Lambda Literary Award1999

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Other Names: Lammies
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Lambda Literary Awards (also known as the "Lammies") are awarded yearly by the US-based Lambda Literary Foundation to published works which celebrate or explore LGBT themes. Categories include show more Humor, Romance and Biography. To qualify, a book must have been published in the United States in the year current to the award. The Lambda Literary Foundation states that its mission is "to celebrate LGBT literature and provide resources for writers, readers, booksellers, publishers, and librarians - the whole literary community." The awards were instituted in 1988.

In determining whether a book should be submitted for consideration, the Lambda Literary Awards are based principally on the LGBT content of the work. The sexual orientation of the author is secondary.
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Winner 21

The Vintage Book of International Lesbian Fiction by Naomi HolochAnthology/Fiction1999
This Is What Lesbian Looks Like: Dyke Activists Take on the 21st Century by Kris KleindienstAnthology/Nonfiction1999
Hard Love by Ellen WittlingerChildren's/Young Adult1999
What I Meant Was: New Plays and Selected One-Acts by Craig LucasDrama1999
The Velveteen Father: An Unexpected Journey to Parenthood by Jesse GreenGay Men's Biography/Autobiography1999
Allan Stein by Matthew StadlerGay Men's Fiction1999
Justice at Risk by John Morgan WilsonGay Men's Mystery1999
Trappings: New Poems by Richard HowardGay Men's Poetry1999
The Anchorage: Poems by Mark WunderlichGay Men's Poetry1999
Pictures and Passions: A History of Homosexuality in the Visual Arts by James M. SaslowGay Men's Studies1999
That's Mr. Faggot to You: Further Trials from My Queer Life by Michael Thomas FordHumor1999
The Trials of Radclyffe Hall by Diana SouhamiLesbian Biography/Autobiography1999
Tipping the Velvet by Sarah WatersLesbian Fiction1999
Hunting the Witch by Ellen HartLesbian Mystery1999
Rave: Poems 1975-1999 by Olga BroumasLesbian Poetry1999
To Believe in Women: What Lesbians Have Done For America - A History by Lillian FadermanLesbian Studies1999
Respecting the Soul: Daily Reflections for Black Lesbians and Gays by Keith BoykinReligion/Spirituality1999
Gay Spirit Warrior: An Empowerment Workbook for Men Who Love Men by John R. StoweReligion/Spirituality1999
Minions of the Moon by Richard BowesScience Fiction/Fantasy1999
Massage by Henry FleshSmall Press1999
Trumpet by Jackie KayTransgender1999

Nominee 73

The Mammoth Book of Lesbian Short Stories by Emma DonoghueAnthology/Fiction1999
His³: Brilliant New Fiction by Gay Writers by Robert DrakeAnthology/Fiction1999
Besame Mucho: New Gay Latino Fiction by Jaime ManriqueAnthology/Fiction1999
Hers³: Brilliant New Fiction by Lesbian Writers by Terry WolvertonAnthology/Fiction1999
The Columbia Reader on Lesbians & Gay Men in Media, Society, and Politics by Larry GrossAnthology/Nonfiction1999
A Woman Like That: Lesbian and Bisexual Writers Tell Their Coming Out Stories by Joan LarkinAnthology/Nonfiction1999
Fighting words : personal essays by black gay men by Charles M. SmithAnthology/Nonfiction1999
Dare Truth or Promise by Paula BoockChildren's/Young Adult1999
The Year They Burned the Books by Nancy GardenChildren's/Young Adult1999
The Blue Lawn by William TaylorChildren's/Young Adult1999
Name Me Nobody by Lois-Ann YamanakaChildren's/Young Adult1999
Of All the Nerve: Deb Margolin Solo (Critical Performances) by Lynda HartDrama1999
Corpus Christi by Terrence McNallyDrama1999
Lovesick: Modernest Plays Of Same-Sex (Gay) Love by Laurence SenelickDrama1999
Prepare for Saints: Gertrude Stein, Virgil Thomson, and the Mainstreaming of American Modernism by Steven WatsonDrama1999
An Underground Life: Memoirs of a Gay Jew in Nazi Berlin by Gad BeckGay Men's Biography/Autobiography1999
Firebird by Mark DotyGay Men's Biography/Autobiography1999
Left Out: A Political Journey by Martin DubermanGay Men's Biography/Autobiography1999
Gore Vidal: A Biography by Fred KaplanGay Men's Biography/Autobiography1999
Comfort & Joy by Jim GrimsleyGay Men's Fiction1999
In September, the Light Changes: The Stories of Andrew Holleran by Andrew HolleranGay Men's Fiction1999
The Book of Lies by Felice PicanoGay Men's Fiction1999
The Coming Storm by Paul RussellGay Men's Fiction1999
The Death of a Constant Lover by Lev RaphaelGay Men's Mystery1999
Innuendo by R. D. ZimmermanGay Men's Mystery1999
Drop Dead by Mark Richard ZubroGay Men's Mystery1999
Diva by Rafael CampoGay Men's Poetry1999
Lyric: Poems Along A Broken Road by G. Winston JamesGay Men's Poetry1999
Last Rights by Marvin K. WhiteGay Men's Poetry1999
Times Square Red, Times Square Blue by Samuel R. DelanyGay Men's Studies1999
The Crisis of Desire: AIDS and the Fate of Gay Brotherhood by Robin HardyGay Men's Studies1999
Men Like That: A Southern Queer History by John HowardGay Men's Studies1999
The Mismeasure of Desire: The Science, Theory, and Ethics of Sexual Orientation by Edward SteinGay Men's Studies1999
Wilma Loves Betty and Other Hilarious Gay & Lesbian Parodies by Scott BrassartHumor1999
SUBGurlz by Jennifer CamperHumor1999
Ethan Exposed: Further Adventures From Ethan Green's Unfabulous Social Life by Eric OrnerHumor1999
Way to Go, Smith by Bob SmithHumor1999
My Lesbian Husband by Barrie Jean BorichLesbian Biography/Autobiography1999
Eleanor Roosevelt, Volume 2: 1933-1938 by Blanche Wiesen CookLesbian Biography/Autobiography1999
Tales of the Lavender Menace: A Memoir of Liberation by Karla JayLesbian Biography/Autobiography1999
Baby Precious Always Shines: Selected Love Notes Between Gertrude Stein and Alice B. Toklas by Kay TurnerLesbian Biography/Autobiography1999
Bruised Fruit: A Novel by Anna LiviaLesbian Fiction1999
Faults: A Novel by Terri de la PeñaLesbian Fiction1999
Shy Girl by Elizabeth StarkLesbian Fiction1999
Salt Water and Other Stories by Barbara WoolfLesbian Fiction1999
Murder Undercover by Claire McNabLesbian Mystery1999
Lost Daughters by J. M. RedmannLesbian Mystery1999
She Came in Drag by Mary WingsLesbian Mystery1999
Walking Back Up Depot Street: Poems by Minnie Bruce PrattLesbian Poetry1999
Midnight Salvage: Poems 1995-1998 by Adrienne RichLesbian Poetry1999
Interior with Sudden Joy: Poems by Brenda ShaughnessyLesbian Poetry1999
Monkeypuzzle by Rita WongLesbian Poetry1999
Eden Built by Eves by Bonnie J. MorrisLesbian Studies1999
The Whole Lesbian Sex Book: A Passionate Guide for All of Us by Felice NewmanLesbian Studies1999
A Desired Past: A Short History of Same-Sex Love in America by Leila J. RuppLesbian Studies1999
Strange Sisters: The Art of Lesbian Pulp Fiction 1949-1969 by Jaye ZimetLesbian Studies1999
John Singer Sargent: The Male Nudes by John EstenPhotography/Visual Arts1999
The Drag King Book by Judith "Jack" HalberstamPhotography/Visual Arts1999
The Homoerotic Art of Pavel Tchelitchev, 1929-1939 by David LeddickPhotography/Visual Arts1999
Coming Out Spiritually: The Next Step by Christian de la HuertaReligion/Spirituality1999
Queer Dharma, Vol. 2: Voices of Gay Buddhists by Winston LeylandReligion/Spirituality1999
Prayer Warriors by Stuart Howell MillerReligion/Spirituality1999
The Gumshoe, the Witch, and the Virtual Corpse by Keith HartmanScience Fiction/Fantasy1999
The Annunciate by Severna ParkScience Fiction/Fantasy1999
Night Shade: Gothic Tales by Women by Judith M. ReddingScience Fiction/Fantasy1999
Through a Brazen Mirror : The Famous Flower of Servingmen by Delia ShermanScience Fiction/Fantasy1999
Hey Paesan: Writing by Lesbians and Gay Men of Italian Descent by Denise Nico Leto Giovanna CaponeSmall Press1999
The Queer Press Guide 2000 by Paul HarrisSmall Press1999
Mr. Dalloway: A Novella by Robin LippincottSmall Press1999
Christ-Like by Emanuel XavierSmall Press1999
Transmen and FTMs: Identities, Bodies, Genders, and Sexualities by Jason CromwellTransgender1999
Crossing: A Memoir by Deirdre N. McCloskeyTransgender1999
From Toads to Queens: Transvestism in a Latin American Setting (Haworth Gay & Lesbian Studies) by Jacobo SchifterTransgender1999


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