Shamus Award

Given by Private Eye Writers of America

Other Names: Shamus Award Shortlist
590 Works / 597 Items 163,251 Books 5,619 Reviews ½ 3.7
The Shamus Award is awarded by the Private Eye Writers of America for the best detective fiction genre novels and short stories of the year.

Missing from the list (no copies in LT): Original PI show more Paperback, 1984 - "Dead in Centerfield" by Paul Engelman show less
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Winner 123

The Goldenacre by Philip MillerFirst PI Novel2023
The Wheel of Doll by Jonathan AmesPI Hardcover2023
Family Business by S. J. RozanPI Hardcover2022
Every City is Every Other City by John McFetridgePI Paperback Original2022
The Missing American by Kwei QuarteyFirst PI Novel2021
Blind Vigil by Matt CoylePI Hardcover2021
Lost Tomorrows by Matt CoylePI Hardcover2020
Behind the Wall of Sleep by James D. F. HannahPI Paperback Original2020
The Best Bad Things by Katrina CarrascoFirst PI Novel2019
What You Want to See by Kristen LepionkaPI Hardcover2019
The Questionable Behavior of Dahlia Moss by Max WirestonePI Paperback Original2019
The Last Place You Look by Kristen LepionkaFirst PI Novel2018
The Room of White Fire by T. Jefferson ParkerPI Hardcover2018
Lights Out Summer (Coleridge Taylor Mystery) by Rich ZahradnikPI Paperback Original2018
IQ by Joe IdeFirst PI Novel2017
Where It Hurts by Reed Farrel ColemanPI Hardcover2017
Circling the Runway (Jake Diamond Mystery Book 4) by J. L. AbramoPI Paperback Original2017
The Perplexing Theft of the Jewel in the Crown by Vaseem KhanPI Paperback Original2017
The Do-Right by Lisa SandlinFirst PI Novel2016
Brutality by Ingrid ThoftPI Hardcover2016
Circling the Runway (Jake Diamond Mystery Book 4) by J. L. AbramoPI Paperback Original2016
Invisible City by Julia DahlFirst PI Novel2015
The Shadow Broker by Trace CongerIndie P.I.2015
Hounded by David RosenfeltPI Hardcover2015
Moonlight Weeps by Vincent ZandriPI Paperback Original2015
Bear is Broken (Leo Maxwell) by Lachlan SmithFirst PI Novel2014
Don't Dare a Dame by M. Ruth MyersIndie P.I.2014
The Good Cop by Brad ParksPI Hardcover2014
Heart of Ice by P. J. ParrishPI Paperback Original2014
Black Fridays by Michael SearsFirst PI Novel2013
White Heat by Paul D. MarksIndie P.I.2013
Taken by Robert CraisPI Hardcover2013
And She Was by Alison GaylinPI Paperback Original2013
Shortcut Man: A Novel by p.g. sturgesFirst PI Novel2012
A Bad Night's Sleep by Michael WileyPI Hardcover2012
Fun and Games by Duane SwierczynskiPI Paperback Original2012
In Search of Mercy: A Mystery by Michael AyoobFirst PI Novel2011
No Mercy by Lori ArmstrongPI Hardcover2011
Asia Hand by Christopher G. MoorePI Paperback Original2011
Faces of the Gone by Brad ParksFirst PI Novel2010
Locked In by Marcia MullerPI Hardcover2010
Sinners' Ball: A Jackson Steeg Novel by Ira BerkowitzPI Paperback Original2010
In the Heat by Ian VasquezFirst PI Novel2009
Empty Ever After by Reed Farrel ColemanPI Hardcover2009
Snow Blind by Lori G. ArmstrongPI Paperback Original2009
Big City, Bad Blood by Sean ChercoverFirst PI Novel2008
Soul Patch by Reed Farrel ColemanPI Hardcover2008
Songs of Innocence (Hard Case Crime) by Charles ArdaiPI Paperback Original2008
The Wrong Kind of Blood by Declan HughesFirst PI Novel2007
The Dramatist by Ken BruenPI Hardcover2007
An Unquiet Grave by P. J. ParrishPI Paperback Original2007
Forcing Amaryllis by Louise UreFirst PI Novel2006
The Lincoln Lawyer by Michael ConnellyPI Hardcover2006
The James Deans by Reed Farrel ColemanPI Paperback Original2006
The Dead by Ingrid BlackFirst PI Novel2005
While I Disappear by Edward WrightPI Hardcover2005
Fade To Blonde (Hard Case Crime) by Max PhillipsPI Paperback Original2005
Black Maps by Peter SpiegelmanFirst PI Novel2004
The Guards by Ken BruenPI Hardcover2004
Cold Quarry by Andy StrakaPI Paperback Original2004
The Distance by Eddie MullerFirst PI Novel2003
Blackwater Sound by James W. HallPI Hardcover2003
The Poisoned Rose by D. Daniel JudsonPI Paperback Original2003
Chasing the Devil's Tail by David FulmerFirst PI Novel2002
Reflecting the Sky by S. J. RozanPI Hardcover2002
Archangel Protocol by Lyda MorehousePI Paperback Original2002
Street Level by Bob TruluckFirst PI Novel2001
Havana Heat by Carolina Garcia-AguileraPI Hardcover2001
Death in the Steel City (Carroll Dorsey Mystery) by Thomas LipinskiPI Paperback Original2001
Every Dead Thing by John ConnollyFirst PI Novel2000
California Fire and Life by Don WinslowPI Hardcover2000
In Big Trouble by Laura LippmanPI Paperback Original2000
A Cold Day in Paradise by Steve HamiltonFirst PI Novel1999
Boobytrap by Bill PronziniPI Hardcover1999
Murder Manual by Steven WomackPI Paperback Original1999
Big Red Tequila by Rick RiordanFirst PI Novel1998
Come Back Dead: A Scott Elliott Mystery (Scott Elliott Mysteries) by Terence FahertyPI Hardcover1998
Charm City by Laura LippmanPI Paperback Original1998
This Dog for Hire by Carol Lea BenjaminFirst PI Novel1997
Sunset Express by Robert CraisPI Hardcover1997
Fade Away by Harlan CobenPI Paperback Original1997
The Innocents by Richard BarreFirst PI Novel1996
Concourse by S. J. RozanPI Hardcover1996
Native Angels by William JaspersohnPI Paperback Original1996
A Drink Before the War by Dennis LehaneFirst PI Novel1995
K is for Killer by Sue GraftonPI Hardcover1995
Served Cold by Ed GoldbergPI Paperback Original1995
Satan's Lambs by Lynn S. HightowerFirst PI Novel1994
The Devil Knows You're Dead by Lawrence BlockPI Hardcover1994
Brothers & Sinners by Rodman PhilbrickPI Paperback Original1994
The Woman Who Married A Bear by John StraleyFirst PI Novel1993
The Man Who Was Taller Than God by Harold AdamsPI Hardcover1993
The Last Tango of Dolores Delgado by Marele DayPI Paperback Original1993
Suffer Little Children by Thomas D. DavisFirst PI Novel1992
Stolen Away by Max Allan CollinsPI Hardcover1992
Cool Blue Tomb (Aristotle "Soc" Socarides) (Volume 1) by Paul KemprecosPI Paperback Original1992
Devil in a Blue Dress by Walter MosleyFirst PI Novel1991
G is for Gumshoe by Sue GraftonPI Hardcover1991
Fatal Sisters by W. Glenn DuncanPI Paperback Original1991
Katwalk by Karen KijewskiFirst PI Novel1990
Extenuating Circumstances by Jonathan ValinPI Hardcover1990
Hells Only Half Full by Rob KantnerPI Paperback Original1990
Fear of the Dark by Gar Anthony HaywoodFirst PI Novel1989
Kiss by John LutzPI Hardcover1989
Dirty Work by Rob KantnerPI Paperback Original1989
Death on the Rocks by Michael AllegrettoFirst PI Novel1988
A Tax in Blood by Benjamin M. SchutzPI Hardcover1988
Wild Night by L. J. WashburnPI Paperback Original1988
Jersey Tomatoes by J. W. RiderFirst PI Novel1987
Staked Goat by Jeremiah HealyPI Hardcover1987
Back-Door Man by Rob KantnerPI Paperback Original1987
Hardcover by Wayne WargaFirst PI Novel1986
B is for Burglar by Sue GraftonPI Hardcover1986
Poverty Bay by Earl EmersonPI Paperback Original1986
A Creative Kind of Killer by Jack EarlyFirst PI Novel1985
Sugartown by Loren D. EstlemanPI Hardcover1985
The Ceiling of Hell by Warren MurphyPI Paperback Original1985
True Detective by Max Allan CollinsPI Hardcover1984
Dead in Center Field by Paul EnglemanPI Paperback Original1984
Eight Million Ways to Die by Lawrence BlockPI Hardcover1983
The Cana Diversion by William Campbell GaultPI Paperback Original1983
Hoodwink by Bill PronziniPI Hardcover1982
California Thriller by Max ByrdPI Paperback Original1982

Shortlist 475

Pay Dirt Road by Samantha Jayne AllenFirst PI Novel2023
Foote: A Mystery Novel by Tom BredehoftFirst PI Novel2023
What Meets the Eye: A Mystery by Alex KennaFirst PI Novel2023
The Big Bundle by Max Allan CollinsPI Hardcover2023
The Goodbye Coast by Joe IdePI Hardcover2023
Holmes Coming by Kenneth JohnsonPI Hardcover2023
Quarry's Blood by Max Allan CollinsPI Paperback Original2023
Hush Hush by Gabriel ValjanPI Paperback Original2023
Suburban Dicks by Fabian NiciezaFirst PI Novel2022
Runner by Tracy ClarkPI Hardcover2022
Last Redemption (8) (The Rick Cahill Series) by Matt CoylePI Hardcover2022
Pay or Play (A Charlie Waldo novel, 3) by Howard Michael GouldPI Hardcover2022
Head Case (A Sam Kelson mystery, 3) by Michael WileyPI Hardcover2022
The Burden of Innocence by John NardizziPI Paperback Original2022
Angels in the Wind by RAMOSPI Paperback Original2022
An Empty Grave: An Andy Hayes Mystery (Andy Hayes Mysteries) by Andrew Welsh-HugginsPI Paperback Original2022
Squatters Rights (A Sam Quinton Mystery Book 1) by Kevin R. DoyleFirst PI Novel2021
Derailed by Mary KeliikoaFirst PI Novel2021
I Know Where You Sleep by Alan OrloffFirst PI Novel2021
Winter Counts by David Heska Wanbli WeidenFirst PI Novel2021
What You Don't See by Tracy ClarkPI Hardcover2021
Do No Harm by Max Allan CollinsPI Hardcover2021
House on Fire: A Novel (A Nick Heller Novel) by Joseph FinderPI Hardcover2021
And Now She's Gone by Rachel Howzell HallPI Hardcover2021
All Kinds of Ugly (Hardman) by Ralph DennisPI Paperback Original2021
Remember My Face: A Willie Cuesta Mystery by John LantiguaPI Paperback Original2021
Damaged Goods by Debbi MackPI Paperback Original2021
The Tower of Songs (A Duck Darley Novel) by Casey BarrettPI Hardcover2020
The Shallows by Matt GoldmanPI Hardcover2020
Below the Line: A Charlie Waldo Novel by Howard Michael GouldPI Hardcover2020
The Cold Way Home by Julia KellerPI Hardcover2020
Ration of Lies by M. Ruth MyersPI Paperback Original2020
Paid in Spades: A Pat Gallegher Novel by Helms RichardPI Paperback Original2020
The bird boys by Lisa SandlinPI Paperback Original2020
Broken Places by Tracy ClarkFirst PI Novel2019
Last Looks: A Novel by Howard Michael GouldFirst PI Novel2019
What Doesn't Kill You by Aimee HixFirst PI Novel2019
Only to Sleep by Lawrence OsborneFirst PI Novel2019
Wrong Light by Matt CoylePI Hardcover2019
The Widows of Malabar Hill by Sujata MasseyPI Hardcover2019
Baby's First Felony by John StraleyPI Hardcover2019
Cut You Down by Sam WiebePI Hardcover2019
She Talks to Angels (A Henry Malone Novel Book 3) by James D. F. HannahPI Paperback Original2019
No Quarter (2018) by John JantunenPI Paperback Original2019
Shark Bait by Paul KemprecosPI Paperback Original2019
Second Story Man by Charles SalzbergPI Paperback Original2019
Under Water (A Duck Darley Novel) by Casey BarrettFirst PI Novel2018
A Negro and an Ofay (The Tales of Elliot Caprice) by Danny GardnerFirst PI Novel2018
Gone to Dust by Matt GoldmanFirst PI Novel2018
August Snow by Stephen Mack JonesFirst PI Novel2018
Dark Water by Parker BilalPI Hardcover2018
Blood Truth by Matt CoylePI Hardcover2018
Y is for Yesterday by Sue GraftonPI Hardcover2018
Monument Road by Michael WileyPI Hardcover2018
The Strange Disappearance of a Bollywood Star by Vaseem KhanPI Paperback Original2018
Dames Fight Harder by M. Ruth MyersPI Paperback Original2018
The Painted Gun by Bradley SpinelliPI Paperback Original2018
Fever City by Tim BakerFirst PI Novel2017
IQ by Joe IdeFirst PI Novel2017
The Second Girl by David SwinsonFirst PI Novel2017
SoHo Sins by Richard VineFirst PI Novel2017
Where It Hurts by Reed Farrel ColemanPI Hardcover2017
The Graveyard of the Hesperides by Lindsey DavisPI Hardcover2017
Fields Where They Lay (A Junior Bender Mystery) by Timothy HallinanPI Hardcover2017
With Six You Get Wally (A John Bekker Mystery) by Al LamandaPI Hardcover2017
The Stardom Affair (Neil Gulliver & Stevie Marriner) by Robert S. LevinsonPI Hardcover2017
The Detective & the Chinese High-Fin: A John Darvelle Mystery by Michael CravenPI Paperback Original2017
The Perplexing Theft of the Jewel in the Crown by Vaseem KhanPI Paperback Original2017
Hold Me, Babe (2016) by O'Neil De NouxPI Paperback Original2017
My Bad: A Mile High Noir by Manuel RamosPI Paperback Original2017
The Red Storm: A Mystery by Grant BywatersFirst PI Novel2016
Night Tremors by Matt CoyleFirst PI Novel2016
Trouble in Rooster Paradise (Gunnar Nilson Mystery) by T. W. EmoryFirst PI Novel2016
Depth by Lev AC RosenFirst PI Novel2016
The Do-Right by Lisa SandlinFirst PI Novel2016
The Promise by Robert CraisPI Hardcover2016
Dance of the Bones by J. A. JancePI Hardcover2016
Gumshoe by Rob LeiningerPI Hardcover2016
Brush Back by Sara ParetskyPI Hardcover2016
Brutality by Ingrid ThoftPI Hardcover2016
The Long Cold: Volume 8 (LaStanza Series) by O'Neil De NouxPI Paperback Original2016
Split to Splinters (An Eli Sharpe Mystery) by Max EverhartPI Paperback Original2016
The Man in the Window by Dana KingPI Paperback Original2016
Red Desert (Eddie Collins Mystery) by Clive RosengrenPI Paperback Original2016
Wink of an Eye by Lynn Chandler-WillisFirst PI Novel2015
Bad Country by CB McKenzieFirst PI Novel2015
Last of the Independents: Vancouver Noir by Sam WiebeFirst PI Novel2015
City Of Brick And Shadow by Tim WirkusFirst PI Novel2015
Nobody's Child by Libby Fischer HellmannIndie P.I.2015
Played to Death by BV LawsonIndie P.I.2015
Get Busy Dying by Ben RehderIndie P.I.2015
The Hollow Girl by Reed Farrel ColemanPI Hardcover2015
The Silkworm by Robert GalbraithPI Hardcover2015
Tokyo Kill by Barry LancetPI Hardcover2015
Peter Pan Must Die by John VerdonPI Hardcover2015
The Detective & The Pipe Girl: A Mystery by Michael CravenPI Paperback Original2015
Beauty with a Bomb by M. C. GrantPI Paperback Original2015
Critical Damage (A Mark Mallen Novel) by Robert K. LewisPI Paperback Original2015
Street Justice: A Smokey Dalton Novel by Kris NelscottPI Paperback Original2015
A Good Death by Christopher R. CoxFirst PI Novel2014
Montana by Gwen FlorioFirst PI Novel2014
Blood Orange by Karen KeskinenFirst PI Novel2014
Loyalty by Ingrid ThoftFirst PI Novel2014
Murder: Take Three by April KellyIndie P.I.2014
A Small Sacrifice by Dana KingIndie P.I.2014
No Pat Hands (Zach Rolfe PI) (Volume 4) by J. J. LambIndie P.I.2014
State vs. Lassiter (Jake Lassiter Series) by Paul LevineIndie P.I.2014
W is for Wasted by Sue GraftonPI Hardcover2014
Little Elvises by Timothy HallinanPI Hardcover2014
The Mojito Coast by Richard HelmsPI Hardcover2014
The Good Cop by Brad ParksPI Hardcover2014
Nemesis by Bill PronziniPI Hardcover2014
Seduction of the innocent by Max Allan CollinsPI Paperback Original2014
Into the Dark by Alison GaylinPI Paperback Original2014
Purgatory Key (A Del Shannon Novel) by Darrell JamesPI Paperback Original2014
The Honky Tonk Big Hoss Boogie: A 'Session Man' Mystery by Robert J. RandisiPI Paperback Original2014
Hush Money: A Mystery by Chuck GreavesFirst PI Novel2013
Murder Unscripted by Clive RosengrenFirst PI Novel2013
Racing the Devil by Jaden TerrellFirst PI Novel2013
The Twenty-Year Death (Hard Case Crime) by Ariel S. WinterFirst PI Novel2013
Stranger in Town by Cheryl BradshawIndie P.I.2013
Enamored: Lucien Caye Private Eye Novel by O'Neil De NouxIndie P.I.2013
One Eyed Jack by Christopher J. LynchIndie P.I.2013
Devil May Care (A Crag Banyon Mystery Book 2) by James MullaneyIndie P.I.2013
Robert B. Parker's Lullaby by Ace AtkinsPI Hardcover2013
Hunting Sweetie Rose by Jack FredricksonPI Hardcover2013
Blues in The Night by Dick LochtePI Hardcover2013
The Other Woman by Hank Phillippi RyanPI Hardcover2013
Death Warmed Over by Kevin J. AndersonPI Paperback Original2013
Archie Meets Nero Wolfe by Robert GoldsboroughPI Paperback Original2013
The New Black Mask Quarterly (Number 4) by Richard LaymanPI Paperback Original2013
Pulse by John LutzPI Paperback Original2013
The Plot Against Hip Hop: A Novel by Nelson GeorgeFirst PI Novel2012
Claire DeWitt and the City of the Dead by Sara GranFirst PI Novel2012
The Ocean Forest: Murder in Myrtle Beach by Troy D NooeFirst PI Novel2012
The Stranger You Seek by Amanda Kyle WilliamsFirst PI Novel2012
Bye Bye, Baby by Max Allan CollinsPI Hardcover2012
1222 by Anne HoltPI Hardcover2012
When the Thrill Is Gone by Walter MosleyPI Hardcover2012
The Highly Effective Detective Crosses the Line by Richard YanceyPI Hardcover2012
Quarry's Ex by Max Allan CollinsPI Paperback Original2012
Threat Warning by John GilstrapPI Paperback Original2012
Serial by John LutzPI Paperback Original2012
Long Pig by James L. RossPI Paperback Original2012
One Man's Paradise by Douglas CorleoneFirst PI Novel2011
Rogue Island by Bruce DeSilvaFirst PI Novel2011
Random Violence by Jassy MackenzieFirst PI Novel2011
City of Dragons by Kelli StanleyFirst PI Novel2011
The First Rule by Robert CraisPI Hardcover2011
Voyeur by Daniel JudsonPI Hardcover2011
If the Dead Rise Not by Philip KerrPI Hardcover2011
Naked Moon by Domenic StansberryPI Hardcover2011
Hostage Zero by John GilstrapPI Paperback Original2011
Nightshade: A Sam Montcalm Mystery by Tom HenighanPI Paperback Original2011
Mister X by John LutzPI Paperback Original2011
The Panic Zone by Rick MofinaPI Paperback Original2011
The Little Death by P. J. ParrishPI Paperback Original2011
Loser's Town by Daniel DeppFirst PI Novel2010
The Last Gig by Norman GreenFirst PI Novel2010
The Good Son by Russel D. McLeanFirst PI Novel2010
Chinatown Angel: A Mystery (Chico Santana Mysteries) by A. E. RomanFirst PI Novel2010
The Silent Hour by Michael KorytaPI Hardcover2010
Where the Dead Lay by David LevienPI Hardcover2010
Schemers by Bill PronziniPI Hardcover2010
My Soul to Take by Yrsa SigurðardóttirPI Hardcover2010
Dark Side of the Morgue by Raymond BensonPI Paperback Original2010
Red Blooded Murder by Laura CaldwellPI Paperback Original2010
Vengeance Road by Rick MofinaPI Paperback Original2010
Body Blows by Marc StrangePI Paperback Original2010
Stalking Susan by Julie KramerFirst PI Novel2009
The Eye of Jade by Diane Wei LiangFirst PI Novel2009
Swann's Last Song by Charles SalzbergFirst PI Novel2009
Veil of Lies by Jeri WestersonFirst PI Novel2009
Salvation Boulevard: A Novel by Larry BeinhartPI Hardcover2009
The Blue Door by David FulmerPI Hardcover2009
The Price of Blood by Declan HughesPI Hardcover2009
The Ancient Rain by Domenic StansberryPI Hardcover2009
Shot Girl by Karen E. OlsonPI Paperback Original2009
The Stolen by Jason PinterPI Paperback Original2009
The Black Hand by Will ThomasPI Paperback Original2009
The Evil That Men Do by Dave WhitePI Paperback Original2009
The Cleaner by Brett BattlesFirst PI Novel2008
Keep It Real by Bill BryanFirst PI Novel2008
When One Man Dies by Dave WhiteFirst PI Novel2008
The Last Striptease by Michael WileyFirst PI Novel2008
Head Games: A Novel by Thomas B. CavanaghPI Hardcover2008
The Colour of Blood by Declan HughesPI Hardcover2008
A Welcome Grave by Michael KorytaPI Hardcover2008
A Killer's Kiss by William LashnerPI Hardcover2008
Exit Strategy by Kelley ArmstrongPI Paperback Original2008
Stone Rain by Linwood BarclayPI Paperback Original2008
Deadly Beloved (Hard Case Crime) by Max Allan CollinsPI Paperback Original2008
Watchlist: Two Serial Thrillers in One Killer Book by Jeffery DeaverPI Paperback Original2008
Lost Angel by Mike DooganFirst PI Novel2007
A Safe Place for Dying by Jack FredricksonFirst PI Novel2007
Holmes on the Range by Steve HockensmithFirst PI Novel2007
18 Seconds by George D. ShumanFirst PI Novel2007
The Darkest Place by Daniel JudsonPI Hardcover2007
The Do-Re-Mi by Ken KuhlkenPI Hardcover2007
Vanishing Point by Marcia MullerPI Hardcover2007
Days of Rage by Kris NelscottPI Hardcover2007
Hallowed Ground by Lori G. ArmstrongPI Paperback Original2007
The Prop: A Novel by Pete HautmanPI Paperback Original2007
The Uncomfortable Dead by Subcomandante MarcosPI Paperback Original2007
Crooked by Brian M. WiprudPI Paperback Original2007
Blood Ties by Lori G. ArmstrongFirst PI Novel2006
Still River by Harry HunsickerFirst PI Novel2006
The Devil's Right Hand (Jack Keller) by J. D. RhoadesFirst PI Novel2006
Oblivion by Peter AbrahamsPI Hardcover2006
The Forgotten Man by Robert CraisPI Hardcover2006
In a Teapot (Scott Elliott Mysteries) by Terence FahertyPI Hardcover2006
The Man with the Iron-On Badge by Lee GoldbergPI Hardcover2006
Cinnamon Kiss by Walter MosleyPI Hardcover2006
Falling Down by David ColePI Paperback Original2006
Deadlocked by Joel GoldmanPI Paperback Original2006
Cordite Wine by Richard HelmsPI Paperback Original2006
A Killing Rain by P. J. ParrishPI Paperback Original2006
Little Girl Lost by Charles ArdaiFirst PI Novel2005
The Last Goodbye by Reed ArvinFirst PI Novel2005
Aspen Pulp by Patrick HasburghFirst PI Novel2005
Some Danger Involved by Will ThomasFirst PI Novel2005
Fade to Clear (Allen Choice Novels) by Leonard ChangPI Hardcover2005
The Wake-Up by Robert FerrignoPI Hardcover2005
After the Rain by Chuck LoganPI Hardcover2005
Choke Point: A Brinker Mystery (Brinker P.I.) by James C. MitchellPI Hardcover2005
Call the Devil by His Oldest Name by Sallie BissellPI Paperback Original2005
Shadow of the Dahlia by Jack BludisPI Paperback Original2005
The London Blitz Murders by Max Allan CollinsPI Paperback Original2005
Island of Bones by P. J. ParrishPI Paperback Original2005
Spiked by Mark ArsenaultFirst PI Novel2004
Lovers Crossing by James C. MitchellFirst PI Novel2004
Scavenger Hunt by Robert FerrignoPI Hardcover2004
Blood Is the Sky by Steve HamiltonPI Hardcover2004
A Visible Darkness by Jonathon KingPI Hardcover2004
Fatal Flaw by William LashnerPI Hardcover2004
Dragonfly Bones by David ColePI Paperback Original2004
Wet Debt by Richard HelmsPI Paperback Original2004
Thicker Than Water by P. J. ParrishPI Paperback Original2004
Private Heat by Robert BaileyFirst PI Novel2003
Westerfield's Chain by Jack ClarkFirst PI Novel2003
The Bone Orchard by D. Daniel JudsonFirst PI Novel2003
Open and Shut by David RosenfeltFirst PI Novel2003
North of Nowhere by Steve HamiltonPI Hardcover2003
The Last Place by Laura LippmanPI Hardcover2003
Hell to Pay by George P. PelecanosPI Hardcover2003
Winter and Night by S. J. RozanPI Hardcover2003
Cash Out by Paul BorayPI Paperback Original2003
The Lusitania Murders by Max Allan CollinsPI Paperback Original2003
Juicy Watusi (Pat Gallegher Mysteries) by Richard HelmsPI Paperback Original2003
Paint It Black by P. J. ParrishPI Paperback Original2003
Rat City by Curt ColbertFirst PI Novel2002
Epitaph by James SiegelFirst PI Novel2002
A Witness Above by Andy StrakaFirst PI Novel2002
Pilikia Is My Business by Mark TroyFirst PI Novel2002
Angel in Black by Max Allan CollinsPI Hardcover2002
Ashes of Aries by Martha C. LawrencePI Hardcover2002
The Devil Went Down to Austin by Rick RiordanPI Hardcover2002
Cold Water Burning by John StraleyPI Hardcover2002
Keepers by Janet LaPierrePI Paperback Original2002
Ancient Enemy by Robert WestbrookPI Paperback Original2002
Brigham's Day by John GatesFirst PI Novel2001
The Heir Hunter by Chris LarsgaardFirst PI Novel2001
Resurrection Angel by William MizeFirst PI Novel2001
Lost Girls by Andrew PyperFirst PI Novel2001
A Smile on the Face of the Tiger by Loren D. EstlemanPI Hardcover2001
The Deader the Better by G. M. FordPI Hardcover2001
Ellipsis by Stephen GreenleafPI Hardcover2001
Listen to the Silence by Marcia MullerPI Hardcover2001
The Blazing Tree by Mary Jo AdamsonPI Paperback Original2001
The Sporting Club by Sinclair BrowningPI Paperback Original2001
The Hindenburg Murders by Max Allan CollinsPI Paperback Original2001
Bad to the Bone by Katy MungerPI Paperback Original2001
Dirty Money by Steven WomackPI Paperback Original2001
East of A by Russell AtwoodFirst PI Novel2000
The Immortal Game by Mark CogginsFirst PI Novel2000
Maximum Insecurity by P. J. GradyFirst PI Novel2000
The Answer Man by Roy JohansenFirst PI Novel2000
L. A. Requiem by Robert CraisPI Hardcover2000
Monster by Jonathan KellermanPI Hardcover2000
Prayers for Rain by Dennis LehanePI Hardcover2000
Stone Quarry by S. J. RozanPI Hardcover2000
Deadbeat by Leo AtkinsPI Paperback Original2000
Fulton County Blues by Ruth BirminghamPI Paperback Original2000
The Last Song Dogs by Sinclair BrowningPI Paperback Original2000
Steel City Confessions by Thomas LipinskiPI Paperback Original2000
Like a Hole in the Head by Jen BanburyFirst PI Novel1999
Zen and The Art of Murder by Elizabeth M. CosinFirst PI Novel1999
Dead Low Tide by Jamie KatzFirst PI Novel1999
No badge, no gun by Harold AdamsPI Hardcover1999
Flying Blind by Max Allan CollinsPI Hardcover1999
The Only Good Lawyer by Jeremiah HealyPI Hardcover1999
Gone, Baby, Gone by Dennis LehanePI Hardcover1999
Too Easy by Phillip DePoyPI Paperback Original1999
Butchers Hill by Laura LippmanPI Paperback Original1999
The Widower's Two-Step by Rick RiordanPI Paperback Original1999
Death in a City of Mystics by Janice SteinbergPI Paperback Original1999
Baltimore Blues by Laura LippmanFirst PI Novel1998
Legwork by Katy MungerFirst PI Novel1998
Indigo Slam by Robert CraisPI Hardcover1998
Deception Pass by Earl EmersonPI Hardcover1998
Sacred by Dennis LehanePI Hardcover1998
Down For The Count by Maxine O'CallaghanPI Hardcover1998
No Colder Place by S. J. RozanPI Hardcover1998
Back Spin by Harlan CobenPI Paperback Original1998
Whisper of Rage (Culinary Mysteries) by Tim HemlinPI Paperback Original1998
Father, Forgive Me by Randye LordonPI Paperback Original1998
Sunset and Santiago by Gloria WhitePI Paperback Original1998
Keeper by Greg RuckaFirst PI Novel1997
Low End of Nowhere by Michael StoneFirst PI Novel1997
THIS FAR NO FURTHER: A Novel by John WesselFirst PI Novel1997
Damned In Paradise by Max Allan CollinsPI Hardcover1997
Flesh Wounds by Stephen GreenleafPI Hardcover1997
Invasion of Privacy by Jeremiah HealyPI Hardcover1997
Sentinels by Bill PronziniPI Hardcover1997
When Wallflowers Die by Sandra West ProwellPI Hardcover1997
A Natural Death by Ruthe FuriePI Paperback Original1997
Nobody's Chain Lays Straight by Steven WomackPI Paperback Original1997
Who the Hell is Wanda Fuca? by G. M. FordFirst PI Novel1996
If Looks Could Kill by Ruthe FurieFirst PI Novel1996
Penance by David HousewrightFirst PI Novel1996
The Harry Chronicles by Allan PedrazasFirst PI Novel1996
The Vanishing Smile by Earl EmersonPI Hardcover1996
Come to Grief by Dick FrancisPI Hardcover1996
Movie by Parnell HallPI Hardcover1996
The Neon Smile by Dick LochtePI Hardcover1996
Zero Tolerance by J. D. KnightPI Paperback Original1996
Interview with Mattie by Shelley SingerPI Paperback Original1996
Charged With Guilt by Gloria WhitePI Paperback Original1996
Way Past Dead by Steven WomackPI Paperback Original1996
The Heaven Stone by David DanielFirst PI Novel1995
One for the Money by Janet EvanovichFirst PI Novel1995
Fall-Down Artist (Carroll Dorsey Mystery) by Thomas LipinskiFirst PI Novel1995
When Death Comes Stealing by Valerie Wilson WesleyFirst PI Novel1995
A Long Line of Dead Men by Lawrence BlockPI Hardcover1995
Carnal Hours by Max Allan CollinsPI Hardcover1995
The Killing of Monday Brown by Sandra West ProwellPI Hardcover1995
The Lake Effect by Les RobertsPI Hardcover1995
Double Plot by Leo AxlerPI Paperback Original1995
Lament for a Dead Cowboy by Catherine DainPI Paperback Original1995
Dead Ahead by Bridget McKennaPI Paperback Original1995
Deadly Devotion by Patricia WallacePI Paperback Original1995
Brotherly Love by Randye LordonFirst PI Novel1994
By Evil Means by Sandra West ProwellFirst PI Novel1994
The Lies That Bind by Judith Van GiesonPI Hardcover1994
Foursome: Foursome by Jeremiah HealyPI Hardcover1994
Wolf in the Shadows by Marcia MullerPI Hardcover1994
Moth by James SallisPI Hardcover1994
Half Hearted Detective by Milton BassPI Paperback Original1994
A Minyan for the Dead by Richard FliegelPI Paperback Original1994
Shadow Games by Edward GormanPI Paperback Original1994
Torch Town Boogie by Steven WomackPI Paperback Original1994
Return Trip Ticket by David C. HallFirst PI Novel1993
Switching the Odds by Phyllis KnightFirst PI Novel1993
The Long-Legged Fly by James SallisFirst PI Novel1993
Cassandra in Red by Michael CollinsPI Hardcover1993
Lullaby Town by Robert CraisPI Hardcover1993
Shallow Graves by Jeremiah HealyPI Hardcover1993
Special Delivery by Jerry KennealyPI Hardcover1993
Lay It On The Line by Catherine DainPI Paperback Original1993
Dirty Money by Marc DavisPI Paperback Original1993
The Brutal Ballet by Wayne DundeePI Paperback Original1993
The January Corpse by Neil AlbertFirst PI Novel1992
Dead on the Island by Bill CriderFirst PI Novel1992
Best Performance by a Patsy by Stan CutlerFirst PI Novel1992
A Cool Breeze on the Underground by Don WinslowFirst PI Novel1992
A Dance at the Slaughterhouse by Lawrence BlockPI Hardcover1992
Where Echoes Live by Marcia MullerPI Hardcover1992
A Fistful Of Empty by Benjamin M. SchutzPI Hardcover1992
Second Chance by Jonathan ValinPI Hardcover1992
Black Light by Daniel HearnPI Paperback Original1992
House of Cards by Kay HooperPI Paperback Original1992
Thousand Yard Stare, The by Rob KantnerPI Paperback Original1992
Kindred Crimes by Janet DawsonFirst PI Novel1991
Body Scissors: A Tom Bethany Mystery by Jerome DoolittleFirst PI Novel1991
The Stone Veil by Ronald TierneyFirst PI Novel1991
A Ticket to the Boneyard by Lawrence BlockPI Hardcover1991
Poor Butterfly by Stuart M. KaminskyPI Hardcover1991
Polo's Wild Card by Jerry KennealyPI Hardcover1991
Dead Irish by John LescroartPI Hardcover1991
The Desert Look by Bernard SchopenPI Hardcover1991
Bimbo Heaven by Marvin H. AlbertPI Paperback Original1991
The Queen's Mare by John BirkettPI Paperback Original1991
Made in Detroit by Rob KantnerPI Paperback Original1991
The Blue Room by Monroe ThompsonPI Paperback Original1991
Medicine Dog by Geoff PetersonFirst PI Novel1990
Cold Night by Al SarrantonioFirst PI Novel1990
Rock Critic Murders by Jesse SublettFirst PI Novel1990
Out on the Cutting Edge by Lawrence BlockPI Hardcover1990
The Skintight Shroud by Wayne D. DundeePI Hardcover1990
The Shape of Dread by Marcia MullerPI Hardcover1990
The Killing Man by Mickey SpillanePI Hardcover1990
Muscle and Blood by Gaylord DoldPI Paperback Original1990
Behind The Fact by Richard HilaryPI Paperback Original1990
Tough Enough (A T.D. Stash Crime Adventure) by Rodman PhilbrickPI Paperback Original1990
A Collector Of Photographs by Deborah ValentinePI Paperback Original1990
Lost Daughter by Michael CormanyFirst PI Novel1989
The Burning Season by Wayne D. DundeeFirst PI Novel1989
Wall of Glass by Walter SatterthwaitFirst PI Novel1989
Slow Dance in Autumn by Philip Lee WilliamsFirst PI Novel1989
Neon Mirage by Max Allan CollinsPI Hardcover1989
Deviant Behavior by Earl EmersonPI Hardcover1989
Swan Dive by Jeremiah HealyPI Hardcover1989
Blood Shot by Sara ParetskyPI Hardcover1989
Last Private Eye by John BirkettPI Paperback Original1989
Bonepile by Gaylord DoldPI Paperback Original1989
Rebound (Robert Miles #2) by David EversonPI Paperback Original1989
Crystal Blue Persuasion by W. R. PhilbrickPI Paperback Original1989
The House of Blue Lights by Robert J. BowmanFirst PI Novel1988
Shawnee Alley Fire by John DouglasFirst PI Novel1988
Detective by Parnell HallFirst PI Novel1988
An Infinite Number of Monkeys by Les RobertsFirst PI Novel1988
A Trouble of Fools by Linda BarnesPI Hardcover1988
Lady Yesterday by Loren D. EstlemanPI Hardcover1988
The Autumn Dead by Edward GormanPI Hardcover1988
Ride the Lightning by John LutzPI Hardcover1988
The Monkey's Raincoat by Robert CraisPI Paperback Original1988
Snake Eyes by Gaylord DoldPI Paperback Original1988
Recount (Robert Miles #1) by David EversonPI Paperback Original1988
Madelaine by Joseph LouisPI Paperback Original1988
No One Rides for Free by Larry BeinhartFirst PI Novel1987
Tourist Season by Carl HiaasenFirst PI Novel1987
When the Sacred Ginmill Closes by Lawrence BlockPI Hardcover1987
In La-LA Land We Trust by R. Wright CampbellPI Hardcover1987
The Million-Dollar Wound by Max Allan CollinsPI Hardcover1987
C is for Corpse by Sue GraftonPI Hardcover1987
Melting Point by Kenn DavisPI Paperback Original1987
Nervous Laughter by Earl EmersonPI Paperback Original1987
Dark Fields by T. J. MacGregorPI Paperback Original1987
Too Old a Cat by Warren MurphyPI Paperback Original1987
New, Improved Murder by Edward GormanFirst PI Novel1986
Sleeping Dog by Dick LochteFirst PI Novel1986
Embrace the Wolf by Benjamin M. SchutzFirst PI Novel1986
Flood by Andrew VachssFirst PI Novel1986
The Naked Liar by Harold AdamsPI Hardcover1986
Hardball by Doug HornigPI Hardcover1986
A Catskill Eagle by Robert B. ParkerPI Hardcover1986
Bones by Bill PronziniPI Hardcover1986
The Rainy City by Earl EmersonPI Paperback Original1986
The Kill by Douglas HeyesPI Paperback Original1986
Pigs Get Fat by Warren MurphyPI Paperback Original1986
Blue Heron by Philip RossPI Paperback Original1986
Blunt Darts by Jeremiah HealyFirst PI Novel1985
The Nebraska Quotient by William J. ReynoldsFirst PI Novel1985
True Crime by Max Allan CollinsPI Hardcover1985
Die again Macready by Jack LivingstonPI Hardcover1985
Nightlines by John LutzPI Hardcover1985
Full Contact by Robert J. RandisiPI Hardcover1985
Squeeze Play by Paul BenjaminPI Paperback Original1985
The Man Who Risked His Partner by Stephen R. DonaldsonPI Paperback Original1985
San Quentin by Jack LynchPI Paperback Original1985
And 47 Miles of Rope by Warren MurphyPI Paperback Original1985
Dancing Bear by James CrumleyPI Hardcover1984
The Dark Fantastic by Stanley EllinPI Hardcover1984
The Glass Highway by Loren D. EstlemanPI Hardcover1984
The Widening Gyre by Robert B. ParkerPI Hardcover1984
Dead in Center Field by Paul EnglemanPI Paperback Original1984
Finders Weepers by Max ByrdPI Paperback Original1984
Death and the Single Girl by Elliott LewisPI Paperback Original1984
Trace by Warren MurphyPI Paperback Original1984
The Steinway Collection by Robert J. RandisiPI Paperback Original1984
A is for Alibi by Sue GraftonPI Hardcover1983
Gravedigger by Joseph HansenPI Hardcover1983
A Piece of the Silence by Jack LivingstonPI Hardcover1983
Ceremony by Robert B. ParkerPI Hardcover1983
Nevsky's Return by Dimitri GatPI Paperback Original1983
Pieces of Death by Jack LynchPI Paperback Original1983
Smoked Out by Warren MurphyPI Paperback Original1983
A Stab in the Dark by Lawrence BlockPI Hardcover1982
30 for a Harry by Richard HoytPI Hardcover1982
Hard Trade by Arthur LyonsPI Hardcover1982
Early Autumn by Robert B. ParkerPI Hardcover1982
Carpenter Detective by Hamilton T. CainePI Paperback Original1982
Brown's Requiem by James EllroyPI Paperback Original1982
The Old Dick by L.A. MorsePI Paperback Original1982
Murder in the Wind by George OganPI Paperback Original1982


The Shamus Award is awarded by the Private Eye Writers of America for the best detective fiction genre novels and short stories of the year.

Missing from the list (no copies in LT): Original PI Paperback, 1984 - "Dead in Centerfield" by Paul Engelman (English, Member-written)
This is a companion list to The Shamus Award list and contains the titles that had been shortlisted but did not win the award. (English, Member-written)


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