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Felony Tank by Malcolm BralyBest First Novel
Shoot the Works by Richard EllingtonFirst Novel, 1949
Wilders Walk Away by Herbert BreanFirst Novel, 1949
The Dark Light by Bart SpicerFirst Novel, 1950
The End Is Known by Geoffrey Holiday HallFirst Novel, 1950
Walk the Dark Streets: A Sam Birge Mystery by William KrasnerFirst Novel, 1950
The House Without a Door by Thomas SterlingFirst Novel, 1951
Strangers on a Train by Patricia Highsmith1951
Carry My Coffin Slowly by Lee HerringtonFirst Novel, 1952
Cure it with honey by Thurston ScottFirst Novel, 1952
The Eleventh Hour by Robert B. SinclairFirst Novel, 1952
The Inward Eye by Peggy BaconFirst Novel, 1953
The assassins by Robert J. DonovanFact Crime, 1956
The Case of the Talking Bug by The GordonsNovel, 1956
The Talented Mr. Ripley by Patricia HighsmithNovel, 1956
The Truth about Belle Gunness: The True Story of Notorious Serial Killer Hell's Belle by Lillian De La TorreFact Crime, 1956
Historical Whodunits by Hugh Ross WilliamsonFact Crime, 1957
The Man Who Didn't Fly by Margot BennettNovel, 1957
Bony Buys a Woman by Arthur UpfieldNovel, 1958
The Girl in the Belfry by Joseph Henry JacksonFact Crime, 1958
The Longest Second by Bill S. BallingerNovel, 1958
Memoirs of a Bow Street Runner by Henry GoddardFact Crime, 1958
The Night of the Good Children by Marjorie CarletonNovel, 1958
Root of Evil by James CrossFirst Novel, 1958
Death of a Spinster by Frances Riker DuncombeFirst Novel, 1959
A Gentleman Called by Dorothy Salisbury DavisNovel, 1959
The Incurable Wound by Berton RouechéFact Crime, 1959
The Madhouse in Washington Square by David AlexanderNovel, 1959
The man who disappeared by Edgar BohleFirst Novel, 1959
The murder and the trial by Edgar LustgartenFact Crime, 1959
Now, Will You Try For Murder? by Harry OleskerFirst Novel, 1959
The Woman in the Woods by Charity BlackstockNovel, 1959
A Dream of Falling by Mary O. RankFirst Novel, 1960
Great train robberies of the West by Eugene B. BlockFact Crime, 1960
The List of Adrian Messenger by Philip MacDonaldNovel, 1960
Case Pending by Dell ShannonFirst Novel, 1961
Heaven Knows Who: The Trial of Jessie M'Lachlan by Christianna BrandFact Crime, 1961
The Little Wax Doll by Peter CurtisNovel, 1961
The Mercenaries by Donald E. WestlakeFirst Novel, 1961
Mostly Murder by Sir Sydney SmithFact Crime, 1961
The Traces of Brillhart by Herbert BreanNovel, 1961
Watcher in the Shadows by Geoffrey HouseholdNovel, 1961
The Cipher by Alex GordonFirst Novel, 1962
The Green Stone by Suzanne BlancNovel, 1962
Kidnap: The Story of the Lindbergh Case by George WallerFact Crime, 1962
Lizzie Borden: The Untold Story by Edward D. RadinFact Crime, 1962
The Night of Wenceslas by Lionel DavidsonNovel, 1962
Secret of the Tiger's Eye by Phyllis A. WhitneyJuvenile, 1962
The Sheppard Murder Case by Paul HolmesFact Crime, 1962
Shock Treatment by Winfred Van AttaFirst Novel, 1962
The Wycherly Woman by Ross MacdonaldNovel, 1962
The Ballad of the Running Man by Shelley SmithNovel, 1963
The Chase by Richard UnekisBest First Novel, 1963
The Diamond in the Window by Jane LangtonJuvenile, 1963
The Evil Wish by Jean PottsNovel, 1963
The Fifth Woman by M. FagyasFirst Novel, 1963
The House on Charlton Street by Dola De JongJuvenile, 1963
Knave of Hearts by Dell ShannonNovel, 1963
Seance on a Wet Afternoon by Mark McShaneNovel, 1963
The Zebra-Striped Hearse by Ross MacdonaldNovel, 1963
The Expendable Man (New York Review Books Classics) by Dorothy B. HughesNovel, 1964
The Hired Killers by Peter WydenFact Crime, 1964
honor bound by Frank BonhamJuvenile, 1964
The List of Adrian Messenger [1963 film] by John HustonMotion Picture, 1964
The Make-Believe Man by Elizabeth FenwickNovel, 1964
The Mystery of the Velvet Box by Margaret ScherfJuvenile, 1964
The Neon Haystack by James Michael UllmanFirst Novel, 1964
The Player on the Other Side by Ellery QueenNovel, 1964
The Prowler by Frances RickettFirst Novel, 1964
The Fiend by Margaret MillarNovel, 1965
The grave-maker's house by Rubin WeberFirst Novel, 1965
The Hall-Mills Murder Case: The Minister and the Choir Singer by William M. KunstlerFact Crime, 1965
The Honoured Society: The Sicilian Mafia Observed by Norman LewisFact Crime, 1965
In the Last Analysis by Amanda CrossFirst Novel, 1965
Lament for the Molly Maguires by Arthur H. LewisFact Crime, 1965
The Molly Maguires by Wayne G. BroehlFact Crime, 1965
The Night of the Generals by Hans Hellmut KirstNovel, 1965
Private Eyes: Adventures With the Saturday Gang by Lee KingmanJuvenile, 1965
A Spell is Cast by Eleanor CameronJuvenile, 1965
This Rough Magic by Mary StewartNovel, 1965
Treasure River by Hal G. EvartsJuvenile, 1965
Airs Above the Ground by Mary StewartNovel, 1966
The Apache Gold Mystery by Eileen ThompsonJuvenile, 1966
The Century of the Detective by Jürgen ThorwaldFact Crime, 1966
The Expendable Spy by Jack D. HunterFirst Novel, 1966
The Far Side of the Dollar by Ross MacdonaldNovel, 1966
The French Doll by Vincent McConnorFirst Novel, 1966
Funeral in Berlin by Len DeightonNovel, 1966
A Little Girl is Dead by Harry GoldenFact Crime, 1966
Murderers Sane & Mad by Miriam Allen deFordFact Crime, 1966
The Pale Betrayer by Dorothy Salisbury DavisNovel, 1966
The Perfect Murder by H. R. F. KeatingNovel, 1966
Secret of the Haunted Crags by Lawrence J. HuntJuvenile, 1966
The Secret of the Simple Code by Nancy FaulknerJuvenile, 1966
The Busy Body by Donald E. WestlakeNovel, 1967
Danger Beats the Drum by Arnold MadisonJuvenile, 1967
The Hochmann Miniatures by Robert L. PikeShort Story, 1967
Killer Dolphin by Ngaio MarshNovel, 1967
The Mystery of the Red Tide by Frank BonhamJuvenile, 1967
Odds Against by Dick FrancisNovel, 1967
The Pedestal by George LanningFirst Novel, 1967
A Pictorial History of Crime by Julian SymonsFact Crime, 1967
Ransom by Lois DuncanJuvenile, 1967
Flying Finish by Dick FrancisNovel, 1968
Frame-Up: The Incredible Case of Tom Mooney and Warren Billings by Curt GentryFact Crime, 1968
The Gift Shop by Charlotte ArmstrongNovel, 1968
Justice in the back room by Selwyn RaabFact Crime, 1968
The Killing Season by John RedgateFirst Novel, 1968
Lemon in the Basket by Charlotte ArmstrongNovel, 1968
Mystery of the Witches' Bridge by Barbee Oliver CarletonJuvenile, 1968
A Parade of Cockeyed Creatures, or Did Someone Murder Our Wandering Boy? by George BaxtNovel, 1968
Rosemary's Baby by Ira LevinNovel, 1968
The secret of the missing boat by Paul BernaJuvenile, 1968
Blood Sport by Dick FrancisNovel, 1969
Forgery! by Phyllis Eleanor BentleyJuvenile, 1969
The Glass-Sided Ants' Nest by Peter DickinsonNovel, 1969
God Speed the Night by Dorothy Salisbury DavisNovel, 1969
The Mulberry Tree by John FrascaFact Crime, 1969
Mystery of the Fat Cat by Frank BonhamJuvenile, 1969
Picture Miss Seeton by Heron CarvicNovel, 1969
Silver Street by E. Richard JohnsonFirst Novel, 1969
Smugglers' Road by Hal G. EvartsJuvenile, 1969
Three Sisters in Black: The Bizarre True Case of the Bathtub Tragedy by Norman ZieroldFact Crime, 1969
The Valentine Estate by Stanley EllinNovel, 1969
Assault on Ming by Alan CaillouPaperback Original, 1970
Blind Man with a Pistol by Chester HimesNovel, 1970
The Governess by Elsie CromwellPaperback Original, 1970
Miro by Shaun HerronNovel, 1970
Mystery of the Witch Who Wouldn't by Kin PlattJuvenile, 1970
The Old English Peep Show by Peter DickinsonNovel, 1970
A Plague of Spies by Michael KurlandPaperback Original, 1970
Quicksand by Myrick LandFirst Novel, 1970
Scottsboro: A Tragedy of the American South by Dan T. CarterFact Crime, 1970
The Sour Lemon Score by Richard StarkPaperback Original, 1970
Spice Island Mystery by Betty CavannaJuvenile, 1970
They Never Came Home by Lois DuncanJuvenile, 1970
The Victims: The Wylie-Hoffert Murder Case and Its Strange Aftermath by Bernard LefkowitzFact Crime, 1970
When in Greece by Emma LathenNovel, 1970
Where the Dark Streets Go by Dorothy Salisbury DavisNovel, 1970
You'll Like My Mother by Naomi A. HintzeFirst Novel, 1970
After Things Fell Apart by Ron GoulartPaperback Original, 1971
Autumn of a hunter by Pat StadleyNovel, 1971
Beyond This Point Are Monsters by Margaret MillarNovel, 1971
The Blessing Way by Tony HillermanFirst Novel, 1971
Crime in America by Ramsey ClarkFact Crime, 1971
Grave Descend by John LangePaperback Original, 1971
The Hot Rock by Donald E. WestlakeNovel, 1971
The Hound and the Fox and the Harper by Shaun HerronNovel, 1971
Incident at 125th Street by John Edward BrownFirst Novel, 1971
Many Deadly Returns by Patricia MoyesNovel, 1971
The Mystery Man by Scott CorbettJuvenile, 1971
The Naked Face by Sidney SheldonFirst Novel, 1971
Secret of the Missing Footprint by Phyllis A. WhitneyJuvenile, 1971
Taking Gary Feldman by Stanley CohenFirst Novel, 1971
And the Deep Blue Sea by Charles WilliamsPaperback Original, 1972
Ask the Right Question by Michael Z. LewinFirst Novel, 1972
Climbing to Danger by Mabel Esther AllanJuvenile, 1972
The Fly on the Wall by Tony HillermanNovel, 1972
The Ghost of Ballyhooly by Betty CavannaJuvenile, 1972
The Girl on the Volkswagen Floor by William Arthur ClarkFact Crime, 1972
Goody Hall by Natalie BabbittJuvenile, 1972
Gypsy in Amber by Martin Cruz SmithFirst Novel, 1972
Shroud for a Nightingale by P. D. JamesNovel, 1972
Sir, You Bastard by G. F. NewmanNovel, 1972
Space for Hire by William F. NolanPaperback Original, 1972
The Stalker by Bill PronziniFirst Novel, 1972
To Spite Her Face by Hildegarde DolsonFirst Novel, 1972
The White Wolverine Contract by Philip AtleePaperback Original, 1972
Who Killed Enoch Powell? by Arthur WiseNovel, 1972
Box 100 by Frank LeonardFirst Novel, 1973
Canto for a Gypsy by Martin Cruz SmithNovel, 1973
Catch A Killer by George WoodsJuvenile, 1973
The Dead of Winter by William H. HallahanFirst Novel, 1973
Elizabeth's Tower by A. C. StewartJuvenile, 1973
Five Pieces of Jade by John Dudley BallNovel, 1973
The heart of the dog by Thomas A. RobertsFirst Novel, 1973
A Person Shouldn't Die Like That by Arthur D. GoldsteinFirst Novel, 1973
The Santa Claus Bank Robbery by A. C. GreeneFact Crime, 1973
Shipwreck: The Strange Fate of the Morro Castle by Gordon ThomasFact Crime, 1973
The shooting gallery by Hugh C. RaeNovel, 1973
Tied Up in Tinsel by Ngaio MarshNovel, 1973
Uncle Robert's Secret by Wylly Folk St. JohnJuvenile, 1973
Amigo, Amigo by Francis CliffordNovel, 1974
The Big Fix by Roger L. SimonPaperback Original, 1974
Burden of proof; the case of Juan Corona by Ed CrayFact Crime, 1974
The Cult of Violence: the Untold Story of the Krays by John PearsonFact Crime, 1974
Dear Laura by Jean StubbsNovel, 1974
Dreamland Lake by Richard PeckJuvenile, 1974
The Implosion Conspiracy by Louis NizerFact Crime, 1974
Kicked to death by a camel by Richard W. BullietBest First Novel, 1974
Kicked To Death By A Camel by Clarence J.L. JacksonFirst Novel, 1974
Man on a string by Michael WolfeFirst Novel, 1974
Many Happy Returns by Justin ScottFirst Novel, 1974
The medical detectives by Paulette CooperFact Crime, 1974
The Mediterranean Caper by Clive CusslerPaperback Original, 1974
Mystery of the Scowling Boy by Phyllis A. WhitneyJuvenile, 1974
The Rainbird Pattern by Victor CanningNovel, 1974
The Secret of the Seven Crows by Wylly Folk St. JohnJuvenile, 1974
Someone's Death by Charles LarsonFirst Novel, 1974
An Unsuitable Job for a Woman by P. D. JamesNovel, 1974
The Adventures of the Red Tape Gang (An Apple Paperback) by Joan Lowery NixonJuvenile, 1975
Dummy by Ernest TidymanFact Crime, 1975
The Fire in the Stone by Colin ThieleJuvenile, 1975
The Girl in the Grove: A Story of Suspense by David SevernJuvenile, 1975
Good-bye and Amen by Francis CliffordNovel, 1975
The Gravy Train Hit by Curtis StevensPaperback Original, 1975
Here Lies the Body by Scott CorbettJuvenile, 1975
The Jones Men by Vern E. JonesFirst Novel, 1975
The Kreutzman Formula by Dominic koski virgil scotFirst Novel, 1975
The Lester affair by Andrew GarveNovel, 1975
The Man Who Loved Zoos by Malcolm BosseNovel, 1975
The memphis murders by G. J. MeyerFact Crime, 1975
Saturday Games by Brown MeggsFirst Novel, 1975
The Silver Bears by Paul ErdmanNovel, 1975
Target Practice by Nicholas MeyerFirst Novel, 1975
Charlie's Back in Town by Jacqueline ParkPaperback Original, 1976
The Gargoyle Conspiracy by Marvin H. AlbertNovel, 1976
Harmattan: A novel of suspense by Thomas KlopFirst Novel, 1976
Harry's Game by Gerald SeymourNovel, 1976
The House on Garibaldi Street by Isser HarelFact Crime, 1976
Invitation to a Lynching by Gene MillerFact Crime, 1976
The Midas Coffin by Simon QuinnPaperback Original, 1976
The Money Harvest by Ross ThomasNovel, 1976
No More Magic by AviJuvenile, 1976
Paperback Thriller by Lynn MeyerFirst Novel, 1976
Richard Scarry's Great Steamboat Mystery by Richard ScarryJuvenile, 1976
The set up by Robin MoorePaperback Original, 1976
The Tattooed Potato and Other Clues by Ellen RaskinJuvenile, 1976
Waltz Across Texas by Max CrawfordFirst Novel, 1976
The Big Payoff by Janice LawFirst Novel, 1977
The captive city by Daniel da CruzPaperback Original, 1977
The Cavanaugh Quest by Thomas GiffordNovel, 1977
The Chalk Cross by Berthe AmossJuvenile, 1977
The dangerous edge by Gavin LambertCritical / Biographical, 1977
The Dark Side (1976) by Kenn DavisPaperback Original, 1977
Final proof by Marie R. RenoFirst Novel, 1977
Freeze Frame by R. R. IrvinePaperback Original, 1977
The Glory Boys by Gerald SeymourNovel, 1977
The Life of Raymond Chandler by Frank MacShaneCritical / Biographical, 1977
Madness of the Heart by Richard Neely1977
The Main by TrevanianNovel, 1977
The Master Puppeteer by Katherine PatersonJuvenile, 1977
The Michigan Murders by Edward KeyesFact Crime, 1977
Mr. Moon's Last Case by Brian PattenJuvenile, 1977
Murder in Coweta County by Margaret Anne BarnesFact Crime, 1977
The Mystery Story by John BallCritical / Biographical, 1977
The Retaliators by Donald HamiltonPaperback Original, 1977
Wiley and the Hairy Man: Adapted from an American Folk Tale (Ready-to-Read) by Molly BangJuvenile, 1977
Your Day in the Barrel by Alan FurstFirst Novel, 1977
An Autobiography by Agatha ChristieCritical / Biographical, 1978
Closing Time: The True Story of the "Goodbar" Murder by Lacey FosburghFact Crime, 1978
Dewey Decimated by Charles A. GoodrumFirst Novel, 1978
The Fan by Bob RandallFirst Novel, 1978
Justice crucified: The story of Sacco and Vanzetti by Roberta Strauss FeuerlichtFact Crime, 1978
Laidlaw by William McIlvanneyNovel, 1978
Miss Nelson is Missing by Harry AllardJuvenile, 1978
Night Spell by Robert NewmanJuvenile, 1978
Nightwing by Martin Cruz SmithNovel, 1978
Poor Tom's Ghost by Jane Louise CurryJuvenile, 1978
Six Against the Rock by Clark HowardFact Crime, 1978
The Terrorizers by Donald HamiltonPaperback Original, 1978
Time to Murder and Create by Lawrence BlockPaperback Original, 1978
The Ultimate Sherlock Holmes Encyclopedia by Jack TracyCritical / Biographical, 1978
The voices of guns: The definitive and dramatic story of the twenty-two-month career of the Symbionese Liberation Army, by Vin McLellanFact Crime, 1978
The Bassumtyte Treasure by Jane Louise CurryJuvenile, 1979
Blood Secrets by Craig JonesFirst Novel, 1979
The Case of the Secret Scribbler by E. W. HildickJuvenile, 1979
Charnel House by Graham MastertonPaperback Original, 1979
Criminal Violence, Criminal Justice by Charles E. SilbermanFact Crime, 1979
The detective in Hollywood by Jon TuskaCritical / Biographical, 1979
Emily Upham's Revenge: A Massachusetts Adventure by AviJuvenile, 1979
Erle Stanley Gardner: The Case of the Real Perry Mason by Dorothy B. HughesCritical / Biographical, 1979
Falling Angel by William HjortsbergFirst Novel, 1979
The Halloween Pumpkin Smasher by Judith St. GeorgeJuvenile, 1979
Heartstone by Phillip MargolinPaperback Original, 1979
Listening Woman by Tony HillermanNovel, 1979
The Memory of Eva Ryker by Donald A. StanwoodFirst Novel, 1979
Perjury: The Hiss-Chambers Case by Allen WeinsteinFact Crime, 1979
The Scourge by Thomas L. DunneFirst Novel, 1979
The Shallow Grave by Jack S. ScottNovel, 1979
A Sleeping Life by Ruth RendellNovel, 1979
The Snake by John GodeyNovel, 1979
Stud Game by David AnthonyPaperback Original, 1979
The Switch by Elmore LeonardPaperback Original, 1979
The Tell-Tale Heart: The Life and Works of Edgar Allan Poe by Julian SymonsCritical / Biographical, 1979
Why have they taken our children?: Chowchilla, July 15, 1976 by Jack W BaughFact Crime, 1979
Anyone's Daughter: The Times and Trials of Patricia Hearst by Shana AlexanderFact Crime, 1980
As Her Whimsey Took Her by Margaret P. HannayCritical / Biographical, 1980
Blood Will Tell: The Murder Trials of T. Cullen Davis by Gary CartwrightFact Crime, 1980
Chameleon was a spy by Diane Redfield MassieJuvenile, 1980
A Coat of Varnish by C.P. SnowNovel, 1980
Death of a Mystery Writer by Robert BarnardNovel, 1980
Fire in the Barley by Roger LongriggNovel, 1980
Follow the leader by John LogueFirst Novel, 1980
The Infernal Device by Michael KurlandPaperback Original, 1980
The Kremlin Conspiracy by Sean FlanneryPaperback Original, 1980
Make Death Love Me by Ruth RendellNovel, 1980
The mystery cottage in left field by Remus F CaroselliJuvenile, 1980
Mystery of the Eagle's Claw by Frances WosmekJuvenile, 1980
Night Trains by Peter Heath FineFirst Novel, 1980
Sentenced to Die: The People, the Crimes, and the Controversy by Stephen H. GettingerFact Crime, 1980
Sherlock Holmes: The Man and His World by H. R. F. KeatingCritical / Biographical, 1980
The Whispered Horse by Lynn HallJuvenile, 1980
Zebra by Clark HowardFact Crime, 1980
Assassination on Embassy Row by John DingesFact Crime, 1981
Blood Innocents by Thomas H. CookPaperback Original, 1981
Death Drop by B. M. GillNovel, 1981
Death of a Literary Widow by Robert BarnardNovel, 1981
The doggone mystery by Mary Blount ChristianJuvenile, 1981
Double Negative by David CarkeetFirst Novel, 1981
Man on Fire by A. J. QuinnellNovel, 1981
More Minden Curses by Willo Davis RobertsJuvenile, 1981
The other Ann Fletcher by Susanne JaffeFirst Novel, 1981
The Rembrandt Panel by Oliver T. BanksFirst Novel, 1981
The Spy's Wife by Reginald HillNovel, 1981
A Talent to Deceive: An Appreciation of Agatha Christie by Robert BarnardCritical / Biographical, 1981
Tough Luck L.A. by Murray SinclairPaperback Original, 1981
The Trial of Patrolman Thomas Shea by Thomas HauserFact Crime, 1981
Watteau's Shepherds: The Detective Novel in Britain 1914-1940 by Leroy PanekCritical / Biographical, 1981
We Dare Not Go A-Hunting by Charlotte MacLeodJuvenile, 1981
When No One Was Looking by Rosemary WellsJuvenile, 1981
The Amateur by Robert LittellNovel, 1982
The Black Glove by Geoffrey MillerFirst Novel, 1982
Bogmail by Patrick McGinleyNovel, 1982
By Reason of Doubt: The Belshaw Case by Ellen GodfreyFact Crime, 1982
The day they stole the Mona Lisa by Seymour ReitFact Crime, 1982
Deadline by John DunningPaperback Original, 1982
Death in a Cold Climate by Robert BarnardNovel, 1982
Detective Mole and the Halloween Mystery by Robert QuackenbushJuvenile, 1982
Detour to Danger by Eva-Lis WuorioJuvenile, 1982
Dupe by Liza CodyNovel, 1982
Giant Killer by Tom HymanFirst Novel, 1982
Hoops by Walter Dean MyersJuvenile, 1982
The Minds of Billy Milligan by Daniel KeyesFact Crime, 1982
Murder at the Red October by Anthony OlcottFirst Novel, 1982
Not a Through Street by Ernest LarsenFirst Novel, 1982
The Other Side of Silence by Ted AllbeuryNovel, 1982
Papa's Game by Gregory WallaceFact Crime, 1982
Pin by Andrew NeidermanPaperback Original, 1982
Selected Letters of Raymond Chandler by Raymond ChandlerCritical / Biographical, 1982
TV detectives by Richard MeyersCritical / Biographical, 1982
The Unforgiven by Patricia MacDonaldPaperback Original, 1982
The Village Of The Vampire Cat by Lensey NamiokaJuvenile, 1982
The Whodunit: An Informal History of Detective Fiction by Stefano BenvenutiCritical / Biographical, 1982
"Somebody is lying": The story of Dr. X by Myron FarberFact Crime, 1983
Big Bucks: The True, Outrageous Story of the Plymoth Mail Robbery and How They Got Away With It by Ernest TidymanFact Crime, 1983
By Frequent Anguish by S. F. X. DeanFirst Novel, 1983
Cadbury's Coffin by Glendon Fred SwarthoutJuvenile, 1983
The Captain by Seymour ShubinNovel, 1983
The Case of the Cop Catchers by Terrance DicksJuvenile, 1983
Clandestine by James EllroyPaperback Original, 1983
Clone Catcher by Alfred SloteJuvenile, 1983
Deadly Intentions by William Randolph StevensFact Crime, 1983
Eight Million Ways to Die by Lawrence BlockNovel, 1983
Gun In Cheek: A Study Of "Alternative" Crime Fiction by Bill PronziniCritical / Biographical, 1983
In the Heat of the Summer by John KatzenbachFirst Novel, 1983
Indecent Exposure: A True Story of Hollywood and Wall Street by David McClintickFact Crime, 1983
Kahawa by Donald E. WestlakeNovel, 1983
Kept in the Dark by Nina BawdenJuvenile, 1983
The Missing and the Dead: A Bragg Thriller by Jack LynchPaperback Original, 1983
Modus operandi: An excursion into detective fiction by Robin W. WinksCritical / Biographical, 1983
The Police Procedural by George N. DoveCritical / Biographical, 1983
Split Images by Elmore LeonardNovel, 1983
Caroline Minuscule by Andrew TaylorFirst Novel, 1984
Dashiell Hammett: A Life by Diane JohnsonCritical / Biographical, 1984
Dead Man's Thoughts by Carolyn WheatFirst Novel, 1984
Deadly Force: The Wrongful Death of James Bouden Jr. : A True Story of How a Badge Can Become a License to Kill by Lawrence O'Donnell, Jr.Fact Crime, 1984
The Dollhouse Murders by Betty Ren WrightJuvenile, 1984
False Prophets by Sean FlanneryPaperback Original, 1984
The Gold Solution by Herbert ResnicowFirst Novel, 1984
The Griffin Legacy by Jan O. KlavenessJuvenile, 1984
Hunter by Eric SauterPaperback Original, 1984
The Little Drummer Girl by John le CarréNovel, 1984
Maze Stone by Eileen DunlopJuvenile, 1984
The Mystery of Georges Simenon: A Biography by Fenton BreslerCritical / Biographical, 1984
The Name of the Rose by Umberto EcoNovel, 1984
The Papers of Tony Veitch by William McIlvanneyNovel, 1984
The Poetics of Murder: Detective Fiction and Literary Theory by Glenn W. MostCritical / Biographical, 1984
Red Diamond, Private Eye by Mark SchorrFirst Novel, 1984
Smuggler's Island by AviJuvenile, 1984
Son by Jack OlsenFact Crime, 1984
Texas Station by Christopher LeachNovel, 1984
Trace by Warren MurphyPaperback Original, 1984
The Von Bulow Affair by William WrightFact Crime, 1984
Black Knight in Red Square by Stuart M. KaminskyPaperback Original, 1985
The Black Seraphim by Michael GilbertNovel, 1985
Chameleon the Spy and the Case of the Vanishing Jewels by Diane Redfield MassieJuvenile, 1985
Chessplayer by William PearsonNovel, 1985
A Creative Kind of Killer by Jack EarlyFirst Novel, 1985
Earth to Earth by John CornwellFact Crime, 1985
Emily Dickinson Is Dead by Jane LangtonNovel, 1985
Evidence of Love: A True Story of Passion and Death in the Suburbs by John BloomFact Crime, 1985
Foul Shot by Doug HornigFirst Novel, 1985
The Ghosts of Now by Joan Lowery NixonJuvenile, 1985
Inward Journey by Ralph B. SipperCritical / Biographical, 1985
The Island on Bird Street by Uri OrlevJuvenile, 1985
The James Bond Bedside Companion by Raymond BensonCritical / Biographical, 1985
Murder at the Met: Based on the Exclusive Accounts of Detectives Mike Struk and Jerry Giorgio of How They Solved the Phantom of the Opera Case by David BlackFact Crime, 1985
One Lonely Knight: Mickey Spillane's Mike Hammer by Max Allan CollinsCritical / Biographical, 1985
Ross MacDonald (HBJ Album Biographies) by Matthew Joseph BruccoliCritical / Biographical, 1985
The Seventh Sacrament by Roland CutlerPaperback Original, 1985
Someone Else's Grave by Alison SmithFirst Novel, 1985
Sweet, Savage Death by Jane HaddamFirst Novel, 1985
The Third Eye by Lois DuncanJuvenile, 1985
The Twelfth Juror by B. M. GillNovel, 1985
Words Can Kill by Kenn DavisPaperback Original, 1985
The Adventure of the Ectoplasmic Man by Daniel StashowerFirst Novel, 1986
Agatha Christie by Janet MorganCritical / Biographical, 1986
The Airman and the Carpenter: The Lindbergh Kidnapping and the Framing of Richard Hauptman by Ludovic KennedyFact Crime, 1986
The American Private Eye: The Image in Fiction by David GeherinCritical / Biographical, 1986
At Mothers Request by Jonathan ColemanFact Crime, 1986
Black Gravity by Conall RyanPaperback Original, 1986
Broken Idols by Sean FlanneryPaperback Original, 1986
City of Glass by Paul AusterNovel, 1986
The Glory Hole Murders by Tony FennellyFirst Novel, 1986
Locked in Time by Lois DuncanJuvenile, 1986
The Lord Peter Wimsey Companion by Stephan P. ClarkeCritical / Biographical, 1986
Nutcracker: Money, Madness, Murder: A Family Album by Shana AlexanderFact Crime, 1986
On the edge by Gillian CrossJuvenile, 1986
Playing Murder by Sandra ScoppettoneJuvenile, 1986
Poverty Bay by Earl EmersonPaperback Original, 1986
Private Eyes: One Hundred and One Knights : A Survey of American Detective Fiction, 1922-1984 by Robert A. BakerCritical / Biographical, 1986
Screaming High by David LineJuvenile, 1986
A Shock to the System by Simon BrettNovel, 1986
Sleeping Dog by Dick LochteFirst Novel, 1986
Somebody's Husband, Somebody's Son by Gordon BurnFact Crime, 1986
The Tree of Hands by Ruth RendellNovel, 1986
An Unkindness of Ravens by Ruth RendellNovel, 1986
1001 Midnights: The Aficionado's Guide to Mystery and Detective Fiction by Bill PronziniCritical / Biographical, 1987
13 Mistresses of Murder by Elaine BuddCritical / Biographical, 1987
Bernie Magruder and the Disappearing Bodies by Phyllis Reynolds NaylorJuvenile, 1987
The Blind Run by Brian FreemantleNovel, 1987
The Cat Who Saw Red by Lilian Jackson BraunPaperback Original, 1987
Come Morning by Joe GoresNovel, 1987
Dead Air by Mike LupicaFirst Novel, 1987
Floater by Joseph L. KoenigFirst Novel, 1987
Floating Illusions by Chelsea Quinn YarbroJuvenile, 1987
Hazzard by R.D. BrownPaperback Original, 1987
Incident at Big Sky: The True Story of Sheriff Johnny France and the Capture of the Mountain Men by Johnny FranceFact Crime, 1987
Lost by Gary DevonFirst Novel, 1987
The Mystery Lover's Companion by Art BourgeauCritical / Biographical, 1987
Poison Tree: A True Story of Family Terror by Alan PrendergastFact Crime, 1987
Ronin by Nick ChristianPaperback Original, 1987
The Secret Life of Dilly McBean by Dorothy HaasJuvenile, 1987
The Secret of the Stratemeyer Syndicate: Nancy Drew, the Hardy Boys, and the Million Dollar Fiction Factory by Carol BillmanCritical / Biographical, 1987
Shattered Moon by Kate GreenPaperback Original, 1987
Skeleton Man by Jay BennettJuvenile, 1987
The Straight Man by Roger L. SimonNovel, 1987
A Taste for Death by P. D. JamesNovel, 1987
Unveiling Claudia by Daniel KeyesFact Crime, 1987
Wiseguy by Nicholas PileggiFact Crime, 1987
BULLSHOT by Gabrielle KraftPaperback Original, 1988
Bury the Dead by Peter CarterJuvenile, 1988
Campion's Career: A Study of the Novels of Margery Allingham by B. A. PikeCritical / Biographical, 1988
The Corpse in Oozak's Pond by Charlotte MacLeodNovel, 1988
Corridors of Deceit: The World of John le Carre by Peter WolfeCritical / Biographical, 1988
Crime and Mystery: The 100 Best Books by H. R. F. KeatingCritical / Biographical, 1988
Deadly Intrusion by Walter DillonPaperback Original, 1988
Detective by Parnell HallFirst Novel, 1988
The Dreams of Ada by Robert MayerFact Crime, 1988
Engaged to Murder by Loretta Schwartz-NobelFact Crime, 1988
Heat Lightning by John LantiguaFirst Novel, 1988
The House on the Hill by Eileen DunlopJuvenile, 1988
The Long Way to Die by James N. FreyPaperback Original, 1988
Lover Man by Dallas MurphyFirst Novel, 1988
The Man Who Robbed The Pierre: The Story of Bobby Comfort and the Biggest Hotel Robbery Ever by Ira BerkowFact Crime, 1988
The Monkey's Raincoat by Robert CraisPaperback Original, 1988
Nursery Crimes by B. M. GillNovel, 1988
Rough Cider by Peter LoveseyNovel, 1988
The Spoiler by Domenic StansberryFirst Novel, 1988
Talked to Death: The Life and Murder of Alan Berg by Stephen SingularFact Crime, 1988
Through the Hidden Door by Rosemary WellsJuvenile, 1988
A Trouble of Fools by Linda BarnesNovel, 1988
The Twisted Window by Lois DuncanJuvenile, 1988
The Accident by Todd StrasserYoung Adult, 1989
The cocaine wars by Paul EddyFact Crime, 1989
The Dime Detectives by Ron GoulartCritical / Biographical, 1989
The Falcon Sting by Barbara BrennerYoung Adult, 1989
Family of Spies: Inside the John Walker Spy Ring by Pete EarleyFact Crime, 1989
Following the Mystery Man by Mary Downing HahnJuvenile, 1989
A Gathering of Saints: A True Story of Money, Murder and Deceit by Robert LindseyFact Crime, 1989
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