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I received an e-copy of this story for an honest review.
An intriguing idea: using teens as soldiers. Because, let’s admit it, sometimes adults don’t always pay attention to teens. But it brings a few questions to mind. Is The Program part of the Government? Does the Government acknowledge it? Is it an unofficial program, or does it have nothing to do with the Government, and is funded and operated by someone else? Then it brings a few other personal questions to the surface: How do they find these teens? Is it some sort of Big Brother operation? Who can you Truly trust? How well do you Really know someone?… (more)
SherDEMomma | 23 other reviews | Nov 24, 2021 |
Zach continues to have doubts and questions about The Program. To get away from these doubts, he escapes the wait for his next mission by signing on to be a counselor in training at a summer sports camp. When The Program discovers his location, Father is sent to retrieve him and find out where his loyalties lie. After a grueling physical exam, Zach and Father embark on a mission in which Zach is to kill the man who is running a survival camp during a recruitment seminar, but when the man is attacked by one of his own followers, Zach saves his life and is immediately taken to the camp. Once there, Zach realizes that their agenda involves much more than training recruits, but when Zach can't reach Father, he knows that he has either been labeled a traitor by his organization or The Program has been attacked and needs help. Unfortunately, he is afraid it is the former.

I Am the Mission continues the story of Zach, the teenage assassin, but the twist in this story is that Zach is beginning to feel too much for his targets, raising questions about trusting big government and blindly following rules. These questions are amplified by the people at Camp Liberty who are questioning the same things that Zach is. Overall, this is another good entry in this series, which asks bigger questions than the average teen spy series.
… (more)
ftbooklover | 23 other reviews | Oct 12, 2021 |
When Zach finds where Howard is being kept, he uses his skills to rescue him, but discovers that Howard is being held with a girl named Tanya. Howard won't leave without her, so the three of them go on the run. As the three of them delve more deeply into The Program, Zach uncovers more questions than answers.

In I Am the Traitor, Zach faces difficult choices based on information that may or may not be correct, making him examine everything he has done and what he has been told. The most difficult choice he faces is what kind of person he wants to be and ultimately that is what drives most of this final entry in the Unknown Assassin series. The big twist near the end of the book is somewhat predictable based on the foreshadowing throughout the rest of the series, but the final resolution of the story was a bit more unexpected. Overall, this is a very good ending for a spy adventure that is a cut above others of this type.… (more)
ftbooklover | 6 other reviews | Oct 12, 2021 |
Zach spends months undercover in school settings in order to complete his assignments that come from "The Program." In those assignments, he is to use his training to kill someone in a way that makes it look like something other than murder. He was given the job when he came home one day and found his father bound with duct tape and bleeding, being led to believe that his father was being killed because he was a traitor. The choice he made was to live rather than die, leaving his only option to be trained as a killer. Zach's current assignment is to kill the mayor of New York City, but when he gets to know the mayor and his daughter, Sam, he discovers that this time, killing isn't as easy as just following orders.

While on this assignment, Zach's feelings for the mayor and his daughter cause him to question his training and everything he has ever been told, especially about his dad. For the first time, Zach understands that he has choices. These revelations add depth to the story. In addition there is plenty of action and suspense to keep readers glued to their seats. Overall, Boy Nobody is a cut above the average teen spy novel and well worth the read.
… (more)
ftbooklover | 31 other reviews | Oct 12, 2021 |


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