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Works (59)

Preservation by Jock Serong
Collected Poems 1936-1967 by Douglas Stewart1967
A Peculiar People (UQP paperbacks) by Gavin Souter1968
Collected Poems by Francis Webb1969
Myths and Legends of Torres Strait by Margaret Lawrie1970
The rush to be rich : a history of the colony of Victoria, 1883-1889 by Geoffrey Serle1971
Discovering Monaro; a study of man's impact on his environment by W. K. Hancock1972
Ulysses Bound: Henry Handel Richardson and Her Fiction by Dorothy Green1973
Neighbours in a thicket : poems by David Malouf1974
T.J. Ryan: A political biography (UQP biography) by D. J. Murphynot in English Common Knowledge1975
Lion and Kangaroo by Gavin Souter1976
The complete stories of Alan Marshall by Alan Marshall1977
History of Australian Drama: The Making of Australian Drama: From the 1830's to the Late 1960's v. 1 by Leslie Rees1978
Hunting the Wild Pineapple by Thea Astley1979
Convicts, Clergymen and Churches: Attitudes of Convicts and Ex-Convicts Towards the Churches and Clergy in New South Wales from 1788 to 1851 (327p) by Allan Mathew Grocott1980
Company of Heralds: Century and a Half of Australian Publishing by John Fairfax Limited and Its Predecessors, 1831-1981 by Gavin Souter1981
John Monash: A Biography by Geoffrey Serle1982
Gallipoli to the Somme: The story of C.E.W. Bean by Dudley McCarthy1983
The Man Who Stayed Below by Alan Gould1984
The Defeat of Distance : Qantas 1919-1939 by John Gunn1985
James Duhig by T. P. Bolandnot in English Common Knowledge1986
Home Is the Sailor by Nancy Phelan1987
Oscar and Lucinda by Peter Carey1988
John Bishop, a life for music by Christopher Symons1989
The Sixpenny Soldier by Roland Griffiths-Marsh1990
Struggle of memory by Joan Dugdale1991
A Fence Around the Cuckoo by Ruth Park1992
Gross moral turpitude: The Orr case reconsidered by Cassandra Pybus1993
Scandalous Penton (UQP biography) by Patrick Buckridgenot in English Common Knowledge1994
Judy Cassab : diaries by Judy Cassab1995
Tree Kangaroos: A Curious Natural History by T.J. Flannery1996
A Nation at War by P. G. Edwards1997
And So Forth by Robert Dessaix1998
Out of Ireland by Christopher Koch1999
True History of the Kelly Gang by Peter Carey2000
Rose Boys by Peter Rose2001
Recollections of a Bleeding Heart: Paul Keating PM by Don Watson2002
The Tyrant's Novel by Thomas Keneally2003
The Lovemakers: Saying All the Great Sexy Things by Alan Wearne2004
The Turning: Stories by Tim Winton2004
The Broken Shore by Peter Temple2005
Careless by Deborah Robertson2006
Jamaica by Malcolm Knox2007
Churchill and Australia by Graham Freudenbergjoint winner, 2008
Van Diemen's Land by James Boycejoint winner, 2008
The Water Dreamers: The Remarkable History of Our Dry Continent by Michael Cathcart2009
Worst of days by Karen Kissane2010
Foal's Bread by Gillian Mears2011
The Daughters of Mars by Thomas Keneallynot in English Common Knowledge2012
Eldershaw by Stephen Edgarnot in English Common Knowledge2013
The Railwayman's Wife: A Novel by Ashley Haynot in English Common Knowledge2013
Wild Bleak Bohemia by Michael Wilding2014
A Guide to Berlin by Gail Jones2015
Extinctions by Josephine Wilson2016
On the Java Ridge by Jock Serong2017
The true colour of the sea by Robert Drewe2019
Paper Emperors: The rise of Australia's newspaper empires by Sally Youngnot in English Common Knowledge2020
Infinite Splendours by Sofie Laguna2021
Wild Abandon by Emily Bitto2022