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Winner 68

The Music Game (Biblioasis International Translation Series) by Stéfanie ClermontJuliet Sutcliffe2023
Self Defense: A Philosophy of Violence by Elsa Dorlin2023
Sciences de la vie by Joy SormanLara Vergnaud2022
In the Eye of the Wild by Nastassja MartinSophie R. Lewis2022
Résister au nazisme: le Jewish labor committee, New York, 1934-1945 by Catherine CollompSusan Emanuel2022
The Belle Époque: A Cultural History, Paris and Beyond (European Perspectives: A Series in Social Thought and Cultural Criticism) by Dominique KalifaSusan Emanuel2022
Our Riches by Kaouther AdimiFiction, Chris Andrews2021
Rome, 1630 by Yves BonnefoyNonfiction, Hoyt Rogers2021
A King Alone by Jean GionoFiction, Alyson Waters2020
Murderous Consent: On the Accommodation of Violent Death (Perspectives in Continental Philosophy) by Marc CréponNonfiction, Michael Loriaux and Jacob Levi2020
Imaginary Lives by Marcel SchwobFiction, Chris Clarke2019
Slave Old Man by Patrick ChamoiseauFiction, Linda Coverdale2019
Good Government: Democracy beyond Elections by Pierre RosanvallonNonfiction, Malcolm Debevoise2019
The Principle by Jérôme FerrariFiction, Howard Curtis2018
Melville by Jean GionoFiction, Paul Eprile2018
The Years by Annie ErnauxNonfiction, Alison L. Strayer2018
Ecorces by Georges Didi-HubermanNonfiction, Samuel E. Martin2018
The Heart by Maylis de KerangalFiction, Sam Taylor2017
Jean Cocteau: A Life by Claude ArnaudNonfiction, Lauren Elkin, Charlotte Mandell2017
Les Misérables by Victor HugoFiction, Christine Donougher2016
Birth of a Theorem: A Mathematical Adventure by Cédric VillaniNon-fiction, Malcolm DeBevoise2016
The French Resistance by Olivier WieviorkaNonfiction2016
The Mad and the Bad by Jean-Patrick ManchetteFiction, Donald Nicholson-Smtih2015
Pleasures and Days and "Memory" / Les Plaisirs et les Jours et "Souvenir" Short Stories by Marcel Proust: A Dual-Language Book (Dover Dual Language French) by Marcel ProustFiction, Edward Ousselin2015
Diary of the Dark Years, 1940-1944: Collaboration, Resistance, and Daily Life in Occupied Paris by Jean GuéhennoNon-fiction, David Ball2015
Bonaparte: 1769-1802 by Patrice GueniffeyNonfiction2015
Electrico W by Hervé Le TellierFiction, Adriana Hunter2014
The Falling Sky: Words of a Yanomami Shaman by Davi KopenawaNonfiction2013
Prehistoric Times by Éric ChevillardFiction, Alyson Waters2012
The Metamorphoses of Kinship by Maurice GodelierNon-fiction, Nora Scott2012
The Old Regime and the French Revolution by Alexis de TocquevilleNon-fiction, Arthur Goldhammer2011
The Mirador: Dreamed Memories of Irene Nemirovsky by her Daughter by Elisabeth GilleNon-fiction, Marina Harss2011
When the World Spoke French by Marc FumaroliNon-fiction, Richard Howard2011
Letters from America by Alexis de TocquevilleFiction, Frederick Brown2010
Madame Bovary by Gustave FlaubertFiction, Lydia Davis2010
03: A Novel by Jean-Christophe ValtatFiction, Mitzi Angel2010
Reading and writing in Babylon by Dominique CharpinNon- fiction, Jane Marie Todd2010
Small Lives by Pierre MichonFiction, Jody Gladding2008
Life Explained (An Editions Odile Jacob Book) by Michel MorangeNon-fiction, Matthew Cobb2008
Ravel by Jean EchenozFiction, a Coverdale2007
The Curtain: An Essay in Seven Parts by Milan KunderaNon-fiction, Linda Asher2007
Suite Française by Irène NémirovskyFiction, Sandra Smith2006
Écrits by Jacques LacanNon-fiction, Bruce Fink2006
Missing Person by Patrick ModianoFiction, Daniel Weissbort2005
The American Enemy: The History of French Anti-Americanism by Philippe RogerNon-fiction, Sharon Bowman2005
Silbermann by Jacques de LacretelleFiction, Helen Marx2004
Democracy in America by Alexis de TocquevilleNon-fiction, Arthur Goldhammer2004
Swann's Way by Marcel ProustFiction, Lydia Davis2003
The Writing of Orpheus: Greek Myth in Cultural Context by Marcel DétienneNon-fiction, Janet Lloyd2003
The Toilers of the Sea by Victor HugoFiction, James Hogarth2002
Aminadab (French Modernist Library) by Maurice BlanchotFiction, Jeff Fort2002
Jihad: The Trail of Political Islam by Gilles KepelNon-fiction, Anthony Roberts2002
Le jardin des plantes by Claude SimonFiction, Jordan Stump2001
The Case of Dr. Sachs by Martin WincklerFiction, Linda Asher2000
The Charterhouse of Parma by StendhalFiction, Richard Howard1999
Children of Clay by Raymond QueneauFiction, Madeleine Velguth1998
Here: A Novel by Nathalie SarrauteFiction, Barbara Wright1997
Literature or Life by Jorge SemprúnNon-fiction, Linda Coverdale1997
Realms of Memory: The Construction of the French Past. Volume 1/3 : Conflicts and divisions by Pierre NoraNon-fiction, Arthur Goldhammer1996
With Downcast Eyes by Tahar Ben JellounFiction, Joachim Neugroschel1994
Sky: Memoirs by Blaise CendrarsNon-fiction, Nina Rootes1993
Scratches by Michel LeirisNon-fiction, Lydia Davis1992
Gargantua and Pantagruel by François RabelaisFiction, Burton Raffel1991
Dictionnaire critique de la Révolution française by François FuretNon-fiction, Arthur Goldhammer1990
The Statue Within: An Autobiography by François JacobNon-fiction, Franklin Philip1989
Life: A User's Manual by Georges PerecFiction, David Bellos1988
William Marshal: The Flower of Chivalry by Georges DubyNon-fiction, Richard Howard1987
The Writing of Stones by Roger CailloisNon-fiction, Barbara Bray1986

Shortlist 105

Crusoe’s Footprint (CARAF Books: Caribbean and African Literature Translated from French) by Patrick Chamoiseau2023
The Cinema House and the World: The Cahiers du Cinema Years, 1962–1981 (Semiotext(e) / Foreign Agents) by Serge Daney2023
Perjury and Pardon, Volume I (Volume 1) (The Seminars of Jacques Derrida) by Jacques Derrida2023
Getting Lost by Annie Ernaux2023
Marina Tsvetaeva: To Die in Yelabuga (The French List) by Vénus Khoury-Ghata2023
Twilight of Torment: Melancholy by Léonora Miano2023
Raviver les braises du vivant: Un front commun by Baptiste Morizot2023
All Your Children, Scattered by Beata Umubyeyi Mairesse2023
In Concrete by Anne GarrétaEmma Ramadan2022
Défense du secret by Anne DufourmantelleLindsay Turner2022
A Long Way From Douala by Max LobeRos Schwartz2022
Beirut, 2020: Diary of the Collapse by Charif MajdalaniRuth Diver2022
The Inseparables by Simone de BeauvoirSandra Smith2022
The Book of Mother by Violaine Huisman2022
Tell Them of Battles, Kings & Elephants by Mathias ÉnardCharlotte Mandell2019
Imaginary Lives by Marcel SchwobChris Clarke2019
The Eye: An Insider's Memoir of Masterpieces, Money, and the Magnetism of Art by Philippe CostamagnaFrank Wynne2019
Nocturne: Night in American Art, 1890-1917 by Hélène ValanceJane Marie Todd2019
The Barefoot Woman by Scholastique MukasongaJordan Stump2019
The Hospital by Ahmed BouananiLara Vergnaud2019
Slave Old Man by Patrick ChamoiseauLinda Coverdale2019
The Order of the Day by Eric VuillardMark Polizzotti2019
Small Country by Gaël FayeSarah Ardizzone2019
Moving the Palace by Charif MajdalaniFiction, Edward Gauvin2018
Not One Day by Anne GarrétaFiction, Emma Ramadan2018
The Seventh Function of Language by Laurent BinetFiction, Sam Taylor2018
Red: The History of a Color by Michel PastoureauNonfiction, Jody Gladding2018
Living with Robots by Paul DumouchelNonfiction, Malcolm Debevoise2018
Far-Right Politics in Europe by Jean-Yves CamusNonfiction, Samuel E. Martin2018
In the Café of Lost Youth by Patrick ModianoFiction, Chris Clarke2017
Suite for Barbara Loden by Nathalie LegerFiction, Cécile Menon, Natasha Lehrer2017
Paris Vagabond (New York Review Books Classics) by Jean-Paul ClébertFiction, Donald Nicholson-Smith2017
The Party Wall by Catherine LerouxFiction, Lazer Lederhendler2017
Freud: In His Time and Ours by Élisabeth RoudinescoNonfiction, Catherine Porter2017
Cockroaches by Scholastique MukasongaNonfiction, Jordan Stump2017
Flaubert by Michel WinockNonfiction, Nicholas Elliott2017
Nagasaki by Eric FayeFiction, Emily Boyce2016
The Great Swindle by Pierre LemaitreFiction, Frank Wynne2016
The Meursault Investigation by Kamel DaoudFiction, John Cullen2016
Les Vingt ans du jeune homme vert by Michel DeonFiction, Julian Evans2016
Transference: The Seminar of Jacques Lacan, Book VIII by Jacques LacanNonfiction, Bruce Fink2016
Good Neighbors: Gentrifying Diversity in Boston's South End by Sylvie TissotNonfiction, David Broder, Catherine Romatowski2016
Heidegger in France by Dominique JanicaudNonfiction, David Pettigrew, François Raffoul2016
Winter Mythologies and Abbots by Pierre MichonFiction, Ann Jefferson2015
Invisible Love by Éric-Emmanuel SchmittFiction, Howard Curtis2015
Cabinet portrait by Jean-Luc BenoziglioFiction, Tess Lewis2015
The Man Who Thought He Was Napoleon: Toward a Political History of Madness by Laure MuratNonfiction, Deke Dusinberre2015
Arabs and the Art of Storytelling: A Strange Familiarity (Middle East Literature In Translation) by Abdelfattah KilitoNonfiction, Eric Sellin, Mbarek Sryfi2015
Limonov by Emmanuel CarrèreNonfiction, John Lambert2015
Teresa, My Love: An Imagined Life of the Saint of Avila by Julia KristevaNonfiction, Lorna Scott Fox2015
No Fixed Abode: Ethnofiction (The French List) by Marc AugéFiction2013
Where Tigers Are at Home by Jean-Marie Blas de RoblèsFiction2013
The Conductor and Other Tales by Jean FerryFiction2013
All My Friends by Marie NDiayeFiction2013
Into Disaster: Chronicles of Intellectual Life, 1941 6X9 by Maurice BlanchotNonfiction2013
Beyond Nature and Culture by Philippe DescolaNonfiction2013
The Mark of the Sacred by Jean-Pierre DupuyNonfiction2013
The Allure of the Archives by Arlette FargeNonfiction2013
HHhH by Laurent Binet2013
With the Animals by Noëlle Revaz2013
No One by Gwenaëlle AubryFiction2012
We Monks and Soldiers by Lutz BassmannFiction2012
The Truth About Marie by Jean-Philippe ToussaintFiction2012
Manhunts : a philosophical history by Grégoire ChamayouNonfiction2012
The Color of Power: Racial Coalitions and Political Power in Oakland (Race, Ethnicity, and Politics) by Frédérick DouzetNonfiction2012
In Defence of the Terror: Liberty or Death in the French Revolution by Sophie WahnichNonfiction2012
The Patagonian Hare: A Memoir by Claude LanzmannNonfiction, Peter Landelius2012
Demolishing Nisard (French Literature) by Éric ChevillardFiction2011
Le grand soir by François DupeyronFiction2011
A Thousand Pearls (For a Thousand Pennies) by Hervé Le TellierFiction2011
Life and a Half by Sony Lab'ou TansiFiction2011
Perpetual Euphoria: On the Duty to Be Happy by Pascal BrucknerNon-fiction2011
Le dernier des Égyptiens by Gérard MacéNon-fiction2011
Balzac's Omelette: A Delicious Tour of French Food and Culture with Honore'de Balzac by Anka MuhlsteinNon-fiction2011
Dying (French Literature Series) by René BellettoFiction2010
A Novel Bookstore by Laurence CosséFiction2010
The Jokers by Albert CosseryFiction2010
Lettres à Madeleine : Tendre comme le souvenir by Guillaume ApollinaireNon-fiction2010
A Wall in Palestine by Rene BackmannNon-fiction2010
The Invention of Paris: A History in Footsteps by Eric HazanNon-fiction2010
Desert by Jean-Marie Gustave Le ClézioFiction2009
The Kindly Ones by Jonathan LittellFiction2009
Alien Hearts by Guy de MaupassantFiction2009
The Salt Smugglers by Gérard de NervalFiction2009
Halte à la mort des langues by Claude HagègeNon-fiction2009
This Incredible Need to Believe by Julia KristevaNon-fiction2009
Manichaeism by Michel TardieuNon-fiction2009
Prisons of Poverty by Loïc WacquantNon-fiction2009
Orphans of the Republic: The Nation's Legislators in Vichy France by Olivier WieviorkaNon-fiction2009
The Only Son by Stephane AudeguyFiction2008
The Elegance of the Hedgehog by Muriel BarberyFiction2008
Afloat by Guy de MaupassantFiction2008
The Beast Within by Émile ZolaFiction2008
L'abolition by Robert BadinterNon-fiction2008
Comparer l'incomparable by Marcel DétienneNon-fiction2008
Corpus by Jean-Luc NancyNon-fiction2008
Notebooks 1951-1959 by Albert CamusNonfiction2008
Solea by Jean-Claude IzzoFiction2007
Allah Is Not Obliged by Ahmadou KouroumaFiction2007
Place Names by Jean RicardouFiction2007
Kick the Animal Out by Véronique OvaldéFiction, Adriana Hunter2007
A Voice from Elsewhere by Maurice BlanchotNon-Fiction2007
How to Talk About Books You Haven't Read by Pierre BayardNonfiction2007
Life Laid Bare by Jean HatzfeldNonfiction2007
Divagations by Stéphane MallarméNonfiction, Barbara Johnson2007


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