Illustrator
Jo Walton Contributor
Laura Pereira Contributor
Rhona Eve Clews Cover artist, Editor
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Lynne J. Shannon Contributor
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Nadine Moonsamy Contributor
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Declan Lloyd Contributor
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Andrea Morreau Cover artist
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Paul March-Russell Contributor
Alex Bardy Designer
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Seth Thomas Designer
Matt Finch Contributor
Shanice Da Costa Cover artist


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