Shalom Readers Club Book ListPreschool-Grade 2

Given by Central Plains Mennonite Conference

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"We desire that youth will become aware of the religious, social, and cultural issues that people face in our age that are, in fact, ageless. By reading these books, questions will be raised about show more international events, world history, and God’s vision that will promote a discussion about faith in Jesus and what it means to be a disciple of the risen Christ in today’s world. . . [R]eaders are presented with opportunities for discussion about issues of race, poverty, class distinctions, conflict, and cultural differences that divide us. We believe that Jesus Christ calls us to a new way of relating to each other--the way of Shalom." show less
All, Grade 3-5 (104), Grade 3-8 (2), Grade 6-8 (72), Preschool-Grade 2 (108)
All Things Bright and Beautiful (2010) by Cecil Frances Alexander
The Two of Them (1979) by Aliki
Amelia's Road (1995) by Linda Jacobs Altman
What I Like (1991) by Catherine Anholt
The Folks in the Valley: A Pennsylvania Dutch ABC (1992) by Jim Aylesworth
This Is the Way We Go to School (1990) by Edith Baer
Bully Bill (2007) by Joy Birky
The Legend of the Valentine: An Inspirational Story of Love and Reconciliation (2002) by Katherine Grace Bond
A Crocodile for Aminata (2004) by Carol Shenk Bornman
The First Strawberries: A Cherokee Story (1993) by Joseph Bruchac
One Green Apple (2006) by Eve Bunting
The Wednesday Surprise (1989) by Eve Bunting
Because of Mr. Terupt (2010) by Rob Buyea
Abuela's Weave (1993) by Omar S. Castañeda
The Great Kapok Tree (1990) by Lynne Cherry
It's George (1988) by Miriam Cohen
On Meadowview Street (2008) by Henry Cole
The Story of Ruby Bridges: True Story of a Civil Rights Icon (1995) by Robert Coles
Two Sides of the River (1976) by David Crippen
Snow in Jerusalem (2001) by Deborah da Costa
Not So Fast, Songololo (1986) by Niki Daly
Are You My Friend (1993) by Janice Derby
The Crayon Box that Talked (1996) by Shane Derolf
A Castle on Viola Street (2001) by DyAnne DiSalvo-Ryan
Everybody Cooks Rice (1991) by Norah Dooley
Growing Vegetable Soup (1987) by Lois Ehlert
Feathers and Fools (1989) by Mem Fox
Whoever You Are (1997) by Mem Fox
Wilfrid Gordon McDonald Partridge (1984) by Mem Fox
I Sing for the Animals (1991) by Paul Goble
A Rose for Abby (1886) by Donna Guthrie
Henry and the Kite Dragon (2004) by Bruce Edward Hall
Jamaica's Find (1986) by Juanita Havill
Seven Brave Women (1997) by Betsy Hearne
Walk in Peace (2009) by Ingrid Hess
We Share One World (2004) by Jane E. Hoffelt
Amazing Grace (1991) by Mary Hoffman
The Color of Home (2002) by Mary Hoffman
Faith the Cow (1995) by Susan Bame Hoover
Peter's Chair (1967) by Ezra Jack Keats
Do Unto Otters: A Book About Manners (2007) by Laurie Keller
Doorway to the World (1996) by Ronald Kidd
Trouble (1753) by Jane Kurtz
Make Someone Smile: And 40 More Ways to Be a Peaceful Person (1996) by Judy Lalli
The Story of Ferdinand (1936) by Munro Leaf
Sun and the Wind: An Aesop Fable (1983) by Cornelia Lehn
This Little Light of Mine (2005) by Earl B. Lewis
It's Mine! (1986) by Leo Lionni
Nicolas, Where Have You Been? (1987) by Leo Lionni
Potatoes, Potatoes (1967) by Anita Lobel
Let's Make a Garden (1995) by Tamara Awad Lobe
Best of All (2003) by Max Lucado
Wake Up, Bertha Bear! (2006) by Chad Mason
A Pair of Red Clogs (1960) by Masako Matsuno
Beatrice's Goat (2001) by Page McBrier
Thank You, World (2007) by Alice B. McGinty
One Smile (2002) by Cindy McKinley
Farm Boy's Year (1992) by David McPhail
The Rag Coat (1991) by Lauren A. Mills
The Cornhusk Doll (1987) by Evelyn White Minshull
Tomas and the Library Lady (1997) by Pat Mora
Listen to the Wind: The Story of Dr. Greg & Three Cups of Tea (2009) by Greg Mortenson
Say Something (2004) by Peggy Moss
We Planted a Tree (2010) by Diane Muldrow
Enemy Pie (2000) by Derek Munson
Bein' With You This Way (1994) by W. Nikola-Lisa
Just Like Us (1987) by Hiawyn Oram
The Peace Book (2004) by Todd Parr
We Can Get Along: A Child's Book of Choices (1997) by Lauren Murphy Payne
Families Are Different (1991) by Nina Pellegrini
Milo and the Magical Stones (1996) by Marcus Pfister
The Rainbow Fish (1992) by Marcus Pfister
You're Not My Best Friend Anymore (1998) by Charlotte Pomerantz
Apples for immigrants (1999) by Lois Thieszen Preheim
Planting Seeds: Story, Patricia Quinlan ; Art, Vladyana Krykorka (1988) by Patricia Quinlan
Where's Chimpy? (1988) by Berniece Rabe
What Does Peace Feel Like? (2004) by Vladimir Radunsky
How Full Is Your Bucket? For Kids (2009) by Tom Rath
What If the Zebras Lost Their Stripes? (1998) by John Reitano
Cookies: Bite-Size Life Lessons (2006) by Amy Krouse Rosenthal
Cups Held Out (1825) by Judith L. Roth
Silent Music (2008) by James Rumford
My favorite place (1983) by Susan Sargent
Peace Begins With You (1990) by Katherine Scholes
Effie's Image (2006) by N. L. Sharp
The Giving Tree (1964) by Shel Silverstein
All Kinds of Children (1999) by Norma Simon
Peace Week in Miss Fox's Class (2009) by Eileen Spinelli
Angel Child, Dragon Child (1983) by Michele Maria Surat
Somewhere Today: A Book of Peace (1998) by Shelley Moore Thomas
Migrant (2011) by Maxine Trottier
The War Between the Vowels and the Consonants (1996) by Priscilla Turner
The Skin You Live In (2005) by Michael Tyler
Let's Be Enemies (1961) by Janice May Udry
The Animals' Peace Day (1970) by Jan Wahl
The Kindness Quilt (2006) by Nancy Elizabeth Wallace
The Spelling Window (1993) by Dawn L. Watkins
Chinese Eyes (1746) by Marjorie Ann Waybill
Praying With Our Feet (2005) by Lisa D. Weaver
Odd Velvet (1998) by Mary Whitcomb
Four Feet, Two Sandals (2007) by Karen Lynn Williams
Tap-Tap (1994) by Karen Lynn Williams
Wangari's Trees of Peace: A True Story from Africa (2008) by Jeanette Winter
Old Turtle (1992) by Douglas Wood
The Other Side (2001) by Jacqueline Woodson
Raising Yoder's Barn (1998) by Jane Yolen
I Know a Lady (1984) by Charlotte Zolotow
The Quarreling Book (1963) by Charlotte Zolotow


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