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In 1930 Ava Coons is living in a small town where people are suspicious that she killed her family as years earlier when she was thirteen she appeared out of the woods carrying an axe and covered in blood with no memory of what happened. In present day Wren is living in the same area and a little girl has gone missing.
I'm not going to say much beyond that as there are lots of twists and turns and some really good suspenseful parts. I wouldn't read this book before bed! I didn't have any idea until close to the end of the book how the story would resolve.
I'm really enjoying this author but this book was definitely darker than the other ones I've read by her. I'm a very visual person and there were a LOT of references to people being chopped up which I found disturbing. There is also a very difficult section of the book where someone is dying from an extended illness and it brought back a lot of painful memories for me so was really hard for me to read.
There was no language and just kissing. There is some hints of possible sexual abuse and there is some violence and of course the numerous references mentioned above.
Overall not my favorite book by this author but I am looking forward to reading more by her and am hoping they don't include people covered in blood! I really like this author's writing style and really like the suspenseful tones of the book. I just don't want so many references to death!
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Piper29 | 13 other reviews | May 13, 2024 |
I'm really enjoying this author. The last one that I read was a bit graphic for my taste but I think that was an outlier as this is more along the lines of the other ones I have read by her.
It's a dual timeline and I equally enjoyed both time lines. It's spooky but not too scary.
I found the romance in 1907 a bit unexpected and it was nice that it wasn't predictable and swoony.
I found the theme of justice and forgiveness thought provoking and I liked this quote: "Or maybe, more truthfully, it was because no one liked conviction. Whether presented in a harsh, judgmental way, or wrapped in lace and flowers to be as inoffensive as possible. But truth was truth, was it not? Most people knew they would eventually pay for their sins. Most simply did not want to dwell on it."
I really enjoyed this book but the reason that I didn't give it a 4 was that I found the villain in the present day a little unbelievable. There were also a few phrases that annoyed me. Phrases like this seem to be quite common in current books and I'm not sure why but they really bother me and interrupt a good story. One example from this book: "Beneath it...were words that sliced through the moonlight into Annalise's soul." I'm all for poetry and beautiful language but this is a bit much.
There was no sex or language in this book, but there was a bit of violence. Nothing too graphic though.

This book was reviewed on the Literary Club Podcast episode 69
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Piper29 | 7 other reviews | May 13, 2024 |
“…A person’s life, no matter how short or how long, how peaceful or how turbulent, how adventurous or how tragic, is not wasted. Not when you have hope. It might be a tiny pinprick of light in a world of darkness, but it’s there all the same.”

Another fantastic gothic delight from Jaimie Jo Wright! I have to admit that I count down the days until her next book because I know I’ll be thoroughly entertained, inspired, and spooked. Night Falls on Predicament Avenue is an eerie thrill ride but also a triumph of hope over fear. In this mysterious dual time period story, two sisters a century apart have to live with the aftermath of what happened on 322 Predicament Avenue.

Shepherd, Iowa, 1901 Effie James accompanies her adventurous sister Polly on a dare to peek inside the creepy abandoned house at 322 Predicament Avenue. When Polly peers through the window, she witnesses a murder that leaves her in a weakened state, unable to speak. Effie, who heard the screams, is dumbfounded when no murder victim is found. When a handsome British gentleman arrives and claims it was his wife that was murdered, he and Effie embark on a mission to find the truth of what happened that night.

Modern Day, Norah Richman is doing her best to live her life after her twin sister’s terrible murder 13 years previous. Despite her anxiety and grief, Norah fulfill’s her twin’s dream of running a bed and breakfast out of the home she inherited from her aunt at 322 Predicament Avenue. Growing up on the ghost stories her aunt told surrounding the house, she’s trying to survive her own nightmare. When one of her houseguests dies, she relies on the charming British historian and host of a true crime podcast who’s also staying at the bed and breakfast to help her unravel the truth of what took place at 322 Predicament Avenue in the distant past and 13 years ago.

Jaime Jo Wright is the queen of spooky gothic romances and I absolutely adored the stories in both time periods. The mysteries kept me guessing with several suspects in each story. Effie & Norah were such sympathetic characters. Both had to grow and overcome their fears in order to bring the truth to light. I also enjoyed the chilling narration from the mysterious “Her” sprinkled throughout. I could honestly feel the fear rolling off the pages that each character experienced, however I loved the overall message that hope and faith conquer fear.

Though there’s a lot of suspense, I loved the romances in both stories. The author gave us not one, but two swoony British heroes. Anderson is the Englishman whom Effie falls for and I loved the way he believed in her and helped her through her grief. I also loved Sebastian Blaine. He’s a bit of a free spirit who learns from Norah the importance of being there for those you love.

This is definitely one gothic romance fans won’t want to miss! Highly recommend! I received an advanced complimentary copy from the publisher. All opinions are my own and voluntarily provided.
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Melissas-Bookshelf | 14 other reviews | Apr 21, 2024 |
I loved this book filled with grief, love, suspense and intrigue. I could not put this book down. I loved Effie and Norah. I loved that each of these women from a 120 years apart have to solve a murder to move on with their lives. I loved how spooky this story could be. I am never disappointed by this author. I received a copy of this book from the publisher for a fair and honest opinion that I gave of my own free will.
Virginia51 | 14 other reviews | Apr 21, 2024 |


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