Book Awards500 Great Books by Women

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Works (508)

The Abandoned Baobab: The Autobiography of a Senegalese Woman by Ken BugulConflicting Cultures
After Henry: Essays by Joan DidionObservations
After Leaving Mr. Mackenzie by Jean RhysChoices
Against Our Will: Men, Women, and Rape by Susan BrownmillerViolence
AIDS and Its Metaphors by Susan SontagWays of Knowing
Alicia: My Story by Alicia Appleman-JurmanHeritage
All but the Waltz: A Memoir of Five Generations in the Life of a Montana Family by Mary Clearman BlewPioneers and Seekers
Allegra Maud Goldman by Edith KoneckyGrowing Up
Alva Myrdal: A Daughter's Memoir by Sissela BokWork
The Amber Gods and Other Stories by Harriet Elizabeth Prescott SpoffordImagined Worlds
American Indian Stories by Zitkala-ŠaConflicting Cultures
And the Bridge Is Love by Faye MoskowitzObservations
And They Didn't Die by Lauretta NgcoboPower
Angie, I Says by Avra WingWork
Annapurna: A Woman's Place by Arlene BlumPioneers and Seekers
Anywhere but Here by Mona SimpsonMothers and Mothering
Aquamarine by Carol AnshawChoices
Artemisia by Anna BantiArt
The Autobiography of Alice B. Toklas by Gertrude SteinArt
Awaiting Trespass by Linda Ty-CasperPower
The Awakening by Kate ChopinChoices
Backlash: The Undeclared War Against American Women by Susan FaludiPower
A Bag of Stories by Edla Van SteenImagined Worlds
Bake-Face and Other Guava Stories by Opal Palmer AdisaPlaces and Homes
Bastard Out of Carolina by Dorothy AllisonFamilies
The Bean Trees by Barbara KingsolverMothers and Mothering
Because It Is Bitter, and Because It Is My Heart by Joyce Carol OatesChoices
I Been in Sorrow's Kitchen and Licked Out All the Pots by Susan StraightMothers and Mothering
The Beggars' Strike by Aminata Sow FallPower
Behind the Scenes: or, Thirty Years a Slave and Four Years in the White House by Elizabeth KeckleyObservations
Beirut Fragments: A War Memoir by Jean Said MakdisiViolence
Beka Lamb by Zee EdgellPlaces and Homes
Belfast Woman by Mary BeckettPlaces and Homes
The Bell by Iris MurdochEthics
The Bell Jar by Sylvia PlathTrials and Adversity
Beloved by Toni MorrisonViolence
Berji Kristin: Tales from the Garbage Hills by Latife TekinTrials and Adversity
The Big Mama Stories by Shay YoungbloodMothers and Mothering
Black Feminist Thought: Knowledge, Consciousness, and the Politics of Empowerment by Patricia Hill CollinsWays of Knowing
Black Ice by Lorene CaryIdentity
Black Venus by Angela CarterImagined Worlds
Black Women Writers at Work by Claudia TateArt
Blackberry Winter: My Earlier Years by Margaret MeadWork
Blue Taxis: Stories about Africa by Eileen DrewConflicting Cultures
Bobbin Up by Dorothy HewettWork
Bone by Fae Myenne NgFamilies
The Bone People by Keri HulmeViolence
Bonjour Tristesse by Françoise SaganEthics
The Book of Ruth by Jane HamiltonHeritage
The Book of the City of Ladies by Christine de PizanHeritage
Bread Givers by Anzia YezierskaHeritage
Breakthrough by Mercedes ValdiviesoIdentity
The Bridge of Beyond by Simone Schwarz-BartMothers and Mothering
A bridge through time: A memoir by Laila Abou-SaifWork
Burger's Daughter by Nadine GordimerHeritage
Burmese Looking Glass: A Human Rights Adventure and a Jungle Revolution by Edith T. MiranteViolence
The Butcher's Wife by Ang LiViolence
Call Home the Heart by Fielding BurkeWork
Cantora by Sylvia Lopez-MedinaFamilies
Cartucho and My Mother's Hands by Nellie CampobelloViolence
Castle Rackrent by Maria EdgeworthConflicting Cultures
Cat's Eye by Margaret AtwoodFriendships and Interactions
The Cavalry Maiden: Journals of a Russian Officer in the Napoleonic Wars by Nadezhda DurovaPioneers and Seekers
The Censors: A Bilingual Selection of Stories by Luisa ValenzuelaTrials and Adversity
Ceremony by Leslie Marmon SilkoWays of Knowing
The Changelings by Jo SinclairGrowing Up
Changes in Latitude: An Uncommon Anthropology by Joana McIntyre VarawaWives, Lovers, and Partners
Changes: A Love Story by Ama Ata AidooWives, Lovers, and Partners
Child of Fortune by Yūko TsushimaMothers and Mothering
Child of Her People by Anne CameronMothers and Mothering
Child of the Dark: The Diary of Carolina Maria de Jesus by Carolina Maria de JesusViolence
Childhood by Nathalie SarrauteGrowing Up
A Chorus of Stones: The Private Life of War by Susan GriffinViolence
Circe's Mountain by Marie Luise KaschnitzFriendships and Interactions
Circle of Friends by Maeve BinchyGrowing Up
City of Kings by Rosario CastellanosPower
Claiming Breath by Diane GlancyArt
The Clay That Breathes: A Novella and Stories by Catherine BrowderConflicting Cultures
Clay Walls by Kim RonyoungConflicting Cultures
Cleaned Out by Annie ErnauxConflicting Cultures
Clear Light of Day by Anita DesaiFamilies
Cold Comfort Farm by Stella GibbonsFamilies
Cold Sassy Tree by Olive Ann BurnsGrowing Up
The Collected Prose by Elizabeth BishopArt
The Collector of Treasures by Bessie HeadFriendships and Interactions
Coming Home and Other Stories by Farida KarodiaConflicting Cultures
Coming of Age in Mississippi by Anne MoodyConflicting Cultures
Composing a Life by Mary Catherine BatesonWork
The Confessions of Lady Nijo by Lady NijoHeritage
Constance Ring by Amalie SkramWives, Lovers, and Partners
The Convert by Elizabeth RobinsChoices
Coonardoo by Katharine Susannah PrichardConflicting Cultures
Copper Crown by Lane Von HerzenFriendships and Interactions
The Coquette by Hannah W. FosterWives, Lovers, and Partners
Cora Sandel: Selected Short Stories by Cora SandelObservations
Cordelia & other stories by Françoise Mallet-JorisFriendships and Interactions
Corregidora by Gayl JonesIdentity
Cosima by Grazia DeleddaArt
The Country of the Pointed Firs by Sarah Orne JewettFriendships and Interactions
A Country Year: Living the Questions by Sue HubbellObservations
Cracking India by Bapsi SidhwaViolence
Crick Crack, Monkey by Merle HodgeConflicting Cultures
Crossings by Chuang HuaFamilies
Crusade for Justice: The Autobiography of Ida B. Wells by Ida B. WellsPioneers and Seekers
Cry to Heaven by Anne RiceArt
The Curve of Time by M. Wylie BlanchetPioneers and Seekers
Daddy Was a Number Runner by Louise MeriwetherGrowing Up
Dancing at the Edge of the World: Thoughts on Words, Women, Places by Ursula K. Le GuinArt
The Dangerous Age by Karin MichaëlisGrowing Old
Daughter of Earth by Agnes SmedleyTrials and Adversity
A Daughter of Han: The Autobiography of a Chinese Working Woman by Ida PruittTrials and Adversity
Daughter of Persia by Sattareh Farman Farmaian
Daughter of the Hills: A Woman's Part in the Coal Miners' Struggle by Myra PagePioneers and Seekers
The Daughter of Time by Josephine TeyPower
The Day I Began My Studies In Philosophy: And Other Stories by Margareta EkströmWives, Lovers, and Partners
Daybook: The Journal of an Artist by Anne TruittArt
Deals With the Devil: And Other Reasons to Riot by Pearl CleageEthics
Dear Departed: A Memoir by Marguerite YourcenarHeritage
The Devil Is Loose by Antonine MailletPioneers and Seekers
The Diary of a Young Girl by Anne FrankTrials and Adversity
Dinner at the Homesick Restaurant by Anne TylerWays of Knowing
Disappearing Acts by Terry McMillanWives, Lovers, and Partners
Disappearing Moon Cafe by Sky LeeIdentity
A Distant Mirror: The Calamitous 14th Century by Barbara W. TuchmanObservations
Distant View of a Minaret and Other Stories by Alifa RifaatObservations
The District Governor's Daughters by Camilla CollettChoices
Doc Susie: The True Story of a Country Physician in the Colorado Rockies by Virginia CornellWork
Dogeaters by Jessica HagedornViolence
The Dollmaker by Harriette ArnowChoices
Dora, Doralina by Rachel de QueirozIdentity
Dreaming in Cuban by Cristina GarcíaFamilies
Dreams of an Insomniac: Jewish Feminist Essays, Speeches and Diatribes by Irena KlepfiszWays of Knowing
Dumba Nengue: Run for Your Life by Lina MagaiaViolence
The Dust Roads of Monferrato by Rosetta LoyHeritage
Early Spring by Tove DitlevsenGrowing Up
Efuru by Flora NwapaHeritage
Eleanor Roosevelt, Volume 1: 1884-1933 by Blanche Wiesen CookChoices
Ellen Foster by Kaye GibbonsGrowing Up
Emma by Jane AustenIdentity
The Enchanted April by Elizabeth von ArminPioneers and Seekers
Eve's Tattoo by Emily PragerImagined Worlds
Evelina by Frances BurneyEthics
Excellent Women by Barbara PymObservations
Exile in the Promised Land: A Memoir by Marcia FreedmanPioneers and Seekers
False Years (Discoveries) by Josefina VicensIdentity
Family Album: Stories of Catholic Girlhood by Claribel AlegríaImagined Worlds
Family Pictures by Sue MillerFamilies
Farm Under a Lake by Martha BerglandWives, Lovers, and Partners
Fiela's Child by Dalene MattheeIdentity
Fierce Attachments: A Memoir by Vivian GornickMothers and Mothering
The Fifth Child by Doris LessingMothers and Mothering
Fifth Chinese Daughter by Jade Snow WongGrowing Up
Fifty Russian Winters: An American Woman's Life in the Soviet Union by Margaret WettlinObservations
The Flame Trees of Thika: Memories of an African Childhood by Elspeth HuxleyConflicting Cultures
Floating in My Mother's Palm by Ursula HegiGrowing Up
The Floating World by Cynthia KadohataGrowing Up
Floreana: A Woman's Pilgrimage to the Galapagos by Margret WittmerPioneers and Seekers
Flowering Judas and Other Stories by Katherine Anne PorterObservations
Forged under the Sun by María Elena LucasWork
Fortunate Lives by Robb Forman DewFamilies
The Fountain Overflows by Rebecca WestHeritage
Frangipani House by Beryl GilroyGrowing Old
Frankenstein by Mary Shelleynot in English Common KnowledgeImagined Worlds
Frida: A Biography of Frida Kahlo by Hayden HerreraArt
Fried Green Tomatoes at the Whistle Stop Cafe by Fannie FlaggWives, Lovers, and Partners
From the Lanai and Other Hawaii Stories (MVP) by Jessica SaikiChoices
Fruit Fields in My Blood: Okie Migrants in the West by Toby F. SonnemanWork
G is for Gumshoe by Sue GraftonViolence
Ganado Red by Susan LowellHeritage
The Garden Party - short story by Katherine MansfieldChoices
The Gates of Ivory by Margaret DrabbleConflicting Cultures
Getting Home Alive by Aurora Levins MoralesPlaces and Homes
The Getting of Wisdom by Henry Handel RichardsonConflicting Cultures
The Girls of Slender Means by Muriel SparkTrials and Adversity
God bless the child by Kristin Hunter LattanyPower
A Good Man Is Hard to Find and Other Stories by Flannery O'ConnorObservations
The Good Times Are Killing Me by Lynda BarryPlaces and Homes
Gorilla, My Love by Toni Cade BambaraGrowing Up
Grandmothers of the Light: A Medicine Woman's Sourcebook by Paula Gunn AllenPower
Grey is the Colour of Hope by Irina Ratushinskai︠a︡Ethics
The Group by Mary McCarthyFriendships and Interactions
Guests of the Sheik - An Ethnography of an Iraqi Village by Elizabeth Warnock FerneaObservations
Halfbreed by Maria CampbellConflicting Cultures
Hannah Senesh: Her Life and Diaries by Hannah SeneshPlaces and Homes
I Heard the Owl Call My Name by Margaret CravenWays of Knowing
Heartwork: Selected Short Stories by Solveig von SchoultzFriendships and Interactions
Heat and Dust by Ruth Prawer JhabvalaPioneers and Seekers
The Heptameron by Marguerite de NavarreWives, Lovers, and Partners
Her by Hilda DoolittleIdentity
Her by Cherry MuhanjiPlaces and Homes
The Hidden Hand or, Capitola the Madcap by E. D. E. N. SouthworthPioneers and Seekers
The History of Mary Prince by Mary PrinceViolence
Hitchhiking: Twelve German Tales by Gabriele EckartFriendships and Interactions
The Home-Maker by Dorothy Canfield FisherWork
Homemade Love by J. California CooperWives, Lovers, and Partners
Hope Leslie: or, Early Times in the Massachusetts by Catharine Maria SedgwickEthics
Hotel du Lac by Anita BrooknerChoices
The Hour of the Star by Clarice LispectorTrials and Adversity
The House of Mirth by Edith WhartonTrials and Adversity
The House of the Spirits by Isabel AllendeImagined Worlds
The House of Ulloa by Emilia Pardo BazánPower
The House on Mango Street by Sandra CisnerosPlaces and Homes
The House Tibet by Georgia SavageViolence
The House with the Blind Glass Windows by Herbjørg WassmoTrials and Adversity
Housekeeping by Marilynne RobinsonFamilies
How the Garcia Girls Lost Their Accents by Julia AlvarezHeritage
How to Suppress Women's Writing by Joanna RussPower
How We Survived Communism and Even Laughed by Slavenka DrakulicWays of Knowing
I, Rigoberta Menchú: An Indian Woman In Guatemala by Rigoberta MenchúPower
I, Tituba, Black Witch of Salem by Maryse CondéImagined Worlds
The Iguana by Anna Maria Ortese
An Imagined World: A Story of Scientific Discovery by June GoodfieldWork
The impenetrable Madam X by Griselda GambaroWives, Lovers, and Partners
In Diamond Square by Mercè RodoredaObservations
In My Mother's House: A Daughter's Story by Kim CherninMothers and Mothering
In Silence: Growing Up Hearing in a Deaf World by Ruth SidranskyWays of Knowing
Incantations and Other Stories by Anjana AppachanaWives, Lovers, and Partners
Incidents in the Life of a Slave Girl by Harriet A. JacobsTrials and Adversity
Indiana by George SandWives, Lovers, and Partners
Into the Whirlwind by Eugenia GinzburgTrials and Adversity
The Irish R.M. by E. SomervillePlaces and Homes
Islanders by Helen R. HullGrowing Old
Italian Days by Barbara Grizzuti HarrisonPlaces and Homes
The Jailing of Cecelia Capture by Janet Campbell HaleIdentity
Jane Eyre by Charlotte BrontëIdentity
Jasmine by Bharati MukherjeeConflicting Cultures
Jerusalem Plays Hide and Seek by Ariella DeemIdentity
John Dollar by Marianne WigginsPower
Jubilee by Margaret WalkerFamilies
Juletane by Myriam Warner-VieyraConflicting Cultures
The Keepers of the House by Shirley Ann GrauHeritage
Kelroy by Rebecca RushPower
Killing Color by Charlotte Watson ShermanPower
Kindred by Octavia E. ButlerImagined Worlds
The Kitchen God's Wife by Amy TanMothers and Mothering
I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings by Maya AngelouGrowing Up
Kristin Lavransdatter by Sigrid UndsetGrowing Up
A Lady's Life in the Rocky Mountains by Isabella L. BirdPioneers and Seekers
Lady's Maid by Margaret ForsterWork
The Lamplighter by Maria S. CumminsGrowing Up
The Land of Little Rain by Mary AustinPlaces and Homes
The Land of Look Behind: Prose and Poetry by Michelle CliffConflicting Cultures
Landscape for a Good Woman: A Story of Two Lives by Carolyn Kay SteedmanWays of Knowing
Lantern Slides by Edna O'BrienWives, Lovers, and Partners
The Last of the Menu Girls by Denise ChávezFamilies
Later the Same Day by Grace PaleyFriendships and Interactions
Lemon Swamp and Other Places: A Carolina Memoir by Mamie Garvin FieldsPlaces and Homes
Letters of a Javanese Princess by Raden KartiniConflicting Cultures
Libby: The Alaskan Diaries and Letters of Libby Beaman, 1879-1880 by Betty JohnPioneers and Seekers
Life in the Iron Mills and Other Stories by Rebecca Harding DavisEthics
Like One of the Family: Conversations from a Domestic's Life by Alice ChildressWork
Like Water for Chocolate by Laura EsquivelWives, Lovers, and Partners
Limbo: A Memoir about Life in a Nursing Home by a Survivor by Carobeth LairdGrowing Old
Little Altars Everywhere by Rebecca WellsFamilies
The Little Hotel by Christina SteadObservations
The Little Virtues by Natalia GinzburgObservations
Little Women by Louisa May AlcottFamilies
Lives of Girls and Women by Alice MunroGrowing Up
Living by Water: True Stories of Nature and Spirit by Brenda PetersonWays of Knowing
The Living Is Easy by Dorothy WestPower
Living My Life: An Autobiography of Emma Goldman by Emma GoldmanPioneers and Seekers
Lolly Willowes, or The Loving Huntsman by Sylvia Townsend WarnerChoices
The Lone Pilgrim by Laurie ColwinWives, Lovers, and Partners
Look me in the eye: Old women, aging, and ageism by Barbara MacdonaldGrowing Old
The Loom and Other Stories by Ruth A. SasakiFamilies
The Loony-Bin Trip by Kate MillettViolence
Lost in Translation: A Life in a New Language by Eva HoffmanConflicting Cultures
The Lottery and Other Stories by Shirley JacksonEthics
Love Must Not Be Forgotten by Zhang JieTrials and Adversity
The Lover by Marguerite DurasGrowing Up
The Lover of Horses by Tess GallagherFriendships and Interactions
Lovers' Choice by Becky BirthaIdentity
Loving and Giving by Molly KeaneFamilies
Loving in the War Years by Cherrie L. MoragaHeritage
The Löwensköld Ring by Selma LagerlöfImagined Worlds
Magic Eyes: Scenes from an Andean Childhood by Wendy EwaldTrials and Adversity
The Magnificent Spinster by May SartonChoices
The Maid of the North: Feminist Folk Tales from Around the World by Ethel Johnston PhelpsImagined Worlds
Mama Blanca's Memoirs by Teresa de la ParraGrowing Up
Mama Day by Gloria NaylorWays of Knowing
Man Made Language by Dale SpenderWays of Knowing
Margaret Bourke-White: A Biography by Vicki GoldbergArt
Margins by Terri De LA PenaIdentity
Mary Barton by Elizabeth GaskellEthics
Mary O'Grady by Mary LavinMothers and Mothering
Mary Queen of Scots by Antonia FraserPower
Maud Martha by Gwendolyn BrooksFamilies
May You Be the Mother of a Hundred Sons: A Journey Among the Women of India by Elisabeth BumillerObservations
Mean Spirit by Linda HoganPower
The Member of the Wedding by Carson McCullersGrowing Up
The Memoirs of Lady Hyegyong: The Autobiographical Writings of a Crown Princess of Eighteenth-Century Korea by Hyegyŏnggung Hong SsiPower
Memory Board by Jane RuleGrowing Old
Middlemarch by George EliotFriendships and Interactions
A Midwife's Story by Penny ArmstrongWork
A Midwife's Tale: The Life of Martha Ballard, Based on Her Diary, 1785-1812 by Laurel Thatcher UlrichWork
Miss Sophie's Diary and Other Stories (Panda Books) by Ding LingChoices
The Mists of Avalon by Marion Zimmer BradleyImagined Worlds
The Mixquiahuala Letters by Ana CastilloFriendships and Interactions
The Moccasin Maker by E. Pauline JohnsonConflicting Cultures
Mohawk Trail by Beth BrantWays of Knowing
A Mom's Life by Kathryn GrodyMothers and Mothering
The Montreal Massacre by Louise MaletteViolence
Moon Tiger by Penelope LivelyGrowing Old
More Work For Mother: The Ironies Of Household Technology From The Open Hearth To The Microwave by Ruth Schwartz CowanWork
Moses, Man of the Mountain by Zora Neale HurstonHeritage
Mountain Charley; Or, The Adventures of Mrs. E.J. Guerin, Who Was Thirteen Years in Male Attire by Elsa Jane GuerinPioneers and Seekers
A Mountainous Journey: A Poet's Autobiography by Fadwa TuqanTrials and Adversity
Mrs. Vargas and the Dead Naturalist by Kathleen AlcalImagined Worlds
Murder on the Orient Express by Agatha ChristieObservations
Mute phone calls and other stories by Ruth ZernovaPlaces and Homes
My Brilliant Career by Miles FranklinChoices
My Father's House: A Memoir of Incest and of Healing by Sylvia FraserTrials and Adversity
My Friend Annie by Jane DuncanGrowing Up
My Mother's House / Sido by ColettePlaces and Homes
My Place by Sally MorganHeritage
My Story by Kamala DasWays of Knowing
My Ántonia by Willa CatherPioneers and Seekers
Nampally Road by Meena AlexanderIdentity
A Natural History of the Senses by Diane AckermanWays of Knowing
Nectar in a Sieve by Kamala MarkandayaTrials and Adversity
Nervous Conditions by Tsitsi DangarembgaHeritage
A New Home, Who'll Follow?: or Glimpses of Western Life by Caroline M. KirklandPioneers and Seekers
New Islands and Other Stories by María Luisa BombalImagined Worlds
Nightwood by Djuna BarnesWives, Lovers, and Partners
Nisei Daughter by Monica Itoi SoneConflicting Cultures
The Nocturnal Naturalist: Exploring the Outdoors at Night by Cathy JohnsonObservations
Nora: The Real Life of Molly Bloom by Brenda MaddoxWives, Lovers, and Partners
Now in November by Josephine W. JohnsonPlaces and Homes
Obasan by Joy KogawaHeritage
Odd Girls and Twilight Lovers: A History of Lesbian Life in Twentieth-Century America by Lillian FadermanWays of Knowing
The Odd Woman by Gail GodwinIdentity
Of Woman Born: Motherhood as Experience and Institution by Adrienne RichMothers and Mothering
On the Golden Porch by Tatyana TolstayaGrowing Old
Once Upon an Eskimo Time by Edna WilderHeritage
One Pair of Hands by Monica DickensWork
One Writer's Beginnings by Eudora WeltyArt
Or Else, the Lightning God, and Other Stories by Catherine LimTrials and Adversity
Oroonoko by Aphra BehnPower
The Other Mother: A Woman's Love for the Child She Gave Up for Adoption by Carol SchaeferMothers and Mothering
Our Nig; or, Sketches from the Life of a Free Black by Harriet E. WilsonTrials and Adversity
Out of Africa by Isak DinesenPlaces and Homes
Out of Time by Paula MartinacImagined Worlds
Owls Do Cry by Janet FrameFamilies
The Painted Alphabet by Diana DarlingImagined Worlds
Paradise by Elena CastedoGrowing Up
Paradise of the Blind by Thu Hương DươngFamilies
Passing by Nella LarsenChoices
The Past Is Myself by Christabel BielenbergTrials and Adversity
Pavilion of Women by Pearl S. BuckGrowing Old
The Pegnitz Junction by Mavis GallantIdentity
Pembroke by Mary E. Wilkins FreemanWives, Lovers, and Partners
A Persian Requiem by Simin DaneshvarPower
Pilgrim at Tinker Creek by Annie DillardObservations
Plain and Simple: A Woman's Journey to the Amish by Sue BenderWays of Knowing
Plaintext: Essays by Nancy MairsTrials and Adversity
The Portable Dorothy Parker by Dorothy ParkerObservations
Portrait of an Artist: A Biography of Georgia O'Keeffe by Laurie LisleArt
Possessing the Secret of Joy by Alice WalkerEthics
Possession by A. S. ByattWives, Lovers, and Partners
The Potter's Field by Ellis PetersEthics
The Power of Horses and Other Stories by Elizabeth Cook-LynnConflicting Cultures
Praisesong for the Widow by Paule MarshallHeritage
Praxis by Fay WeldonMothers and Mothering
Praying for Sheetrock: A Work of Nonfiction by Melissa Fay GreenePower
Pride of Family: Four Generations of American Women of Color by Carole IoneMothers and Mothering
Princess: A True Story of Life Behind the Veil in Saudi Arabia by Jean SassonFamilies
The Princesse de Clèves by Madame de La FayetteWives, Lovers, and Partners
Proud Shoes by Pauli MurrayHeritage
Purple Springs by Nellie L. McClungPioneers and Seekers
Quiet Odyssey: A Pioneer Korean Woman in America by Mary Paik LeePioneers and Seekers
Rains of Scorpions and Other Stories by Estela Portillo TrambleyFriendships and Interactions
Ramona by Helen Hunt JacksonWives, Lovers, and Partners
Real Farm by Patricia Tichenor WestfallWays of Knowing
Rebecca by Daphne Du MaurierTrials and Adversity
Rebellion: Essays 1980-1991 by Minnie Bruce PrattIdentity
The Rector's Daughter by F. M. MayorFamilies
Refuge: An Unnatural History of Family and Place by Terry Tempest WilliamsPlaces and Homes
Regeneration by Pat BarkerViolence
Requiem by Shizuko GoEthics
The Revolution of Little Girls by Blanche McCrary BoydFamilies
Rich In Love by Josephine HumphreysGrowing Up
Rich Like Us by Nayantara SahgalFriendships and Interactions
Riding in Cars with Boys: Confessions of a Bad Girl Who Makes Good by Beverly DonofrioMothers and Mothering
Rituals of Survival: A Woman's Portfolio by Nicholasa MohrFamilies
A River Sutra by Gita MehtaFriendships and Interactions
River Time: The Frontier on the Lower Neuse by Janet LembkePlaces and Homes
The Riverhouse Stories: How Pubah S. Queen and Lazy LaRue Save the World by Andrea CarlisleWives, Lovers, and Partners
The Road from Coorain by Jill Ker ConwayGrowing Up
Road Song by Natalie KuszFamilies
Road Through Miyama by Leila PhilipArt
The Roots of Ticasuk: An Eskimo Woman's Family Story by TicasukHeritage
Rosie the Riveter Revisited: Women, the War, and Social Change by Sherna Berger GluckWork
Ruth Hall and Other Writings by Fanny FernWork
The Samaritan Treasure by Marianne LubanWives, Lovers, and Partners
Sans Souci: And Other Stories by Dionne BrandConflicting Cultures
Sassafrass, Cypress and Indigo by Ntozake ShangeWays of Knowing
The Scent of the Gods by Fiona CheongConflicting Cultures
Scraps of Life: Chilean Arpilleras: Chilean Women and the Pinochet Dictatorship by Marjorie AgosínViolence
Second Class Citizen by Buchi EmechetaTrials and Adversity
The Second Sex by Simone de BeauvoirWays of Knowing
Seventeen Syllables and Other Stories by Hisaye YamamotoFriendships and Interactions
Seventh Garment by Eugenia FakinouHeritage
Seventh Heaven by Alice HoffmanConflicting Cultures
The Shawl: A Story and Novella by Cynthia OzickIdentity
The Ship of Fools by Cristina Peri RossiImagined Worlds
Silences by Tillie OlsenArt
Silent Dancing: A Partial Remembrance of a Puerto Rican Childhood by Judith Ortiz CoferGrowing Up
Silent Spring by Rachel CarsonEthics
Singing Softly/Cantando Bajito by Carmen De MontefloresFamilies
Sister Age by M. F. K. FisherGrowing Old
Sister Outsider: Essays and Speeches by Audre LordePower
Six of One by Rita Mae BrownFamilies
A Small Country by Sian JamesWives, Lovers, and Partners
A Small Place by Jamaica KincaidEthics
So Long a Letter by Mariama BâChoices
Sofia Petrovna by Lydia ChukovskayaPower
The Solace of Open Spaces by Gretel EhrlichPlaces and Homes
Solitude by Víctor CatalàIdentity
Spiritual Narratives by Maria W. StewartPioneers and Seekers
Spring Moon by Bette Bao LordHeritage
Still Loved by the Sun: A Rape Survivor's Journal by Migael SchererViolence
The stillborn by Zaynab AlkaliWives, Lovers, and Partners
The Stone Angel by Margaret LaurenceGrowing Old
Stones for Ibarra by Harriet DoerrWives, Lovers, and Partners
Storm in the Village by Miss ReadWork
The Story of an African Farm by Olive SchreinerEthics
The Story of Avis by Elizabeth Stuart PhelpsArt
Stradbroke Dreamtime by OodgerooPlaces and Homes
The Straight Mind by Monique WittigWays of Knowing
Strange Fruit by Lillian SmithEthics
The Street by Ann PetryIdentity
Street Games by Rosellen BrownPlaces and Homes
Sultana's Dream: A Feminist Utopia and Selections from The Secluded Ones by Rokeya Sakhawat HossainPower
The Summer of the Great-Grandmother by Madeleine L'EngleGrowing Old
Sweet Summer: Growing up with and without My Dad by Bebe Moore CampbellGrowing Up
Tahuri by Ngahuia Te AwekotukuGrowing Up
Talking Back: Thinking Feminist, Thinking Black by bell hooksWays of Knowing
Talking Indian: Reflections on Survival and Writing by Anna Lee WaltersHeritage
Talking to High Monks in the Snow: An Asian American Odyssey by Lydia MinatoyaIdentity
Talking to the Dead by Sylvia WatanabePlaces and Homes
A Taste of Power: A Black Woman's Story by Elaine BrownPower
The Tenant of Wildfell Hall by Anne BrontëWives, Lovers, and Partners
Testament of Youth by Vera BrittainChoices
There Never Was a Once upon a Time (Discoveries) by Carmen NaranjoGrowing Up
This Bridge Called My Back: Writings by Radical Women of Color by Cherrie MoragaHeritage
This Child's Gonna Live by Sarah E. WrightTrials and Adversity
A Thousand Acres by Jane SmileyFamilies
Three Guineas by Virginia WoolfChoices
Three: An Unfinished Woman, Pentimento, Scoundrel Time by Lillian HellmanChoices
The Threshing Floor: Short Stories by Barbara BurfordPower
Through the Arc of the Rain Forest by Karen Tei YamashitaImagined Worlds
Tirra Lirra by the River by Jessica AndersonGrowing Old
To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper LeeEthics
Tracks by Robyn DavidsonPioneers and Seekers
Tracks by Louise ErdrichHeritage
Twilight and Other Stories by Shulamith HarevenFriendships and Interactions
The Twilight Years by Sawako AriyoshiGrowing Old
Two in the Far North by Margaret E. MuriePioneers and Seekers
Two Old Women: An Alaska Legend of Betrayal, Courage, and Survival by Velma WallisGrowing Old
Two Women in One by Nawal El SaadawiChoices
Typical American by Gish JenWays of Knowing
The Ultraviolet Sky by Alma Luz VillanuevaArt
Uncle Tom's Cabin by Harriet Beecher StoweEthics
Various Miracles by Carol ShieldsObservations
Veils: Short Stories by Nahid RachlinConflicting Cultures
The Vindications: The Rights of Men and The Rights of Women by Mary WollstonecraftPower
Virginia by Ellen GlasgowMothers and Mothering
A Voice from the South by Anna Julia CooperEthics
The Waiting Years by Fumiko EnchiChoices
The Wall by Marlen HaushoferImagined Worlds
Walls: Resisting the Third Reich--One Woman's Story by Hiltgunt ZassenhausEthics
A War of Eyes and Other Stories by Wanda ColemanTrials and Adversity
Waterlily by Ella Cara DeloriaWays of Knowing
A Weave of Women by E. M. BronerFriendships and Interactions
Weeds by Edith Summers KelleyIdentity
A Week Like Any Other: Novellas and Stories by Natalya BaranskayaWork
The Well of Loneliness by Radclyffe HallIdentity
West with the Night by Beryl MarkhamPioneers and Seekers
Why Is There Salt in the Sea? by Brigitte SchwaigerWives, Lovers, and Partners
Why Not Me?: The Story of Gladys Milton, Midwife by Wendy L. BovardMothers and Mothering
Wild Swans: Three Daughters of China by Jung ChangMothers and Mothering
Windbreak: A Woman Rancher on the Northern Plains by Linda M. HasselstromWork
Winter Wheat by Mildred WalkerPlaces and Homes
Woman on the Edge of Time by Marge PiercyImagined Worlds
The Woman Warrior: Memoirs of a Girlhood Among Ghosts by Maxine Hong KingstonHeritage
The Woman Who Was Not All There by Paula SharpMothers and Mothering
A Woman's Civil War: A Diary with Reminiscences of the War, from March 1862 by Cornelia Peake McDonaldViolence
Women and Appletrees by Moa MartinsonWork
Women in the Resistance by Margaret L. RossiterPioneers and Seekers
Women of Sand and Myrrh by Hanan Al-ShaykhObservations
Women of Shadows: A Study of the Wives and Mothers of Southern Italy by Ann CornelisenPlaces and Homes
The Women Outside: Meanings and Myths of Homelessness by Stephanie GoldenPower
Women's Diaries of the Westward Journey by Lillian SchlisselPioneers and Seekers
Women's Ways of Knowing: The Development of Self, Voice, and Mind by Mary Field BelenkyWays of Knowing
Women, Culture, and Politics by Angela Y. DavisPower
Womenfolks: Growing Up Down South by Shirley AbbottPlaces and Homes
Wonderful Adventures of Mrs. Seacole in Many Lands by Mary SeacolePioneers and Seekers
Working-Class Women in the Academy: Laborers in the Knowledge Factory by Michelle M. TokarczykWays of Knowing
The Works of Alice Dunbar-Nelson, Volume 1 by Alice Dunbar-NelsonWives, Lovers, and Partners
The World and the Bo Tree by Helen BevingtonObservations
Worry Girl: Stories from a Childhood by Andrea Freud LoewensteinIdentity
The Writer on Her Work, Volume II: New Essays in New Territory by Janet SternburgArt
Writing a Woman's Life by Carolyn G. HeilbrunWays of Knowing
Wuthering Heights by Emily Brontë and Partners
The Yellow Wallpaper [short fiction] by Charlotte Perkins GilmanPower
Yes Is Better Than No by Byrd BaylorViolence
Yoruba Girl Dancing by Simi BedfordConflicting Cultures
Yours in Struggle: Three Feminist Perspectives on Anti-Semitism and Racism by Elly BulkinWays of Knowing