The Kitschies

Other Names: Kitschies, Kitschies: Black Tentacle Award, Kitschies: Golden Tentacle Award, Kitschies: Red Tentacle Award
122 Works / 124 Items 194,913 Books 11,149 Reviews ½ 3.9
The Red Tentacle is awarded annually to the novel containing speculative or fantastic elements that best fulfills the criteria of intelligent, progressive and entertaining.
All, Winner (28), Finalist (95), Nominee (1)
All, 2022 (10), 2021 (10), 2020 (15), 2019 (6), 2018 (6), 2017 (15), 2015 (10), 2014 (10), 2013 (10), 2012 (11), 2011 (9), 2010 (7), 2009 (5)

Winner 28

Our Wives Under The Sea by Julia ArmfieldGolden Tentacle (Debut Novel)2022
The Last Blade Priest by W P WilesRed Tentacle (Novel)2022
Temporary by Hilary LeichterGolden Tentacle (Debut Novel)2021
The Galaxy, and the Ground Within by Becky ChambersRed Tentacle (Novel)2021
The Space Between Worlds by Micaiah JohnsonGolden Tentacle (Debut Novel)2020
The Arrest by Jonathan LethemInky Tentacle (Cover Art)2020
Piranesi by Susanna ClarkeRed Tentacle (Novel)2020
Jelly by Clare ReesGolden Tentacle (Debut Novel)2019
The Fire Starters by Jan CarsonRed Tentacle (Novel)2019
Frankenstein in Baghdad by Ahmed SaadawiGolden Tentacle (Debut Novel)2018
Circe by Madeline MillerRed Tentacle (Novel)2018
Hunger Makes the Wolf by Alex WellsGolden Tentacle (Debut Novel)2017
The History of Bees by Maja LundeInky Tentacle (Cover Art)2017
The Rift by Nina AllanRed Tentacle (Novel)2017
Making Wolf by Tade ThompsonGolden Tentacle (Debut Novel)2015
The Heart Goes Last by Margaret AtwoodRed Tentacle (Novel)2015
Viper Wine by Hermione EyreGolden Tentacle (Debut Novel)2014
Grasshopper Jungle by Andrew SmithRed Tentacle (Novel)2014
Ancillary Justice by Ann LeckieGolden Tentacle (Debut Novel)2013
A Tale for the Time Being by Ruth OzekiRed Tentacle (Novel)2013
Redemption in Indigo by Karen LordGolden Tentacle (Debut Novel)2012
Angelmaker by Nick HarkawayRed Tentacle (Novel)2012
God's War by Kameron HurleyGolden Tentacle (Debut Novel)2011
A Monster Calls by Patrick NessRed Tentacle (Novel)2011
Memory by Donald E. WestlakeBlack Tentacle (Judges' Discretion)2010
King Maker by Maurice BroaddusGolden Tentacle (Debut Novel)2010
Zoo City by Lauren BeukesRed Tentacle (Novel)2010
The City & The City by China MiévilleRed Tentacle (Novel)2009

Finalist 95

When We Were Birds by Ayanna Lloyd BanwoGolden Tentacle (Debut Novel)2022
Brother Alive by Zain KhalidGolden Tentacle (Debut Novel)2022
The Mountain in the Sea by Ray NaylerGolden Tentacle (Debut Novel)2022
The Immortal King Rao by Vauhini VaraGolden Tentacle (Debut Novel)2022
Our Share of Night by Mariana EnriquezRed Tentacle (Novel)2022
Beyond the Burn Line by Paul McAuleyRed Tentacle (Novel)2022
Twelve Percent Dread by Emily McGovernRed Tentacle (Novel)2022
The Coral Bones by E.J. SwiftRed Tentacle (Novel)2022
Composite Creatures by Caroline HardakerGolden Tentacle (Debut Novel)2021
Several People Are Typing by Calvin KasulkeGolden Tentacle (Debut Novel)2021
Winter's Orbit by Everina MaxwellGolden Tentacle (Debut Novel)2021
Iron Widow by Xiran Jay ZhaoGolden Tentacle (Debut Novel)2021
Black Water Sister by Zen ChoRed Tentacle (Novel)2021
The Cabinet by Un-su KimRed Tentacle (Novel)2021
Bear Head by Adrian TchaikovskyRed Tentacle (Novel)2021
The Last House on Needless Street by Catriona WardRed Tentacle (Novel)2021
Djinn Patrol on the Purple Line by Deepa AnapparaGolden Tentacle (Debut Novel)2020
Raybearer by Jordan IfuekoGolden Tentacle (Debut Novel)2020
The Animals in That Country by Laura Jean McKayGolden Tentacle (Debut Novel)2020
Sharks in the Time of Saviors by Kawai Strong WashburnGolden Tentacle (Debut Novel)2020
The Harpy: A Novel by Megan HunterInky Tentacle (Cover Art)2020
The City We Became by N. K. JemisinInky Tentacle (Cover Art)2020
Monstrous Heart by Claire McKennaInky Tentacle (Cover Art)2020
Little Eyes by Samanta SchweblinInky Tentacle (Cover Art)2020
A Tall History of Sugar by Curdella ForbesRed Tentacle (Novel)2020
The City We Became by N. K. JemisinRed Tentacle (Novel)2020
The Lost Future of Pepperharrow by Natasha PulleyRed Tentacle (Novel)2020
The Ministry for the Future by Kim Stanley RobinsonRed Tentacle (Novel)2020
This Is How You Lose the Time War by Amal El-MohtarRed Tentacle (Novel)2019
Always North by Vicki JarrettRed Tentacle (Novel)2019
The Memory Police by Yoko OgawaRed Tentacle (Novel)2019
From the Wreck by Jane RawsonRed Tentacle (Novel)2019
Record of a Spaceborn Few by Becky ChambersRed Tentacle (Novel)2018
The Smoke by Simon IngsRed Tentacle (Novel)2018
Rosewater by Tade ThompsonRed Tentacle (Novel)2018
Unholy Land by Lavie TidharRed Tentacle (Novel)2018
Age of Assassins by R. J. BarkerGolden Tentacle (Debut Novel)2017
How Saints Die by Carmen MarcusGolden Tentacle (Debut Novel)2017
The Black Tides of Heaven by Neon YangGolden Tentacle (Debut Novel)2017
Mandelbrot the Magnificent by Liz ZiemskaGolden Tentacle (Debut Novel)2017
Our Memory Like Dust by Gavin ChaitInky Tentacle (Cover Art)2017
The Real-Town Murders by Adam RobertsInky Tentacle (Cover Art)2017
The Land of Neverendings by Kate SaundersInky Tentacle (Cover Art)2017
Black Wave by Michelle TeaInky Tentacle (Cover Art)2017
Fever by Deon MeyerRed Tentacle (Novel)2017
City of Circles by Jess RichardsRed Tentacle (Novel)2017
We See Everything by William SutcliffeRed Tentacle (Novel)2017
Black Wave by Michelle TeaRed Tentacle (Novel)2017
Blackass by A. Igoni BarrettGolden Tentacle (Debut Novel)2015
The Gracekeepers by Kirsty LoganGolden Tentacle (Debut Novel)2015
The Night Clock by Paul MeloyGolden Tentacle (Debut Novel)2015
The Shore by Sara TaylorGolden Tentacle (Debut Novel)2015
Europe at Midnight by Dave HutchinsonRed Tentacle (Novel)2015
The Fifth Season by N. K. JemisinRed Tentacle (Novel)2015
The Thing Itself by Adam RobertsRed Tentacle (Novel)2015
The Reflection by Hugo WilckenRed Tentacle (Novel)2015
The Girl in the Road by Monica ByrneGolden Tentacle (Debut Novel)2014
The Long Way to a Small, Angry Planet by Becky ChambersGolden Tentacle (Debut Novel)2014
Memory of Water by Emmi ItärantaGolden Tentacle (Debut Novel)2014
The People in the Trees by Hanya YanagiharaGolden Tentacle (Debut Novel)2014
The Race by Nina AllanRed Tentacle (Novel)2014
The Peripheral by William GibsonRed Tentacle (Novel)2014
Lagoon by Nnedi OkoraforRed Tentacle (Novel)2014
The Way Inn: A Novel by Will WilesRed Tentacle (Novel)2014
A Calculated Life by Anne CharnockGolden Tentacle (Debut Novel)2013
Stray by Monica HesseGolden Tentacle (Debut Novel)2013
Nexus by Ramez NaamGolden Tentacle (Debut Novel)2013
Mr Penumbra's 24-Hour Bookstore by Robin SloanGolden Tentacle (Debut Novel)2013
Red Doc> by Anne CarsonRed Tentacle (Novel)2013
More Than This by Patrick NessRed Tentacle (Novel)2013
Bleeding Edge by Thomas PynchonRed Tentacle (Novel)2013
The Machine by James SmytheRed Tentacle (Novel)2013
vN: The First Machine Dynasty by Madeline AshbyGolden Tentacle (Debut Novel)2012
The Panopticon by Jenni FaganGolden Tentacle (Debut Novel)2012
Seraphina by Rachel HartmanGolden Tentacle (Debut Novel)2012
The City's Son by Tom PollockGolden Tentacle (Debut Novel)2012
The Folly of the World by Jesse BullingtonRed Tentacle (Novel)2012
A Face Like Glass by Frances HardingeRed Tentacle (Novel)2012
Jack Glass by Adam RobertsRed Tentacle (Novel)2012
The Method by Juli ZehRed Tentacle (Novel)2012
Among Thieves by Douglas HulickGolden Tentacle (Debut Novel)2011
The Night Circus by Erin MorgensternGolden Tentacle (Debut Novel)2011
The Samaritan by Fred VenturiniGolden Tentacle (Debut Novel)2011
The Enterprise of Death by Jesse BullingtonRed Tentacle (Novel)2011
Embassytown by China MiévilleRed Tentacle (Novel)2011
The Testament of Jessie Lamb by Jane RogersRed Tentacle (Novel)2011
Osama by Lavie TidharRed Tentacle (Novel)2011
Children's Crusade by Scott AndrewsRed Tentacle (Novel)2010
Kraken by China MiévilleRed Tentacle (Novel)2010
The Folding Knife by K. J. ParkerRed Tentacle (Novel)2010
Aurorarama by Jean-Christophe ValtatRed Tentacle (Novel)2010
Best Served Cold by Joe AbercrombieRed Tentacle (Novel)2009
Pride and Prejudice and Zombies by Seth Grahame-SmithRed Tentacle (Novel)2009
The Magicians by Lev GrossmanRed Tentacle (Novel)2009
The Selected Works of T. S. Spivet by Reif LarsenRed Tentacle (Novel)2009

Nominee 1


The Red Tentacle is awarded annually to the novel containing speculative or fantastic elements that best fulfills the criteria of intelligent, progressive and entertaining. (English, Member-written)
The Golden Tentacle is awarded annually to the debut novel that best fits the criteria of progressive, intelligent and entertaining. The book must be the author's first published work of novel-length fiction in any genre. (English, Member-written)


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