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The T. S. Eliot Prize for Poetry is awarded by the Poetry Book Society to "the best collection of new verse in English first published in the UK or the Republic of Ireland"[1] in any particular year. show more The Prize was inaugurated in 1993 in celebration of the Poetry Book Society's 40th birthday and in honour of its founding poet, T. S. Eliot. The £15,000 prize money is donated by Eliot's widow, Mrs Valerie Eliot. Eligibility a) First publication in the UK may include simultaneous publication (within a period of six months) in other countries. b) A collection must be the work of one poet. Anthologies and volumes of collected or selected work will not be eligible. c) A posthumous collection will be eligible only if it is published within nine months of the poet's death. d) At least eighty percent of the poems in the collection must not have been published before in book form. e) Books which contain more than 20% translations (or versions, imitations or any poetry inspired by the work of one or more other writers) will not be eligible. Percentages should be calculated on the total number of lines of poetry in a book. f) A 'book' shall be defined as having at least 48 pages. g) Entries from individual poets of their own work will not be accepted. show less
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October 2: Shortlist2023 Recent

Winner 30

Shortlist 187

Self-Portrait as Othello by Jason Allen-Paisant2023
More Sky by Joe Carrick-Varty2023
A Change in the Air by Jane Clarke2023
The Ink Cloud Reader by Kit Fan2023
Standing in the Forest of Being Alive by Katie Farris2023
School of Instructions: A Poem by Ishion Hutchinson2023
The Map of the World by Eiléan Ní Chuilleanáin2023
Balladz by Sharon Olds2023
I Think We’re Alone Now by Abigail Parry2023
All The Names Given by Raymond Antrobus2021
A Blood Condition by Kayo Chingonyi2021
Men Who Feed Pigeons by Selima Hill2021
Eat or We Both Starve by Victoria Kennefick2021
The Kids by Hannah Lowe2021
Ransom by Michael Symmons Roberts2021
A Year in the New Life by Jack Underwood2021
Stones: Poems by Kevin Young2021
Postcolonial Love Poem by Natalie Diaz2020
Deformations by Sasha Dugdale2020
Shine, Darling by Ella Frears2020
Rendang by Will Harris2020
Love Minus Love by Wayne Holloway-Smith2020
Life Without Air by Daisy Lafarge2020
How The Hell Are You? by Glyn Maxwell2020
Sometimes I Never Suffered by Shane McCrae2020
The Martian's Regress by Jo Morgan2020
After the Formalities by Anthony Anaxagorou2019
Vertigo & Ghost by Fiona Benson2019
Surge by Jay Bernard2019
Deaf Republic: Poems by Ilya Kaminsky2019
Arias by Sharon Olds2019
The Million-Petalled Flower of Being Here by Vidyan Ravinthiran2019
Erato by Deryn Rees-Jones2019
The Caiplie Caves by Karen Solie2019
Insistence by Ailbhe Darcy2018
American Sonnets for My Past and Future Assassin by Terrance Hayes2018
Us by Zaffar Kunial2018
Feel Free by Nick Laird2018
THE DISTAL POINT by Fiona Moore2018
Shrines of Upper Austria by Phoebe Power2018
Soho (Faber Poetry) by Richard Scott2018
Wade in the Water: Poems by Tracy K. Smith2018
The tragic death of Eleanor Marx by Tara Bergin2017
The Noise of a Fly by Douglas Dunn2017
The Radio by Leontia Flynn2017
So glad I'm me by Roddy Lumsden2017
Mancunia by Michael Symmons Roberts2017
All My Mad Mothers by Jacqueline Saphra2017
The Abandoned Settlements by James Sheard2017
Void Studies by Rachael Boast2016
Measures of Expatriation by Vahni Capildeo2016
The Blind Roadmaker by Ian Duhig2016
Interference Pattern (Cape Poetry) by Jo Morgan2016
The seasons of Cullen church by Bernard O'Donoghue2016
Falling awake by Alice Oswald2016
Say Something Back by Denise Riley2016
Every Little Sound by Ruby Robinson2016
The remedies by Katharine Towers2016
Deep Lane: Poems by Mark Doty2015
Not in This World by Tracey Herd2015
Jutland by Selima Hill2015
The World Before Snow by Tim Liardet2015
Waiting for the Past by Les Murray2015
The Beautiful Librarians by Sean O'Brien2015
40 Sonnets by Don Paterson2015
Beauty/Beauty by Rebecca Perry2015
Citizen: An American Lyric by Claudia Rankine2015
Bright Travellers by Fiona Benson2014
All One Breath by John Burnside2014
Faithful and Virtuous Night by Louise Glück2014
The Stairwell by Michael Longley2014
Fauverie by Pascale Petit2014
Letter Composed During a Lull in the Fighting: Poems by Kevin Powers2014
When God is a Traveller by Arundhathi Subramaniam2014
I Knew the Bride by Hugo Williams2014
At the Time of Partition by Moniza Alvi2013
The Death of King Arthur: A New Verse Translation by Anonymous2012
Bee Journal by Sean Borodale2012
Ice by Gillian Clarke2012
The World's Two Smallest Humans by Julia Copus2012
The Dark Film by Paul Farley2012
Place: New Poems by Jorie Graham2012
The Overhaul by Kathleen Jamie2012
The Havocs by Jacob Polley2012
Burying the Wren by Deryn Rees-Jones2012
The Bees by Carol Ann Duffy2011
Night by David Harsent2011
Armour by John Kinsella2011
Tippoo Sultan's Incredible White-Man-Eating Tiger Toy-Machine!!! by Daljit Nagra2011
November by Sean O'Brien2011
Farmers Cross by Bernard O'Donoghue2011
Memorial by Alice Oswald2011
Seeing Stars by Simon Armitage2010
The Mirabelles by Annie Freud2010
You by John Haynes2010
Human Chain by Seamus Heaney2010
What the Water Gave Me: Poems After Frida Kahlo by Pascale Petit2010
The Wrecking Light by Robin Robertson2010
Rough Music by Fiona Sampson2010
Phantom Noise by Brian Turner2010
New Light for the Old Dark by Sam Willetts2010
Continental Shelf by Fred D'Aguiar2009
Over by Jane Draycott2009
Through the Square Window (Poetry Book Society Choice) by Sinéad Morrissey2009
The Sun-fish by Eiléan Ní Chuilleanáin2009
One Secret Thing by Sharon Olds2009
Weeds and Wild Flowers by Alice Oswald2009
A Scattering by Christopher Reid2009
The Burning of the Books and Other Poems by George Szirtes2009
West End Final by Hugo Williams2009
Europa by Moniza Alvi2008
The Glass Swarm by Peter Bennet2008
For All We Know by Ciaran Carson2008
Full Volume by Robert Crawford2008
Life Under Water by Maura Dooley2008
Theories and Apparitions by Mark Doty2008
The Lost leader by Mick Imlah2008
Hide Now by Glyn Maxwell2008
Yellow Studio (Oxford Poets) by Stephen Romer2008
The Speed of Dark by Ian Duhig2007
Hawks and Doves by Alan A. Gillis2007
Pessimism for Beginners by Sophie Hannah2007
The Meanest Flower (Poetry Book Society Recommendation) by Mimi Khalvati2007
Public Dream by Frances Leviston2007
The Pomegranates of Kandahar by Sarah Maguire2007
A Book of Lives by Edwin Morgan2007
Common Prayer by Fiona Sampson2007
Black Moon by Matthew Sweeney2007
Tyrannosaurus Rex versus The Corduroy Kid by Simon Armitage2006
Tramp in Flames by Paul Farley2006
Bad Shaman Blues by W. N. Herbert2006
After: Poems by Jane Hirshfield2006
The Blood Choir by Tim Liardet2006
Horse Latitudes by Paul Muldoon2006
Swithering by Robin Robertson2006
Redgrove's Wife by Penelope Shuttle2006
Dear Room by Hugo Williams2006
Take Me with You by Polly Clark2005
Intimates by Helen Farish2005
Legion by David Harsent2005
State of the Prisons by Sinéad Morrissey2005
Woods etc. by Alice Oswald2005
The Huntress by Pascale Petit2005
The Movement of Bodies by Sheenagh Pugh2005
Stolen Love Behaviour by John Stammers2005
We Were Pedestrians by Gerard Woodward2005
The Full Indian Rope Trick by Colette Bryce2004
The Never-Never by Kathryn Gray2004
The Tree House by Kathleen Jamie2004
Snow Water by Michael Longley2004
The Soho Leopard by Ruth Padel2004
The Road to Inver by Tom Paulin2004
Afterburner by Peter Porter2004
Corpus by Michael Symmons Roberts2004
Blues by John Hartley Williams2004
Nine Horses: Poems by Billy Collins2003
Manhandling the Deity by John F. Deane2003
The Lammas Hireling by Ian Duhig2003
Minsk by Lavinia Greenlaw2003
Ink Stone (Faber Poetry) by Jamie McKendrick2003
Outliving by Bernard O'Donoghue2003
The Brink by Jacob Polley2003
For and After by Christopher Reid2003
Hard Water by Jean Sprackland2003
The Universal Home Doctor by Simon Armitage2002
The Light Trap by John Burnside2002
The Ice Age: A Collection of Poems by Paul Farley2002
Marriage by David Harsent2002
The Orchards of Syon by Geoffrey Hill2002
A Rough Climate by E. A. Markham2002
Between Here and There: New Poems by Sinéad Morrissey2002
Moy Sand and Gravel: Poems by Paul Muldoon2002
Voodoo Shop by Ruth Padel2002
Lintel by Gillian Allnutt2001
The Age of Cardboard and String by Charles Boyle2001
Electric Light by Seamus Heaney2001
Speech! Speech! by Geoffrey Hill2001
Bunny by Selima Hill2001
Landscape with Chainsaw: Poems by James Lasdun2001
Downriver by Sean O'Brien2001
The Zoo Father by Pascale Petit2001
Burning Babylon by Michael Symmons Roberts2001
The Asylum Dance by John Burnside2000
Jizzen by Kathleen Jamie1999
Canada by John Hartley Williams1997
Queen of Sheba by Kathleen Jamie1995
Forked Tongue by W. N. Herbert1994


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