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Since 1982, Nebraska Golden Sower Award has sought to sow seeds which stimulate children's thinking, introduce different types of literature, encourage independent reading, increase library skills,

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July 18: Nominee2023 Recent

Nominee 1,330

A Place to Hang the Moon by Kate AlbusHoneybee (Chapter Book)2023
Willodeen by Katherine ApplegateHoneybee (Chapter Book)2023
Imaginary by Lee BaconHoneybee (Chapter Book)2023
Across the Desert by Dusti BowlingHoneybee (Chapter Book)2023
Rez Dogs by Joseph BruchacHoneybee (Chapter Book)2023
What Comes Next by Rob BuyeaHoneybee (Chapter Book)2023
A Duet for Home by Karina Yan GlaserHoneybee (Chapter Book)2023
Six Feet Below Zero by Ena JonesHoneybee (Chapter Book)2023
Time Villains by Victor PiñeiroHoneybee (Chapter Book)2023
One Small Hop by Madelyn RosenbergHoneybee (Chapter Book)2023
Time for Bed, Old House by Janet Costa BatesLittle Bluestem (Picture Book)2023
Milo Imagines the World by Matt de la PeñaLittle Bluestem (Picture Book)2023
Knight Owl by Christopher DeniseLittle Bluestem (Picture Book)2023
Not Yeti by Kelly DiPucchioLittle Bluestem (Picture Book)2023
Norman Didn't Do It!: (Yes, He Did) by Ryan T. HigginsLittle Bluestem (Picture Book)2023
Something's Wrong!: A Bear, a Hare, and Some Underwear by Jory JohnLittle Bluestem (Picture Book)2023
Bathe the Cat by Alice B. McGintyLittle Bluestem (Picture Book)2023
Chester van Chime Who Forgot How to Rhyme by Avery MonsenLittle Bluestem (Picture Book)2023
Chez Bob by Bob SheaLittle Bluestem (Picture Book)2023
Bear Is a Bear by Jonathan StutzmanLittle Bluestem (Picture Book)2023
Amari and the Night Brothers by B. B. AlstonMeadowlark (Novel)2023
Starfish by Lisa FippsMeadowlark (Novel)2023
Alone by Megan E. FreemanMeadowlark (Novel)2023
Year of the Reaper by Makiia LucierMeadowlark (Novel)2023
Too Bright to See by Kyle LukoffMeadowlark (Novel)2023
Ten Thousand Tries by Amy MakechnieMeadowlark (Novel)2023
Paradise on Fire by Jewell Parker RhodesMeadowlark (Novel)2023
Daughter of the Deep by Rick RiordanMeadowlark (Novel)2023
Fallout: Spies, Superbombs, and the Ultimate Cold War Showdown by Steve SheinkinMeadowlark (Novel)2023
The Shape of Thunder by Jasmine WargaMeadowlark (Novel)2023
The Incredibly Dead Pets of Rex Dexter by Aaron ReynoldsHoneybee (Chapter Book)2022
Stella by McCall HoyleHoneybee (Chapter Book)2022
Twins by Varian JohnsonHoneybee (Chapter Book)2022
Letters from Cuba by Ruth BeharHoneybee (Chapter Book)2022
Every Missing Piece by Melanie ConklinHoneybee (Chapter Book)2022
The Silver Arrow by Lev GrossmanHoneybee (Chapter Book)2022
The Lion of Mars by Jennifer L. HolmHoneybee (Chapter Book)2022
Clues to the Universe by Christina LiHoneybee (Chapter Book)2022
The List of Things That Will Not Change by Rebecca SteadHoneybee (Chapter Book)2022
Brave Like That by Lindsey StoddardHoneybee (Chapter Book)2022
The Box Turtle by Vanessa RoederLittle Bluestem (Picture Book)2022
This Way, Charlie by Caron LevisLittle Bluestem (Picture Book)2022
On Account of the Gum by Adam RexLittle Bluestem (Picture Book)2022
Trees Make Perfect Pets by Paul CzajakLittle Bluestem (Picture Book)2022
The Three Billy Goats Buenos by Susan Middleton ElyaLittle Bluestem (Picture Book)2022
Lift by Minh LêLittle Bluestem (Picture Book)2022
The Perfectly Perfect Wish by Lisa MantchevLittle Bluestem (Picture Book)2022
How to Catch a Clover Thief by Elise ParsleyLittle Bluestem (Picture Book)2022
Outside, Inside by LeUyen PhamLittle Bluestem (Picture Book)2022
Mel Fell by Corey R. TaborLittle Bluestem (Picture Book)2022
The Inheritance Games by Jennifer Lynn BarnesMeadowlark (Novel)2022
Unplugged by Gordon KormanMeadowlark (Novel)2022
Millionaires for the Month by Stacy McAnultyMeadowlark (Novel)2022
Flight of the Puffin by Ann BradenMeadowlark (Novel)2022
Fighting Words by Kimberly Brubaker BradleyMeadowlark (Novel)2022
Efren Divided by Ernesto CisnerosMeadowlark (Novel)2022
Golden Arm by Carl DeukerMeadowlark (Novel)2022
Dragon Ops by Mari MancusiMeadowlark (Novel)2022
Coop Knows the Scoop by Taryn SoudersMeadowlark (Novel)2022
Before the Ever After by Jacqueline WoodsonMeadowlark (Novel)2022
Strongheart: Wonder Dog of the Silver Screen by Candace FlemingHoneybee (Chapter Book)2021
Bob by Wendy MassHoneybee (Chapter Book)2021
Max and the Midknights (Max & The Midknights) by Lincoln PeirceHoneybee (Chapter Book)2021
The Next Great Paulie Fink by Ali BenjaminHoneybee (Chapter Book)2021
Saving Winslow by Sharon CreechHoneybee (Chapter Book)2021
Ruby in the Sky by Jeanne Zulick FerruoloHoneybee (Chapter Book)2021
The Miscalculations of Lightning Girl by Stacy McAnultyHoneybee (Chapter Book)2021
Captain Superlative by J. S. PullerHoneybee (Chapter Book)2021
Hope in The Holler by Lisa Lewis TyreHoneybee (Chapter Book)2021
The Unsung Hero of Birdsong, USA by Brenda WoodsHoneybee (Chapter Book)2021
Crash, Splash, or Moo! by Bob SheaLittle Bluestem (Picture Book)2021
This Is a Taco! by Andrew CangeloseLittle Bluestem (Picture Book)2021
We Don't Eat Our Classmates by Ryan T. HigginsLittle Bluestem (Picture Book)2021
Grumpy Monkey by Suzanne LangLittle Bluestem (Picture Book)2021
Got to Get to Bear's! by Brian LiesLittle Bluestem (Picture Book)2021
Be Kind by Pat Zietlow MillerLittle Bluestem (Picture Book)2021
Thank You, Omu! by Oge MoraLittle Bluestem (Picture Book)2021
Neck & Neck by Elise ParsleyLittle Bluestem (Picture Book)2021
The Donkey Egg by Janet StevensLittle Bluestem (Picture Book)2021
Sweety by Andrea ZuillLittle Bluestem (Picture Book)2021
Ghost Boys by Jewell Parker RhodesMeadowlark (Novel)2021
Time Bomb by Joelle CharbonneauMeadowlark (Novel)2021
Dry by Neal ShustermanMeadowlark (Novel)2021
Marcus Vega Doesn't Speak Spanish by Pablo CartayaMeadowlark (Novel)2021
New Kid by Jerry CraftMeadowlark (Novel)2021
The Unteachables by Gordon KormanMeadowlark (Novel)2021
Batman: Nightwalker by Marie LuMeadowlark (Novel)2021
Resistance by Jennifer A. NielsenMeadowlark (Novel)2021
Speechless by Adam P. SchmittMeadowlark (Novel)2021
City of Ghosts by V. E. SchwabMeadowlark (Novel)2021
The Magic Misfits by Neil Patrick HarrisHoneybee (Chapter Book)2020
Wishtree by Katherine ApplegateHoneybee (Chapter Book)2020
The Doughnut Fix by Jessie JanowitzHoneybee (Chapter Book)2020
Sidetracked by Diana Harmon AsherHoneybee (Chapter Book)2020
I Love You, Michael Collins by Lauren Baratz-LogstedHoneybee (Chapter Book)2020
The Perfect Score by Rob BuyeaHoneybee (Chapter Book)2020
The Losers Club by Andrew ClementsHoneybee (Chapter Book)2020
The Vanderbeekers of 141st Street by Karina Yan GlaserHoneybee (Chapter Book)2020
The Sky at Our Feet by Nadia HashimiHoneybee (Chapter Book)2020
Lemons by Melissa SavageHoneybee (Chapter Book)2020
Baby Monkey, Private Eye by Brian SelznickLittle Bluestem (Picture Book)2020
Can I Be Your Dog? by Troy CummingsLittle Bluestem (Picture Book)2020
The Legend of Rock Paper Scissors by Drew DaywaltLittle Bluestem (Picture Book)2020
Mae Among the Stars by Roda AhmedLittle Bluestem (Picture Book)2020
Hello Goodbye Dog by Maria GianferrariLittle Bluestem (Picture Book)2020
Charlotte and the Rock by Stephen W. MartinLittle Bluestem (Picture Book)2020
Creepy Pair of Underwear! by Aaron ReynoldsLittle Bluestem (Picture Book)2020
The Word Collector by Peter H. ReynoldsLittle Bluestem (Picture Book)2020
I Want That Nut! by Madeline ValentineLittle Bluestem (Picture Book)2020
Hattie & Hudson by Chris Van DusenLittle Bluestem (Picture Book)2020
Restart by Gordon KormanMeadowlark (Novel)2020
Not If I Save You First by Ally CarterMeadowlark (Novel)2020
Refugee by Alan GratzMeadowlark (Novel)2020
Wonder Woman: Warbringer by Leigh BardugoMeadowlark (Novel)2020
The Truth as Told by Mason Buttle by Leslie ConnorMeadowlark (Novel)2020
Hooper by Geoff HerbachMeadowlark (Novel)2020
Warcross by Marie LuMeadowlark (Novel)2020
The Traitor's Game by Jennifer A. NielsenMeadowlark (Novel)2020
The Ethan I Was Before by Ali StandishMeadowlark (Novel)2020
Wild Bird by Wendelin Van DraanenMeadowlark (Novel)2020
Maxi's Secrets: (or what you can learn from a dog) by Lynn PlourdeHoneybee (Chapter Book)2019
The Wild Robot by Peter BrownHoneybee (Chapter Book)2019
Wish by Barbara O'ConnorHoneybee (Chapter Book)2019
Soar by Joan BauerHoneybee (Chapter Book)2019
All Rise for the Honorable Perry T. Cook by Leslie ConnorHoneybee (Chapter Book)2019
Moo by Sharon CreechHoneybee (Chapter Book)2019
Garvey's Choice by Nikki GrimesHoneybee (Chapter Book)2019
Slacker by Gordon KormanHoneybee (Chapter Book)2019
Towers Falling by Jewell Parker RhodesHoneybee (Chapter Book)2019
Save Me a Seat by Sarah WeeksHoneybee (Chapter Book)2019
Madeline Finn and the Library Dog by Lisa PappLittle Bluestem (Picture Book)2019
I Am Not a Chair by Ross BurachLittle Bluestem (Picture Book)2019
Anything But Ordinary Addie: The True Story of Adelaide Herrmann, Queen of Magic by Mara RockliffLittle Bluestem (Picture Book)2019
Life on Mars by Jon AgeeLittle Bluestem (Picture Book)2019
Thunder Boy Jr. by Sherman AlexieLittle Bluestem (Picture Book)2019
Hammer and Nails by Josh BledsoeLittle Bluestem (Picture Book)2019
Dragon Was Terrible by Kelly DiPucchioLittle Bluestem (Picture Book)2019
Frankencrayon by Michael HallLittle Bluestem (Picture Book)2019
Sound of All Things, The by Myron UhlbergLittle Bluestem (Picture Book)2019
The Water Princess by Susan VerdeLittle Bluestem (Picture Book)2019
Scythe by Neal ShustermanMeadowlark (Novel)2019
Projekt 1065 by Alan GratzMeadowlark (Novel)2019
The Girl I Used to Be by April HenryMeadowlark (Novel)2019
The Forgetting by Sharon CameronMeadowlark (Novel)2019
When Friendship Followed Me Home by Paul GriffinMeadowlark (Novel)2019
Girl in the Blue Coat by Monica HesseMeadowlark (Novel)2019
Ryan Quinn and the Rebel's Escape by Ron McGeeMeadowlark (Novel)2019
Ghost by Jason ReynoldsMeadowlark (Novel)2019
Desert Dark by Sonja StoneMeadowlark (Novel)2019
Wolf Hollow by Lauren WolkMeadowlark (Novel)2019
Fuzzy Mud by Louis SacharHoneybee (Chapter Book)2018
The Seventh Most Important Thing by Shelley PearsallHoneybee (Chapter Book)2018
Baker's Magic by Diane ZahlerHoneybee (Chapter Book)2018
Crenshaw by Katherine ApplegateHoneybee (Chapter Book)2018
Book Scavenger by Jennifer Chambliss BertmanHoneybee (Chapter Book)2018
Ruby Lee and Me by Shannon HitchcockHoneybee (Chapter Book)2018
Paper Things by Jennifer Richard JacobsonHoneybee (Chapter Book)2018
A Handful of Stars by Cynthia LordHoneybee (Chapter Book)2018
All the Answers by Kate MessnerHoneybee (Chapter Book)2018
Appleblossom the Possum by Holly Goldberg SloanHoneybee (Chapter Book)2018
We Forgot Brock! by Carter GoodrichLittle Bluestem (Picture Book)2018
Wolfie the Bunny by Ame DyckmanLittle Bluestem (Picture Book)2018
If You Plant a Seed by Kadir NelsonLittle Bluestem (Picture Book)2018
Job Wanted by Teresa BatemanLittle Bluestem (Picture Book)2018
Duncan the Story Dragon by Amanda DriscollLittle Bluestem (Picture Book)2018
Mother Bruce by Ryan T. HigginsLittle Bluestem (Picture Book)2018
Marilyn's Monster by Michelle KnudsenLittle Bluestem (Picture Book)2018
New Shoes by Susan Lynn MeyerLittle Bluestem (Picture Book)2018
One Plastic Bag: Isatou Ceesay and the Recycling Women of the Gambia by Miranda PaulLittle Bluestem (Picture Book)2018
Miss Hazeltine's home for shy and fearful cats by Alicia PotterLittle Bluestem (Picture Book)2018
House Arrest by K. A. HoltMeadowlark (Novel)2018
Code of Honor by Alan GratzMeadowlark (Novel)2018
Orbiting Jupiter by Gary D. SchmidtMeadowlark (Novel)2018
Booked by Kwame AlexanderMeadowlark (Novel)2018
Took: A Ghost Story by Mary Downing HahnMeadowlark (Novel)2018
Terror at Bottle Creek by Watt KeyMeadowlark (Novel)2018
Losers Take All by David KlassMeadowlark (Novel)2018
A Night Divided by Jennifer A. NielsenMeadowlark (Novel)2018
I Am Princess X by Cherie PriestMeadowlark (Novel)2018
Faceless by Alyssa SheinmelMeadowlark (Novel)2018
The War That Saved My Life by Kimberly Brubaker BradleyHoneybee (Chapter Book)2017
El Deafo by Cece BellHoneybee (Chapter Book)2017
Loot by Jude WatsonHoneybee (Chapter Book)2017
Frostborn by Lou AndersHoneybee (Chapter Book)2017
Life on Mars by Jennifer BrownHoneybee (Chapter Book)2017
Stella by Starlight by Sharon M. DraperHoneybee (Chapter Book)2017
Absolutely Almost by Lisa GraffHoneybee (Chapter Book)2017
The Fourteenth Goldfish by Jennifer L. HolmHoneybee (Chapter Book)2017
Fish in a Tree by Lynda Mullaly HuntHoneybee (Chapter Book)2017
Dash by Kirby LarsonHoneybee (Chapter Book)2017
Gaston by Kelly DiPucchioLittle Bluestem (Picture Book)2017
Ivan: The Remarkable True Story of the Shopping Mall Gorilla by Katherine ApplegateLittle Bluestem (Picture Book)2017
Ninja Red Riding Hood by Corey Rosen SchwartzLittle Bluestem (Picture Book)2017
My Grandfather's Coat by Jim AylesworthLittle Bluestem (Picture Book)2017
Elizabeth, Queen of the Seas by Lynne CoxLittle Bluestem (Picture Book)2017
I Am Cow, Hear Me Moo! by Jill EsbaumLittle Bluestem (Picture Book)2017
A Piece of Cake by LeUyen PhamLittle Bluestem (Picture Book)2017
Blizzard by John RoccoLittle Bluestem (Picture Book)2017
Emmanuel's Dream: The True Story of Emmanuel Ofosu Yeboah by Laurie Ann ThompsonLittle Bluestem (Picture Book)2017
Winnie: The True Story of the Bear Who Inspired Winnie-the-Pooh by Sally M. WalkerLittle Bluestem (Picture Book)2017
Red Queen by Victoria AveyardMeadowlark (Novel)2017
Famous Last Words by Katie AlenderMeadowlark (Novel)2017
Torn Away by Jennifer BrownMeadowlark (Novel)2017
The Summer I Saved the World . . . in 65 Days by Michele Weber HurwitzMeadowlark (Novel)2017
Grandmaster by David KlassMeadowlark (Novel)2017
Jackaby by William RitterMeadowlark (Novel)2017
No Summit out of Sight: The True Story of the Youngest Person to Climb the Seven Summits by Jordan RomeroMeadowlark (Novel)2017
The Winner's Curse by Marie RutkoskiMeadowlark (Novel)2017
Hunt for the Bamboo Rat by Graham SalisburyMeadowlark (Novel)2017
Beneath by Roland SmithMeadowlark (Novel)2017
Escape from Mr. Lemoncello's Library by Chris GrabensteinHoneybee (Chapter Book)2016
Darling, Mercy Dog of World War I (Dog Chronicles) by Alison HartHoneybee (Chapter Book)2016
Rump: The True Story of Rumplestiltskin by Liesl ShurtliffHoneybee (Chapter Book)2016
Hold Fast by Blue BalliettHoneybee (Chapter Book)2016
Sky Jumpers by Peggy EddlemanHoneybee (Chapter Book)2016
Charlie Bumpers vs. the Teacher of the Year by Bill HarleyHoneybee (Chapter Book)2016
A Snicker of Magic by Natalie LloydHoneybee (Chapter Book)2016
Half a Chance by Cynthia LordHoneybee (Chapter Book)2016
The Girl from Felony Bay by J. E. ThompsonHoneybee (Chapter Book)2016
The Blossoming Universe of Violet Diamond by Brenda WoodsHoneybee (Chapter Book)2016
The Day the Crayons Quit by Drew DaywaltLittle Bluestem (Picture Book)2016
My Crocodile Does Not Bite (Carolrhoda Picture Books) by Joe KulkaLittle Bluestem (Picture Book)2016
That Is Not a Good Idea! by Mo WillemsLittle Bluestem (Picture Book)2016
Simpson's Sheep Won't Go To Sleep! by Bruce ArantLittle Bluestem (Picture Book)2016
No Pirates Allowed Said Library Lou by Rhonda Gowler GreeneLittle Bluestem (Picture Book)2016
Rufus Goes to School by Kim T. GriswellLittle Bluestem (Picture Book)2016
Meanwhile, Back at the Ranch by Anne IsaacsLittle Bluestem (Picture Book)2016
The Invisible Boy by Trudy LudwigLittle Bluestem (Picture Book)2016
Sophie's Squash by Pat Zietlow MillerLittle Bluestem (Picture Book)2016
Super Hair-o and the Barber of Doom by John RoccoLittle Bluestem (Picture Book)2016
Stung by Bethany WigginsMeadowlark (Novel)2016
The Testing by Joelle CharbonneauMeadowlark (Novel)2016
The Girl Who Was Supposed to Die by April HenryMeadowlark (Novel)2016
Turn Left at the Cow by Lisa BullardMeadowlark (Novel)2016
The Lightning Dreamer: Cuba's Greatest Abolitionist by Margarita EngleMeadowlark (Novel)2016
QB 1 by Mike LupicaMeadowlark (Novel)2016
Far Far Away by Tom McNealMeadowlark (Novel)2016
Prisoner 88 by Leah PileggiMeadowlark (Novel)2016
Counting by 7s by Holly Goldberg SloanMeadowlark (Novel)2016
Golden Boy by Tara SullivanMeadowlark (Novel)2016
The False Prince by Jennifer A. NielsenHoneybee (Chapter Book)2015
Eight Keys by Suzanne LaFleurHoneybee (Chapter Book)2015
Jake and Lily by Jerry SpinelliHoneybee (Chapter Book)2015
Malcolm at Midnight by W. H. BeckHoneybee (Chapter Book)2015
A Diamond in the Desert by Kathryn FitzmauriceHoneybee (Chapter Book)2015
Tuesdays at the Castle by Jessica Day GeorgeHoneybee (Chapter Book)2015
The Adventures of Beanboy by Lisa HarkraderHoneybee (Chapter Book)2015
The Underdogs by Mike LupicaHoneybee (Chapter Book)2015
Kindred Souls by Patricia MacLachlanHoneybee (Chapter Book)2015
Three Times Lucky by Sheila TurnageHoneybee (Chapter Book)2015
Creepy Carrots! by Aaron ReynoldsLittle Bluestem (Picture Book)2015
Crafty Chloe by Kelly DiPucchioLittle Bluestem (Picture Book)2015
Randy Riley's Really Big Hit by Chris Van DusenLittle Bluestem (Picture Book)2015
One Cool Friend by Toni BuzzeoLittle Bluestem (Picture Book)2015
Being Frank by Donna W. EarnhardtLittle Bluestem (Picture Book)2015
Lost and Found by Bill HarleyLittle Bluestem (Picture Book)2015
Mousetronaut: Based on a (Partially) True Story by Mark KellyLittle Bluestem (Picture Book)2015
Three Hens and a Peacock by Lester L. LaminackLittle Bluestem (Picture Book)2015
Sky Color by Peter H. ReynoldsLittle Bluestem (Picture Book)2015
Each Kindness by Jacqueline WoodsonLittle Bluestem (Picture Book)2015
Prisoner B-3087 by Alan GratzMeadowlark (Novel)2015
Cinder by Marissa MeyerMeadowlark (Novel)2015
Variant by Robison WellsMeadowlark (Novel)2015
The Raft by S.A. BodeenMeadowlark (Novel)2015
On the Day I Died: Stories from the Grave by Candace FlemingMeadowlark (Novel)2015
Ungifted by Gordon KormanMeadowlark (Novel)2015
The Silence of Murder by Dandi Daley MackallMeadowlark (Novel)2015
Starters by Lissa PriceMeadowlark (Novel)2015
A Long, Long Sleep by Anna SheehanMeadowlark (Novel)2015
Curveball: The Year I Lost My Grip by Jordan SonnenblickMeadowlark (Novel)2015
Wonder by R. J. PalacioHoneybee (Chapter Book)2014
The Candymakers by Wendy MassHoneybee (Chapter Book)2014
The Unwanteds by Lisa McMannHoneybee (Chapter Book)2014
Freaky Fast Frankie Joe by Lutricia CliftonHoneybee (Chapter Book)2014
Wild Life by Cynthia DeFeliceHoneybee (Chapter Book)2014
The Clockwork Three by Matthew J. KirbyHoneybee (Chapter Book)2014
May B. by Caroline Starr RoseHoneybee (Chapter Book)2014
Smells Like Dog by Suzanne SelforsHoneybee (Chapter Book)2014
Wonderstruck by Brian SelznickHoneybee (Chapter Book)2014
Pie by Sarah WeeksHoneybee (Chapter Book)2014
Even Monsters Need Haircuts by Matthew McElligottLittle Bluestem (Picture Book)2014
Mitchell's License by Hallie DurandLittle Bluestem (Picture Book)2014
Interrupting Chicken by David Ezra SteinLittle Bluestem (Picture Book)2014
Prudence Wants a Pet by Cathleen DalyLittle Bluestem (Picture Book)2014
The Lost and Found Pony by Tracy DockrayLittle Bluestem (Picture Book)2014
Arbor Day Square by Kathryn O. GalbraithLittle Bluestem (Picture Book)2014
Have You Seen Mary? by Jeff KurrusLittle Bluestem (Picture Book)2014
When a Dragon Moves In by Jodi MooreLittle Bluestem (Picture Book)2014
Blackout by John RoccoLittle Bluestem (Picture Book)2014
When I Grow Up by Al YankovicLittle Bluestem (Picture Book)2014
Legend by Marie LuMeadowlark (Novel)2014
The Prisoner of Cell 25 by Richard Paul EvansMeadowlark (Novel)2014
Between Shades of Gray by Ruta SepetysMeadowlark (Novel)2014
Jefferson's Sons by Kimberly Brubaker BradleyMeadowlark (Novel)2014
Matched by Ally CondieMeadowlark (Novel)2014
Payback Time by Carl DeukerMeadowlark (Novel)2014
Dark Life by Kat FallsMeadowlark (Novel)2014
Red Cell by John KalkowskiMeadowlark (Novel)2014
Epitaph Road by David PatneaudeMeadowlark (Novel)2014
After Ever After by Jordan SonnenblickMeadowlark (Novel)2014
Because of Mr. Terupt by Rob BuyeaHoneybee (Chapter Book)2013
Out of My Mind by Sharon M. DraperHoneybee (Chapter Book)2013
Love, Aubrey by Suzanne LaFleurHoneybee (Chapter Book)2013
Storm Mountain by Tom BirdseyeHoneybee (Chapter Book)2013
The Familiars by Adam Jay EpsteinHoneybee (Chapter Book)2013
Wildfire Run by Dee GarretsonHoneybee (Chapter Book)2013
Everything for a Dog by Ann M. MartinHoneybee (Chapter Book)2013
The Fantastic Secret of Owen Jester by Barbara O'ConnorHoneybee (Chapter Book)2013
Walls Within Walls by Maureen SherryHoneybee (Chapter Book)2013
Lucky: Maris, Mantle, and My Best Summer Ever by Wes TookeHoneybee (Chapter Book)2013
Nubs: The True Story of a Mutt, a Marine & a Miracle by Brian DennisLittle Bluestem (Picture Book)2013
How Rocket Learned to Read by Tad HillsLittle Bluestem (Picture Book)2013
Memoirs of a Goldfish by Devin ScillianLittle Bluestem (Picture Book)2013
Miss Brooks Loves Books (and I don't) by Barbara BottnerLittle Bluestem (Picture Book)2013
Clever Jack Takes the Cake by Candace FlemingLittle Bluestem (Picture Book)2013
The Little King and His Marshmallow Kingdom by Louis Rotella IIILittle Bluestem (Picture Book)2013
That Cat Can't Stay by Thad KrasneskyLittle Bluestem (Picture Book)2013
Bridget's Beret by Tom LichtenheldLittle Bluestem (Picture Book)2013
Ugly Pie by Lisa WheelerLittle Bluestem (Picture Book)2013
Elsie's Bird by Jane YolenLittle Bluestem (Picture Book)2013
The Running Dream by Wendelin Van DraanenMeadowlark (Novel)2013
Girl, Stolen by April HenryMeadowlark (Novel)2013
Bruiser by Neal ShustermanMeadowlark (Novel)2013
Guitar Boy by M. J. AuchMeadowlark (Novel)2013
All The Broken Pieces by Ann E. BurgMeadowlark (Novel)2013
The Red Umbrella by Christina Diaz GonzalezMeadowlark (Novel)2013
Scat by Carl HiaasenMeadowlark (Novel)2013
A Long Walk to Water: Based on a True Story by Linda Sue ParkMeadowlark (Novel)2013
The Cardturner: A Novel About a King, a Queen, and a Joker by Louis SacharMeadowlark (Novel)2013
A Star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame by Brenda WoodsMeadowlark (Novel)2013
Closed for the Season by Mary Downing HahnHoneybee (Chapter Book)2012
Dying to Meet You by Kate KliseHoneybee (Chapter Book)2012
The Magic Thief by Sarah PrineasHoneybee (Chapter Book)2012
Extra Credit by Andrew ClementsHoneybee (Chapter Book)2012
Kenny and the Dragon by Tony DiTerlizziHoneybee (Chapter Book)2012
Shooting the Moon by Frances O'Roark DowellHoneybee (Chapter Book)2012
Night of the Spadefoot Toads by Bill HarleyHoneybee (Chapter Book)2012
The Evolution of Calpurnia Tate by Jacqueline KellyHoneybee (Chapter Book)2012
Storm Chaser by Chris PlattHoneybee (Chapter Book)2012
Jake Ransom and the Skull King's Shadow by James RollinsHoneybee (Chapter Book)2012
Dewey: There's a Cat in the Library! by Vicki MyronLittle Bluestem (Picture Book)2012
I Need My Monster by Amanda NollLittle Bluestem (Picture Book)2012
Help Me, Mr. Mutt!: Expert Answers for Dogs with People Problems by Janet StevensLittle Bluestem (Picture Book)2012
Creaky Old House: A Topsy-Turvy Tale of a Real Fixer-Upper by Linda AshmanLittle Bluestem (Picture Book)2012
Willoughby & The Lion by Greg FoleyLittle Bluestem (Picture Book)2012
Spot the Plot: A Riddle Book of Book Riddles by J. Patrick LewisLittle Bluestem (Picture Book)2012
Otis by Loren LongLittle Bluestem (Picture Book)2012
Testing the Ice: A True Story About Jackie Robinson by Sharon RobinsonLittle Bluestem (Picture Book)2012
The Circus Ship by Chris Van DusenLittle Bluestem (Picture Book)2012
Ms. McCaw Learns to Draw by Kaethe ZemachLittle Bluestem (Picture Book)2012
The Compound by S.A. BodeenMeadowlark (Novel)2012
Graceling by Kristin CashoreMeadowlark (Novel)2012
The Juvie Three by Gordon KormanMeadowlark (Novel)2012
Anything But Typical by Nora Raleigh BaskinMeadowlark (Novel)2012
Kaleidoscope Eyes by Jen BryantMeadowlark (Novel)2012
The Patron Saint of Butterflies by Cecilia GalanteMeadowlark (Novel)2012
Notes from the Dog by Gary PaulsenMeadowlark (Novel)2012
Killer Pizza by Greg TaylorMeadowlark (Novel)2012
Cold Hands, Warm Heart by Jill WolfsonMeadowlark (Novel)2012
Good Enough by Paula YooMeadowlark (Novel)2012
Stolen Children by Peg KehretHoneybee (Chapter Book)2011
Swindle by Gordon KormanHoneybee (Chapter Book)2011
Savvy by Ingrid LawHoneybee (Chapter Book)2011
Masterpiece by Elise BroachHoneybee (Chapter Book)2011
Gabriel's Horses by Alison HartHoneybee (Chapter Book)2011
Do Not Pass Go by Kirkpatrick HillHoneybee (Chapter Book)2011
Emmy and the Incredible Shrinking Rat by Lynne JonellHoneybee (Chapter Book)2011
Long Shot by Mike LupicaHoneybee (Chapter Book)2011
Paint the Wind by Pam Muñoz RyanHoneybee (Chapter Book)2011
Alcatraz Versus the Evil Librarians by Brandon SandersonHoneybee (Chapter Book)2011
Titanicat by Marty CrispLittle Bluestem (Picture Book)2011
The Dog Who Belonged to No One by Amy HestLittle Bluestem (Picture Book)2011
Duck Soup by Jackie UrbanovicLittle Bluestem (Picture Book)2011
A Visitor for Bear by Bonny BeckerLittle Bluestem (Picture Book)2011
Martina the Beautiful Cockroach: A Cuban Folktale by Carmen Agra DeedyLittle Bluestem (Picture Book)2011
That Book Woman by Heather HensonLittle Bluestem (Picture Book)2011
Abe Lincoln Crosses a Creek: A Tall, Thin Tale (Introducing His Forgotten Frontier Friend) by Deborah HopkinsonLittle Bluestem (Picture Book)2011
Snow Day! by Lester L. LaminackLittle Bluestem (Picture Book)2011
Bats at the Library by Brian LiesLittle Bluestem (Picture Book)2011
Velma Gratch and the Way Cool Butterfly by Alan MadisonLittle Bluestem (Picture Book)2011
The Hunger Games by Suzanne CollinsMeadowlark (Novel)2011
Artichoke's Heart by Suzanne SuppleeMeadowlark (Novel)2011
Fakie by Tony VarratoMeadowlark (Novel)2011
Chains by Laurie Halse AndersonMeadowlark (Novel)2011
Home of the Brave by Katherine ApplegateMeadowlark (Novel)2011
The Boy Who Dared by Susan Campbell BartolettiMeadowlark (Novel)2011
Peeled by Joan BauerMeadowlark (Novel)2011
A Thousand Never Evers by Shana BurgMeadowlark (Novel)2011
Go Big or Go Home by Will HobbsMeadowlark (Novel)2011
Steel Trapp: The Challenge by Ridley PearsonMeadowlark (Novel)2011
Deep and Dark and Dangerous by Mary Downing HahnHoneybee (Chapter Book)2010
The Lemonade War (The Lemonade War Series) by Jacqueline DaviesHoneybee (Chapter Book)2010
The Mysterious Benedict Society by Trenton Lee StewartHoneybee (Chapter Book)2010
Eleven by Patricia Reilly GiffHoneybee (Chapter Book)2010
The Road to Paris by Nikki GrimesHoneybee (Chapter Book)2010
The Homework Machine by Dan GutmanHoneybee (Chapter Book)2010
Sheep by Valerie HobbsHoneybee (Chapter Book)2010
How to Steal a Dog by Barbara O'ConnorHoneybee (Chapter Book)2010
On The Wings of Heroes by Richard PeckHoneybee (Chapter Book)2010
The Aurora County All-Stars by Deborah WilesHoneybee (Chapter Book)2010
The Secret Science Project That Almost Ate the School by Judy SierraLittle Bluestem (Picture Book)2010
Dogku by Andrew ClementsLittle Bluestem (Picture Book)2010
Woolbur by Leslie HelakoskiLittle Bluestem (Picture Book)2010
On Meadowview Street by Henry ColeLittle Bluestem (Picture Book)2010
The Perfect Nest by Catherine FriendLittle Bluestem (Picture Book)2010
Badger's Fancy Meal by Keiko KaszaLittle Bluestem (Picture Book)2010
The Great Texas Hamster Drive by Eric A. KimmelLittle Bluestem (Picture Book)2010
Henry's Freedom Box by Ellen LevineLittle Bluestem (Picture Book)2010
The Orange Shoes by Trinka Hakes NobleLittle Bluestem (Picture Book)2010
Mama, I'll Give You the World by Roni SchotterLittle Bluestem (Picture Book)2010
Cracker!: The Best Dog in Vietnam by Cynthia KadohataMeadowlark (Novel)2010
Peak by Roland SmithMeadowlark (Novel)2010
The Rules of Survival by Nancy WerlinMeadowlark (Novel)2010
Shark Girl by Kelly BinghamMeadowlark (Novel)2010
Diamonds in the Shadow by Caroline B. CooneyMeadowlark (Novel)2010
Red Glass by Laura ResauMeadowlark (Novel)2010
Night of the Howling Dogs by Graham SalisburyMeadowlark (Novel)2010
The Wednesday Wars by Gary D. SchmidtMeadowlark (Novel)2010
The Shadow Thieves by Anne UrsuMeadowlark (Novel)2010
Red Moon at Sharpsburg by Rosemary WellsMeadowlark (Novel)2010
Satch & Me by Dan GutmanHoneybee (Chapter Book)2009
Room One: A Mystery or Two by Andrew ClementsHoneybee (Chapter Book)2009
Rules by Cynthia LordHoneybee (Chapter Book)2009
Whittington by Alan W. ArmstrongHoneybee (Chapter Book)2009
Wing Nut by M. J. AuchHoneybee (Chapter Book)2009
Anna's Blizzard by Alison HartHoneybee (Chapter Book)2009
Out of Order by Betty HicksHoneybee (Chapter Book)2009
Gossamer by Lois LowryHoneybee (Chapter Book)2009
Listening for Lions by Gloria WhelanHoneybee (Chapter Book)2009
Each Little Bird That Sings by Deborah WilesHoneybee (Chapter Book)2009
If I Built a Car by Chris Van DusenLittle Bluestem (Picture Book)2009
Library Lion by Michelle KnudsenLittle Bluestem (Picture Book)2009
Fancy Nancy by Jane O'ConnorLittle Bluestem (Picture Book)2009
Honey... Honey... Lion! by Jan BrettLittle Bluestem (Picture Book)2009
Luck: The Story of a Sandhill Crane by Jean Craighead GeorgeLittle Bluestem (Picture Book)2009
Duck & Goose by Tad HillsLittle Bluestem (Picture Book)2009
The Three Silly Billies by Margie PalatiniLittle Bluestem (Picture Book)2009
Let Them Play by Margot Theis RavenLittle Bluestem (Picture Book)2009
Chicks and Salsa by Aaron ReynoldsLittle Bluestem (Picture Book)2009
Nothing to Do by Douglas WoodLittle Bluestem (Picture Book)2009
Twilight by Stephenie MeyerMeadowlark (Novel)2009
Heat by Mike LupicaMeadowlark (Novel)2009
Life as We Knew It by Susan Beth PfefferMeadowlark (Novel)2009
Shakespeare's Secret by Elise BroachMeadowlark (Novel)2009
Dragon's Keep by Janet Lee CareyMeadowlark (Novel)2009
A Friend at Midnight by Caroline B. CooneyMeadowlark (Novel)2009
Tomorrow, The River by Dianne GrayMeadowlark (Novel)2009
Crossing the Wire by Will HobbsMeadowlark (Novel)2009
A Summer of Kings by Han NolanMeadowlark (Novel)2009
The Legend of Bass Reeves by Gary PaulsenMeadowlark (Novel)2009
The World According to Humphrey by Betty G. BirneyHoneybee (Chapter Book)2008
The SOS File by Betsy ByarsHoneybee (Chapter Book)2008
The Stupendous Dodgeball Fiasco by Janice RepkaHoneybee (Chapter Book)2008
The Penderwicks by Jeanne BirdsallHoneybee (Chapter Book)2008
Heartbeat by Sharon CreechHoneybee (Chapter Book)2008
The Liberation of Gabriel King by K. L. GoingHoneybee (Chapter Book)2008
Defiance by Valerie HobbsHoneybee (Chapter Book)2008
The Scarlet Stockings Spy by Trinka Hakes NobleHoneybee (Chapter Book)2008
Project Mulberry by Linda Sue ParkHoneybee (Chapter Book)2008
Becoming Naomi León by Pam Muñoz RyanHoneybee (Chapter Book)2008
The Great Fuzz Frenzy by Janet StevensLittle Bluestem (Picture Book)2008
Tooth Fairy's First Night (Carolrhoda Picture Books) by Anne BowenLittle Bluestem (Picture Book)2008
Mrs. McBloom, Clean Up Your Classroom! by Kelly DiPucchioLittle Bluestem (Picture Book)2008
Wallace's Lists by Barbara BottnerLittle Bluestem (Picture Book)2008
Mr. George Baker by Amy HestLittle Bluestem (Picture Book)2008
Catching the Moon: The Story of a Young Girl's Baseball Dream by Crystal HubbardLittle Bluestem (Picture Book)2008
Nora's Ark by Natalie Kinsey-WarnockLittle Bluestem (Picture Book)2008
I Wanna Iguana by Karen Kaufman OrloffLittle Bluestem (Picture Book)2008
Effie's Image by N. L. SharpLittle Bluestem (Picture Book)2008
Sakes Alive! A Cattle Drive by Karma WilsonLittle Bluestem (Picture Book)2008
The Lightning Thief by Rick RiordanMeadowlark (Novel)2008
The Perfect Shot by Elaine Marie AlphinMeadowlark (Novel)2008
Uglies by Scott WesterfeldMeadowlark (Novel)2008
Code Talker by Joseph BruchacMeadowlark (Novel)2008
Code Orange by Caroline B. CooneyMeadowlark (Novel)2008
Flush by Carl HiaasenMeadowlark (Novel)2008
The Schwa was Here by Neal ShustermanMeadowlark (Novel)2008
Drums, Girls, And Dangerous Pie by Jordan SonnenblickMeadowlark (Novel)2008
Surviving Antarctica: Reality TV 2083 by Andrea WhiteMeadowlark (Novel)2008
Black Storm Comin' by Diane Lee WilsonMeadowlark (Novel)2008
The Old Willis Place by Mary Downing HahnHoneybee (Chapter Book)2007
Gregor the Overlander by Suzanne CollinsHoneybee (Chapter Book)2007
The Million Dollar Strike by Dan GutmanHoneybee (Chapter Book)2007
White Star: A Dog on the Titanic by Marty CrispHoneybee (Chapter Book)2007
Shredderman: Secret Identity by Wendelin Van DraanenHoneybee (Chapter Book)2007
The House on the Gulf by Margaret Peterson HaddixHoneybee (Chapter Book)2007
Ida B: . . . and Her Plans to Maximize Fun, Avoid Disaster, and (Possibly) Save the World by Katherine HanniganHoneybee (Chapter Book)2007
Worth by A. LaFayeHoneybee (Chapter Book)2007
The Young Man And The Sea by Rodman PhilbrickHoneybee (Chapter Book)2007
Locomotion by Jacqueline WoodsonHoneybee (Chapter Book)2007
My Lucky Day by Keiko KaszaLittle Bluestem (Picture Book)2007
Pinduli by Janell CannonLittle Bluestem (Picture Book)2007
The Toughest Cowboy: or How the Wild West Was Tamed by John FrankLittle Bluestem (Picture Book)2007
Major Taylor, Champion Cyclist by Lesa Cline-RansomeLittle Bluestem (Picture Book)2007
When Will It Snow? by Lisa Broadie CookLittle Bluestem (Picture Book)2007
The Hungry Coat: A Tale from Turkey by DemiLittle Bluestem (Picture Book)2007
A Packet of Seeds by Deborah HopkinsonLittle Bluestem (Picture Book)2007
Blueberries for the Queen by Katherine PatersonLittle Bluestem (Picture Book)2007
Wild About Books by Judy SierraLittle Bluestem (Picture Book)2007
Old Cricket by Lisa WheelerLittle Bluestem (Picture Book)2007
Perfect by Natasha FriendMeadowlark (Novel)2007
The Pack by Elisa CarboneMeadowlark (Novel)2007
So B. It by Sarah WeeksMeadowlark (Novel)2007
The Presence: A Ghost Story by Eve BuntingMeadowlark (Novel)2007
The Truth About Sparrows by Marian HaleMeadowlark (Novel)2007
Baby Blue by Michelle D. KwasneyMeadowlark (Novel)2007
Yankee Girl by Mary Ann RodmanMeadowlark (Novel)2007
The Last of the Roundup Boys by Debra SeelyMeadowlark (Novel)2007
Chief Sunrise, John McGraw, and Me by Timothy TocherMeadowlark (Novel)2007
The Wishing Moon by Michael O. TunnellMeadowlark (Novel)2007
Escaping the Giant Wave by Peg KehretHoneybee (Chapter Book)2006
Runt by Marion Dane BauerHoneybee (Chapter Book)2006
The City of Ember by Jeanne DuPrauHoneybee (Chapter Book)2006
Sliding Into Home by Dori Hillestad ButlerHoneybee (Chapter Book)2006
A Week in the Woods by Andrew ClementsHoneybee (Chapter Book)2006
Sahara Special by Esme Raji CodellHoneybee (Chapter Book)2006
The Beloved Dearly by Doug CooneyHoneybee (Chapter Book)2006
Hatching Magic by Ann DownerHoneybee (Chapter Book)2006
How to Disappear Completely and Never Be Found by Sara NickersonHoneybee (Chapter Book)2006
Luba: The Angel of Bergen-Belsen by Luba Tryszynska-FrederickHoneybee (Chapter Book)2006
Substitute Teacher Plans by Doug JohnsonLittle Bluestem (Picture Book)2006
Souperchicken by Mary Jane AuchLittle Bluestem (Picture Book)2006
Diary of a Worm by Doreen CroninLittle Bluestem (Picture Book)2006
I Love Saturdays y domingos by Alma Flor AdaLittle Bluestem (Picture Book)2006
Ruby's Wish by Shirin Yim BridgesLittle Bluestem (Picture Book)2006
Boxes for Katje by Candace FlemingLittle Bluestem (Picture Book)2006
How I Became a Pirate by Melinda LongLittle Bluestem (Picture Book)2006
The Dot by Peter H. ReynoldsLittle Bluestem (Picture Book)2006
Stars and Stripes: The Story of the American Flag by Sarah L. ThomsonLittle Bluestem (Picture Book)2006
Bear Snores On by Karma WilsonLittle Bluestem (Picture Book)2006
High Heat by Carl DeukerMeadowlark (Novel)2006
Hawksong by Amelia Atwater-RhodesMeadowlark (Novel)2006
East by Edith PattouMeadowlark (Novel)2006
Full Tilt by Neal ShustermanMeadowlark (Novel)2006
Hear the Wind Blow by Mary Downing HahnMeadowlark (Novel)2006
Jackie's Wild Seattle by Will HobbsMeadowlark (Novel)2006
Shakespeare Bats Cleanup by Ron KoertgeMeadowlark (Novel)2006
The Outcasts of 19 Schuyler Place by E. L. KonigsburgMeadowlark (Novel)2006
Not Quite a Stranger by Colby RodowskyMeadowlark (Novel)2006
The Ravenmaster's Secret: Escape from the Tower of London by Elvira WoodruffMeadowlark (Novel)2006
Loser by Jerry SpinelliHoneybee (Chapter Book)2005
The Summer of Riley by Eve BuntingHoneybee (Chapter Book)2005
The Ghost Sitter by Peni R. GriffinHoneybee (Chapter Book)2005
Storm Warriors by Elisa CarboneHoneybee (Chapter Book)2005
Ruby Holler by Sharon CreechHoneybee (Chapter Book)2005
Pictures of Hollis Woods by Patricia Reilly GiffHoneybee (Chapter Book)2005
Back in Time with Thomas Edison (Qwerty Stevens Adventures) by Dan GutmanHoneybee (Chapter Book)2005
Fair Weather by Richard PeckHoneybee (Chapter Book)2005
Surviving the Applewhites by Stephanie S. TolanHoneybee (Chapter Book)2005
When the Circus Came to Town by Laurence YepHoneybee (Chapter Book)2005
Togo by Robert J. BlakeLittle Bluestem (Picture Book)2005
Clarence the Copy Cat by Patricia LakinLittle Bluestem (Picture Book)2005
Dear Mrs. LaRue: Letters from Obedience School by Mark TeagueLittle Bluestem (Picture Book)2005
Goose's Story by Cari BestLittle Bluestem (Picture Book)2005
Rocks in His Head by Carol Otis HurstLittle Bluestem (Picture Book)2005
Micawber by John LithgowLittle Bluestem (Picture Book)2005
Stand Tall, Molly Lou Melon by Patty LovellLittle Bluestem (Picture Book)2005
The Recess Queen by Alexis O'NeillLittle Bluestem (Picture Book)2005
Rattletrap Car by Phyllis RootLittle Bluestem (Picture Book)2005
Just the Two of Us by Will SmithLittle Bluestem (Picture Book)2005
Mississippi Trial, 1955 by Chris CroweMeadowlark (Novel)2005
Ashes of Roses by Mary Jane AuchMeadowlark (Novel)2005
Things Not Seen by Andrew ClementsMeadowlark (Novel)2005
Stand Tall by Joan BauerMeadowlark (Novel)2005
Cheating Lessons by Nan Willard CappoMeadowlark (Novel)2005
Who Will Tell My Brother? by Marlene CarvellMeadowlark (Novel)2005
Under the Same Sky by Cynthia DeFeliceMeadowlark (Novel)2005
Hoot by Carl HiaasenMeadowlark (Novel)2005
Free Radical by Claire Rudolf MurphyMeadowlark (Novel)2005
Memory Boy by Will WeaverMeadowlark (Novel)2005
Skeleton Man by Joseph BruchacHoneybee (Chapter Book)2004
Zach's Lie by Roland SmithHoneybee (Chapter Book)2004
Coyote Autumn by Bill WallaceHoneybee (Chapter Book)2004
The School Story by Andrew ClementsHoneybee (Chapter Book)2004
Power Of Un by Nancy EtchemendyHoneybee (Chapter Book)2004
The Year of Miss Agnes by Kirkpatrick HillHoneybee (Chapter Book)2004
My Brother Made Me Do It by Peg KehretHoneybee (Chapter Book)2004
Caleb's Story by Patricia MacLachlanHoneybee (Chapter Book)2004
My Face to the Wind: The Diary of Sarah Jane Price, a Prairie Teacher, Broken Bow, Nebraska, 1881 by Jim MurphyHoneybee (Chapter Book)2004
The Mysterious Matter of I. M. Fine by Diane StanleyHoneybee (Chapter Book)2004
Salt in His Shoes: Michael Jordan in Pursuit of a Dream by Deloris M. JordanLittle Bluestem (Picture Book)2004
Nutik, the Wolf Pup by Jean Craighead GeorgeLittle Bluestem (Picture Book)2004
Widget by Lyn Rossiter McFarlandLittle Bluestem (Picture Book)2004
The Tale Of Tricky Fox by Jim AylesworthLittle Bluestem (Picture Book)2004
Jin Woo by Eve BuntingLittle Bluestem (Picture Book)2004
Some Things Are Scary (No Matter How Old You Are) by Florence Parry HeideLittle Bluestem (Picture Book)2004
Jane vs. the Tooth Fairy by Betsy JayLittle Bluestem (Picture Book)2004
The Web Files by Margie PalatiniLittle Bluestem (Picture Book)2004
The Gift of the Crocodile: A Cinderella Story by Judy SierraLittle Bluestem (Picture Book)2004
And the Dish Ran Away with the Spoon by Janet StevensLittle Bluestem (Picture Book)2004
Touching Spirit Bear by Ben MikaelsenMeadowlark (Novel)2004
Soldier Boys by Dean HughesMeadowlark (Novel)2004
Soldier X by Don L. WulffsonMeadowlark (Novel)2004
The Ransom of Mercy Carter by Caroline B. CooneyMeadowlark (Novel)2004
Bronx Masquerade by Nikki GrimesMeadowlark (Novel)2004
Hole in the Sky by Pete HautmanMeadowlark (Novel)2004
Breaking Through by Francisco JimenezMeadowlark (Novel)2004
The Graduation of Jake Moon by Barbara ParkMeadowlark (Novel)2004
Lord of the Deep by Graham SalisburyMeadowlark (Novel)2004
Straw Into Gold by Gary D. SchmidtMeadowlark (Novel)2004
Because of Winn-Dixie by Kate DiCamilloHoneybee (Chapter Book)2003
Can of Worms (An Avon Camelot Book) by Kathy MackelHoneybee (Chapter Book)2003
The Barn Burner by Patricia WillisHoneybee (Chapter Book)2003
Edwina Victorious by Susan BonnersHoneybee (Chapter Book)2003
Nory Ryan's Song by Patricia Reilly GiffHoneybee (Chapter Book)2003
The Birthday Room by Kevin HenkesHoneybee (Chapter Book)2003
The Secret Journey by Peg KehretHoneybee (Chapter Book)2003
Beyond Mayfield by Vaunda Michaeux NelsonHoneybee (Chapter Book)2003
Bartleby of the Mighty Mississippi by Phyllis ShalantHoneybee (Chapter Book)2003
The Captain's Dog: My Journey with the Lewis and Clark Tribe by Roland SmithHoneybee (Chapter Book)2003
Bedhead by Margie PalatiniLittle Bluestem (Picture Book)2003
Click, Clack, Moo: Cows That Type by Doreen CroninLittle Bluestem (Picture Book)2003
Enemy Pie by Derek MunsonLittle Bluestem (Picture Book)2003
The Memory String by Eve BuntingLittle Bluestem (Picture Book)2003
Olivia by Ian FalconerLittle Bluestem (Picture Book)2003
Hog Music by M. C. HelldorferLittle Bluestem (Picture Book)2003
Wemberly Worried by Kevin HenkesLittle Bluestem (Picture Book)2003
The Piano by William MillerLittle Bluestem (Picture Book)2003
Aunt Minnie McGranahan by Mary Skillings PriggerLittle Bluestem (Picture Book)2003
The Other Side by Jacqueline WoodsonLittle Bluestem (Picture Book)2003
Night Hoops by Carl DeukerMeadowlark (Novel)2003
Fever 1793 by Laurie Halse AndersonMeadowlark (Novel)2003
Over the Wall by John H. RitterMeadowlark (Novel)2003
Hope Was Here by Joan BauerMeadowlark (Novel)2003
Holding Up the Earth by Dianne GrayMeadowlark (Novel)2003
Visiting Miss Caples by Elizabeth Cody KimmelMeadowlark (Novel)2003
Gathering Blue by Lois LowryMeadowlark (Novel)2003
The Last Book in the Universe by Rodman PhilbrickMeadowlark (Novel)2003
Breaking Rank by Kristen D. RandleMeadowlark (Novel)2003
Esperanza Rising by Pam Muñoz RyanMeadowlark (Novel)2003
The Ghost of Lizard Light by Elvira WoodruffHoneybee (Chapter Book)2002
Ereth's Birthday by AviHoneybee (Chapter Book)2002
Regarding the Fountain by Kate KliseHoneybee (Chapter Book)2002
Williwaw! by Tom BodettHoneybee (Chapter Book)2002
Through My Eyes by Ruby BridgesHoneybee (Chapter Book)2002
The Landry News by Andrew ClementsHoneybee (Chapter Book)2002
Nowhere to Call Home by Cynthia DeFeliceHoneybee (Chapter Book)2002
The King of Dragons by Carol FennerHoneybee (Chapter Book)2002
When the Soldiers Were Gone by Vera W. ProppHoneybee (Chapter Book)2002
In Care of Cassie Tucker by Ivy RuckmanHoneybee (Chapter Book)2002
The Grannyman by Judy SchachnerLittle Bluestem (Picture Book)2002
Full Belly Bowl by Jim AylesworthLittle Bluestem (Picture Book)2002
Weslandia by Paul FleischmanLittle Bluestem (Picture Book)2002
Jamie O'Rourke and the Pooka by Tomie dePaolaLittle Bluestem (Picture Book)2002
Snow Bear by Jean Craighead GeorgeLittle Bluestem (Picture Book)2002
Hey, Little Ant by Phillip M. HooseLittle Bluestem (Picture Book)2002
Horace and Morris But Mostly Dolores by James HoweLittle Bluestem (Picture Book)2002
The Honest-to-Goodness Truth by Patricia C. MckissackLittle Bluestem (Picture Book)2002
Mole Music by David McPhailLittle Bluestem (Picture Book)2002
Moses Goes to a Concert by Isaac MillmanLittle Bluestem (Picture Book)2002
The Transall Saga by Gary PaulsenMeadowlark (Novel)2002
Among the Hidden by Margaret Peterson HaddixMeadowlark (Novel)2002
Petey by Ben MikaelsenMeadowlark (Novel)2002
Blackwater by Eve BuntingMeadowlark (Novel)2002
Friends and Enemies by LouAnn GaeddertMeadowlark (Novel)2002
Jackie & Me by Dan GutmanMeadowlark (Novel)2002
Framed in Fire by David PatneaudeMeadowlark (Novel)2002
Cowboy Ghost by Robert Newton PeckMeadowlark (Novel)2002
Green Thumb by Rob ThomasMeadowlark (Novel)2002
Armageddon Summer by Jane YolenMeadowlark (Novel)2002
The Ghost of Fossil Glen by Cynthia DeFeliceHoneybee (Chapter Book)2001
My Life in Dog Years by Gary PaulsenHoneybee (Chapter Book)2001
The Kidnappers : A Mystery by Willo Davis RobertsHoneybee (Chapter Book)2001
Perloo the Bold by AviHoneybee (Chapter Book)2001
Bright Freedom's Song: A Story of the Underground Railroad by Gloria HoustonHoneybee (Chapter Book)2001
A Long Way from Chicago by Richard PeckHoneybee (Chapter Book)2001
Thank You, Mr. Falker by Patricia PolaccoHoneybee (Chapter Book)2001
Riding Freedom by Pam Muñoz RyanHoneybee (Chapter Book)2001
Knots in My Yo-Yo String by Jerry SpinelliHoneybee (Chapter Book)2001
Pioneer Girl: Growing Up on the Prairie by Andrea WarrenHoneybee (Chapter Book)2001
Bubba, The Cowboy Prince by Helen KettemanLittle Bluestem (Picture Book)2001
Stella Louella's Runaway Book by Lisa Campbell ErnstLittle Bluestem (Picture Book)2001
Cook-a-Doodle-Doo by Janet StevensLittle Bluestem (Picture Book)2001
One Giant Leap: The Story of Neil Armstrong by Don BrownLittle Bluestem (Picture Book)2001
Butterfly House by Eve BuntingLittle Bluestem (Picture Book)2001
The Bat Boy and His Violin by Gavin CurtisLittle Bluestem (Picture Book)2001
Come On, Rain by Karen HesseLittle Bluestem (Picture Book)2001
Boom Town by Sonia LevitinLittle Bluestem (Picture Book)2001
An Outlaw Thanksgiving by Emily Arnold McCullyLittle Bluestem (Picture Book)2001
Something Beautiful by Sharon Dennis WyethLittle Bluestem (Picture Book)2001
The Haunting by Joan Lowery NixonMeadowlark (Novel)2001
Soldier's Heart by Gary PaulsenMeadowlark (Novel)2001
The Dark Side of Nowhere by Neal ShustermanMeadowlark (Novel)2001
Lost in the War by Nancy AntleMeadowlark (Novel)2001
Rules of the Road by Joan BauerMeadowlark (Novel)2001
Burning Up by Caroline B. CooneyMeadowlark (Novel)2001
Reaching Dustin by Vicki GroveMeadowlark (Novel)2001
The Maze by Will HobbsMeadowlark (Novel)2001
Sang Spell by Phyllis Reynolds NaylorMeadowlark (Novel)2001
Strays Like Us by Richard PeckMeadowlark (Novel)2001
Jaguar by Roland SmithHoneybee (Chapter Book)2000
Stay!: Keeper's Story by Lois LowryHoneybee (Chapter Book)2000
White Water by P.J. PetersenHoneybee (Chapter Book)2000
Gratefully Yours by Jane BuchananHoneybee (Chapter Book)2000
Lone Wolf by Kristine L. FranklinHoneybee (Chapter Book)2000
Lily's Crossing by Patricia Reilly GiffHoneybee (Chapter Book)2000
Sun & Spoon by Kevin HenkesHoneybee (Chapter Book)2000
When Jessie Came Across the Sea by Amy HestHoneybee (Chapter Book)2000
As Long As There Are Mountains by Natalie Kinsey-WarnockHoneybee (Chapter Book)2000
Run Away Home by Patricia C. MckissackHoneybee (Chapter Book)2000
No Such Thing by Jackie French KollerLittle Bluestem (Picture Book)2000
Don't Laugh, Joe! (Picture Puffin Books) by Keiko KaszaLittle Bluestem (Picture Book)2000
Little Oh by Laura Krauss MelmedLittle Bluestem (Picture Book)2000
Toot & Puddle by Holly HobbieLittle Bluestem (Picture Book)2000
The Wagon by Tony JohnstonLittle Bluestem (Picture Book)2000
Tomas and the Library Lady by Pat MoraLittle Bluestem (Picture Book)2000
Rumpelstiltskin's Daughter by Diane StanleyLittle Bluestem (Picture Book)2000
The Gardener by Sarah StewartLittle Bluestem (Picture Book)2000
Mailing May by Michael O. TunnellLittle Bluestem (Picture Book)2000
Library Lil by Suzanne WilliamsLittle Bluestem (Picture Book)2000
Don't You Dare Read This, Mrs. Dunphrey by Margaret Peterson HaddixMeadowlark (Novel)2000
Painting the Black by Carl DeukerMeadowlark (Novel)2000
Ella Enchanted by Gail Carson LevineMeadowlark (Novel)2000
Tangerine by Edward BloorMeadowlark (Novel)2000
The Music of Dolphins by Karen HesseMeadowlark (Novel)2000
Ghost Canoe by Will HobbsMeadowlark (Novel)2000
True North by Kathryn LaskyMeadowlark (Novel)2000
Stones in Water by Donna Jo NapoliMeadowlark (Novel)2000
The Second Bend in the River by Ann RinaldiMeadowlark (Novel)2000
Gib Rides Home by Zilpha Keatley SnyderMeadowlark (Novel)2000
Shiloh Season by Phyllis Reynolds NaylorHoneybee (Chapter Book)1999
Dead Letter by Betsy ByarsHoneybee (Chapter Book)1999
Frindle by Andrew ClementsHoneybee (Chapter Book)1999
Pleasing the Ghost by Sharon CreechHoneybee (Chapter Book)1999
The Watsons Go to Birmingham—1963 by Christopher Paul CurtisHoneybee (Chapter Book)1999
The Gentleman Outlaw and Me - Eli by Mary Downing HahnHoneybee (Chapter Book)1999
Stranded by Ben MikaelsenHoneybee (Chapter Book)1999
Minty: A Story of Young Harriet Tubman by Alan SchroederHoneybee (Chapter Book)1999
Belle Prater's Boy by Ruth WhiteHoneybee (Chapter Book)1999
Danger Along the Ohio by Patricia WillisHoneybee (Chapter Book)1999
Rugby and Rosie by Nan Parson RossiterLittle Bluestem (Picture Book)1999
Verdi by Janell CannonLittle Bluestem (Picture Book)1999
Leo the Magnificat by Ann M. MartinLittle Bluestem (Picture Book)1999
Sunflower House by Eve BuntingLittle Bluestem (Picture Book)1999
Leah's Pony by Elizabeth FriedrichLittle Bluestem (Picture Book)1999
Lilly's Purple Plastic Purse by Kevin HenkesLittle Bluestem (Picture Book)1999
The Seven Silly Eaters by Mary Ann HobermanLittle Bluestem (Picture Book)1999
The Log Cabin Quilt by Ellen HowardLittle Bluestem (Picture Book)1999
Sally Ann Thunder Ann Whirlwind Crockett by Steven KelloggLittle Bluestem (Picture Book)1999
Ma Dear's Aprons by Patricia C. MckissackLittle Bluestem (Picture Book)1999
The True Colors of Caitlynne Jackson by Carol Lynch WilliamsMeadowlark (Novel)1999
Hawk Moon by Rob MacGregorMeadowlark (Novel)1999
Slam! by Walter Dean MyersMeadowlark (Novel)1999
SOS Titanic by Eve BuntingMeadowlark (Novel)1999
Running Out of Time by Margaret Peterson HaddixMeadowlark (Novel)1999
Far North by Will HobbsMeadowlark (Novel)1999
Jip: His Story by Katherine PatersonMeadowlark (Novel)1999
Remembering Mog by Colby F. RodowskyMeadowlark (Novel)1999
The Night the Heads Came by William SleatorMeadowlark (Novel)1999
Crash by Jerry SpinelliMeadowlark (Novel)1999
Titanic Crossing by Barbara WilliamsHoneybee (Chapter Book)1998
Earthquake Terror by Peg KehretHoneybee (Chapter Book)1998
Mick Harte Was Here by Barbara ParkHoneybee (Chapter Book)1998
Poppy by AviHoneybee (Chapter Book)1998
The 13th Floor: A Ghost Story by Sid FleischmanHoneybee (Chapter Book)1998
You Want Women to Vote, Lizzie Stanton? by Jean FritzHoneybee (Chapter Book)1998
Julie by Jean Craighead GeorgeHoneybee (Chapter Book)1998
Junebug by Alice MeadHoneybee (Chapter Book)1998
Math Curse by Jon ScieszkaHoneybee (Chapter Book)1998
Cat Running by Zilpha Keatley SnyderHoneybee (Chapter Book)1998
The Toll-Bridge Troll by Patricia Rae WolffLittle Bluestem (Picture Book)1998
The storm by Marc HarshmanLittle Bluestem (Picture Book)1998
Piggie Pie! by Margie PalatiniLittle Bluestem (Picture Book)1998
Dandelions by Eve BuntingLittle Bluestem (Picture Book)1998
The Story of Ruby Bridges: True Story of a Civil Rights Icon by Robert ColesLittle Bluestem (Picture Book)1998
Insects Are My Life by Megan McDonaldLittle Bluestem (Picture Book)1998
Down the Road by Alice SchertleLittle Bluestem (Picture Book)1998
Rebel by John SchoenherrLittle Bluestem (Picture Book)1998
Coyote and the Laughing Butterflies by Harriet Peck TaylorLittle Bluestem (Picture Book)1998
Once there was a bull...frog (Paperstar Book) by Rick WaltonLittle Bluestem (Picture Book)1998
Danger Zone by David KlassMeadowlark (Novel)1998
The House Across the Cove by Barbara HallMeadowlark (Novel)1998
Loch by Paul ZindelMeadowlark (Novel)1998
Flash Fire by Caroline B. CooneyMeadowlark (Novel)1998
Secrets to Tell by Ann GabhartMeadowlark (Novel)1998
Spirit Seeker by Joan Lowery NixonMeadowlark (Novel)1998
Brian's Winter by Gary PaulsenMeadowlark (Novel)1998
The Only Alien on the Planet by Kristen D. RandleMeadowlark (Novel)1998
Steal Away Home by Lois RubyMeadowlark (Novel)1998
When Pigs Fly by June Rae WoodMeadowlark (Novel)1998
The Best School Year Ever by Barbara RobinsonHoneybee (Chapter Book)1997
Mr. Tucket by Gary PaulsenHoneybee (Chapter Book)1997
The Magnificent Mummy Maker by Elvira WoodruffHoneybee (Chapter Book)1997
The Baby Grand, The Moon in July, and Me (Puffin Novel) by Joyce Annette BarnesHoneybee (Chapter Book)1997
Stardust (An Avon Camelot Book) by Alane FergusonHoneybee (Chapter Book)1997
Someone to Count On by Patricia HermesHoneybee (Chapter Book)1997
Baby by Patricia MacLachlanHoneybee (Chapter Book)1997
Pink and Say by Patricia PolaccoHoneybee (Chapter Book)1997
The Well by Mildred D. TaylorHoneybee (Chapter Book)1997
Bound for Oregon by Jean Van LeeuwenHoneybee (Chapter Book)1997
John Henry by Julius LesterLittle Bluestem (Picture Book)1997
My Rotten Redheaded Older Brother by Patricia PolaccoLittle Bluestem (Picture Book)1997
Tops and Bottoms by Janet StevensLittle Bluestem (Picture Book)1997
Dear Peter Rabbit by Alma Flor AdaLittle Bluestem (Picture Book)1997
Town Mouse, Country Mouse by Jan BrettLittle Bluestem (Picture Book)1997
Sophie and Sammy's Library Sleepover by Judith CaseleyLittle Bluestem (Picture Book)1997
Grandfather's Dream by Holly KellerLittle Bluestem (Picture Book)1997
All the Places to Love by Patricia MacLachlanLittle Bluestem (Picture Book)1997
Pigs Aplenty, Pigs Galore! by David McPhailLittle Bluestem (Picture Book)1997
Don't Fidget a Feather! by Erica SilvermanLittle Bluestem (Picture Book)1997
Freak the Mighty by Rodman PhilbrickMeadowlark (Novel)1997
Driver's Ed by Caroline B. CooneyMeadowlark (Novel)1997
Shadowmaker by Joan Lowery NixonMeadowlark (Novel)1997
Phoenix Rising by Karen HesseMeadowlark (Novel)1997
Troubling a Star by Madeleine L'EngleMeadowlark (Novel)1997
Under the Blood-Red Sun by Graham SalisburyMeadowlark (Novel)1997
To Race a Dream by Deborah SavageMeadowlark (Novel)1997
Others See Us by William SleatorMeadowlark (Novel)1997
Crazy Weekend by Gary SotoMeadowlark (Novel)1997
Where Do I Go from Here? (Point) by Valerie Wilson WesleyMeadowlark (Novel)1997
The Grand Escape by Phyllis Reynolds NaylorHoneybee (Chapter Book)1996
Wolf at the Door by Barbara CorcoranHoneybee (Chapter Book)1996
Letters from Rifka by Karen HesseHoneybee (Chapter Book)1996
Sadako by Eleanor CoerrHoneybee (Chapter Book)1996
The Boggart by Susan CooperHoneybee (Chapter Book)1996
Bull Run by Paul FleischmanHoneybee (Chapter Book)1996
Skylark by Patricia MacLachlanHoneybee (Chapter Book)1996
Flip-Flop Girl by Katherine PatersonHoneybee (Chapter Book)1996
Back to Before by Jan SlepianHoneybee (Chapter Book)1996
Scooter by Vera B. WilliamsHoneybee (Chapter Book)1996
Soap! Soap! Don't Forget the Soap!: An Appalachian Folktale by Tom BirdseyeLittle Bluestem (Picture Book)1996
Stellaluna by Janell CannonLittle Bluestem (Picture Book)1996
Coyote Steals the Blanket by Janet StevensLittle Bluestem (Picture Book)1996
Someday a Tree by Eve BuntingLittle Bluestem (Picture Book)1996
The Five-Dog Night by Eileen ChristelowLittle Bluestem (Picture Book)1996
Owen by Kevin HenkesLittle Bluestem (Picture Book)1996
The Bear that Heard Crying by Natalie Kinsey-WarnockLittle Bluestem (Picture Book)1996
Uncle Jed's Barbershop by Margaree King MitchellLittle Bluestem (Picture Book)1996
Babushka Baba Yaga by Patricia PolaccoLittle Bluestem (Picture Book)1996
Today I'm Going Fishing With My Dad by N. L. SharpLittle Bluestem (Picture Book)1996
Heart of a Champion by Carl DeukerMeadowlark (Novel)1996
Sparrow Hawk Red by Ben MikaelsenMeadowlark (Novel)1996
Someone Was Watching by David PatneaudeMeadowlark (Novel)1996
Sonata for Mind & Heart by Mary S. BellMeadowlark (Novel)1996
The Silent Storm by Sherry GarlandMeadowlark (Novel)1996
Alien Secrets by Annette Curtis KlauseMeadowlark (Novel)1996
The Deer Stand by A. M. MonsonMeadowlark (Novel)1996
Grab Hands and Run by Frances TempleMeadowlark (Novel)1996
Molly Donnelly by Jean ThesmanMeadowlark (Novel)1996
Make Lemonade by Virginia Euwer WolffMeadowlark (Novel)1996
Rescue Josh McGuire by Ben MikaelsenHoneybee (Chapter Book)1995
Jennifer Murdley's Toad by Bruce CovilleHoneybee (Chapter Book)1995
The Night the Whole Class Slept Over by Stella PevsnerHoneybee (Chapter Book)1995
Randall's Wall by Carol FennerHoneybee (Chapter Book)1995
The Missing 'Gator of Gumbo Limbo by Jean Craighead GeorgeHoneybee (Chapter Book)1995
Return to Howliday Inn by James HoweHoneybee (Chapter Book)1995
Travel Far, Pay No Fare by Anne LindberghHoneybee (Chapter Book)1995
Yang the Youngest and his Terrible Ear by Lensey NamiokaHoneybee (Chapter Book)1995
Mayfield Crossing by Vaunda Micheaux NelsonHoneybee (Chapter Book)1995
Goodbye, Vietnam by Gloria WhelanHoneybee (Chapter Book)1995
Martha Speaks by Susan MeddaughLittle Bluestem (Picture Book)1995
Trouble with Trolls by Jan BrettLittle Bluestem (Picture Book)1995
Sukey and the Mermaid by Robert D. San SouciLittle Bluestem (Picture Book)1995
The Fortune-Tellers by Lloyd AlexanderLittle Bluestem (Picture Book)1995
Old Black Fly by Jim AylesworthLittle Bluestem (Picture Book)1995
Tom by Tomie dePaolaLittle Bluestem (Picture Book)1995
Loop the Loop by Barbara DuganLittle Bluestem (Picture Book)1995
Zinnia and Dot by Lisa Campbell ErnstLittle Bluestem (Picture Book)1995
Mrs. Katz and Tush by Patricia PolaccoLittle Bluestem (Picture Book)1995
June 29, 1999 by David WiesnerLittle Bluestem (Picture Book)1995
The Giver by Lois LowryMeadowlark (Novel)1995
Until Whatever (Point) by Martha HumphreysMeadowlark (Novel)1995
The Man Who Loved Clowns by June Rae WoodMeadowlark (Novel)1995
Steal Away by Jennifer ArmstrongMeadowlark (Novel)1995
The Soul of the Silver Dog by Lynn HallMeadowlark (Novel)1995
Horror at the Haunted House by Peg KehretMeadowlark (Novel)1995
The Brave by Robert LipsyteMeadowlark (Novel)1995
The Haymeadow by Gary PaulsenMeadowlark (Novel)1995
Liars by P.J. PetersenMeadowlark (Novel)1995
When the Road Ends by Jean ThesmanMeadowlark (Novel)1995
Stepping on the Cracks by Mary Downing HahnHoneybee (Chapter Book)1994
Jeremy Thatcher, Dragon Hatcher by Bruce CovilleHoneybee (Chapter Book)1994
The River by Gary PaulsenHoneybee (Chapter Book)1994
The Heroine of the Titanic by Joan W. BlosHoneybee (Chapter Book)1994
Wanted...Mud Blossom by Betsy ByarsHoneybee (Chapter Book)1994
Strider by Beverly ClearyHoneybee (Chapter Book)1994
Nekomah Creek by Linda CrewHoneybee (Chapter Book)1994
Jim Ugly by Sid FleischmanHoneybee (Chapter Book)1994
Monkey Island by Paula FoxHoneybee (Chapter Book)1994
Journey by Patricia MacLachlanHoneybee (Chapter Book)1994
Brother Eagle, Sister Sky by Chief SeattleHoneybee (Chapter Book)1994
Finding Buck McHenry by Alfred SloteHoneybee (Chapter Book)1994
Happily after All by Laura C. StevensonHoneybee (Chapter Book)1994
The Bread Winner by Arvella WhitmoreHoneybee (Chapter Book)1994
The Dragon's Boy by Jane YolenHoneybee (Chapter Book)1994
The Rough-Face Girl by Rafe MartinLittle Bluestem (Picture Book)1994
The grizzly sisters by Cathy BellowsLittle Bluestem (Picture Book)1994
Roxaboxen by Alice McLerranLittle Bluestem (Picture Book)1994
Mandy by Barbara D. BoothLittle Bluestem (Picture Book)1994
Berlioz the Bear by Jan BrettLittle Bluestem (Picture Book)1994
Chrysanthemum by Kevin HenkesLittle Bluestem (Picture Book)1994
My Great-Aunt Arizona by Gloria HoustonLittle Bluestem (Picture Book)1994
Aunt Flossie's Hats (and Crab Cakes Later) by Elizabeth Fitzgerald HowardLittle Bluestem (Picture Book)1994
Mama, Do You Love Me? by Barbara M JoosseLittle Bluestem (Picture Book)1994
Jack and the Beanstalk by Steven KelloggLittle Bluestem (Picture Book)1994
The Rag Coat by Lauren A. MillsLittle Bluestem (Picture Book)1994
If You Give a Moose a Muffin by Laura NumeroffLittle Bluestem (Picture Book)1994
Chicken Sunday by Patricia PolaccoLittle Bluestem (Picture Book)1994
Potluck by Anne ShelbyLittle Bluestem (Picture Book)1994
Just a Dream by Chris Van AllsburgLittle Bluestem (Picture Book)1994
Flight #116 Is Down! by Caroline B. CooneyMeadowlark (Novel)1994
Downriver by Will HobbsMeadowlark (Novel)1994
There's a Girl in My Hammerlock by Jerry SpinelliMeadowlark (Novel)1994
Ghost Cadet by Elaine Marie AlphinMeadowlark (Novel)1994
Nothing but the Truth by AviMeadowlark (Novel)1994
Such Nice Kids by Eve BuntingMeadowlark (Novel)1994
The Shadow Brothers by Ann Edwards CannonMeadowlark (Novel)1994
Dixie Storms by Barbara HallMeadowlark (Novel)1994
Away Is a Strange Place to Be by H. M. HooverMeadowlark (Novel)1994
Pillow of Clouds by Marc TalbertMeadowlark (Novel)1994
Nightmare Mountain by Peg KehretHoneybee (Chapter Book)1993
Fudge-a-Mania by Judy BlumeHoneybee (Chapter Book)1993
Weasel by Cynthia DeFeliceHoneybee (Chapter Book)1993
Windcatcher by AviHoneybee (Chapter Book)1993
R-T, Margaret, and the Rats of NIMH by Jane Leslie ConlyHoneybee (Chapter Book)1993
The Midnight Horse by Sid FleischmanHoneybee (Chapter Book)1993
Hummer by Linda GruenbergHoneybee (Chapter Book)1993
Toughboy and Sister by Kirkpatrick HillHoneybee (Chapter Book)1993
The Journey Home by Isabelle HollandHoneybee (Chapter Book)1993
Afternoon of the Elves by Janet Taylor LisleHoneybee (Chapter Book)1993
Westering by Alice PutnamHoneybee (Chapter Book)1993
The Year of the Panda by Miriam SchleinHoneybee (Chapter Book)1993
The Frog Prince, Continued by Jon ScieszkaHoneybee (Chapter Book)1993
Bobby Baseball by Robert Kimmel SmithHoneybee (Chapter Book)1993
Mississippi Bridge by Mildred D. TaylorHoneybee (Chapter Book)1993
Riptide by Frances Ward WellerLittle Bluestem (Picture Book)1993
Charlie Anderson by Barbara AbercrombieLittle Bluestem (Picture Book)1993
The Very Quiet Cricket by Eric CarleLittle Bluestem (Picture Book)1993
Salt Hands by Jane Chelsea AragonLittle Bluestem (Picture Book)1993
The Principal's New Clothes by Stephanie CalmensonLittle Bluestem (Picture Book)1993
The Empty Pot by DemiLittle Bluestem (Picture Book)1993
When I Am Old with You by Angela JohnsonLittle Bluestem (Picture Book)1993
I Took My Frog to the Library by Eric A. KimmelLittle Bluestem (Picture Book)1993
The Day the Goose Got Loose by Reeve LindberghLittle Bluestem (Picture Book)1993
Chicka Chicka Boom Boom by Bill Jr. MartinLittle Bluestem (Picture Book)1993
Just Plain Fancy by Patricia PolaccoLittle Bluestem (Picture Book)1993
Henry And Mudge And The Happy Cat by Cynthia RylantLittle Bluestem (Picture Book)1993
Rainbow Crow by Nancy Van LaanLittle Bluestem (Picture Book)1993
Hurricane by David WiesnerLittle Bluestem (Picture Book)1993
The Wing Shop by Elvira WoodruffLittle Bluestem (Picture Book)1993
Whispers from the Dead by Joan Lowery NixonMeadowlark (Novel)1993
The Face on the Milk Carton by Caroline B. CooneyMeadowlark (Novel)1993
Don't Look Behind You by Lois DuncanMeadowlark (Novel)1993
The True Confessions of Charlotte Doyle by AviMeadowlark (Novel)1993
Children of the River by Linda CrewMeadowlark (Novel)1993
The Fabulous Fifty (A Jean Karl Book) by Morton GrosserMeadowlark (Novel)1993
Canyons by Gary PaulsenMeadowlark (Novel)1993
How Could You Do It, Diane? by Stella PevsnerMeadowlark (Novel)1993
The Road to Memphis by Mildred D. TaylorMeadowlark (Novel)1993
A Begonia for Miss Applebaum by Paul ZindelMeadowlark (Novel)1993
Is Anybody There? by Eve BuntingHoneybee (Chapter Book)1992
Stonewords: A Ghost Story by Pam ConradHoneybee (Chapter Book)1992
The Devil's Arithmetic by Jane YolenHoneybee (Chapter Book)1992
Gray Boy by Jim ArnoskyHoneybee (Chapter Book)1992
Sarah and Me and the Lady from the Sea by Patricia BeattyHoneybee (Chapter Book)1992
Bearstone by Will HobbsHoneybee (Chapter Book)1992
The Canada Geese Quilt by Natalie Kinsey-WarnockHoneybee (Chapter Book)1992
Addie's Dakota Winter by Laurie LawlorHoneybee (Chapter Book)1992
Your Move, J.P.! by Lois LowryHoneybee (Chapter Book)1992
Eighty-Eight Steps to September by Jan MarinoHoneybee (Chapter Book)1992
Carver by RADIN (Paul)Honeybee (Chapter Book)1992
Who Invited the Undertaker? by Ivy RuckmanHoneybee (Chapter Book)1992
Vision Quest by Pamela F. ServiceHoneybee (Chapter Book)1992
The Trading Game by Alfred SloteHoneybee (Chapter Book)1992
Grasshopper Summer by Ann TurnerHoneybee (Chapter Book)1992
The Talking Eggs by Robert D. San SouciLittle Bluestem (Picture Book)1992
The Twelve Dancing Princesses by Marianna MayerLittle Bluestem (Picture Book)1992
The True Story of the Three Little Pigs by Jon ScieszkaLittle Bluestem (Picture Book)1992
On Granddaddy's Farm by Thomas B. AllenLittle Bluestem (Picture Book)1992
The Mitten by Jan BrettLittle Bluestem (Picture Book)1992
The Wednesday Surprise by Eve BuntingLittle Bluestem (Picture Book)1992
The Great Kapok Tree by Lynne CherryLittle Bluestem (Picture Book)1992
When Bluebell Sang by Lisa Campbell ErnstLittle Bluestem (Picture Book)1992
Iktomi and the Boulder by Paul GobleLittle Bluestem (Picture Book)1992
Is Your Mama a Llama? by Deborah GuarinoLittle Bluestem (Picture Book)1992
Jamaica Tag-Along by Juanita HavillLittle Bluestem (Picture Book)1992
Come a Tide by George Ella LyonLittle Bluestem (Picture Book)1992
Thunder Cake by Patricia PolaccoLittle Bluestem (Picture Book)1992
Grandfather Tang's Story: A Tale Told With Tangrams by Ann TompertLittle Bluestem (Picture Book)1992
Elbert's Bad Word by Audrey WoodLittle Bluestem (Picture Book)1992
There's a Boy in the Girls' Bathroom by Louis SacharHoneybee (Chapter Book)1991
All About Sam by Lois LowryHoneybee (Chapter Book)1991
Hatchet by Gary PaulsenHoneybee (Chapter Book)1991
Be Ever Hopeful, Hannalee by Patricia BeattyHoneybee (Chapter Book)1991
My Daniel by Pam ConradHoneybee (Chapter Book)1991
A Dog Worth Stealing by William CorbinHoneybee (Chapter Book)1991
The Strange Night Writing of Jessamine Colter (An Avon Camelot Book) by Cynthia DeFeliceHoneybee (Chapter Book)1991
Fudge by Charlotte Towner GraeberHoneybee (Chapter Book)1991
Good-Bye, My Wishing Star by Vicki GroveHoneybee (Chapter Book)1991
The Facts and Fictions of Minna Pratt by Patricia MacLachlanHoneybee (Chapter Book)1991
The Trouble with Jacob by Eloise Jarvis McGrawHoneybee (Chapter Book)1991
A Family Apart by Joan Lowery NixonHoneybee (Chapter Book)1991
Megan's Island by Willo Davis RobertsHoneybee (Chapter Book)1991
Moving in by Alfred SloteHoneybee (Chapter Book)1991
Janie's Private Eyes by Zilpha Keatley SnyderHoneybee (Chapter Book)1991
Tacky the Penguin by Helen LesterLittle Bluestem (Picture Book)1991
Frank and Ernest by Alexandra DayLittle Bluestem (Picture Book)1991
Two Bad Ants by Chris Van AllsburgLittle Bluestem (Picture Book)1991
Airmail to the Moon by Tom BirdseyeLittle Bluestem (Picture Book)1991
How Many Days to America?: A Thanksgiving Story by Eve BuntingLittle Bluestem (Picture Book)1991
The Art Lesson by Tomie dePaolaLittle Bluestem (Picture Book)1991
Christina Katerina and the Time She Quit the Family by Patricia Lee GauchLittle Bluestem (Picture Book)1991
Fang by Barbara Shook HazenLittle Bluestem (Picture Book)1991
Sheila Rae, the Brave by Kevin HenkesLittle Bluestem (Picture Book)1991
Johnny Appleseed by Steven KelloggLittle Bluestem (Picture Book)1991
Anansi and the Moss-Covered Rock by Eric A. KimmelLittle Bluestem (Picture Book)1991
The Midnight Farm by Reeve LindberghLittle Bluestem (Picture Book)1991
The Boy of the Three-Year Nap by Dianne SnyderLittle Bluestem (Picture Book)1991
Ira Says Goodbye by Bernard WaberLittle Bluestem (Picture Book)1991
Bear and Mrs. Duck by Elizabeth WinthropLittle Bluestem (Picture Book)1991
Wait Till Helen Comes by Mary Downing HahnHoneybee (Chapter Book)1990
On My Honor by Marion Dane BauerHoneybee (Chapter Book)1990
Beetles, Lightly Toasted by Phyllis Reynolds NaylorHoneybee (Chapter Book)1990
Romeo and Juliet--Together (And Alive!) at Last by AviHoneybee (Chapter Book)1990
Charley Skedaddle by Patricia BeattyHoneybee (Chapter Book)1990
Leah's Song by Eth CliffordHoneybee (Chapter Book)1990
The Shadowmaker by Ron HansenHoneybee (Chapter Book)1990
Eat Your Poison, Dear (Sebastian Barth Mysteries) by James HoweHoneybee (Chapter Book)1990
Park's Quest by Katherine PatersonHoneybee (Chapter Book)1990
Sister of the Quints by Stella PevsnerHoneybee (Chapter Book)1990
Stinker from Space by Pamela F. ServiceHoneybee (Chapter Book)1990
Don't Call Me Toad! by Mary Francis ShuraHoneybee (Chapter Book)1990
The Cuckoo Clock by Mary StolzHoneybee (Chapter Book)1990
The Gold Cadillac by Mildred D. TaylorHoneybee (Chapter Book)1990
Red Dog by Bill WallaceHoneybee (Chapter Book)1990
The Magic School Bus at the Waterworks by Joanna ColeLittle Bluestem (Picture Book)1990
Meanwhile Back at the Ranch by Trinka Hakes NobleLittle Bluestem (Picture Book)1990
We're Back!: A Dinosaur's Story by Hudson TalbottLittle Bluestem (Picture Book)1990
Two Terrible Frights by Jim AylesworthLittle Bluestem (Picture Book)1990
Old Henry by Joan W. BlosLittle Bluestem (Picture Book)1990
Ghost's Hour, Spook's Hour by Eve BuntingLittle Bluestem (Picture Book)1990
What the Mailman Brought by Carolyn CravenLittle Bluestem (Picture Book)1990
The Wolf's Chicken Stew by Keiko KaszaLittle Bluestem (Picture Book)1990
Family Farm by Thomas LockerLittle Bluestem (Picture Book)1990
Knots on a Counting Rope by Bill Jr. MartinLittle Bluestem (Picture Book)1990
Soup for Supper by Phyllis RootLittle Bluestem (Picture Book)1990
Mufaro’s Beautiful Daughters: An African Tale by John SteptoeLittle Bluestem (Picture Book)1990
Cherries and Cherry Pits by Vera B. WilliamsLittle Bluestem (Picture Book)1990
Heckedy Peg by Audrey WoodLittle Bluestem (Picture Book)1990
Company's Coming by Arthur YorinksLittle Bluestem (Picture Book)1990
Ferret in the Bedroom, Lizards in the Fridge by Bill WallaceHoneybee (Chapter Book)1989
A Royal Pain by Ellen ConfordHoneybee (Chapter Book)1989
Kevin Corbett Eats Flies by Patricia HermesHoneybee (Chapter Book)1989
Blossoms and the Green Phantom by Betsy ByarsHoneybee (Chapter Book)1989
Racso and the Rats of NIMH by Jane Leslie ConlyHoneybee (Chapter Book)1989
Shh! We're Writing the Constitution by Jean FritzHoneybee (Chapter Book)1989
Water Sky by Jean Craighead GeorgeHoneybee (Chapter Book)1989
Tallahassee Higgins by Mary Downing HahnHoneybee (Chapter Book)1989
Edith Herself by Ellen HowardHoneybee (Chapter Book)1989
Nighty-Nightmare (Bunnicula) by James HoweHoneybee (Chapter Book)1989
Addie Across the Prairie by Laurie LawlorHoneybee (Chapter Book)1989
Popcorn by Gary ProvostHoneybee (Chapter Book)1989
Fitchett's Folly by Colby F. RodowskyHoneybee (Chapter Book)1989
Oliver Dibbs to the Rescue! by Barbara SteinerHoneybee (Chapter Book)1989
Justin and the Best Biscuits in the World by Mildred Pitts WalterHoneybee (Chapter Book)1989
Piggins by Jane YolenLittle Bluestem (Picture Book)1989
Jessie Bear, What Will You Wear? by Nancy White CarlstromLittle Bluestem (Picture Book)1989
Arthur's Loose Tooth by Lillian HobanLittle Bluestem (Picture Book)1989
Amelia's nine lives by Lorna BalianLittle Bluestem (Picture Book)1989
Death of the Iron Horse by Paul GobleLittle Bluestem (Picture Book)1989
Our Snowman by M. B. GoffsteinLittle Bluestem (Picture Book)1989
The Village of Round and Square Houses by Ann GrifalconiLittle Bluestem (Picture Book)1989
MY PRAIRIE YEAR Based on the Diary of Elenore Plaisted by Brett HarveyLittle Bluestem (Picture Book)1989
Grandpa and Bo by Kevin HenkesLittle Bluestem (Picture Book)1989
The Trek (Reading Rainbow Books) by Ann JonasLittle Bluestem (Picture Book)1989
Flossie and the Fox by Patricia C. MckissackLittle Bluestem (Picture Book)1989
Beats Me, Claude (Picture Puffin books) by Joan Lowery NixonLittle Bluestem (Picture Book)1989
Henry And Mudge In Puddle Trouble by Cynthia RylantLittle Bluestem (Picture Book)1989
Brave Irene by William SteigLittle Bluestem (Picture Book)1989
A New Coat for Anna by Harriet ZiefertLittle Bluestem (Picture Book)1989
Sixth Grade Can Really Kill You by Barthe DeClementsHoneybee (Chapter Book)1988
Switcharound by Lois LowryHoneybee (Chapter Book)1988
The Castle in the Attic by Elizabeth WinthropHoneybee (Chapter Book)1988
Bright Shadow by AviHoneybee (Chapter Book)1988
Who Knew There'd Be Ghosts? by Bill BrittainHoneybee (Chapter Book)1988
The Not-Just-Anybody Family by Betsy ByarsHoneybee (Chapter Book)1988
The Remembering Box by Eth CliffordHoneybee (Chapter Book)1988
Yesterday's Horses by Jean Slaughter DotyHoneybee (Chapter Book)1988
Welcome to Grossville by Alice Mulcahey FlemingHoneybee (Chapter Book)1988
The Eternal Spring of Mr. Ito by Sheila GarrigueHoneybee (Chapter Book)1988
Blackberries in the Dark by Mavis JukesHoneybee (Chapter Book)1988
And Don't Bring Jeremy by Marilyn LevinsonHoneybee (Chapter Book)1988
Medicine Walk by Ardath MayharHoneybee (Chapter Book)1988
Trouble on Janus by Alfred SlotheHoneybee (Chapter Book)1988
Quentin Corn by Mary StolzHoneybee (Chapter Book)1988
Don't Touch My Room by Patricia LakinLittle Bluestem (Picture Book)1988
What Happened to Patrick's Dinosaurs? by Carol CarrickLittle Bluestem (Picture Book)1988
Jerome the Babysitter by Eileen ChristelowLittle Bluestem (Picture Book)1988
The Paper Crane by Molly BangLittle Bluestem (Picture Book)1988
The Josefina Story Quilt by Eleanor CoerrLittle Bluestem (Picture Book)1988
STARRING FIRST GRADE by Miriam CohenLittle Bluestem (Picture Book)1988
The Chocolate Chip Cookie Contest by Barbara DouglassLittle Bluestem (Picture Book)1988
George Shrinks by William JoyceLittle Bluestem (Picture Book)1988
Best Friends by Steven KelloggLittle Bluestem (Picture Book)1988
Watch The Stars Come Out by Riki LevinsonLittle Bluestem (Picture Book)1988
Yummers Too! by James MarshallLittle Bluestem (Picture Book)1988
The Ghost-Eye Tree by Bill Martin Jr.Little Bluestem (Picture Book)1988
Foolish Rabbit’s Big Mistake by Rafe MartinLittle Bluestem (Picture Book)1988
Night in the Country by Cynthia RylantLittle Bluestem (Picture Book)1988
I'll Always Love You by Hans WilhelmLittle Bluestem (Picture Book)1988
The War with Grandpa by Robert Kimmel SmithHoneybee (Chapter Book)1987
Cracker Jackson by Betsy ByarsHoneybee (Chapter Book)1987
Banana Blitz by Florence Parry HeideHoneybee (Chapter Book)1987
One-Eyed Cat by Paula FoxHoneybee (Chapter Book)1987
YOUR FORMER FRIEND, MATTHEW by LouAnn GaeddertHoneybee (Chapter Book)1987
Rat Teeth by Patricia Reilly GiffHoneybee (Chapter Book)1987
Hello, My Name Is Scrambled Eggs (Minstrel Book) by Jamie GilsonHoneybee (Chapter Book)1987
Just Like a Real Family by Kristi HollHoneybee (Chapter Book)1987
Morgan's Zoo by James HoweHoneybee (Chapter Book)1987
In the Year of the Boar and Jackie Robinson by Bette Bao LordHoneybee (Chapter Book)1987
Karen's Sister by Elisabeth McHughHoneybee (Chapter Book)1987
Kid Power Strikes Back by Susan Beth PfefferHoneybee (Chapter Book)1987
Rich Mitch by Marjorie Weinman SharmatHoneybee (Chapter Book)1987
Blair's Nightmare by Zilpha Keatley SnyderHoneybee (Chapter Book)1987
The Year of the Comet by Roberta WiegandHoneybee (Chapter Book)1987
Miss Nelson Has a Field Day by Harry AllardLittle Bluestem (Picture Book)1987
The Day the Teacher Went Bananas by James HoweLittle Bluestem (Picture Book)1987
If You Give a Mouse a Cookie by Laura Joffe NumeroffLittle Bluestem (Picture Book)1987
Humbug Potion by Lorna BalianLittle Bluestem (Picture Book)1987
The Pain and the Great One by Judy BlumeLittle Bluestem (Picture Book)1987
The Very Busy Spider by Eric CarleLittle Bluestem (Picture Book)1987
The Patchwork Quilt by Valerie FlournoyLittle Bluestem (Picture Book)1987
The Great Race of the Birds and Animals by Paul GobleLittle Bluestem (Picture Book)1987
I Unpacked My Grandmother's Trunk: A Picture Book Game by Susan HoguetLittle Bluestem (Picture Book)1987
Geraldine's Blanket by Holly KellerLittle Bluestem (Picture Book)1987
Hansel and Gretel by Rika LesserLittle Bluestem (Picture Book)1987
How Much Is a Million? by David M. SchwartzLittle Bluestem (Picture Book)1987
Imogene's Antlers by David SmallLittle Bluestem (Picture Book)1987
The Napping House by Audrey WoodLittle Bluestem (Picture Book)1987
I Know a Lady by Charlotte ZolotowLittle Bluestem (Picture Book)1987
Night of the Twisters by Ivy RuckmanHoneybee (Chapter Book)1986
Ramona Forever by Beverly ClearyHoneybee (Chapter Book)1986
Thirteen Ways to Sink a Sub by Jamie GilsonHoneybee (Chapter Book)1986
The Celery Stalks at Midnight by James HoweHoneybee (Chapter Book)1986
Be a Perfect Person in Just Three Days! by Stephen ManesHoneybee (Chapter Book)1986
Melinda Takes a Hand by Patricia BeattyHoneybee (Chapter Book)1986
The Wish Giver: Three Tales of Coven Tree by Bill BrittainHoneybee (Chapter Book)1986
The Computer Nut by Betsy ByarsHoneybee (Chapter Book)1986
Just Tell Me When We're Dead by Eth CliffordHoneybee (Chapter Book)1986
My Mother is the Smartest Woman in the World by Eleanor ClymerHoneybee (Chapter Book)1986
Finzel the Farsighted by Paul FleischmanHoneybee (Chapter Book)1986
Incognito Mosquito : Private Insective (A Bullseye Book) by E.A. HassHoneybee (Chapter Book)1986
Ernie and the Mile-Long Muffler by Marjorie LewisHoneybee (Chapter Book)1986
Anastasia at your Service by Lois LowryHoneybee (Chapter Book)1986
Call Me Ruth by Marilyn SachsHoneybee (Chapter Book)1986
Porcupine Stew by Beverly Major SchwartzHoneybee (Chapter Book)1986
The Flunking of Joshua T. Bates by Susan ShreveHoneybee (Chapter Book)1986
The Sign of the Beaver by Elizabeth George SpeareHoneybee (Chapter Book)1986
Building Blocks by Cynthia VoigtHoneybee (Chapter Book)1986
Mitzi and the Terrible Tyrannosaurus Rex by Barbara WilliamsHoneybee (Chapter Book)1986
Peabody by Rosemary WellsLittle Bluestem (Picture Book)1986
Arthur's April Fool by Marc BrownLittle Bluestem (Picture Book)1986
Lucky Chuck by Beverly ClearyLittle Bluestem (Picture Book)1986
What's in Fox's Sack? : An old English tale by Paul GaldoneLittle Bluestem (Picture Book)1986
Paul Bunyan by Steven KelloggLittle Bluestem (Picture Book)1986
I'm Telling You Now by Judy DeltonLittle Bluestem (Picture Book)1986
Febold Feboldson by Ariane DeweyLittle Bluestem (Picture Book)1986
Sam Johnson and the Blue Ribbon Quilt by Lisa Campbell ErnstLittle Bluestem (Picture Book)1986
The Almost Awful Play (Ronald Morgan) by Patricia Reilly GiffLittle Bluestem (Picture Book)1986
More Alex and the Cat by Helen V. GriffithLittle Bluestem (Picture Book)1986
Not Just Any Ring (Houghton Mifflin reading : the literature experience) by Danita Ross HallerLittle Bluestem (Picture Book)1986
Opening Night by Rachel IsadoraLittle Bluestem (Picture Book)1986
Spiders in the fruit cellar by Barbara M JoosseLittle Bluestem (Picture Book)1986
George and Martha Back in Town by James MarshallLittle Bluestem (Picture Book)1986
Cluck One by Louise MathewsLittle Bluestem (Picture Book)1986
Sleeping Beauty by Mercer MayerLittle Bluestem (Picture Book)1986
In My Treehouse by Alice SchertleLittle Bluestem (Picture Book)1986
My Mama Needs Me by Mildred Pitts WalterLittle Bluestem (Picture Book)1986
Something Special for Me by Vera B. WilliamsLittle Bluestem (Picture Book)1986
The wonderful Mrs. Trumbly by Sally WittmanLittle Bluestem (Picture Book)1986
A Dog Called Kitty by Bill WallaceHoneybee (Chapter Book)1985
Ramona and Her Mother by Beverly ClearyHoneybee (Chapter Book)1985
The Great Ringtail Garbage Caper by Timothy FooteHoneybee (Chapter Book)1985
What's an Average Kid Like Me Doing Way Up Here? by Ivy RuckmanHoneybee (Chapter Book)1985
C.O.L.A.R. by Alfred SloteHoneybee (Chapter Book)1985
Seven spells to farewell by Betty BakerHoneybee (Chapter Book)1985
Christmas With Ida Early by Robert BurchHoneybee (Chapter Book)1985
Two Thousand Pound Goldfish by Betsy ByarsHoneybee (Chapter Book)1985
A girl called Bob & a horse called Yoki by Barbara CampbellHoneybee (Chapter Book)1985
Jump Ship to Freedom (Arabus Family Saga) by James Lincoln CollierHoneybee (Chapter Book)1985
Tread Softly by Corinne GersonHoneybee (Chapter Book)1985
The Gift of the Pirate Queen by Patricia Reilly GiffHoneybee (Chapter Book)1985
Aldo Ice Cream by Johanna HurwitzHoneybee (Chapter Book)1985
Turtle Street Trading Co by Jill Ross KlevinHoneybee (Chapter Book)1985
Taking Care of Terrific by Lois LowryHoneybee (Chapter Book)1985
The Dreadful Future of Blossom Culp by Richard PeckHoneybee (Chapter Book)1985
Soup in the Saddle by Robert Newton PeckHoneybee (Chapter Book)1985
Slaves of Spiegel by Daniel Manus PinkwaterHoneybee (Chapter Book)1985
Cat Walk by Mary StolzHoneybee (Chapter Book)1985
Lost Legend of Finn by Mary TannenHoneybee (Chapter Book)1985
Round Trip by Ann JonasLittle Bluestem (Picture Book)1985
The Monster and the Tailor by Paul GaldoneLittle Bluestem (Picture Book)1985
Mrs. Peloki's Snake by Joanne OppenheimLittle Bluestem (Picture Book)1985
Gregory, the Terrible Eater by Mitchell SharmatLittle Bluestem (Picture Book)1985
Doctor De Soto by William SteigLittle Bluestem (Picture Book)1985
Bringing the Rain to Kapiti Plain: A Nandi Tale by Verna AardemaLittle Bluestem (Picture Book)1985
Fritz and the Beautiful Horses by Jan BrettLittle Bluestem (Picture Book)1985
Just Us Women by Jeannette CainesLittle Bluestem (Picture Book)1985
Henry and the Red Stripes by Eileen ChristelowLittle Bluestem (Picture Book)1985
Miss Rumphius by Barbara CooneyLittle Bluestem (Picture Book)1985
Strega Nona by Tomie dePaolaLittle Bluestem (Picture Book)1985
A House Is a House for Me by Mary Ann HobermanLittle Bluestem (Picture Book)1985
I Dance In My Red Pajamas by Edith Thacher HurdLittle Bluestem (Picture Book)1985
Little Red Riding Hood by Trina Schart HymanLittle Bluestem (Picture Book)1985
Yeh-Shen: A Cinderella Story from China by Ai-Ling LouieLittle Bluestem (Picture Book)1985
When I Was Young in the Mountains by Cynthia RylantLittle Bluestem (Picture Book)1985
Bea and Mr. Jones by Amy SchwartzLittle Bluestem (Picture Book)1985
Lucretia the Unbearable by Marjorie Weinman SharmatLittle Bluestem (Picture Book)1985
The Wreck of the Zephyr by Chris Van AllsburgLittle Bluestem (Picture Book)1985
A Chair for My Mother by Vera B. WilliamsLittle Bluestem (Picture Book)1985
Nothing's Fair in Fifth Grade by Barthe DeClementsHoneybee (Chapter Book)1984
Help! I'm a Prisoner in the Library! by Eth CliffordHoneybee (Chapter Book)1984
Howliday Inn by James HoweHoneybee (Chapter Book)1984
Baseball Fever by Johanna HurwitzHoneybee (Chapter Book)1984
The Trouble with Tuck by Theodore TaylorHoneybee (Chapter Book)1984
The Magic of the Glits by C. S. AdlerHoneybee (Chapter Book)1984
Who Stole the Wizard of Oz? by AviHoneybee (Chapter Book)1984
The Animal, the Vegetable, & John D Jones by Betsy ByarsHoneybee (Chapter Book)1984
The Night the Monster Came by Mary CalhounHoneybee (Chapter Book)1984
Can I Get There by Candlelight? by Jean Slaughter DotyHoneybee (Chapter Book)1984
A Girl Called Boy by Belinda HurmenceHoneybee (Chapter Book)1984
The Fledgling by Jane LangtonHoneybee (Chapter Book)1984
Words in Our Hands by Ada B. LitchfieldHoneybee (Chapter Book)1984
Anastasia Again! by Lois LowryHoneybee (Chapter Book)1984
Arthur, For the Very First Time by Patricia MacLachlanHoneybee (Chapter Book)1984
Toad Food and Measle Soup by Christine McDonnellHoneybee (Chapter Book)1984
Chester the Great by Mary Francis ShuraHoneybee (Chapter Book)1984
Last Was Lloyd by Doris Buchanan SmithHoneybee (Chapter Book)1984
Ike and Mama and the Once-A-Year Suit by Carol SnyderHoneybee (Chapter Book)1984
Sodbuster Venture by Charlene Joy TalbotHoneybee (Chapter Book)1984
Miss Nelson Is Back by Harry G. Allard Jr.Little Bluestem (Picture Book)1984
The Great Valentine's Day Balloon Race by Adrienne AdamsLittle Bluestem (Picture Book)1984
The Frog on Robert's Head by David ClevelandLittle Bluestem (Picture Book)1984
That Terrible Halloween Night by James StevensonLittle Bluestem (Picture Book)1984
Do Not Open (Picture Puffin Books) by Brinton TurkleLittle Bluestem (Picture Book)1984
What's So Funny, Ketu?: A Nuer Tale by Verna AardemaLittle Bluestem (Picture Book)1984
Bah! Humbug? by Lorna BalianLittle Bluestem (Picture Book)1984
Goldilocks and the Three Bears by Lorinda Bryan CauleyLittle Bluestem (Picture Book)1984
Jackson Makes His Move by Andrew GlassLittle Bluestem (Picture Book)1984
The Man Who Kept House by Kathleen HagueLittle Bluestem (Picture Book)1984
sometimes it happens by Elinor Lander HorwitzLittle Bluestem (Picture Book)1984
A Rose for Pinkerton by Steven KelloggLittle Bluestem (Picture Book)1984
Ming Lo Moves the Mountain by Arnold LobelLittle Bluestem (Picture Book)1984
That Grand Master Jumping Teacher, Bernard, Meets Jerome, the Great Jumping Glump by David McPhailLittle Bluestem (Picture Book)1984
Encore For Eleanor by Bill PeetLittle Bluestem (Picture Book)1984
The Snail's Spell by Joanne RyderLittle Bluestem (Picture Book)1984
Fleet-Footed Florence by Marilyn SachsLittle Bluestem (Picture Book)1984
Dance Away by George ShannonLittle Bluestem (Picture Book)1984
Gila Monsters Meet You at the Airport by Marjorie Weinman SharmatLittle Bluestem (Picture Book)1984
Applebaums have a robot! by Jane ThayerLittle Bluestem (Picture Book)1984
Superfudge by Judy BlumeHoneybee (Chapter Book)1983
The Cybil War by Betsy ByarsHoneybee (Chapter Book)1983
Banana Twist by Florence Parry HeideHoneybee (Chapter Book)1983
What If They Knew by Patricia HermesHoneybee (Chapter Book)1983
Lizard Music by Daniel Manus PinkwaterHoneybee (Chapter Book)1983
Part-time Boy by Elizabeth T. BillingtonHoneybee (Chapter Book)1983
Ida Early Comes over the Mountain by Robert BurchHoneybee (Chapter Book)1983
Tawny by Chas CarnerHoneybee (Chapter Book)1983
Ramona Quimby, Age 8 by Beverly ClearyHoneybee (Chapter Book)1983
North of Danger by Dale FifeHoneybee (Chapter Book)1983
Have You Seen Hyacinth Macaw? by Patricia Reilly GiffHoneybee (Chapter Book)1983
All the Way to Wit's End by Sheila GreenwaldHoneybee (Chapter Book)1983
The Case of the Phantom Frog by E. W. HildickHoneybee (Chapter Book)1983
The Lilith Summer by Hadley IrwinHoneybee (Chapter Book)1983
Hocus Pocus Dilemma by Pat KibbeHoneybee (Chapter Book)1983
Children of the Seventh Prophecy by Amy Kateman RubinHoneybee (Chapter Book)1983
Weird Henry Berg by Sarah SargentHoneybee (Chapter Book)1983
My Trip to Alpha I by Alfred SloteHoneybee (Chapter Book)1983
The Wizard Children of Finn by Mary TannenHoneybee (Chapter Book)1983
Hawkins aka The Contest Kid and the Big Prize by Barbara Brooks WallaceHoneybee (Chapter Book)1983
Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs by Judi BarrettLittle Bluestem (Picture Book)1983
Cross-Country Cat by Mary CalhounLittle Bluestem (Picture Book)1983
My Mom Hates Me in January by Judy DeltonLittle Bluestem (Picture Book)1983
The Pigs' Wedding by Helme HeineLittle Bluestem (Picture Book)1983
The Day Jimmy's Boa Ate the Wash by Trinka Hakes NobleLittle Bluestem (Picture Book)1983
Thumbelina by Hans Christian AndersenLittle Bluestem (Picture Book)1983
We Hide, You Seek by Jose AruegoLittle Bluestem (Picture Book)1983
Petrosinella by Giambattista BasileLittle Bluestem (Picture Book)1983
Truck by Donald CrewsLittle Bluestem (Picture Book)1983
A Mouse Called Junction by Julia CunninghamLittle Bluestem (Picture Book)1983
Big Anthony and the Magic Ring by Tomie dePaolaLittle Bluestem (Picture Book)1983
Mother Crocodile by Rosa GuyLittle Bluestem (Picture Book)1983
The School Mouse and the Hamster by Dorothy Joan HarrisLittle Bluestem (Picture Book)1983
Ben's Trumpet by Rachel IsadoraLittle Bluestem (Picture Book)1983
Regards to the Man in the Moon by Ezra Jack KeatsLittle Bluestem (Picture Book)1983
On Market Street by Arnold LobelLittle Bluestem (Picture Book)1983
Albert B. Cub and Zebra: An Alphabet Storybook by Anne F. RockwellLittle Bluestem (Picture Book)1983
The Garden of Abdul Gasazi by Chris Van AllsburgLittle Bluestem (Picture Book)1983
Everyone Knows What a Dragon Looks Like by Jay WilliamsLittle Bluestem (Picture Book)1983
A Special Trade (I Can Read Series) by Sally WittmanLittle Bluestem (Picture Book)1983
Yours Till Niagara Falls, Abby by Jane O'ConnorHoneybee (Chapter Book)1982
The Revenge of the Incredible Dr. Rancid and His Youthful Assistant, Jeffrey by Ellen ConfordHoneybee (Chapter Book)1982
The Champion of Merrimack County by Roger Wolcott DruryHoneybee (Chapter Book)1982
The Great Gilly Hopkins by Katherine PatersonHoneybee (Chapter Book)1982
Welcome Home, Jellybean by Marlene Fanta ShyerHoneybee (Chapter Book)1982
A Question of Time by Dina AnastasioHoneybee (Chapter Book)1982
The Rocking Chair Rebellion by Eth CliffordHoneybee (Chapter Book)1982
Ice Skates! by Carol FennerHoneybee (Chapter Book)1982
Humbug Mountain by Sid FleischmanHoneybee (Chapter Book)1982
Between Friends by Sheila GarrigueHoneybee (Chapter Book)1982
Get On Out of Here, Philip Hall by Bette GreeneHoneybee (Chapter Book)1982
The Bears Upstairs by Dorothy HaasHoneybee (Chapter Book)1982
South Star by Betsy Gould HearneHoneybee (Chapter Book)1982
A Word to the Wise by Alison Cragin HerzigHoneybee (Chapter Book)1982
Much Ado About Aldo by Johanna HurwitzHoneybee (Chapter Book)1982
A Summer in the South by James MarshallHoneybee (Chapter Book)1982
Trig by Robert Newton PeckHoneybee (Chapter Book)1982
Groundhog's Horse by Joyce RockwoodHoneybee (Chapter Book)1982
The Famous Stanley Kidnapping Case by Zilpha Keatley SnyderHoneybee (Chapter Book)1982
When Grandfather Journeys into Winter by Craig Kee StreteHoneybee (Chapter Book)1982
Bunnicula by Deborah HoweHoneybee (Chapter Book)1981
The Pinballs by Betsy ByarsHoneybee (Chapter Book)1981
The Goof That Won the Pennant by Jonah KalbHoneybee (Chapter Book)1981
Soup and Me by Robert Newton PeckHoneybee (Chapter Book)1981
Fat Men From Space by Daniel Manus PinkwaterHoneybee (Chapter Book)1981
The Lemming Condition by Alan ArkinHoneybee (Chapter Book)1981
Emily Upham's Revenge: A Massachusetts Adventure by AviHoneybee (Chapter Book)1981
Tuck Everlasting by Natalie BabbittHoneybee (Chapter Book)1981
Starring Sally J. Freedman as Herself by Judy BlumeHoneybee (Chapter Book)1981
Two That Were Tough by Robert BurchHoneybee (Chapter Book)1981
Ramona and Her Father by Beverly ClearyHoneybee (Chapter Book)1981
Beat the Turtle Drum by Constance C. GreeneHoneybee (Chapter Book)1981
The Hundred Penny Box by Sharon Bell MathisHoneybee (Chapter Book)1981
The Ghost Belonged to Me by Richard PeckHoneybee (Chapter Book)1981
Into the Dream by William SleatorHoneybee (Chapter Book)1981
Matt Gargan's Boy by Alfred SloteHoneybee (Chapter Book)1981
Kelly's Creek by Doris Buchanan SmithHoneybee (Chapter Book)1981
An Orphan for Nebraska by Charlene Joy TalbotHoneybee (Chapter Book)1981
Song of the Trees by Mildred D. TaylorHoneybee (Chapter Book)1981
Dragonwings by Laurence YepHoneybee (Chapter Book)1981


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