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Bound by Shadow (2008) 244 copies
Bound by Flame (2008) 172 copies
Bound by Light (2008) 157 copies
Captive Spirit (2010) 61 copies
Captive Soul (2010) 53 copies
Captive Heart (2011) 51 copies
Earthwork (2016) 2 copies

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The Mammoth Book of Paranormal Romance (2009) — Contributor — 417 copies
The Mammoth Book of Hot Romance (2011) — Contributor — 35 copies


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Windsor, Annie
Windsor, Anna
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Tennessee, USA



Bound by Light
4 Stars

The Sibyls are facing their most dangerous foe yet in the form of a demonic power bent on garnering political power. It will take everything that air Sibyl, Merilee Alexander and her OCU partner, Jake Lowell have to defeat this evil enemy but in order to do so they must first come to terns with the secrets and the desires between them.

A sweet romance and an action packed plot with a climax of epic proportions.

Despite the common threads linking the books in this series, each has its own storyline and their is no repetition or rehashing of previous plot points. We do get updates on the goings on in Riana, Cynda and Andy's lives, which is very entertaining.

Jake and Merilee are wonderful together and their abilities are complimentary, which adds another layer to their romance. Merilee is courageous, loyal and certainly knows how to kick-butt. Nevertheless, it is Jake's story that is truly gripping.

Jake is the most enigmatic and mysterious of the Lowell demon brothers and his internal struggle with his dual humanAstorath identity is the main focus of his character development. If he wishes to protect Merilee and survive the upcoming battle with the diabolical villain, then he must learn to embrace all aspects of his personality.

The villain is the most threatening in the series thus far and his agenda made my skin crawl. The manner in which he ultimately receives his just rewards is very satisfying.

The next trilogy focuses on a new Sibyl trio and I look forward to reading their books.
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Lauren2013 | 2 other reviews | May 24, 2018 |
Bound by Flame
3.5 Stars

In order to discover the identity of the killer targeting Fire Sibyls for death, Cynda Flynn must work with Nick Lowell, a former undercover cop with the NYPDs Occult Crime Unit who also happens to be a Curson demon. Nick has his other half under control but how long will that last now that Cynda in next of the killer's list.

Good action scenes and some witty dialogue but the romance is not as engrossing as in Bound by Shadows.

Cynda and Nick are a likeable couple but there is nothing really special about either of them and their romance lacks the intensity of connection and emotion that characterized the couple in the first book. On a positive note, Cynda and Nick willingly accept their growing relationship and there is very little angst in their romance as the threat is mainly external. Nevertheless, Cynda's constant burning of clothes and setting fire to everything around her becomes tiresome after a while.

The secondary story revolving around the murder of Fire Sibyls and the questionable loyalties of Nick's brother, Jake, are compelling with some good twists and turns even though the identity of the killer is too obvious.

Overall, a good PNR read and as Jake's character really appealed to me, I look forward to his and Merilee's story.
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Lauren2013 | 3 other reviews | May 24, 2018 |
Captive Spirit
3 Stars

Series Note: This in book #1 in the 2nd Dark Crescent Sisterhood trilogy. The first trilogy should be read for the backstory.

Disappointing. The opening scenes have potential but it all fizzles out as the story develops and the book ultimately pales in comparison to the first trilogy.

Most significantly, Bela Argos, the take no prisoners Sibyl from the earlier books, is now a mere shadow of her former self. She is no longer a confident warrior and leader but someone who constantly questions her decisions and abilities. The hero's characterization is also contradictory. On the one hand, Duncan is described as a determined fighter with an amazing strength of will who succeeds against all odds yet he accepts his fate as inevitable and his willing to sacrifice himself without fight.

Duncan and Bela's romance and its resolution are problematic as well. Their relationship comes out of nowhere with no foundation or build up. They are simply together with no explanation of exactly what they see in each other. Similarly, the solution to Duncan's demon possession appears out of the blue and feels tacked on.

In terms of the villains, Raksasha from Hindu mythology, it is impossible not to compare them to the same creatures in Magic Bleeds by Ilona Andrews. Unfortunately, Windsor's portrayal comes off as a diluted version of the monstrous creatures in Andrews' book. A number of scenes in the beginning are presented from their perspective, which initially serves to ratchet up the tension. However, these disappear toward the middle and the villains are nowhere to be seen until the final anti-climactic showdown.

The secondary characters make a better impression, especially Andy, now a water Sibyl, and John Blackmore, whose adversarial relationship is definitely leading somewhere. The next book is that of Camille, the fire Sibyl, and Duncan's childhood friend, John Cole. Hopefully, it will be better than this one.
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Lauren2013 | 1 other review | May 24, 2018 |
Captive Heart
3 Stars

The final book in the 2nd trilogy has all the right elements for an excellent paranormal romance - great chemistry between the likable characters and a plot with potential. Unfortunately, it all fails to come together and ultimately falls flat.

Andy and Jack's love/hate relationship is the highlight of the book but it takes too long for them to get together and it is all a little too easy given Andy's intense animosity toward him in the previous books.

The Coven plotline builds slowly and the action only gets going in the last 100 pages or so. The introduction of the fae Host or Sluagh is interesting but lacks detail. It seems as if the author planned on developing new avenues for future books with them and the next generation of Sibyls, however, none have been written.

All in all, the Dark Crescent Sisterhood is an original and entertaining series and it is a pity that the author has stopped writing them.
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Lauren2013 | 1 other review | May 24, 2018 |

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