100 Books in Literary Oregon, 1800-2000

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Bobbie: a Great Collie by Charles Alexander
A day with the cow column in 1843 (1990) by Jesse A. Applegate
Skookum: An Oregon Pioneer Family's History and Lore (1988) by Shannon Applegate
The Clan of the Cave Bear (1980) by Jean M. Auel
The Loop (A Tale of the Oregon Country) by Thirteen Oregon Authors
The grains : or, Passages in the life of Ruth Rover, with occasional pictures of Oregon, natural and moral (1986) by Margaret Jewett Bailey
The Bridge of the Gods (1890) by Frederic Homer Balch
Assault on Mount Helicon: A Literary Memoir (1984) by Mary Barnard
Trying to Be an Honest Woman (1993) by Judith Barrington
Delights and Prejudices (1964) by James Beard
Trask (1960) by Don Berry
You rolling river (1947) by Archie Binns
Trout Fishing in America (1967) by Richard Brautigan
Mountain Man (1949) by Verne Bright
Will You Please Be Quiet, Please? Stories (1976) by Raymond Carver
Eden Seekers: The Settlement of Oregon, 1818-1862 (1981) by Malcolm Clark
Ramona the Pest (1968) by Beverly Cleary
Ricochet River (1992) by Robin Cody
Two Islands & What Became of Them 1ST Edition (1902) by Thomas Condon
Willamette Landings Ghost Towns of the River (1947) by Howard McKinley Corning
A Golden Journey: Memoirs of an Archaeologist (1988) by Luther Sheeleigh Cressman
The Country Boy (2002) by Homer Davenport
The Skyline Trail: A Book of Western Verse by Mary Carolyn Davies
Honey in the Horn (1935) by H.L. Davis
The Book of Seeing With One's Own Eyes (The Graywolf short fiction series) (1988) by Sharon Doubiago
Journal Kept by David Douglas During His Travels in North America 1823-1827. (1914) by David Douglas
Of Men and Mountains (1950) by William O. Douglas
Beyond the Pavement (1981) by Albert Drake
The River Why (1983) by David James Duncan
From the West to the West: Across the Plains to Oregon (2009) by Abigail Scott Duniway
Geek Love (1989) by Katherine Dunn
McLoughlin and Old Oregon (1900) by Eva Emery Dye
By Scarlet Torch and Blade (2005) by Anthony Euwer
White Peaks and Green by Mrs. Ethel Fuller
Several Houses (1975) by Vi. Gale
The Jump-Off Creek (1989) by Molly Gloss
Roll on Columbia: The Columbia River Collection (1991) by Woody Guthrie
Return to the River (1941) by Roderick L. Haig-Brown
Curtins (1921) by Hazel Hall
The cabin at the trail's end; a story of Oregon (1952) by Sheba Hargreaves
Doctor Mallory by Alan Hart
The Earthbreakers (1952) by Ernest Haycox
The Far Corner (1952) by Stewart Holbrook
Life Among the Piutes: Their Wrongs and Claims (1883) by Sarah Winnemucca Hopkins
Before the war; poems as they happened (1971) by Lawson Fusao Inada
The Oregon Desert (1964) by E. R. Jackman
Nehalem Tillamook Tales by Elizabeth D. Jacobs
Oregon Detour (Northwest Reprints) (1930) by Nard Jones
The Nez Perce Indians and the Opening of the Northwest (1965) by Alvin M. Josephy Jr.
Letters From an Oregon Ranch (2007) by Katharine
Broken Ground (1987) by John Keeble
Sometimes a Great Notion (1964) by Ken Kesey
A Sweetness to the Soul (1995) by Jane Kirkpatrick
Hole in the Sky: A Memoir (1992) by William Kittredge
At the end of the car line (1942) by Ben Hur Lampman
The Lathe of Heaven (1971) by Ursula K. Le Guin
Winterkill (1984) by Craig Lesley
Of Wolves and Men (1978) by Barry Holstun Lopez
Ranald MacDonald, the narrative of his early life on the Columbia under the Hudson's bay company's regime; of his experience in the Pacific whale fishery; and of his great adventure to Japan; with a sketch of his later life on the western frontier, 1824-1894 (1990) by Ranald MacDonald
A New Life (1961) by Bernard Malamud
The Man with the Hoe and Other Poems (1899) by Edwin Markham
Peculiar Paradise: A History of Blacks in Oregon, 1788-1940 (1882) by Elizabeth McLagan
Life Amongst the Modocs: Unwritten History (1873) by Joaquin Miller
Tule Lake (1979) by Edward Miyakawa
Mansions in the Cascades, (1936) by Anne Shannon Monroe
Gentle Ben (1965) by Walt Morey
An Arrow in the Earth: General Joel Palmer and the Indians of Oregon (1991) by Terence O'Donnell
Fight Club (1996) by Chuck Palahniuk
A Long Way to Frisco by Alfred Powers
A saga of a paper mill by Laurence Pratt
Looters of the Public Domain. By... King of the Oregon Land Fraud Ring in Collaboration With Horace Stevens, Late of the Government Land Service. Embracing a Complete Exposure of the Fraudulent System of Acquiring Titles tot he Public Lands of the United States. Profusely Illustrated with Splendid Halftone Engravings and Etchings of Important Incidents Connected With the Different Trials, Together with the Latest Photographs of the Principal Actors in the Great Land Fraud Drama by Steven Douglas A. Puter
Coyote Was Going There: Indian Literature of the Oregon Country (1977) by Jarold Ramsey
The Road to Zena (1992) by Joel Redon
Insurgent Mexico (1914) by John Reed
Nordi's Gift (1990) by Clyde Rice
Ruined Cities (Carnegie Mellon Poetry Series) (1987) by Vern Rutsala
Beyond Deserving (1991) by Sandra Scofield
Heckletooth 3 (1969) by David Shetzline
The gold-gated West; songs and poems (1911) by Samuel L Simpson
Riprap and Cold Mountain Poems (1958) by Gary Snyder
Having Everything Right: Essays of Place (1986) by Kim Robert Stafford
Traveling Through The Dark (1962) by William Stafford
The Blood Remembers (2001) by Terry Stanfill
Big Jim Turner (1948) by James Stevens
Departure (1985) by Janet Stevenson
Cathlamet on the Columbia (1964) by Thomas Nelson Strong
Listening for Coyote (1988) by William L. Sullivan
The Northwest Coast: Or, Three Years' Residence in Washington Territory (1857) by James G. Swan
Original Journals of the Lewis and Clark Expedition (1905) by Reuben Gold Thwaites
Stepping Westward: The Long Search for Home in the Pacific Northwest (1991) by Sallie Tisdale
Marking the Magic Circle (1987) by George Venn
The River of the West: The Adventures of Joe Meek [complete] (1870) by Frances Fuller Victor
Fiddlers' Green; or, The strange adventure of Tommy Lawn; (1931) by Albert Richard Wetjen
Only Opal: The Diary of a Young Girl (1976) by Opal Whiteley
Beyond the Garden Gate (1991) by Sophus K. Winther
The Canoe and the Saddle : Adventures Among the Northwestern Rivers and Forests; and Isthmiana. (1863) by Theodore Winthrop
Bat 6 (1998) by Virginia Euwer Wolff
Collected poems (1949) by Charles Erskine Scott Wood
Seven Hands, Seven Hearts: Prose and Poetry (1994) by Elizabeth Woody


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