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The International Horror Guild (originally the International Horror Critics Guild) was created in 1995 as a way to recognize the achievements of those who create in the field of Horror and Dark show more Fantasy. The last awards (for works from 2007) were announced in 2008.

The IHG Awards were determined by a jury of notable, knowledgeable horror/dark fantasy critics and reviewers. Although a juried award, the IHG judges asked that the public make recommendations through e-mail to help them in their search for the most meritorious works. These recommendations were taken into consideration when determining the nominees for the awards. The judges then determined the winners from each category from the final ballot of nominees.

The International Horror Guild really consisted of those who have a deep and abiding affection for the genre and were willing to assert their opinions. In other words, you could have been a member of the IHG if you wish to be.

The IHG Awards were usually announced annually during a special presentation at a convention or other event. The awards were hosted by the World Fantasy Convention, World Horror Convention, and Dragon*Con. The Guild were in no way officially affiliated with WFC, WHC or with Dragon*Con nor was it considered a sponsor of any event. The IHG Awards were overseen by The Mirabundus Project, Inc., a nonprofit organization
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All, Winner (112), Nominee (71)
All, 2007 (23), 2006 (21), 2005 (17), 2004 (28), 2003 (12), 2002 (13), 2001 (13), 2000 (11), 1999 (10), 1998 (8), 1997 (6), 1996 (8), 1995 (6), 1994 (7)

Winner 112

Basic Black: Tales of Appropriate Fear by Terry DowlingCollection2007
Dagger Key and Other Stories by Lucius ShepardFiction Collection2007
The Nightmare Factory by Thomas LigottiIllustrated Narrative2007
Softspoken by Lucius ShepardLong Fiction2007
Closet Dreams by Lisa TuttleMid-length Fiction2007
Mario Bava: All the Colors of the Dark by Tim LucasNonfiction2007
The Terror by Dan SimmonsNovel2007
Inferno by Ellen DatlowShort Fiction2007
Lords of the Razor by Joe R. LansdaleAnthology2006
Cover Story: The Art of John Picacio by John PicacioArt2006
American Morons: Stories by Glen HirshbergCollection2006
A.L.I.E.E.E.N.: Archives of Lost Issues and Earthly Editions of Extraterrestrial Novelties by Lewis TrondheimIllustrated Narrative2006
Dark Harvest by Norman PartridgeLong Fiction2006
Icons of Horror and the Supernatural: An Encyclopedia of Our Worst Nightmares by S. T. JoshiNonfiction2006
The Unblemished by Conrad WilliamsNovel2006
The Box by Stephen GallagherShort Fiction2006
20th Century Ghosts by Joe HillCollection2005
Home Before Dark: The Collected Cedar Hill Stories, Volume 2 by Gary A. BraunbeckLong Fiction2005
La Peau Verte by Caitlín R. KiernanMid-length Fiction2005
Supernatural Literature of the World [Three Volumes] [3 volumes]: An Encyclopedia by S. T. JoshiNonfiction2005
Lunar Park by Bret Easton EllisNovel2005
There's a Hole in the City by Richard BowesShort Fiction2005
Acquainted with the Night by Barbara RodenAnthology2004
The Wavering Knife: Stories by Brian EvensonCollection2004
Shaun of the Dead [2004 film] by Edgar WrightFilm2004
The Ghost Writer by John HarwoodFirst Novel2004
The Bug Boy by Hideshi HinoIllustrated Narrative2004
Viator by Lucius ShepardLong Fiction2004
Flat Diane by Daniel AbrahamMedium Length2004
A Serious Life by D. M. MitchellNonfiction2004
The Overnight by Ramsey CampbellNovel2004
The Dark by Ellen DatlowAnthology2003
The Two Sams: Ghost Stories by Glen HirshbergCollection2003
More Tomorrow & Other Stories by Michael Marshall SmithCollection2003
Spider [2002 film] by David CronenbergFilm2003
Jinn by Matthew B.J. DelaneyFirst Novel2003
The Goon: My Murderous Childhood (and Other Grievous Yarns) by Eric PowellIllustrated Narrative2003
Louisiana Breakdown by Lucius ShepardLong Fiction2003
Dancing Men by Glen HirshbergMid-length Fiction2003
The Devil in the White City by Erik LarsonNonfiction2003
Lost Boy Lost Girl by Peter StraubNovel2003
With Acknowledgements to Sun Tzu by Brian HodgeShort Fiction2003
Dark Terrors 6 by Stephen JonesAnthology2002
Figures in Rain: Weird and Ghostly Tales by Chet WilliamsonCollection2002
Frailty [2002 film] by Bill PaxtonFilm2002
A Scattering of Jades by Alexander C. IrvineFirst Novel2002
Abarat by Clive BarkerIllustrated Narrative2002
Death and Suffrage by Dale BaileyIntermediate Form2002
My Work is Not Yet Done by Thomas LigottiLong Fiction2002
Ramsey Campbell, Probably by Ramsey CampbellNonfiction2002
A Winter Haunting by Dan SimmonsNovel2002
The Prospect Cards by Don TumasonisShort Form2002
Night Visions 10 by Richard ChizmarAnthology2001
Through Shattered Glass by David B. SilvaCollection2001
Ginger Snaps {2000 film} by John FawcettFilm2001
Ordinary Horror by David SearcyFirst Novel2001
Cleopatra Brimstone by Elizabeth HandLong Fiction2001
Wild Hairs by David J. SchowNonfiction2001
Threshold by Caitlín R. KiernanNovel2001
Onion by Caitlín KiernanShort Fiction2001
October Dreams: A Celebration of Halloween by Richard ChizmarAnthology2000
City Fishing by Steve Rasnic TemCollection2000
Ghost Music And Other Tales by Thomas TessierCollection2000
American Psycho [2000 film] by Mary HarronFilm2000
Adams Fall by Sean DesmondFirst Novel2000
I Feel Sick #1 and #2 Set of Two Comics by Jhonen VasquezIllustrated Narrative2000
The Man on the Ceiling [novella] by Steve Rasnic TemLong Fiction2000
At the Foot of the Story Tree by Bill SheehanNonfiction2000
Declare by Tim PowersNovel2000
Subterranean Gallery by Richard ChizmarAnthology1999
Vampire$ by John SteakleyBest Movie Nominee1999
The Nightmare Chronicles by Douglas CleggCollection1999
Stir of Echoes [2000 film] by David KoeppFilm1999
The Divinity Student by Michael CiscoFirst Novel1999
Crocodile Rock by Lucius ShepardLong Fiction1999
Fantasy and Horror: A Critical and Historical Guide to Literature, Illustration, Film, TV, Radio, and the Internet by Neil BarronNonfiction1999
A Prayer for the Dying by Stewart O'NanNovel1999
The Emperor's Old Bones by Gemma FilesShort Fiction1999
Dark Terrors 4 by Stephen JonesAnthology1998
Black butterflies by John ShirleyCollection1998
Gods and Monsters [1998 film] by Bill CondonFilm1998
Silk by Caitlín R. KiernanFirst Novel1998
Dawn Song by Michael MaranoFirst Novel1998
Transmetropolitan Vol. 01: Back on the Street by Warren EllisIllustrated Narrative1998
St. James Guide to Horror, Ghost & Gothic Writers Edition 1. (St. James Guide to Writers Series) by David PringleNonfiction1998
Fog Heart by Thomas TessierNovel1998
Revelations by Douglas E. WinterAnthology1997
The Throne of Bones by Brian McNaughtonCollection1997
Drawn to the Grave by Mary Ann MitchellFirst Novel1997
Preacher Vol. 3: Proud Americans by Garth EnnisIllustrated Narrative1997
Coppola's Dracula by Kim NewmanLong Fiction1997
Nazareth Hill by Ramsey CampbellNovel1997
Darkside : horror for the next millennium by John PelanAnthology1996
Conference with the Dead by Terry LamsleyCollection1996
Scream [1996 film] by Wes CravenFilm1996
Dead Heat by Del Stone, Jr.First Novel1996
Hellboy: Wake the Devil by Mike MignolaIllustrated Narrative1996
The 37th Mandala by Marc LaidlawNovel1996
Underbed (short story) by Graham MastertonShort Fiction1996
The Best New Horror: Volume Six by Stephen JonesAnthology1995
Cages by Edward GormanCollection1995
The Safety of Unknown Cities by Lucy TaylorFirst Novel1995
The Bars on Satan's Jailhouse by Norman PartridgeLong Fiction1995
Résumé with Monsters by William Browning SpencerNovel1995
Loop by Douglas E. WinterShort Fiction1995
Love in Vein: Twenty Original Tales of Vampiric Erotica by Poppy Z. BriteAnthology1994
Angels & Visitations by Neil GaimanCollection1994
Interview with the Vampire: The Vampire Chronicles [1994 film] by Neil JordanFilm1994
Grave Markings by Michael A. ArnzenFirst Novel1994
Jonah Hex: Two-Gun Mojo by Joe R. LansdaleGraphic Novel / Illustrated Narrative1994
Anno Dracula by Kim NewmanNovel1994
Black Sun [short fiction] by Douglas E. WinterShort Fiction1994

Nominee 71

Summer Chills by Stephen JonesAnthology2007
American Supernatural Tales by S. T. JoshiAnthology2007
Strange Tales, Volume II by Rosalie ParkerAnthology2007
At Ease with the Dead by Barbara RodenAnthology2007
Procession of the Black Sloth by Laird BarronLong Fiction2007
The Man in the Picture by Susan HillLong Fiction2007
The Scalding Rooms by Conrad WilliamsLong Fiction2007
The Science of Stephen King: From Carrie to Cell, The Terrifying Truth Behind the Horror Master's Fiction by Lois H. GreshNon-Fiction2007
Frankenstein: A Cultural History by Susan Tyler HitchcockNon-Fiction2007
Warnings to the Curious: A Sheaf of Criticism on M. R. James (Hippocampus Press Library of Criticism) by S. T. JoshiNon-Fiction2007
Sides by Peter StraubNon-Fiction2007
The Grin of the Dark by Ramsey CampbellNovel2007
Generation Loss by Elizabeth HandNovel2007
The Missing by Sarah LanganNovel2007
Season of the Witch by Natasha MostertNovel2007
Night Visions 12 by Kealan Patrick BurkeAnthology2006
Masques V by J. N. WilliamsonAnthology2006
The Muldoon by Glen HirshbergMid-Length Fiction2006
Bainbridge by Caitlín R. KiernanMid-Length Fiction2006
Obsequy by David J. SchowMid-Length Fiction2006
Darkening Garden: A Short Lexicon of Horror by John CluteNon-Fiction2006
The Freedom of Fantastic Things: Selected Criticism on Clark Ashton Smith by Scott ConnorsNon-Fiction2006
Cinema Macabre by Mark MorrisNon-Fiction2006
Gospel of the Living Dead: George Romero's Visions of Hell on Earth by Kim PaffenrothNon-Fiction2006
The Stolen Child by Keith DonohueNovel2006
The Pilo Family Circus by Will ElliottNovel2006
The Open Curtain by Brian EvensonNovel2006
Lisey's Story by Stephen KingNovel2006
To Charles Fort, with Love by Caitlín R. KiernanCollection2005
Magic for Beginners by Kelly LinkCollection2005
The Imago Sequence and Other Stories by Laird BarronLong Fiction2005
Voluntary Committal by Joe HillLong Fiction2005
The Serial Murders by Kim NewmanLong Fiction2005
Proboscis by Laird BarronMid-Length Fiction2005
Boatman's Holiday by Jeffrey FordMid-Length Fiction2005
The Historian by Elizabeth KostovaNovel2005
Beyond Black by Hilary MantelNovel2005
The Stone Ship by Peter RaftosNovel2005
The Horrific Sufferings of the Mind-Reading Monster Hercules Barefoot: His Wonderful Love and His Terrible Hatred by Carl-Johan VallgrenNovel2005
A Walk on the Darkside: Visions of Horror by John PelanAnthology2004
Nocturnes by John ConnollyCollection2004
Out of His Mind by Stephen GallagherCollection2004
Dancing On Air by Frances OliverCollection2004
Use Once, Then Destroy by Conrad WilliamsCollection2004
Move Under Ground by Nick MamatasFirst Novel2004
The Shadow of the Wind by Carlos Ruiz ZafónFirst Novel2004
Tainaron: Mail from Another City by Leena KrohnLong Fiction2004
My Death by Lisa TuttleLong Fiction2004
Bulldozer by Laird BarronMid-Length Fiction2004
Restraint by Stephen GallagherMid-Length Fiction2004
Northwest Passage [short story] by Barbara RodenMid-Length Fiction2004
The Growlimb by Michael SheaMid-Length Fiction2004
Hanging Out with the Dream King by Joe McCabeNon-Fiction2004
Cave of a Thousand Tales: The Life and Times of Pulp Author Hugh B. Cave by Milt ThomasNon-Fiction2004
Mortal Love by Elizabeth HandNovel2004
Kings of Infinite Space by James HynesNovel2004
A Handbook of American Prayer: A Novel by Lucius ShepardNovel2004
In the Night Room by Peter StraubNovel2004
Bibliomancy by Elizabeth HandCollection2003
Everything's Eventual: 14 Dark Tales by Stephen KingBest Collection2002
From a Buick 8 by Stephen KingBest Novel2002
The Blues Ain't Nothin': Tales of the Lonesome Blues Pub by Tina L. JensFirst Novel2002
Bending the landscape : Horror by Nicola GriffithAnthology2001
American Gods {original} by Neil GaimanBest Novel2001
Black House by Stephen KingBest Novel2001
Moontide by Erin PatrickFirst Book2001
Nearly People by Conrad WilliamsLong Fiction2001
Riding the Bullet by Stephen KingBest Long Form2000
On Writing by Stephen KingNon-Fiction2000
King Rat by China Miéville1999
Desperation by Stephen KingBest Novel1996


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