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TitleCopiesReviewsRatingsAverageMedianStd. dev.
Lord of Light3,554738944.094.000.96
Nine Princes In Amber2,290536493.994.000.91
The Great Book of Amber2,452466374.194.000.88
The Guns of Avalon1,579273933.984.000.79
The Hand of Oberon1,394213284.054.000.81
Sign of the Unicorn1,409263263.934.000.83
The Courts of Chaos1,332253204.014.000.81
Trumps of Doom1,436152923.824.000.83
Blood of Amber1,32782723.834.000.84
This Immortal1,326232683.744.000.93
Sign of Chaos1,25192473.844.000.86
Prince of Chaos1,11082343.824.000.83
A Night in the Lonesome October885372344.124.000.84
Knight of Shadows1,14382313.804.000.84
Dangerous Visions: 33 Original Stories1,284222313.984.000.95
The First Chronicles of Amber812242264.194.000.91
The Doors of His Face, The Lamps of His Mouth906141834.044.000.78
Creatures of Light and Darkness837121803.774.000.97
The Science Fiction Hall of Fame, Volume One: The Greatest Science Fiction Stories of All Time1,228191784.254.000.79
Jack of Shadows823171783.854.000.90
Doorways in the Sand911131733.914.000.88
Damnation Alley876201723.333.000.88
The Chronicles of Amber, Volume I (Nine Princes in Amber and The Guns of Avalon)797131654.274.000.77
Deus Irae946121473.213.000.94
The Chronicles of Amber, Volume II (Sign of the Unicorn, The Hand of Oberon, and The Courts of Chaos)70871314.244.000.76
Black Thorn, White Rose83271293.824.000.80
Wild Cards74341243.804.000.92
Unicorn Variations64181193.884.000.80
The Dream Master765151153.503.500.85
Aces High64351123.794.000.85
Bring Me the Head of Prince Charming642171123.393.501.06
My Name is Legion69461063.593.500.83
Chicks in Chainmail5707973.624.000.89
Isle of the Dead6396943.704.000.89
To Die in Italbar5608933.313.000.93
Dilvish, the Damned5356903.744.000.88
The Changing Land5436843.573.750.86
Lord Demon3487843.534.001.02
Eye of Cat6163833.543.500.90
The Last Defender of Camelot5309733.884.000.68
Cthulhu 20003333733.474.001.01
Roger Zelazny's Visual Guide to Castle Amber3091563.323.001.02
Four for Tomorrow4175564.074.000.84
Down and Dirty3911543.503.500.87
Frost and Fire2702483.533.500.81
If at Faust You Don't Succeed3464463.293.000.93
The Last Defender of Camelot [2002 ibooks]2325453.584.000.95
100 Great Science Fiction Short Short Stories2953433.884.001.05
Today We Choose Faces2593433.433.000.85
Wild Cards I2226413.764.000.97
A Dark Traveling2415383.283.000.82
The Mask of Loki2391353.233.000.98
The Dead Man's Brother1659353.313.000.86
Wizard World2777343.243.000.93
Fantastic Alice2115313.243.000.73
A Farce to Be Reckoned With235 293.403.000.83
A Dragon-Lover's Treasury of the Fantastic2595293.503.500.66
Manna from Heaven1407283.844.000.68
Bridge of Ashes2113283.133.000.97
The Illustrated Roger Zelazny1611263.443.000.84
The Science Fiction Century366
Year's Best SF2386253.283.000.84
Card Sharks185 242.943.000.86
Superheroes164 243.383.000.71
100 Great Fantasy Short, Short Stories1764234.074.000.76
The Black Throne2581223.273.000.75
The Norton Book of Science Fiction: North American Science Fiction, 1960-19902271214.074.000.62
The Second Chronicles of Amber771204.054.000.85
Hidden Turnings: A Collection of Stories Through Time and Space1165193.824.000.63
Forever After1511193.183.000.88
Dangerous Visions 31112183.864.000.60
Dragons of Light1602173.533.500.63
My Favorite Fantasy Story147 173.563.000.87
Power & Light - Volume 2: The Collected Stories of Roger Zelazny923143.824.001.17
Threshold - Volume 1: The Collected Stories of Roger Zelazny1105144.214.000.70
A Magic-Lover's Treasury of the Fantastic1101143.643.501.04
Flare140 132.883.000.86
Three for Tomorrow1401132.883.000.62
Tales from the Spaceport Bar1473133.654.000.63
Murder on the Menu1332123.634.000.46
Nebula Award Stories 111141123.964.000.63
Pawn to Infinity531123.543.500.92
Nebula Award Stories 19651602123.754.000.60
The 1987 Annual World's Best SF1683113.594.000.47
The Best of the Nebulas91
Treasures of Fantasy1001103.303.000.90
Wheel of Fortune51 103.353.250.90
The Mammoth Book of Fantasy109 103.503.250.63
Last Exit to Babylon - Volume 4: The Collected Stories of Roger Zelazny81194.335.000.82
Amber. Amber-romans dl. 7 en 834293.674.000.53
He Who Shapes/The Infinity Box73293.674.001.03
Knight of Shadows / Prince of Chaos31 93.724.000.53
The Seven Deadly Sins of Science Fiction139283.383.000.48
The Best Science Fiction of the Year #481283.503.751.15
This Mortal Mountain - Volume 3: The Collected Stories of Roger Zelazny92184.134.000.78
Wings of Fire89183.443.250.85
Today We Choose Faces / Bridge of Ashes (Signet Double Science Fiction)110183.313.750.83
Trips in Time66483.253.251.06
Flashing Swords! #5: Demons and Daggers157182.942.751.01
An exaltation of stars; transcendental adventures in science fiction82183.884.000.78
The Arbor House Treasury of Modern Science Fiction91
The Road to Amber: The Collected Stories of Roger Zelazny (NESFA's Choice)69174.144.000.83
Nebula Award Stories Number Three115173.794.000.52
My Favorite Science Fiction Story108163.834.000.47
L'univers d'Ambre, Roger Zelazny9
Nine Black Doves: The Collected Stories of Roger Zelazny (NESFA's Choice)61164.254.750.90
A Treasury of Modern Fantasy92164.254.250.69
Home is the Hangman37164.174.500.90
Amber. Amber-romans dl. 3 en 422153.603.500.58
Amber omnibus. Dl. 214153.404.000.80
Amber omnibus. Dl. 111 53.404.000.80
Warriors of Blood and Dream50
10th Annual Edition: The Year's Best S-F141 43.253.500.83
A Rose for Ecclesiastes [short story]15144.384.250.41
Amber. Amber-romans dl. 5 en 619 43.503.500.50
Shoredanin kellot28
The Doors of His Face the Lamps of His Mouth [short story]15 43.503.250.61
L. Ron Hubbard Presents Writers of the Future, Volume I146143.003.001.58
An ABC of Science Fiction69144.004.000.71
Orbit Science Fiction Year Book: No. 2 (Orbit Books)37
Beyond Tomorrow: Anthology of Modern Science Fiction41143.133.250.74
For a Breath I Tarry27 43.883.750.74
Explorers: SF Adventures to Far Horizons41243.633.500.65
Unicorn Variation [short story]12 33.834.000.24
Divine Madness9 33.333.000.85
Analog science fiction/science fact. No. 536 (July 1975)15132.673.000.47
The George Business6 33.503.50 
When Pussywillows Last in the Catyard Bloomed and Other Poems8 33.673.000.94
Corrida7 33.673.500.24
Here there be dragons24133.834.000.62
This Moment of the Storm9 34.004.00 
Auto-da-fe7 33.674.000.47
The Traps of Time37132.673.000.47
Home is the Hangman/We, in Some Strange Power's Employ, Move on a Rigorous Line60233.334.000.94
The Best from Fantasy and Science Fiction: 16th Series45 34.004.00 
A.I.s32 33.333.000.47
The Horses of Lir [short story]4 33.834.000.24
Lucifer8 33.673.500.24
love is an imaginary number7
Recital [short story]4
The Last of the Wild Ones [short story]3 23.753.750.25
Itself Surprised [short story]3 23.503.50 
The Naked Matador [short story]4 23.503.50 
The Monster and the Maiden [short story]4
A Museum Piece [short story]4 23.503.500.50
My Lady of the Diodes [short story]3 23.003.00 
The Sleeper2
The Night Has 999 Eyes [short story]4 22.502.50 
Analog science fiction/science fact. No. 524 (July 1974)17
24 Views Of Mt. Fuji By Hokusai8
Seaserpents!26 23.003.00 
Exeunt Omnes [short story]3
Quest's End3 23.753.750.25
Night Kings3 23.753.750.25
The Williamson Effect31 23.503.500.50
Mana from Heaven3 23.503.50 
The Man Who Loved the Faioli [short story]7
Futures Past (Flights)38 24.004.00 
A Hand Across the Galaxy [short story]3
A Very Good Year [short story]3 23.003.00 
LOKI 7281 [short story]3 23.503.50 
Dayblood4 23.503.500.50
He Who Shapes [short story]11 23.753.750.25
The Bands of Titan (short story)3 22.752.750.25
The Best of Science Fiction and Fantasy: Permafrost and Skin Deep5 24.004.00 
The Engine at Heartspring's Center [short story]11123.003.00 
Comes Now The Power12 23.003.00 
Chicks Ahoy!29
Le concours du millénaire : Apportez-moi la tête du prince Charmant ; A Faust, Faust et demi ; Le démon de la farce6 24.004.00 
The Great Slow Kings [short story]4 23.503.500.50
Collector's Fever [short story]6
The Keys To December10 23.753.750.75
The Devil Car6 23.753.750.25
But Not the Herald [short story]4
The Furies6 23.753.750.25
Dismal Light [short story]4 23.503.50 
The Force That Through the Circuit Drives the Current [short story]3
Go Starless in the Night [short story]5 23.503.50 
And I Only Am Escaped to Tell Thee [short story]6 23.753.750.25
Fire and/or Ice [short story]3 23.503.50 
Walpurgisnacht4 23.753.750.25
The Graveyard Heart7 23.503.50 
The Last Defender of Camelot [1981 Underwood-Miller]5 13.503.50 
Voglio la testa del principe azzurro1 15.005.00 
AMBERZINE #10 (AMBERZINE)4 14.004.00 
Bifrost n°558113.003.00 
Dziewięciu książąt Amberu ; Karabiny Avalonu1 13.003.00 
Prologue To Trumps Of Doom2 13.503.50 
Manna from Heaven and My name is Legend1 14.004.00 
A Thing of Terrible Beauty [short fiction]4 13.003.00 
No Award4 13.503.50 
Epithalium1 13.503.50 
Is There a Demon Lover in the House? [short story]4 12.502.50 
Horseman!4 14.004.00 
Amber1 14.004.00 
The Hand of Oberon: The Chronicles of Amber, Book 41 13.503.50 
Kroniki Amberu. T. 16 15.005.00 
The Last Defender of Camelot [short story]9 14.004.00 
Hrad Amber4 13.503.50 
Oberon'un Eli1 15.005.00 
Dilvish, the Damned [short story]3 14.004.00 
Coffret Corwin, ambre 11 13.003.00 
Blue Horse Dancing Mountains3 13.503.50 
Хроники Амбера2 14.504.50 
Come to Me Not in Winter's White2 13.003.00 
Воины Крови и Мечты: Фантастические произведения1 12.002.00 
Deadboy Donner and the Filstone Cup [short story]4 13.003.00 
The Eve Of Rumoko6 13.503.50 
Ritorno Ad Ambra3114.004.00 
Nine Princes in Amber / The Guns of Avalon / Sign of the Unicorn / The Hand of Oberon2 14.004.00 
This Mortal Mountain [novelette]2 14.004.00 
Amber Kan1 15.005.00 
Kyametin Koz Kartlar1 15.005.00 
Kaos mgesi1 15.005.00 
The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction July 1971, Vol. 41, No. 19 13.003.00 
Glgelerin valyesi1 15.005.00 
Damnation Alley [short story]4 13.503.50 
Kaos Saraylar1 15.005.00 
Amber'de Dokuz Prens1 15.005.00 
Tekboynuzun areti1 15.005.00 
Coming To A Cord1 13.503.50 
Джокер : [Фантаст. произведения]1 12.502.50 
Isle of the Dead: AND Eye of the Cat10 15.005.00 
A Rhapsody in Amber5 15.005.00 
The Three Descents of Jeremy Baker3 14.004.00 
Gone to Earth11 13.003.00 
The bells of Shoredan9113.503.50 
Concerto for Siren and Serotonin 81 13.003.00 
Concerto for Siren and Serotonin 71 13.503.50 
Concerto for Siren and Serotonin 31 14.004.00 
Concerto for Siren and Serotonin 41 14.004.00 
Concerto for Siren and Serotonin 51 13.503.50 
Concerto for Siren and Serotonin 61 13.503.50 
Passage to Dilfar1 14.004.00 
Thelinde's Song2 13.003.00 
Garden of Blood2 14.004.00 
Passion Play4 13.503.50 
King Solomon's Ring1 13.503.50 
Come Back To The Killing Ground Alice My Love1 14.004.00 
Devil and the Dancer1 14.004.00 
The White Beast1 13.003.00 
A Knight for Merytha1 13.503.50 
The Places of Aache1 13.503.50 
A City Divided1 13.503.50 
Concerto for Siren and Serotonin 21 14.004.00 
Concerto for Siren and Serotonin 11 13.503.50 
История рыжего демона1 15.005.00 
Le livre d'or de la Science-Fiction : Roger Zelazny3 12.002.00 
The Mammoth Book of 20th Century Science Fiction: Volume Two18 14.004.00 
Poems5 15.005.00 
Baker's Dozen: 13 Short Fantasy Novels24113.003.00 
The Shores Beneath17 15.005.00 
Best S.F. Stories from New Worlds52 14.004.00 
Death on Wheels5 14.004.00 
Christmas Forever21 15.005.00 
Exploring the Horizons16 13.003.00 
Tower Of Ice3 13.503.50 
Analog science fiction/science fact. No. 535 (June 1975)14113.503.50 
Hall Of Mirrors2 13.003.00 
The Game Of Blood And Dust6 13.503.50 
Stand Pat Ruby Stone5 13.503.50 
The Stainless Steel Leech6 13.503.50 
Angel Dark Angel3 14.004.00 
Lady of Steel1 13.503.50 
The Long Crawl of Hugh Glass1 13.003.00 
Ashes to Ashes1 14.004.00 
The Long Sleep1 13.503.50 
Phantom Regiments2 13.003.00 
Halfjack7 14.004.00 
The Salesman's Tale3 13.503.50 
The Shroudling And The Guisel3 14.004.00 
Death And The Executioner1 13.503.50 
" Monstry vselennoĭ ".3     
Остров мертвых Умереть в Италбаре : [Фантаст. произведения] / Роджер Желязны1     
Миры Роджера Желязны Том 6. Сегодня мы выбираем лица. Господь гнева.1     
Monstry vselennoy. Kniga 1. Hroniki Ambera1     
Terra alterada1     
Миры Роджера Желязны Том 7. Мост из пепла. Глаз кота.1     
Way Up High5     
Das Biest / Die Insel der Toten / Straße der Verdammnis / Der Tod in Italbar. Drei Romane und eine Novelle.10     
To Spin is Miracle Cat9     
Götter aus Licht und Dunkelheit.1     
Galaxy, January 1975 (Vol. 36, No.1)1     
Galaxy Science Fiction Magazine February 19755     
Programma: uomo1     
Galaxy, November 1977 (Vol. 38, No. 9)3     
Galaxy Magazine, May 1976 (Vol. 37, No. 4)3     
Roger Zelazny's To Rule in Amber3     
Lokio kaukė: (mokslinis) fantastinis romanas1     
Tajemný Amber. Díl 7., Znamení chaosu2     
Hymn to the Sun An Imitation2     
Roger Zelazny's Chaos and Amber (Dawn of Amber Trilogy Book 2)2     
S-Fマガジン 1970年02月号 (通巻130号)1     
L'homme qui n'existait pas2     
Galaxy, December 1977-January 1978 (Vol. 39, No. 1)1     
Four books: Unicorn variations: Damnation alley; To die in Italbar; and Jack of shadows1     
Roger Zelazny's Nine Princes in Amber, Book 31     
Le Sérum de la déesse bleue : roman1     
Dilvish le damné: L'intégrale1     
24 Views of Mt. Fuji, by Hokusai1     
Amberzine #5, Nov., 1993 (a magazine dedicated to the works of Roger Zelazny & Amber)1     
The Best from Fantastic17     
The Last Defender of Camelot Teleplay1     
Valguse Isand : [romaan]1     
Devil Car1     
Last Of The Wild Ones1     
De hand van Oberon ; Hoven van Chaos ; Het spel van Merlijn1     
Eispiloten. Nebula Award Stories. Science- Fiction- Erzählungen1     
Kroniki Amberu tom II1     
Les princes d'Ambre: Cycle 11     
Roger Zelany's Shadows of Amber (Amber Series)1     
Galaxy Magazine, October 1967 (Vol. 26, No. 1)2     
Amber Collector's Series IV (Amber Collector's Ser. 4)2     
Amber Collectors Series III2     
Amber Bd.2 Die neun Prinzen1     
Amber Collector's Series II (Amber Collector's Ser. 2)2     
Amber Collector's Series I (Amber Collector's Ser. 1)2     
Doorways in the Sand (Part 3 of 3) [serial]2     
Doorways in the Sand (Part 1 of 3) [serial]1     
Doorways in the Sand (Part 2 of 3) [serial]1     
Galaxy Science Fiction Magazine March 19755     
Corwin vom Amber.1     
Galaxy Magazine, June 1964 (Vol. 22, No. 5)6     
Amberzine, Issue 84     
And the Darkness is Harsh1     
" Sozdani͡a sveta, sozdanii͡a t'my.Bessmertnyĭ".1     
" Valet - ten'." " Valet iz strany teneĭ." " Porozhdenie sveta i t'my".1     
Science Fiction Digest : Special All Star Double Issue - Volume 1 - Issue 4 - September/ October 19821     
Amberzine, Issue 52     
The Best of Roger Zelazny Roadmarks Bridge of Ashes3     
Book 3: The Web1     
Les licornes sont contagieuses1     
Donner le Cryo et la coupe Dilstone1     
Analog science fiction/science fact. No. 537 (Aug. 1975)18     
Computing in Accelerator Design and Operation1     
New Worlds of Fantasy (Ace A-12)2     
Epic Illustrated #24 (June 1984)4     
Analog Science Fiction/Science Fact: Vol. XCV, No. 11 (November 1975)12     
Sci-Fi's Best: Last Defender of Camelot/Unicorn Variation/over the River & Through the Woods/Neighbor2     
Preludes 1-4 and postlude (forever after)1     
[Хроники Амбера: Кн.1: Девять принцев Эмбера; Кн.2: Ружья Авалона; Кн.3: Знак Единорога]1     
Sterren van de Galaxy deel II1     

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