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J. R. Ward (1) (1969–)

Author of Dark Lover

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J. R. Ward (1) has been aliased into Jessica Bird.

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Works by J. R. Ward

Works have been aliased into Jessica Bird.

Dark Lover (2005) 5,199 copies
Lover Eternal (2006) 3,937 copies
Lover Awakened (2006) 3,893 copies
Lover Revealed (2007) 3,488 copies
Lover Unbound (2007) 3,372 copies
Lover Enshrined (2008) 3,139 copies
Lover Avenged (2009) 2,736 copies
Lover Unleashed (2011) 2,294 copies
Lover Mine (2010) 2,043 copies
Covet (2009) 1,775 copies
Lover Reborn (2012) 1,505 copies
Lover at Last (2013) 1,311 copies
Crave (2010) 1,084 copies
The King (2014) 1,042 copies
The Shadows (2015) 777 copies
Envy (2011) 764 copies
The Beast (2016) 741 copies
Rapture (2012) 591 copies
Blood Kiss (2015) 564 copies
The Chosen (2017) 560 copies
The Bourbon Kings (2015) 552 copies
Blood Vow (2016) 506 copies
The Thief (2018) 497 copies
Possession (2013) 430 copies
The Savior (2019) 424 copies
Blood Fury (2018) 411 copies
The Sinner (2020) 349 copies
An Unforgettable Lady (2004) 345 copies
Immortal (2014) 340 copies
Consumed (2018) 330 copies
Blood Truth (2019) 302 copies
The Angels' Share (2016) 284 copies
The Jackal (2020) 277 copies
Where Winter Finds You (2019) 254 copies
Lover Unveiled (2021) 251 copies
Devil's Cut (2017) 246 copies
Prisoner of Night (2019) 219 copies
Beauty and the Black Sheep (2005) — Author, some editions — 209 copies
Claimed (2021) 194 copies
Lover Arisen (2022) 180 copies
A Warm Heart in Winter (2020) 180 copies
The Wolf (2021) 166 copies
Dearest Ivie (2018) 140 copies
Nachtjagd: Black Dagger 1 (2007) 131 copies
Lassiter (2023) 111 copies
Blutopfer: Black Dagger 2 (2007) 106 copies
Ewige Liebe: Black Dagger 3 (2006) 99 copies
From the First (2006) 95 copies
Mondspur. Black Dagger 05 (2008) 81 copies
Vampirherz: Black Dagger 8 (2007) 77 copies
Darius (2022) 65 copies
Forever (2023) 57 copies
The Rehearsal Dinner (2018) 37 copies
Liebesmond: Black Dagger 19 (2012) 33 copies
The Reception (2018) 22 copies
Seelenprinz (Black Dagger Brotherhood, #11.1) (2013) — Author — 22 copies
Nachtherz: Black Dagger 23 - Roman (2014) — Author — 20 copies
Movie Night 18 copies
Gefangenes Herz (2015) — Author — 11 copies
Entfesseltes Herz (2016) 10 copies
Ewig geliebt (2017) 10 copies
Der Verstoßene (2018) 8 copies
Die Auserwählte (2017) 7 copies
Blood Sample Box Set (7-in-1) (2010) — Contributor — 6 copies
Into the Heat (2020) 3 copies
Into the Fire (2020) 3 copies
Dark Lover: Deleted Scene (2011) 2 copies
The Brethren 1 copy

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Totally loved this!!! And from this, I am expecting a love story about Lassiter and his white haired angel and Balthazar and his cop. Can't wait for the next series.

P.S is it weird if I actually feel pity for Davina? Even just a little??
ObasiNaomi | 7 other reviews | Dec 2, 2023 |
In the second Black Dagger Brotherhood book, Mary Luce is dealing with a lot of issues. Aside from her leukemia returning, she volunteers for a suicide help hotline and meets John, an abused young man who can only communicate through sign language. Even though she and her friend Bella want to help him, Bella knows what John truly is and she contacts the Brotherhood for help.
When Rhage first meets Mary, he knows she’s different from any female he’s ever met. She calms his inner beast—the dragon tattoo on his back literally comes to life, takes over his body, and kills everything in its path—and he’s desperate for the bliss she gives him. Fighting and having sex releases the beast, but he’d rather fight than sleep around. After a century of meaningless flings, he wants something permanent. Unfortunately, he can’t control the beast when in bed with Mary, so he can’t sleep with her.
Mary is stubborn, willful, and wants to protect those she cares about. Her pain over the cancer, her low self-esteem issues, and her lack of trust in Rhage is all understandable and very sad. Rhage’s self-hatred eats away at him, and he’s determined to do whatever he must to keep Mary safe, even betray her. They have a big communication problem. She doesn’t share her pain about her past and the cancer, and he doesn’t tell her about his curse and the problems going on in the vampire world. Though Rhage gets upset with her, as he should, Mary often just accepts his half-truths and refusal to talk. I liked both characters—don’t get me wrong—but I had a hard time respecting them.
Even though I understood Rhage’s reasons and sympathized with him, I don’t like cheating. I thought what he and Mary needed to do in order to solve their intimacy problem was obvious, but they didn’t figure it out until the end of the book, after he cheats on her.
As with the last book, I found it hard to relate to the brothers. Yeah, they’re gorgeous, arrogant badasses, but they take the thug mentality too far. Also, I don’t understand their obsession with name-brand clothes. In fact, the brand name of every single outfit, including jewelry and luggage, that every character wore was always mentioned.
There are some unanswered questions, but they seem to tie directly into the next story. Yay, Z!
I noticed a few typos but nothing major. The writing is good, but there are some awkward word choices. For example, I interpreted the sentence “What’s doing?” as “What’s going on?”
Overall, I enjoyed the book and look forward to the next one.
4.5 Stars
… (more)
AmberDaulton | 139 other reviews | Nov 20, 2023 |
In this Black Dagger Brotherhood novella, Bella isn’t happy with her marriage. Zsadist still suffers from horrendous nightmares and thinks about his time as a blood and sex slave far too often. She gives him the space he needs, but he’s withdrawing from her and their infant daughter, Nalla. Though he’s protective of them, he no longer kisses Bella, and he refuses to hold or even touch his daughter. The rest of the Brotherhood and the shellans in the household adore Nalla, but Bella is prepared to leave Zsadist for good if he doesn’t shape up and be the hellren and papa Bella needs him to be.
This is such an emotionally charged story. Zsadist has grown a lot from his introduction in the first book, Dark Lover, and even more from his main story, Lover Awakened. He’s still on the road to recovery, but his fear is dragging him back to the darkness in his mind.
For first time readers, I really think you should read the prior books to understand this one. However, for readers of the series, you won’t be missing anything if you skip this novella. Still, I recommend it because it’s a sweet story. I love this couple!
5 Stars
… (more)
AmberDaulton | 26 other reviews | Nov 20, 2023 |



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