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The Gumshoe Awards are an American award for popular crime fiction literary works. They are awarded annually by the American Internet magazine Mystery Ink.
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All, Winner (21), Nominee (80)
All, European Crime Novel (11), First Novel (25), Mystery (16), Novel (12), Thriller (16)
All, 2008 (12), 2007 (15), 2006 (16), 2005 (16), 2004 (7), 2003 (8), 2002 (6)

Nominee 80

Stigma by Phillip Hawley JrFirst Novel2008
The Spellman Files by Lisa LutzFirst Novel2008
Head Games by Craig McDonaldFirst Novel2008
Mr. Clarinet by Nick StoneFirst Novel2008
The Unquiet by John ConnollyMystery2008
Mistress of the Art of Death by Ariana FranklinMystery2008
The Shotgun Rule by Charlie HustonMystery2008
What the Dead Know by Laura LippmanMystery2008
Bad Luck and Trouble by Lee ChildThriller2008
Power Play by Joseph FinderThriller2008
The Book of Air and Shadows by Michael GruberThriller2008
Thirteen by Richard K. MorganThriller2008
The Dramatist by Ken BruenEuropean Crime Novel2007
A Walk in the Dark by Gianrico CarofiglioEuropean Crime Novel2007
The Minotaur by Barbara VineEuropean Crime Novel2007
Out of Cabrini: A Macbeth Novel (Five Star Mystery Series) by Dave CaseFirst Novel2007
A Corpse in the Koryo by James ChurchFirst Novel2007
The Shadow Catchers by Thomas LakemanFirst Novel2007
A Field of Darkness by Cornelia ReadFirst Novel2007
White Shadow by Ace AtkinsMystery2007
City of Shadows by Ariana FranklinMystery2007
The Night Gardener by George PelecanosMystery2007
Hollywood Station by Joseph WambaughMystery2007
The Hard Way by Lee ChildThriller2007
Extremis by Barry EislerThriller2007
Marked Man by William LashnerThriller2007
The Venus Fix by M. J. RoseThriller2007
The Big Over Easy by Jasper FfordeEuropean Crime Novel2006
Kiss Her Goodbye (Hard Case Crime) by Allan GuthrieEuropean Crime Novel2006
Jar City by Arnaldur IndridasonEuropean Crime Novel2006
Have Mercy on Us All by Fred VargasEuropean Crime Novel2006
The Color of Law by Mark GimenezFirst Novel2006
Tilt-a-Whirl by Chris GrabensteinFirst Novel2006
Sacred Cows by Karen E. OlsonFirst Novel2006
Beneath a Panamanian Moon (John Harper) by David TerrenoireFirst Novel2006
As Dog is My Witness by Jeffrey CohenMystery2006
The James Deans by Reed Farrel ColemanMystery2006
Savage Garden: A Novel (Eve Diamond Novels) by Denise HamiltonMystery2006
The Wheelman by Duane SwierczynskiMystery2006
The Lincoln Lawyer by Michael ConnellyThriller2006
Evidence of Guilt by Jonnie JacobsThriller2006
Falls the Shadow by William LashnerThriller2006
Creepers by David MorrellThriller2006
Murder on the Leviathan by Boris AkuninEuropean Crime Novel2005
Doctored Evidence by Donna LeonEuropean Crime Novel2005
A Question of Blood by Ian RankinEuropean Crime Novel2005
The Shadow of the Wind by Carlos Ruiz ZafónEuropean Crime Novel2005
Rift Zone by Raelynn HillhouseFirst Novel2005
Caught Stealing: A Novel by Charlie HustonFirst Novel2005
Whiskey Sour by J.A. KonrathFirst Novel2005
Dating Dead Men by Harley Jane KozakFirst Novel2005
Last Lullaby by Denise HamiltonMystery2005
By a Spider's Thread by Laura LippmanMystery2005
California Girl by T. Jefferson ParkerMystery2005
Absent Friends by S. J. RozanMystery2005
The Wake-Up by Robert FerrignoThriller2005
Dark Voyage by Alan FurstThriller2005
Life Expectancy by Dean KoontzThriller2005
A Death in Vienna by Daniel SilvaThriller2005
Hex by Maggie EstepFirst Novel2004
Dealing in Murder by Elaine FlinnFirst Novel2004
The Cutting Room by Louise WelshFirst Novel2004
The Eye of the Abyss by Marshall BrowneNovel2004
Persuader by Lee ChildNovel2004
A Lonely Resurrection by Barry EislerNovel2004
Tribeca Blues by Jim FusilliNovel2004
A Clean Kill in Tokyo aka Rain Fall by Barry EislerFirst Novel2003
The Blue Edge of Midnight by Jonathon KingFirst Novel2003
Open and Shut by David RosenfeltFirst Novel2003
In the Bleak Midwinter by Julia Spencer-FlemingFirst Novel2003
Dark End of the Street by Ace AtkinsNovel2003
Nine by Jan BurkeNovel2003
City of Bones by Michael ConnellyNovel2003
The Stone Monkey by Jeffrey DeaverNovel2003
Hollowpoint by Robert ReulandFirst Novel2002
Blindsighted by Karin SlaughterFirst Novel2002
Cons, Scams, and Grifts (Dka File Novel) by Joe GoresNovel2002
Silent Joe by T. Jefferson ParkerNovel2002
Right as Rain by George P. PelecanosNovel2002
Death Benefits by Thomas PerryNovel2002


The Gumshoe Awards are an American award for popular crime fiction literary works. They are awarded annually by the American Internet magazine Mystery Ink.
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