Evergreen Award

Given by OLA Forest of Reading

Other Names: Forest of Reading Evergreen Award, OLA Evergreen Award
190 Works 117,492 Books 6,993 Reviews ½ 3.9
The Evergreen™ Award, designed for adults of any age, is part of the OLA’s Forest of Reading® programs. This program gives adult library patrons an opportunity to explore and enjoy Canadian show more fiction and non-fiction. Participants read any or all of the 10 nominated titles and vote for their preferred selection. The Forest of Reading is the largest recreational reading program of its kind in Ontario, with more than 250,000 participants each year. show less
All, Winner (19), Nominee (190)
All, 2023 (10), 2022 (10), 2021 (10), 2020 (10), 2019 (10), 2018 (10), 2017 (10), 2016 (10), 2015 (10), 2014 (10), 2013 (10), 2012 (10), 2011 (10), 2010 (10), 2009 (10), 2008 (10), 2007 (10), 2006 (10), 2005 (10)

Winner 19

Nominee 190

Ducks: Two Years in the Oil Sands by Kate Beaton2023
Son of Elsewhere: A Memoir in Pieces by Elamin Abdelmahmoud2023
A Convergence of Solitudes by Anita Anand2023
Cobalt: Cradle of the Demon Metals, Birth of a Mining Superpower by Charlie Angus2023
This Is Assisted Dying: A Doctor's Story of Empowering Patients at the End of Life by Stefanie Green2023
Toufah by Toufah Jallow2023
Sea of Tranquility by Emily St. John Mandel2023
Valley of the Birdtail: An Indian Reserve, a White Town, and the Road to Reconciliation by Andrew Stobo Sniderman2023
Her First Palestinian by Saeed Teebi2023
Mad Honey by Katie Welch2023
A Town Called Solace by Mary Lawson2022
Speak, Silence by Kim Echlin2022
Swimming Back to Trout River by Linda Rui Feng2022
Murder on the Inside: The True Story of the Deadly Riot at Kingston Penitentiary by Catherine Fogarty2022
The Captive by Fiona King Foster2022
Everyone Knows Your Mother Is a Witch by Rivka Galchen2022
Shadow Life by Hiromi Goto2022
Nothing But the Truth: A Memoir by Marie Henein2022
Permanent Astonishment: A Memoir by Tomson Highway2022
The Centaur's Wife by Amanda Leduc2022
Five Little Indians by Michelle Good2021
The Library of Legends by Janie Chang2021
Broken Man on a Halifax Pier by Lesley Choyce2021
The Skin We're In: A Year of Black Resistance and Power by Desmond Cole2021
Rebent Sinner by Ivan Coyote2021
Seven by Farzana Doctor2021
Indians on Vacation by Thomas King2021
I Overcame My Autism and All I Got Was This Lousy Anxiety Disorder: A Memoir by Sarah Kurchak2021
They Said This Would Be Fun: Race, Campus Life, and Growing Up by Eternity Martis2021
Mexican Gothic by Silvia Moreno-Garcia2021
A Mind Spread Out on the Ground by Alicia Elliott2020
Undercard by David Albertyn2020
Greenwood by Michael Christie2020
Watching You Without Me by Lynn Coady2020
Watermark by Christy Ann Conlin2020
Autopsy of a Boring Wife by Marie-Renée Lavoie2020
Crow Winter: A Novel by Karen McBride2020
Frying Plantain by Zalika Reid-Benta2020
This One Looks Like a Boy: My Gender Journey to Life as a Man by Lorimer Shenher2020
Chasing Painted Horses by Drew Hayden Taylor2020
Moon of the Crusted Snow by Waubgeshig Rice2019
The Saturday Night Ghost Club by Craig Davidson2019
Hysteria: A Novel by Elisabeth De Mariaffi2019
French Exit by Patrick deWitt2019
The Lost Girls of Camp Forevermore by Kim Fu2019
All Things Consoled: A daughter's memoir by Elizabeth Hay2019
Foe by Iain Reid2019
I'm Afraid of Men by Vivek Shraya2019
The Return of Kid Cooper by Brad Smith2019
Vi by Kim Thúy2019
The Last Neanderthal by Claire Cameron2018
Gone to Pot by Jennifer Craig2018
Glass Beads by Dawn Dumont2018
American War by Omar El Akkad2018
Solitude: In Pursuit of a Singular Life in a Crowded World by Michael Harris2018
Scarborough by Catherine Hernandez2018
All We Leave Behind: A Reporter's Journey into the Lives of Others by Carol Off2018
The Clothesline Swing by Ahmad Danny Ramadan2018
Son of a Trickster by Eden Robinson2018
The Dark and Other Love Stories by Deborah Willis2018
The Break by katherena vermette2017
The Hidden Keys by André Alexis2017
The Spawning Grounds by Gail Anderson-Dargatz2017
Carry Me: A Novel by Peter Behrens2017
Middle-Aged Boys & Girls (Essential Prose) by Diane Bracuk2017
Tomboy Survival Guide by Ivan Coyote2017
How Can I Help?: A Week in My Life as a Psychiatrist by David S. Goldbloom MD FRCPC2017
The Name Therapist: How Growing Up with My Odd Name Taught Me Everything You Need to Know about Yours by Duana Taha2017
Serial Monogamy by Kate Taylor2017
Five Roses by Alice Zorn2017
They Left Us Everything: A Memoir by Plum Johnson2016
Under the Visible Life by Kim Echlin2016
Birdie by Tracey Lindberg2016
Punishment by Linden MacIntyre2016
The Hunger of the Wolf: A Novel by Stephen Marche2016
All Saints by K. D. Miller2016
Seconds by Bryan Lee O'Malley2016
That Lonely Section of Hell: The Botched Investigation of a Serial Killer Who Almost Got Away by Lorimer Shenher2016
Local Customs by Audrey Thomas2016
The Jaguar's Children by John Vaillant2016
Medicine Walk by Richard Wagamese2015
Juliet Was a Surprise by Bill Gaston2015
This Changes Everything: Capitalism vs. the Climate by Naomi Klein2015
Station Eleven by Emily St. John Mandel2015
Between Gods by Alison Pick2015
Somewhere in France by Jennifer Robson2015
Little Bastards in Springtime: A Novel by Katja Rudolph2015
Forgiveness by Mark Sakamoto2015
Who By Fire by Fred Stenson2015
The Lobster Kings by Alexi Zentner2015
The Painted Girls by Cathy Marie Buchanan2014
Cinnamon Toast and the End of the World by Janet E Cameron2014
The Massey Murder: A Maid, Her Master and the Trial that Shocked a Country by Charlotte Gray2014
The Silent Wife by A. S. A. Harrison2014
Flee, Fly, Flown by Janet Hepburn2014
River of Stars by Guy Gavriel Kay2014
The Inconvenient Indian: A Curious Account of Native People in North America by Thomas King2014
The Cat by Edeet Ravel2014
The Stop: How the Fight for Good Food Transformed a Community and Inspired a Movement by Nick Saul2014
An Inquiry into Love and Death by Simone St. James2014
Up and Down by Terry Fallis2013
Intolerable by Kamal Al-Solaylee2013
Tell It to the Trees by Anita Rau Badami2013
The Little Shadows by Marina Endicott2013
Eating Dirt: Deep Forests, Big Timber, and Life with the Tree-Planting Tribe by Charlotte Gill2013
The Deception of Livvy Higgs by Donna Morrissey2013
Triggers by Robert J. Sawyer2013
The Winter Palace by Eva Stachniak2013
The Western Light by Susan Swan2013
Indian Horse by Richard Wagamese2013
The Accident by Linwood Barclay2012
They fight like soldiers, they die like children : the global quest to eradicate the use of child soldiers by Roméo Dallaire2012
Natural Order by Brian Francis2012
Under an Afghan Sky: a Memoir of Captivity by Mellissa Fung2012
Shelter by Frances Greenslade2012
Mennonites Don't Dance by Darcie Friesen Hossack2012
Requiem by Frances Itani2012
The Far Side of the Sky by Daniel Kalla2012
Various Positions by Martha Schabas2012
Bedtime Story by Robert J. Wiersema2012
Room by Emma Donoghue2011
The Night Shift by Brian Goldman2011
Amphibian by Carla Gunn2011
Dahanu Road: A novel by Anosh Irani2011
Death Spiral by James W. Nichol2011
Far to Go by Alison Pick2011
Still Missing by Chevy Stevens2011
A Man in Uniform by Kate Taylor2011
The Tiger: A True Story of Vengeance and Survival by John Vaillant2011
Annabel by Kathleen Winter2011
Come, Thou Tortoise by Jessica Grant2010
Burmese Lessons: A true love story by Karen Connelly2010
Small Beneath the Sky: A Prairie Memoir by Lorna Crozier2010
Underground by June Hutton2010
The Mystery of Grace by Charles de Lint2010
February by Lisa Moore2010
The Brutal Telling by Louise Penny2010
Old City Hall by Robert Rotenberg2010
The Heart Specialist by Claire Holden Rothman2010
Oonagh by Mary Tilberg2010
The Cellist of Sarajevo by Steven Galloway2009
The Outlander by Gil Adamson2009
Payback: Debt and the Shadow Side of Wealth by Margaret Atwood2009
Good to a Fault by Marina Endicott2009
Coventry by Helen Humphreys2009
In Spite of Myself: A Memoir by Christopher Plummer2009
The Killing Circle: A Novel by Andrew Pyper2009
Ragged Company by Richard Wagamese2009
Apples to Oysters: A Food Lover's Tour of Canadian Farms by Margaret Webb2009
The Calling by Inger Ash Wolfe2009
The Book of Negroes by Lawrence Hill2008
The Horseman's Graves by Jacqueline Baker2008
Fifteen Days: Stories of Bravery, Friendship, Life and Death from Inside the New Canadian Army by Christie Blatchford2008
The Unfinished Canadian: The People We Are by Andrew Cohen2008
Far from Home by Anne DeGrace2008
Afterlands by Steven Heighton2008
The Shock Doctrine: The Rise of Disaster Capitalism by Naomi Klein2008
Radiance by Shaena Lambert2008
One Red Paperclip: Or How an Ordinary Man Achieved His Dream with the Help of a Simple Office Supply by Kyle MacDonald2008
The Letter Opener by Kyo Maclear2008
The Birth House by Ami McKay2007
Can You Hear the Nightbird Call? by Anita Rau Badami2007
The dog years (Charles the Bold: Volume 1) by Yves Beauchemin2007
By the Time You Read This by Giles Blunt2007
A Good Death by Gil Courtemanche2007
Absolute Honour by C. C. Humphreys2007
Cockeyed: A Memoir by Ryan Knighton2007
Causeway: A Passage from Innocence by Linden MacIntyre2007
Still Life by Louise Penny2007
Dream Wheels by Richard Wagamese2007
Three Day Road by Joseph Boyden2006
The Greek for Love: A Memoir of Sorrow and Joy by James Chatto2006
An Audience of Chairs by Joan Clark2006
Snowshoes and Spotted Dick: Letters from a Wilderness Dweller by Chris Czajkowski2006
Sweetness in the Belly by Camilla Gibb2006
The Girls by Lori Lansens2006
Race Against Time: Searching for Hope in AIDS-Ravaged Africa by Stephen Lewis2006
Lady Franklin's Revenge by Ken McGoogan2006
Paul Moves Out by Michel Rabagliati2006
Hominids by Robert J. Sawyer2006
Crow Lake by Mary Lawson2005
Midnight at the Dragon Café by Judy Fong Bates2005
Shake Hands with the Devil: The Failure of Humanity in Rwanda by Roméo Dallaire2005
See Jane Run by Joy Fielding2005
The Closer We Are to Dying by Joe Fiorito2005
Rush Home Road by Lori Lansens2005
In a Dry Season by Peter Robinson2005
Displaced Persons by Margie Taylor2005
The Stone Carvers by Jane Urquhart2005
WALK TO NEW YORK by Charles Wilkins2005


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