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Book awards: Eric Hoffer Book Award Honorable Mention

Book awards by cover

Works (247)

Anthropology of an American Girl by Hilary Thayer HamannGeneral Fiction, 2004
Elvis and the Blue Moon Conspiracy by Mark McGintyGeneral Fiction, 2004
India Fortunes: A Novel of Rajasthan and Northern India Through Past Centuries by Gary WorthingtonGeneral Fiction, 2004
May Not Appear Exactly as Shown by Gordon J. H. LeendersGeneral Fiction, 2004
The Second Coming of Jesus the Messiah by E. Keith HowickReference, 2004
Venice in Context: The Independent Traveler's Guide to Venice by Robert WayneReference, 2004
An Act of Love by David J. HerbeckBusiness, 2005
Exploring America's Highways: Minnesota Trip Trivia by Michael HeimReference, 2005
How to Get a Job in Europe: Names, addresses, phone numbers, fax numbers, and websites for over 2,000 employers in England, France, Italy, Germany, Spain, ... 18 other countries (The Job Finders Series) by Cheryl MatherlyBusiness, 2005
Listening Leaders: The Ten Golden Rules To Listen, Lead & Succeed by Lyman K. SteilBusiness, 2005
Never Be Boring Again: Make Your Business Presentations Capture Attention, Inspire Action and Produce Results by Doug StevensonBusiness, 2005
The shot from the mountain : an Appalachian odyssey by Claude S PhillipsGeneral Fiction, 2005
Show Me the Numbers: Designing Tables and Graphs to Enlighten by Stephen FewBusiness, 2005
Spelling Dearest: The Down and Dirty, Nitty-Gritty History of English Spelling by Niall McLeod WaldmanReference, 2005
Subversion of Trust by William T. CloseGeneral Fiction, 2005
Waiting for White Horses by Nathan JorgensonGeneral Fiction, 2005
Alan J. Pakula: His Life and His Films by Jared BrownReference, 2006
Beyond the Cayenne Wall: Collection of Short Stories by Shaila M AbdullahGeneral Fiction, 2006
Blackbelly: A Novel by Heather SharfeddinGeneral Fiction, 2006
A Blacksmithing Primer: A Course in Basic and Intermediate Blacksmithing by Randy McDanielReference, 2006
Devastation on the Delaware: Stories and Images of the Deadly Flood of 1955 by Mary A. ShaferReference, 2006
The Discontinuity of Small Things by Kevin HaworthGeneral Fiction, 2006
Losing Patience by Joyce FaulknerGeneral Fiction, 2006
Questions and Answers on Life Insurance by Tony SteuerBusiness, 2006
Sallie Mae How to Pay for College: A Practical Guide for Families by Gen TanabeReference, 2006
The Anvil Stone by Kathleen Cunningham GulerGeneral Fiction, 2007
Churchill's Adaptive Enterprise: Lessons for Business Today (Lessons from History) by Mark Kozak-HollandBusiness, 2007
The Complete Guide to Successful Event Planning : With Companion CD-ROM by Shannon KilkennyBusiness, 2007
Dancing Backward in Paradise by Vera Jane CookGeneral Fiction, 2007
How to Open a Financially Successful Pizza & Sub Restaurant by Shri L. HenkelBusiness, 2007
My Half of the Sky by Jana McBurney-LinGeneral Fiction, 2007
To Love Mercy by Frank S. JosephGeneral Fiction, 2007
Unlock the Genius Within: Neurobiological Trauma, Teaching, and Transformative Learning by Daniel S. JanikReference, 2007
Basic Accounting Concepts, Principles and Procedures, Vol. 1 by Gregory R. MostynBusiness, 2008
Basic Accounting Concepts, Principles and Procedures, Vol. 2 by Gregory R. MostynBusiness, 2008
The Complete Guide to E-mail Marketing: How to Create Successful, Spam-free Campaigns to Reach Your Target Audience and Increase Sales by Bruce C. BrownBusiness, 2008
The complete guide to planning your estate : a step-by-step plan to protect your assets, limit your taxes, and ensure your wishes are fulfilled by Sandy BakerReference, 2008
The Death of Socrates by Emily WilsonReference, 2008
Endings by Barbara BerginGeneral Fiction, 2008
The First Steps to Becoming a Real Estate Agent: An Insight to the Initial Costs of a Career in Real Estate by Henry "Hank" D MyersBusiness, 2008
New York City Parking Survival Guide by Louis CamporealeReference, 2008
The Pict by Jack DixonGeneral Fiction, 2008
The River, By Moonlight by Camille MarchettaGeneral Fiction, 2008
20 Things You Must Know to Write a Great Screenplay by Rick ReichmanReference, 2009
The Enduring Journey Of The USS Chesapeake: Navigating the Common History of Three Nations by Chris DickonReference, 2009
Energy, Transportation & the Environment: A Statistical Sourcebook and Guide to Government Data (Essential Topics) by Inc. Information PublicationsReference, 2009
FabJob Guide to Become a Motivational Speaker by Tag GouletBusiness, 2009
The Fire and the Light: A Novel of the Cathars and the Lost Teachings of Christ by Glen CraneyGeneral Fiction, 2009
Hide Your Life Away by Carol LittleGeneral Fiction, 2009
Katherine's Wish by Linda LappinGeneral Fiction, 2009
Love Letters from a Fat Man by Naomi BenaronGeneral Fiction, 2009
The Love Song of Monkey by Michael S. A. GrazianoGeneral Fiction, 2009
No More Rotten Eggs - 13 Steps to Hiring Grade AA Talent by Debra Thompson & Bill GreifBusiness, 2009
The Book Collector's Guide to L. Frank Baum and Oz by Paul R. BienvenueReference, 2010
Fiction by Ara 13General Fiction, 2010
He Is Legend: An Anthology Celebrating Richard Matheson by Christopher ConlonGeneral Fiction, 2010
How the West was warmed responding to climate change in the Rockies by Beth ConoverReference, 2010
Ownership Spirit - The One Grand Key That Changes Everything Else by Dennis R. DeatonBusiness, 2010
Strays: A Woman, a Dog and the Timeless Wisdom of Nature by Jeanne WebsterGeneral Fiction, 2010
Understanding Global Cultures: Metaphorical Journeys through 23 Nations by Martin J. GannonReference, 2010
By Fire, By Water by Mitchell James KaplanGeneral Fiction, 2011
Eat Smart in France: How to Decipher the Menu, Know the Market Foods & Embark on a Tasting Adventure by Ronnie HessReference, 2011
The Everyday Guide to Special Education Law by Randy ChapmanReference, 2011
The Life O'Reilly by Brian CohenGeneral Fiction, 2011
Minitrends: How Innovators & Entrepreneurs Discover & Profit From Business & Technology Trends by John H VanstonBusiness, 2011
Moon Is Cotton & She Laugh All Night by Tracy DebrincatGeneral Fiction, 2011
The Prospect of Magic by M.O. WalshGeneral Fiction, 2011
The Secret of Lies by Barbara Forte AbateGeneral Fiction, 2011
Strategies at Hand: Quick and Handy Strategies for Working wtih Students on the Autism Spectrum by Robin Brewer and Tracy MuellerReference, 2011
52 People: Connecting with life through strangers by Jayson KrauseMemoir, 2012
Alabaster Houses by Lara McLaughlinGeneral Fiction, 2012
Battling Goliath by Kip A. PetroffMemoir, 2012
Beyond Politics: The Roots of Government Failure by Randy T. SimmonsReference, 2012
Crooked Creek by Maximilian WernerGeneral Fiction, 2012
Cybertraps for the Young by Frederick S. LaneReference, 2012
Drawing the Line by Susan GardnerMemoir, 2012
From the Hand to the Machine: Nineteenth-Century American Paper and Mediums: Technologies, Materials, and Conservation by Cathleen Ann Baker PhDReference, 2012
Grow Smart, Risk Less: A Low-Capital Path to Multiplying Your Business Through Franchising by Shelly SunBusiness, 2012
The Last Resort: Taking the Mississippi Cure (Willie Morris Books in Memoir and Biography) by Norma WatkinsMemoir, 2012
The Lonely Tree by Yael PolitisGeneral Fiction, 2012
The Meaning of Children by Beverly AkermanGeneral Fiction, 2012
The Power of an Internal Franchise: How Your Business Will Prosper When Employees Act Like Owners by Martin O'NeillBusiness, 2012
Predictable Revenue: Turn Your Business Into a Sales Machine with the $100 Million Best Practices of Salesforce.com by Aaron RossBusiness, 2012
Reiser's Ramblings by Fr. Bernard ReiserSpiritual, 2012
Two Gold Coins and a Prayer: The Epic Journey of a World War II Bomber Pilot and POW by James H. Keeffe IiiMemoir, 2012
You Should Only Have to Get Rich Once by Russell E. HolcombeBusiness, 2012
Automated Fare Collection System & Urban Public Transportation: An Economic & Management Approach to Urban Transit Systems by Clifford N. OpurumBusiness, 2013
Border Crossings: Coming of Age in the Czech Resistance by Charles NovacekMemoir, 2013
Chiral Mad 2 (Anthology) by Michael BaileyGeneral Fiction, 2013
Continental Divide: Wildlife, People, and the Border Wall by Krista SchlyerArt, 2013
Financing Failure: A Century of Bailouts by Vern McKinleyBusiness, 2013
From The Block to the Boardroom by Tracey D SyphaxMemoir, 2013
Greetings from Below by David Philip MullinsGeneral Fiction, 2013
Hattie by Anna Bozena BowenGeneral Fiction, 2013
Into This World by Sybil BakerGeneral Fiction, 2013
It's My Company Too!: How Entangled Companies Move Beyond Employee Engagement for Remarkable Results by Kenneth R. ThompsonBusiness, 2013
Learning the Hidden Curriculum: The Odyssey of One Autistic Adult by Judy EndowReference, 2013
The Little Red Writing Book by Brandon RoyalReference, 2013
My Odyssey Through the Underground Press (Voices from the Underground) by Michael KindmanMemoir, 2013
The Principles of Horseshoeing II : An Illustrated Textbook of Farrier Science and Craftmanship by Doug ButlerReference, 2013
Slum: a Novel (Slum Trilogy) by Dan CarrollGeneral Fiction, 2013
Beautiful Evil Winter by Kelly K. LavenderCommercial Fiction, 2014
Belle Vue : Sigmund Freud, Minna Bernays, and the meaning of dreams by Barry G GaleGeneral Fiction, 2014
Betty's Child by Donald DempseyMemoir, 2014
The Biology of Luck by Jacob M. AppelGeneral Fiction, 2014
Breaking the Paddle: Ending School Corporal Punishment by Nadine A. BlockReference, 2014
Double Happiness: One Man's Tale of Love, Loss, and Wonder on the Long Roads of China by Tony BrasunasMemoir, 2014
John Ford: Poet in the Desert by Joseph MalhamReference, 2014
Loopholes of Real Estate (Rich Dad's Advisors) by Garrett SuttonBusiness, 2014
Loving Andrew: A Fifty-Two-Year Story of Down Syndrome by Romy WyllieMemoir, 2014
Off My Rocker: One Man's Tasty, Twisted, Star-Studded Quest for Everlasting Music by Kenny WeissbergMemoir, 2014
Song for Chance by John Van KirkGeneral Fiction, 2014
The terrible 10 : a century of economic folly by Burton A. AbramsBusiness, 2014
The View from Casa Chepitos: A Journey Beyond the Border by Judith L. GilleMemoir, 2014
The Way North: Collected Upper Peninsula New Works (Made in Michigan Writers Series) by Ron RiekkiGeneral Fiction, 2014
Wil of God: Embracing the Relentless Love of a Special Child by Carrie Wilson LinkMemoir, 2014
22 Shelters: Lessons From Letters by Laurie SeidlerReference, 2015
Any Road Will Take You There: A journey of fathers and sons by David W. BernerMemoir, 2015
Artist Spaces: New Orleans (Louisiana Artists) by Tina FreemanArt, 2015
Athena's Daughters by Jean RabeCommercial Fiction, 2015
Bashert by Lior SamsonCommercial Fiction, 2015
Cold Spell (University of Alaska Press - The Alaska Literary Series) by Deb VanasseGeneral Fiction, 2015
Compass: Creating Exceptional Organizations: A Leader's Guide by William F. BrandtBusiness, 2015
Cornered by Alan BrenhamCommercial Fiction, 2015
The Delusionist by Grant BudayGeneral Fiction, 2015
Dreams Of My Mothers: A Story Of Love Transcendent by Joel L. A. PetersonGeneral Fiction, 2015
The Eternal Law: Ancient Greek Philosophy, Modern Physics, and Ultimate Reality by John H. SpencerReference, 2015
The Lion Trees: Part Two: Awakening (Volume 2) by Owen ThomasGeneral Fiction, 2015
Logan: The Honorable Life & Scandalous Death of a Western Lawman by Jackie BoorReference, 2015
Peanut Butter and Naan: Stories of an American Mom in the Far East by Jennifer Hillman-MagnusonMemoir, 2015
A short & happy guide to financial well-being by Sherri BurrBusiness, 2015
The Spirit Book Series by Susan Kapuscinski GaylordArt, 2015
Starting Up Silicon Valley: How ROLM Became a Cultural Icon and Fortune 500 Company by Katherine MaxfieldBusiness, 2015
Sundown: A Daughter's Memoir of Alzheimer's Care by Judith HarwayMemoir, 2015
Tweeting Da Vinci by Ann C PizzorussoArt, 2015
Wine Dogs California by Craig McGill & Susan ElliottArt, 2015
The Witch's Get by Diana JanopaulGeneral Fiction, 2015
Before the Court of Heaven by Jack MayerCommercial Fiction, 2016
Between Families by Karin MitchellGeneral Fiction, 2016
Bookish Meets Boy by Dianna DannCommercial Fiction, 2016
The Boys from Eighth and Carpenter by Tom MendicinoGeneral Fiction, 2016
The Conciliators (The Conciliators, Book 3 of The Collectibles Series) by James J. KaufmanCommercial Fiction, 2016
Escape Points: A Memoir by Michele WeldonMemoir, 2016
Hush Now, Don't Explain by Dennis MustGeneral Fiction, 2016
Into Exile: A life story of war and peace by Elin Toona. GottschalkMemoir, 2016
Louis Michel Eilshemius peer of poet-painters by Stefan BanzArt, 2016
Magnitude: Releasing the Power of Your Leadership Presence by Boyd OberBusiness, 2016
The Piltdown Picasso by Robin RichardsCommercial Fiction, 2016
Reaching Higher: The Simple Strategy to Transform America's K-12 Schools by John BaylorReference, 2016
The Reinvention of Albert Paugh by Jean Davies OkimotoGeneral Fiction, 2016
Rowdy by Christopher MadsenReference, 2016
The Thing Is by Kathleen GerardCommercial Fiction, 2016
Up in Smoke: How the Retirement Crisis Shattered the American Dream by Richard L. DeprospoBusiness, 2016
Wilted Dandelions by Catherine Ulrich BrakefieldGeneral Fiction, 2016
Coulrophobia & Fata Morgana: Stories by Jacob M. AppelGeneral Fiction, 2017
Customer Moat: Unveiling the Secrets of Business Strategy (newer edition available) by Eddie SungBusiness, 2017
Devil in the Dark by Chris LindbergCommercial Fiction, 2017
Electric Savvy: Using Electricity to Make Your House a Home by Blaine C. ReadlerReference, 2017
Estate Planning Smarts: A Practical, User-Friendly, Action-Oriented Guide, 2nd Edition by Deborah L. JacobsBusiness, 2017
Heirlooms: Stories by Rachel HallGeneral Fiction, 2017
The Last Cadillac: A Memoir by Nancy Nau SullivanMemoir, 2017
Living in Italy: The Real Deal - How to Survive the Good Life (an expat guide) by Stef SmuldersMemoir, 2017
The Nine Assignments by Glenda WindersGeneral Fiction, 2017
Pages in the Wind by Sally Saylor De SmetCommercial Fiction, 2017
Seasons of Sand by Ernst AebiLegacy Nonfiction, 2017
The Shape of the Atmosphere by Jessica DaintyGeneral Fiction, 2017
The Slate Roof Bible: Understanding, Installing and Restoring the World's Finest Roof (The Slate Roof Bible, 2nd Edition) by Joseph JenkinsReference, 2017
Toru: Wayfarer Returns (Sakura Steam Series) (Volume 1) by Stephanie R SorensenCommercial Fiction, 2017
Yours Respectfully William Berwick. Paper Conservation in the United States and Western Europe, 1800 to 1935 by Christina A. SmithReference, 2017
Alone on the Shield: A Novel by Kirk LandersCommercial Fiction, 2018
American English, Italian Chocolate: Small Subjects of Great Importance by Rick BaileyMemoir, 2018
Candlelight in a Storm: Born to be a Berliner by Naveen SridharLegacy Nonfiction, 2018
Caring for red : a daughter's memoir by Mindy FriedMemoir, 2018
The Chicken Who Saved Us: The Remarkable Story of Andrew and Frightful by Kristin Jarvis AdamsMemoir, 2018
Dead Lemons by Finn BellE-Book Fiction, 2018
Echoes of Scripture in the Gospels by Richard B. HaysSpiritual, 2018
Federal Prison Handbook: The Definitive Guide to Surviving the Federal Bureau of Prisons by Christopher ZoukisReference, 2018
A Field Guide to Murder & Fly Fishing: Stories by Tim WeedGeneral Fiction, 2018
A Friend Indeed: Help Those You Love When They Grieve. by Amy FlorianHealth, 2018
Healing Maddie Brees by Rebecca Brewster StevensonGeneral Fiction, 2018
I'll Remember April by Jean Murray MundenCommercial Fiction, 2018
The Loss of All Lost Things by Amina GautierGeneral Fiction, 2018
Lost Time by D. L. OrtonCommercial Fiction, 2018
Malagash by Joey ComeauGeneral Fiction, 2018
Navigating a Life: Henry Bloch in World War II by John HerronBusiness, 2018
Nine Facts That Can Change Your Life by Ronna WinebergGeneral Fiction, 2018
The One Apart by Justine AverySpiritual, 2018
The Painter's Apprentice (Venetian Artisans) (Volume 1) by Laura MorelliGeneral Fiction, 2018
River's Child by Mark Daniel SeilerCommercial Fiction, 2018
Shakedown by Andie RyanLegacy Fiction, 2018
Show Her a Flower, A Bird, A Shadow by Peg Alford PursellGeneral Fiction, 2018
The Time Seekers by D. A. SquiresE-Book Fiction, 2018
Turning Numbers into Knowledge: Mastering the Art of Problem Solving by Jonathan G. KoomeyReference, 2018
The Art of Escaping by Erin CallahanYoung Adult, 2019
A Baptist Preacher's Buddhist Teacher: How My Interfaith Journey with Daisaku Ikeda Made Me a Better Christian by Lawrence Edward Carter Sr.Memoir, 2019
Children of the Fifth Sun by Gareth WorthingtonScience Fiction, 2019
Cockloft: Scenes From a Gay Marriage by Kyle Thomas SmithHome, 2019
Confessions of a Barefaced Woman by Allison JosephPoetry, 2019
Congressional Procedure: A Practical Guide to the Legislative Process in the U.S. Congress: The House of Representatives and Senate Explained by Richard A. ArenbergReference, 2019
Damascus Street by Cathy SultanMystery/Crime, 2019
Death and the Underhouse (The Dream Walker Series) (Volume 1) by Christina CaniyoScience Fiction, 2019
Deep into Yellowstone: A Year's Immersion in Grandeur and Controversy by Rick LamplughMemoir, 2019
A Different Physics by Lisa RosenbergPoetry, 2019
Embracing Life As It Is by Alan GettisSpiritual, 2019
Facing the Dragon: A Vietnam War Mystery Thriller by Philip DerrickCommercial Fiction, 2019
The Fat Lady's Low, Sad Song by Brian KaufmanGeneral Fiction, 2019
A Foreign Kid in World War II Shanghai by George A. KulstadLegacy Nonfiction, 2019
From Tolerance to Equality: How Elites Brought America to Same-Sex Marriage by Darel E. PaulCulture, 2019
Gathering Voices: Creating a Community-Based Workshop by Marty McConnellReference, 2019
The Girl Who Cries Colors by Raven KennedyCommercial Fiction, 2019
The Girl Who Ran Away by Tikiri HerathGeneral Fiction, 2019
Growing Up in Alaska: A Baby Arctic Tern by Constance TaylorChildren's, 2019
Hearth: A Global Conversation on Identity, Community, and Place by Annick SmithShort Story/Anthology, 2019
How University Boards Work : A Guide for Trustees, Officers, and Leaders in Higher Education by Robert A. ScottBusiness, 2019
If These Stones Could Talk: African American Presence in the Hopewell Valley, Sourland Mountain and Surrounding Regions of New Jersey by Elaine BuckReference, 2019
In the Shadow of War by Patrick M. GarryGeneral Fiction, 2019
In the Temple of Wolves: A Winter's Immersion in Wild Yellowstone by Rick LamplughLegacy Nonfiction, 2019
Killer in the Retroscape: A Near-Future Mystery by Bruce M. PerrinE-Book Fiction, 2019
The Lake of Fire: A Mogi Franklin Mystery Book Five by Donald WillertonMiddle Reader, 2019
A Last Survivor of the Orphan Trains: A Memoir by William WaltersE-Book Nonfiction, 2019
The Last Train by Michael PronkoCommercial Fiction, 2019
Little Girl Leaving: A Novel Based on a True Story by Lisa BlumeGeneral Fiction, 2019
Love Is Love by Michael GenhartChildren's, 2019
The Magic of Circlework: The Practice Women Around the World Are Using to Heal and Empower Themselves by Jalaja BonheimSelf-Help, 2019
Mariana's Letters by Mariana de Saint PhalleHome, 2019
Mona Lisa's Ghost (Lucy Nightingale) (Volume 2) by Nancy Kunhardt LodgeMiddle Reader, 2019
A Multitude of Mercies by Fay FreimuthLegacy Fiction, 2019
On Burning Mirrors by Jamie Klinger-KrebsGeneral Fiction, 2019
Overcoming Spiritual Myopia: A View Toward Peace Among the Religions by Margaret Placentra JohnstonSpiritual, 2019
Pendant by M. L. HamiltonMystery/Crime, 2019
pray me stay eager by Ellen Doré WatsonPoetry, 2019
The Rampart Guards: Chronicle One in the Adventures of Jason Lex by Wendy TerrienLegacy Fiction, 2019
Roots and Wings - Childhood Needs A Revolution: A Handbook for Parents and Educators to Promote Positive Change Based on the Principles of Mindfulness by Alex KosterSelf-Help, 2019
The School Of Sun Tzu: Winning Empires Without War by David G. JonesLegacy Nonfiction, 2019
Simply Sarasota - Creatively Casual Cuisine - Sarasota Junior League by Junior League of SarasotaHome, 2019
Skinny House: A Memoir of Family by Julie L. SeelyMemoir, 2019
Snowsisters by Tom WilinskyYoung Adult, 2019
Sorry's Run by Joani LacyGeneral Fiction, 2019
The stupendous adventures of mighty Marty Hayes by Lora L. HylerMiddle Reader, 2019
Tiger Bravo's War: An epic year with an elite airborne rifle company of the 101st Airborne Division's "Wandering Warriors", during the height of the Vietnam War by Rick St. JohnMemoir, 2019
Tiny Tim and The Ghost of Ebenezer Scrooge: The sequel to A Christmas Carol (WITH AUDIO CHRISTMAS CAROLS) by Norman WhalerShort Story/Anthology, 2019
Vernacular Modernism: The Photography of Doris Ulmann by Sarah Kate GillespieArt, 2019
The Watch on the Fencepost by Kay DiBiancaMystery/Crime, 2019
The Way by Kristen WolfHistorical Fiction, 2019
Weather Woman by Cai EmmonsGeneral Fiction, 2019
While They're Still Here: A Memoir by Patricia WilliamsMemoir, 2019
The Wizards of Central Park West by Arjay LewisScience Fiction, 2019

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