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Lambda Literary Awards (also known as the "Lammies") are awarded yearly by the US-based Lambda Literary Foundation to published works which celebrate or explore LGBT themes. Categories include show more Humor, Romance and Biography. To qualify, a book must have been published in the United States in the year current to the award. The Lambda Literary Foundation states that its mission is "to celebrate LGBT literature and provide resources for writers, readers, booksellers, publishers, and librarians - the whole literary community." The awards were instituted in 1988.

In determining whether a book should be submitted for consideration, the Lambda Literary Awards are based principally on the LGBT content of the work. The sexual orientation of the author is secondary.
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Nominee 64

Queen of the Oddballs: And Other True Stories from a Life Unaccording to Plan by Hillary Carlip2006
Roy & Al by Ralf König2006
Invasion of the Dykes to Watch Out For by Alison Bechdel2005
Juicy Mother: Celebration by Jennifer Camper2005
What the L by Kate Clinton2005
Revenge of the Paste Eaters: Memoirs of a Misfit by Cheryl Peck2005
Alexander the Fabulous: The Man Who Brought the World to Its Knees by Michael Alvear2004
Magical Thinking by Augusten Burroughs2004
Kyle's Bed & Breakfast by Greg Fox2004
Fat Girls & Lawn Chairs by Cheryl Peck2004
Men Are Pigs, But We Love Bacon: Not-So-Straight Answers from America's Most Outrageous Gay Sex Columnist by Michael Alvear2003
My Big Fat Queer Life: The Best of Michael Thomas Ford by Michael Thomas Ford2003
Chelsea Boys by Allan Neuwirth2003
That's Why They're in Cages, People! by Joel Perry2003
Is It a Date or Just Coffee?: The Gay Girl's Guide to Dating, Sex, and Romance by Mo Brownsey2002
Screening Party by Dennis Hensley2002
Gaydar: The Ultimate Insider Guide to the Gay Sixth Sense by Donald F. Reuter2002
The Big Book Of Lesbian Horse Stories by Alisa Surkis2002
The Little Book of Neuroses: Ongoing Trials From My Queer Life by Michael Thomas Ford2001
Inflatable Butch by Ellen Orleans2001
Drama Queen: The Gay Man's Guide to an Uncomplicated Life by Patrick Price2001
Post-Dykes to Watch Out For by Alison Bechdel2000
It's Not Mean If It's True by Michael Thomas Ford2000
The Femme's Guide to the Universe by Shar Rednour2000
Bruce! : My Adventures in the Skin Trade and Other Essays by Bruce Vilanch2000
Wilma Loves Betty and Other Hilarious Gay & Lesbian Parodies by Scott Brassart1999
SUBGurlz by Jennifer Camper1999
Ethan Exposed: Further Adventures From Ethan Green's Unfabulous Social Life by Eric Orner1999
Way to Go, Smith by Bob Smith1999
Indelible Alison Bechdel by Alison Bechdel1998
Split-Level Dykes to Watch Out For by Alison Bechdel1998
Don't Get Me Started by Kate Clinton1998
Savage Love: Straight Answers from America's Most Popular Sex Columnist by Dan Savage1998
Kurt Cobain And Mozart Are Both Dead by Tim Barela1996
The History of Lesbian Hair by Mary Dugger1996
Lesbianism Made Easy by Helen Eisenbach1996
So You Want to Be a Lesbian? by Liz Tracey1996
Unnatural Dykes to Watch Out for by Alison Bechdel1995
The Revenge of Hothead Paisan: Homicidal Lesbian Terrorist by Diane DiMassa1995
Growing Up Gay: From Left Out to Coming Out by Funny Gay Males1995
A Ghost in the Closet by Mabel Maney1995
The Unofficial Gay Manual by Kevin DiLallo1994
The Case of the Good-For-Nothing Girlfriend by Mabel Maney1994
Glamourpuss by Christian McLaughlin1994
Barrel Fever: Stories and Essays by David Sedaris1994
Whores of Lost Atlantis by Charles Busch1993
Hothead Paisan: Homicidal Lesbian Terrorist by Diane DiMassa1993
Closet Case by Robert Rodi1993
Members Of The Tribe by Michael Willhoite1993
That's Ms. Bulldyke to You, Charles! by Jane Caminos1992
B.B. And The Diva by Rupert Kinnard1992
The Night Audrey's Vibrator Spoke: A Stonewall Riots Collection by Andrea Natalie1992
The Mostly Unfabulous Social Life of Ethan Green by Eric Orner1992
Strange Angel: The Gospel According to Benny Joe by Ben Davis1991
Coming Out: More Lesbian Fun 'N' Games by Elizabeth Dean1991
What I love about lesbian politics is arguing with people I agree with by Kris Kovick1991
Women's Glib: A Collection of Women's Humor by Roz Warren1991
Stonewall Riots by Andrea Natalie1990
More Lesbian Etiquette: Humorous Essays by Gail Sausser1990
Meatmen Volume 8 by Howard Stangroom1990
Cut-Outs and Cut-Ups: A Lesbian Fun'N'Games Book by Elizabeth Dean1989
Run That Sucker at Six: The Second Morgan Calabrese Collection by N. Leigh Dunlap1989
A Lesbian Love Advisor by Celeste West1989
Kvetch by T.R. Witomski1989


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