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Works (100)

Citizen Kane [1941 film] by Orson Welles1
Casablanca [1942 film] by Michael Curtiz2
The Godfather [1972 film] by Francis Ford Coppola3
Gone with the Wind [1939 film] by Victor Fleming4
Lawrence of Arabia [1962 film] by David Lean5
The Wizard of Oz [1939 film] by Victor Fleming6
The Graduate [1967 film] by Mike Nichols7
On the Waterfront [1954 film] by Elia Kazan8
Schindler's List [1993 film] by Steven Spielberg9
Singin' in the Rain [1952 film] by Gene Kelly10
It's a Wonderful Life [1946 film] by Frank Capra11
Sunset Boulevard [1950 film] by Billy Wilder12
The Bridge on the River Kwai [1957 film] by David Lean13
Some Like It Hot [1959 film] by Billy Wilder14
Star Wars [1977 film] by George Lucas15
All About Eve [1950 film] by Joseph L. Mankiewicz16
The African Queen [1951 film] by John Huston17
Psycho [1960 film] by Alfred Hitchcock18
Chinatown [1974 film] by Roman Polanski19
One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest [1975 film] by Miloš Forman20
The Grapes of Wrath [1940 film] by John Ford21
2001: A Space Odyssey [1968 film] by Stanley Kubrick22
The Maltese Falcon [1941 film] by John Huston23
Raging Bull [1980 film] by Martin Scorsese24
E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial [1982 film] by Steven Spielberg25
Dr. Strangelove, or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb [1964 film] by Stanley Kubrick26
Bonnie and Clyde [1967 film] by Arthur Penn27
Apocalypse Now [1979 film] by Francis Ford Coppola28
Mr. Smith Goes to Washington [1939 film] by Frank Capra29
The Treasure of the Sierra Madre [1948 film] by John Huston30
Annie Hall [1977 film] by Woody Allen31
The Godfather Part II [1974 film] by Francis Ford Coppola32
High Noon [1952 film] by Fred Zinnemann33
To Kill a Mockingbird [1962 film] by Robert Mulligan34
It Happened One Night [1934 film] by Frank Capra35
Midnight Cowboy [1969 film] by John Schlesinger36
The Best Years of Our Lives [1946 film] by William Wyler37
Double Indemnity [1944 film] by Billy Wilder38
Doctor Zhivago [1965 film] by David Lean39
North by Northwest [1959 film] by Alfred Hitchcock40
West Side Story [1961 film] by Robert Wise41
Rear Window [1954 film] by Alfred Hitchcock42
King Kong [1933 film] by Merian C. Cooper43
The Birth of a Nation [1915 film] by D. W. Griffith44
A Streetcar Named Desire [1951 film] by Elia Kazan45
A Clockwork Orange [1971 film] by Stanley Kubrick46
Taxi Driver [1976 film] by Martin Scorsese47
Jaws [1975 film] by Steven Spielberg48
Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs [1937 film] by Adriana Caselotti49
Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid [1969 film] by George Roy Hill50
The Philadelphia Story [1940 film] by George Cukor51
From Here to Eternity [1953 film] by Fred Zinnemann52
Amadeus [1984 film] by Miloš Forman53
All Quiet on the Western Front [1930 film] by Lewis Milestone54
The Sound of Music [1965 film] by Robert Wise55
M*A*S*H [1970 film] by Robert Altman56
The Third Man [1949 film] by Carol Reed57
Fantasia [1940 film] by James Algar58
Rebel Without a Cause [1955 film] by Nicholas Ray59
Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark [1981 film] by Steven Spielberg60
Vertigo [1958 film] by Alfred Hitchcock61
Tootsie [1982 film] by Sydney Pollack62
Stagecoach [1939 film] by John Ford63
Close Encounters of the Third Kind [1977 film] by Steven Spielberg64
The Silence of the Lambs [1991 film] by Jonathan Demme65
Network [1976 film] by Sidney Lumet66
The Manchurian Candidate [1962 film] by John Frankenheimer67
An American in Paris [1951 film] by Vincente Minnelli68
Shane [1953 film] by George Stevens69
The French Connection [1971 film] by William Friedkin70
Forrest Gump [1994 film] by Robert Zemeckis71
Ben-Hur [1959 film] by William Wyler72
Wuthering Heights [1939 film] by William Wyler73
The Gold Rush [1925 film] by Charlie Chaplin74
Dances with Wolves [1990 film] by Kevin Costner75
City Lights [1931 film] by Charlie Chaplin76
American Graffiti [1973 film] by George Lucas77
Rocky [1976 film] by John G. Avildsen78
The Deer Hunter [1978 film] by Michael Cimino79
The Wild Bunch [1969 film] by Sam Peckinpah80
Modern Times [1936 film] by Charlie Chaplin81
Giant [1956 film] by George Stevens82
Platoon [1986 film] by Oliver Stone83
Fargo [1996 film] by Joel Coen84
Duck Soup [1933 film] by Leo McCarey85
Mutiny on the Bounty [1935 film] by Frank Lloyd86
Frankenstein [1931 film] by James Whale87
Easy Rider [1969 film] by Dennis Hopper88
Patton [1970 film] by Franklin J. Schaffner89
The Jazz Singer [1927 film] by Alan Crosland90
My Fair Lady [1964 film] by George Cukor91
A Place in the Sun [1951 film] by George Stevens92
The Apartment [1960 film] by Billy Wilder93
GoodFellas [1990 film] by Martin Scorsese94
Pulp Fiction [1994 film] by Quentin Tarantino95
The Searchers [1956 film] by John Ford96
Bringing Up Baby [1938 film] by Howard Hawks97
Unforgiven [1992 film] by Clint Eastwood98
Guess Who's Coming to Dinner [1967 film] by Stanley Kramer99
Yankee Doodle Dandy [1942 film] by Michael Curtiz100