Book AwardsDitmar Shortlist

Works (110)

Cryptozoic! by Brian W. AldissInternational Fiction, 1969
The Ring of Ritornel by Charles L. HarnessInternational Fiction, 1969
Tower of Glass by Robert SilverbergInternational Fiction, 1971
A Time of Changes by Robert SilverbergInternational Fiction, 1972
Dying Inside by Robert SilverbergInternational Fiction, 1973
Frankenstein Unbound by Brian W. AldissInternational Fiction, 1975
The Shockwave Rider by John BrunnerInternational Fiction, 1976
The Hand of Oberon by Roger ZelaznyInternational Fiction, 1977
Gateway by Frederik PohlInternational Fiction, 1978
Our Lady of Darkness by Fritz Leiber Jr.International Fiction, 1978
Dreamsnake by Vonda N. McIntyreInternational Fiction, 1979
Castle Roogna by Piers AnthonyBest International Fiction, 1980
Mockingbird by Walter TevisInternational Fiction, 1981
The Snow Queen by Joan D. VingeInternational Fiction, 1981
Journey Behind the Wind by Patricia WrightsonNovel, 1982
Radix by A. A. AttanasioInternational Fiction, 1982
No Enemy But Time by Michael BishopInternational Fiction, 1983
A Trio for Lute by R. A. MacAvoyInternational Fiction, 1985
Tik-Tok by John SladekInternational Fiction, 1986
Aegypt by John CrowleyInternational Fiction, 1989
Dawn by Octavia E. ButlerInternational Fiction, 1989
Islands in the Net by Bruce SterlingInternational Fiction, 1989
Life During Wartime by Lucius ShepardInternational Fiction, 1989
Mona Lisa Overdrive by William GibsonInternational Fiction, 1989
On Stranger Tides by Tim PowersInternational Fiction, 1989
Call to the Edge by Sean McMullenLong Fiction, 1993
Genetic Soldier by George TurnerLong Fiction, 1995
Voices in the Light - Book One of Greatwinter by Sean McMullenLong Fiction, 1995
Sabriel by Garth NixLong Fiction, 1996
The Memory Cathedral: A Secret History of Leonardo Da Vinci by Jack DannLong Fiction, 1997
Sinner by Sara DouglassLong Fiction, 1998
The Centurion's Empire by Sean McMullenLong Fiction, 1999
Pilgrim by Sara DouglassLong Fiction, 1999
Aramaya by Jane RoutleyNovel, 2000
Foreign Bodies by Stephen DedmanNovel, 2000
Souls in the Great Machine by Sean McMullenNovel, 2000
The Miocene Arrow by Sean McMullenNovel, 2001
Eyes of the Calculor by Sean McMullenNovel, 2002
Time Past by Maxine McArthurAustralian Novel, 2003
Orphans of Earth by Sean WilliamsNovel, 2004
The Black Crusade by Richard HarlandNovel, 2005
Less Than Human by Maxine McArthurNovel, 2005
Drowned Wednesday by Garth NixNovel, 2006
Magic or Madness by Justine LarbalestierNovel, 2006
Peeps by Scott WesterfeldNovel, 2006
Touching Darkness by Scott WesterfeldNovel, 2006
Uglies by Scott WesterfeldNovel, 2006
Cenotaxis by Sean WilliamsNovella, 2008
The Company of the Dead by David KowalskiNovel, 2008
Dark Space by Marianne de PierresNovel, 2008
THE DARKNESS WITHIN by Jason NahrungNovel, 2008
Extras by Scott WesterfeldNovel, 2008
Magic's Child by Justine LarbalestierNovel, 2008
New Ceres 2 by Alisa KrasnosteinCollected Work, 2008
Orb 07 by Sarah EndacottCollected Work, 2008
The workers' paradise by Russell B. FarrCollected Work, 2008
2012 by Alisa KrasnosteinCollected Work, 2009
Angel rising : a New Ceres novella by Dirk FlinthartNovella, 2009
Canterbury 2100: Pilgrimages in a New World by Dirk FlinthartCollected Work, 2009
Creeping in Reptile Flesh by Robert HoodCollected Work, 2009
The Daughters of Moab by Kim WestwoodNovel, 2009
Earth Ascendant by Sean WilliamsNovel, 2009
Fivefold by Nathan BurrageNovel, 2009
Hal Spacejock: No Free Lunch by Simon HaynesNovel, 2009
How to Ditch Your Fairy by Justine LarbalestierNovel, 2009
The Starry Rift by Jonathan StrahanCollected Work, 2009
A book of endings by Deborah BiancottiCollected Work, 2010
Eclipse 3: New Science Fiction and Fantasy by Jonathan StrahanCollected Work, 2010
Horn by Peter M. BallNovella, 2010
Leviathan by Scott WesterfeldNovel, 2010
Liar by Justine LarbalestierNovel, 2010
Life Through Cellophane by Gillian PolackNovel, 2010
New Ceres nights by Alisa KrasnosteinCollected Work, 2010
The New Space Opera 2: All-New Stories of Science Fiction Adventure by Gardner DozoisCollected Work, 2010
Worldshaker by Richard HarlandNovel, 2010
Baggage by Gillian PolackCollected Work, 2011
Death Most Definite by Trent JamiesonNovel, 2011
Macabre: A Journey Through Australia's Darkest Fears by Angela ChallisCollected Work, 2011
Madigan Mine by Kirstyn McDermottNovel, 2011
Scenes from the Second Storey by Amanda PillarCollected Work, 2011
Stormlord Rising by Glenda LarkeNovel, 2011
Walking the Tree by Kaaron WarrenNovel, 2011
Worlds next door by Tehani WesselyCollected Work, 2011
Bitter Greens by Kate ForsythNovel, 2013
The Corpse-Rat King by Lee BattersbyNovel, 2013
Cracklescape by Margo LanaganCollected Work, 2013
Epilogue by Tehani WesselyCollected Work, 2013
Light Touch Paper Stand Clear by Edwina HarveyCollected Work, 2013
Midnight and Moonshine by Lisa L. HannettCollected Work, 2013
Perfections by Kirstyn McDermottNovel, 2013
Salvage by Jason NahrungNovel, 2013
Suited by Joanne AndertonNovel, 2013
The Year's Best Australian Fantasy and Horror 2011 by Liz GrzybCollected Work, 2013
Asymmetry : a twelve planets collection by Thoraiya DyerCollected Work, 2014
The back of the back of beyond : a collection of interlinked short stories by Edwina HarveyCollected Work, 2014
The Beckoning by Paul CollinsNovel, 2014
The Bone Chime Song and Other Stories by Joanne AndertonCollected Work, 2014
Caution : contains small parts by Kirstyn McDermottCollected Work, 2014
Ink Black Magic (Mocklore Chronicles) by Tansy Rayner RobertsNovel, 2014
The Only Game in the Galaxy (The Maximus Black Files) by Paul CollinsNovel, 2014
Prickle Moon by Juliet MarillierNovella or Novelette, 2014
Trucksong by Andrew MacRaeNovel, 2014
The Year of Ancient Ghosts by Kim WilkinsNovella or Novelette, 2014
Bound by Alan Baxternot in English Common KnowledgeNovel, 2015
Clariel by Garth Nixnot in English Common KnowledgeNovel, 2015
The Godless by Ben PeekNovel, 2015
Corpselight by Angela SlatterNovel, 2018
How to Bee by Bren MacDibbleNovel, 2018
In the dark spaces by Cally BlackNovel, 2018
Lotus Blue by Cat SparksNovel, 2018