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253 by Geoff Ryman 1999
The Arm of the Starfish by Madeleine L'EngleHall of Fame, 1999
An Arrow's Flight: A Novel by Mark MerlisNovel, 1999
The Blue Place by Nicola GriffithNovel, 1999
The Child Garden by Geoff RymanHall of Fame, 1999
Conjuring the Flesh: An Erotic Sci-Fi Novel by Brandon FoxNovel, 1999
Desmond: A Novel About Love and the Modern Vampire by Ulysses G. DietzNovel, 1999
The Dispossessed by Ursula K. Le GuinHall of Fame, 1999
Dragon's Winter by Elizabeth A. LynnNovel, 1999
Dreamships by Melissa ScottHall of Fame, 1999
The Female Man by Joanna RussHall of Fame, 1999
Galilee by Clive BarkerNovel, 1999
Masque by F. Paul WilsonNovel, 1999
Mission Child by Maureen F. McHughNovel, 1999
The Nature of Smoke by Anne L. HarrisHall of Fame, 1999
Shimmer by Sarah SchulmanNovel, 1999
The Shimsara by Jan WhiteleyNovel, 1999
So Many Miles to the Heart of a Child by Richard BowesOther Work, 1999
Steel Beach by John VarleyHall of Fame, 1999
The Summer Isles [short story] by Ian R. MacLeodOther Work, 1999
Swordspoint by Ellen KushnerHall of Fame, 1999
Walking Wounded by Robert DevereauxHall of Fame, 1999
Whiptail by Robert ReedOther Work, 1999
Children of God by Mary Doria RussellHall of Fame, 2000
The Dark Beyond the Stars by Frank M. RobinsonHall of Fame, 2000
A Deepness in the Sky by Vernor VingeNovel, 2000
Drawing Blood by Poppy Z. BriteHall of Fame, 2000
The Fire's Stone by Tanya HuffHall of Fame, 2000
Gate of Darkness, Circle of Light by Tanya HuffHall of Fame, 2000
Mainline by Deborah ChristianHall of Fame, 2000
Rainbow Arc of Fire: Harmony of Spheres by Gregory SanchezNovel, 2000
Sacrament by Clive BarkerHall of Fame, 2000
Science Fiction of the 20th Century: An Illustrated History by Frank M. RobinsonOther Work, 2000
The Sparrow by Mary Doria RussellHall of Fame, 2000
Stars in My Pocket Like Grains of Sand by Samuel R. DelanyHall of Fame, 2000
Waiting by Frank M. RobinsonNovel, 2000
Alternate Channels: The Uncensored Story of Gay and Lesbian Images on Radio and Television, 1930s to the Present by Steven CapsutoOther Work, 2001
Angel Lust : An Erotic Novel of Time Travel by Perry BrassNovel, 2001
Brain Plague by Joan SlonczewskiNovel, 2001
Burn by Jonathan LyonsNovel, 2001
The Crown of Silence by Storm ConstantineNovel, 2001
Daughters of Darkness: Lesbian Vampire Stories by Pam KeeseyHall of Fame, 2001
Death's Head by Mel KeeganHall of Fame, 2001
A Density of Souls by Christopher RiceNovel, 2001
Dhalgren by Samuel R. DelanyHall of Fame, 2001
Dryland's End by Felice PicanoHall of Fame, 2001
Ed Wood by Tim BurtonHall of Fame, 2001
Feast Of The King's Shadow by Chaz BrenchleyNovel, 2001
The Fifth Elephant by Terry PratchettNovel, 2001
Interview with the Vampire by Anne RiceHall of Fame, 2001
The Keep of Fire by Mark AnthonyNovel, 2001
The Man Who Folded Himself by David GerroldHall of Fame, 2001
The Merro Tree by Katie WaitmanHall of Fame, 2001
Midnight Robber by Nalo HopkinsonNovel, 2001
Plastic Jesus by Poppy Z. BriteNovel, 2001
Radiant Green Star by Lucius ShepardOther Work, 2001
Resisting Adonis by Timothy J. AndersonNovel, 2001
Sex Rites: An Erotic Sci-Fi Novel by Brandon FoxNovel, 2001
Slow Engines of Time by Élisabeth VonarburgOther Work, 2001
Status Quotient: The Carrier by Ralph A. SperryHall of Fame, 2001
Tales of Emoria: Past Echoes by C.A. CaseyNovel, 2001
Tales of Pain and Wonder by Caitlín R. KiernanOther Work, 2001
Through a Brazen Mirror : The Famous Flower of Servingmen by Delia ShermanHall of Fame, 2001
The Truth by Terry PratchettNovel, 2001
Wired Hard: Erotica for a Gay Universe by Cecilia TanHall of Fame, 2001
Wraeththu by Storm ConstantineHall of Fame, 2001
The Abulon Dance (Merculians) by Caro SolesNovel, 2002
Alien Taste by Wen SpencerNovel, 2002
The Ant King: A California Fairy Tale by Benjamin RosenbaumShort Fiction, 2002
Archangel Protocol by Lyda MorehouseNovel, 2002
Blackrose Avenue by Mark ShepherdNovel, 2002
Blood Scent by Patty G. HendersonNovel, 2002
The Bone Doll's Twin by Lynn FlewellingNovel, 2002
Dark Passions, Book One of Two by Susan WrightNovel, 2002
Dark Passions, Book Two of Two by Susan WrightNovel, 2002
The Dark Remains by Mark AnthonyNovel, 2002
Down Came A Blackbird (The Sidhe Trilogy, Book 2) by Barbara KarmazinNovel, 2002
Empress Of The Endless Dream (Gollancz S.F.) by Tom ArdenNovel, 2002
The Golden Chain by Carrie RichersonShort Fiction, 2002
Gumshoe Gorilla by Keith HartmanNovel, 2002
Ill Met by Moonlight by Sarah A. HoytNovel, 2002
Into Greenwood by Jim GrimsleyShort Fiction, 2002
Northern Gothic by Nick MamatasShort Fiction, 2002
Rogue by Andy MangelsNovel, 2002
Tales of Emoria: Future Dreams by C.A. CaseyNovel, 2002
The Velderet: A Cybersex S/m Serial by Cecilia TanNovel, 2002
Water Green River Daybreak by Sarah PrineasShort Fiction, 2002
Wendel All Together by Howard CruseOther Work, 2002
Blood Of Mystery by Mark AnthonyNovel, 2003
Born On The Edge Of An Adjective by Chris BarzakShort Fiction, 2003
Clouds of War by Diana RiversNovel, 2003
Dark Light by Ken MacLeodNovel, 2003
Daughters of an Amber Noon by Katherine V. ForrestNovel, 2003
The Devil and Deep Space (Roc Science Fiction) by Susan MathewsNovel, 2003
The Devil Inside by Randy BoydNovel, 2003
Dreams of the Compass Rose by Vera NazarianNovel, 2003
Echo and Narcissus by Mark Richard SiegelNovel, 2003
Fallen Host by Lyda MorehouseNovel, 2003
Fires of the Faithful by Naomi KritzerNovel, 2003
Fool's Errand by Robin HobbNovel, 2003
Hammer Town by Selina RosenNovel, 2003
The Kanshou by Sally Miller GearhartNovel, 2003
Leaping To The Stars by David GerroldNovel, 2003
A Mouthful of Tongues: Her Totipotent Tropicanalia by Paul Di FilippoNovel, 2003
The Potter of Bones by Eleanor ArnasonShort Fiction, 2003
Rainbow Arc of Fire: A House Divided by Gregory Earl SanchezNovel, 2003
Seeds of Fire by Karin KallmakerNovel, 2003
The Sex Gates by Darrell BainNovel, 2003
Tales of Emoria: Present Paths by C.A. CaseyNovel, 2003
The Way of Light by Storm ConstantineNovel, 2003
The Wisdom of War by Christopher GoldenNovel, 2003
Anomalous Structures of My Dreams by M. Shayne BellShort Fiction, 2004
Buffy the Vampire Slayer: The Magic Box (Buffy RPG) by John SneadOther Work, 2004
Elf Child by David M. PierceNovel, 2004
Escape from Fire Island! by James H. EnglishOther Work, 2004
Faked To Death by Dean JamesNovel, 2004
From the Ashes by Meghan BrunnerNovel, 2004
Humans by Robert J. SawyerNovel, 2004
Icehole by Kiera DellacroixNovel, 2004
Lords of Rainbow by Vera NazarianNovel, 2004
Manners and Means by Julia TalbotNovel, 2004
Masters of Midnight by William J. MannOther Work, 2004
Necrologue: The Diva Book of the Dead and the Undead by Helen SandlerOther Work, 2004
Nohow Permanent by Nancy Jane MooreShort Fiction, 2004
Perfect Hope by S. Hardy BrondosNovel, 2004
Perfect Trust by S. Hardy BrondosNovel, 2004
Rangers at Roadsend by Jane FletcherNovel, 2004
The Red Line of Yarmald by Diana RiversNovel, 2004
Satyriasis: Literotica 2 by Ian PhilipsOther Work, 2004
Shifting Volume I by Rob KnightOther Work, 2004
The Sorcerer's Web by T.P. MacerNovel, 2004
The Substance of God: A Spiritual Thriller by Perry BrassNovel, 2004
Touch Pain by Cecilia TanShort Fiction, 2004
Tritcheon Hash by Sue LangeNovel, 2004
Turning the Storm by Naomi KritzerNovel, 2004
Vampire Thrall by Michael SchiefelbeinNovel, 2004
Apocalypse Array by Lyda MorehouseNovel, 2005
Black Shapes in a Darkened Room by Marshall MooreOther Work, 2005
Blood and Fire by David GerroldNovel, 2005
The Blood of Kings by John Michael CurlovichNovel, 2005
Changeling: A Novella (Conversation Pieces, Volume 3) by Nancy Jane MooreShort Fiction, 2005
Cloud Atlas by David MitchellNovel, 2005
Dark of the Sun by Chelsea Quinn YarbroNovel, 2005
Demon Spawn: Tales from Demon Under Glass by Laura BaumbachOther Work, 2005
Dragon's Treasure by Elizabeth A. LynnNovel, 2005
Eerie Queerie! Vol. 1 by Shuri ShiozuOther Work, 2005
Eerie Queerie! Vol. 2 by Shuri ShiozuOther Work, 2005
Eerie Queerie! Vol. 3 by Shuri ShiozuOther Work, 2005
Eerie Queerie! Vol. 4 by Shuri ShiozuOther Work, 2005
Elegy for a Lost Star by Elizabeth HaydonNovel, 2005
The Eleventh Hour: A Connor Hawthorne Mystery by Lauren MaddisonNovel, 2005
Firelands: A Novel by Michael JensenNovel, 2005
Gutterboys by Alvin OrloffNovel, 2005
The Haunted Hillbilly by Derek McCormackNovel, 2005
Hunter's Moon by C. T. AdamsNovel, 2005
Incubus Dreams by Laurell K. HamiltonNovel, 2005
Inventing Memory by Anne HarrisNovel, 2005
Iron Council by China MiévilleNovel, 2005
Life by Gwyneth JonesNovel, 2005
Machina by Jonathan LyonsNovel, 2005
Midnight Thirsts by Greg HerrenOther Work, 2005
Mortal Companion by Patrick CalifiaNovel, 2005
My Name Is Rand by Wayne CourtoisNovel, 2005
Once upon a Dyke: New Exploits of Fairy Tale Lesbians by Karin KallmakerOther Work, 2005
Queen of the Amazons by Judith TarrNovel, 2005
Serostatus by John Peyton CookeShort Fiction, 2005
The Shades of Time and Memory: The Second Book of the Wraeththu Histories (Wraeththu) by Storm ConstantineNovel, 2005
Tangled and Dark (Brenda Strange Mysteries) by Patty G. HendersonNovel, 2005
Touching Fire by Nicola GriffithShort Fiction, 2005
The Visitors by Trish KocialskiNovel, 2005
The Wanderer by Cherry WilderNovel, 2005
Wizard of Isis by Jean StewartNovel, 2005
Air: Or, Have Not Have by Geoff RymanNovel, 2006
Bliss by Fiona ZeddeNovel, 2006
Caged by Sean MichaelNovel, 2006
Collision with Paradise by Nina MunteanuNovel, 2006
Daughters of an Emerald Dusk by Katherine V. ForrestNovel, 2006
Fledgling by Octavia E. ButlerNovel, 2006
Freedom's Apprentice by Naomi KritzerNovel, 2006
From the Files of the Time Rangers by Richard BowesNovel, 2006
Kei's Gift by Ann SomervilleNovel, 2006
Lord of the Silver Bow by David GemmellNovel, 2006
Mélusine by Sarah MonetteNovel, 2006
Necklace of Kisses by Francesca Lia BlockNovel, 2006
Need by Sean MichaelNovel, 2006
No Sister Of Mine by Jeanne G'FellersNovel, 2006
One of These Things Is Not Like the Other by D. Travers ScottNovel, 2006
Playing with Fire by Sean MichaelNovel, 2006
Shapers of Darkness: Book Four of Winds of the Forelands by David B. CoeNovel, 2006
The Silver Lake by Fiona PattonNovel, 2006
Son of a Witch by Gregory MaguireNovel, 2006
Spindrift by Jules JonesNovel, 2006
The Storms of Eternity by Robert WilliamsNovel, 2006
The Temple at Landfall by Jane FletcherNovel, 2006
Threads of Malice by Tamara Siler JonesNovel, 2006
The Walls of Westernfort by Jane FletcherNovel, 2006
Winning Hand by Sean MichaelNovel, 2006
~ by Ray OgarNovel, 2006
The 100th Generation by Justine SaracenNovel, 2007
As It Should Be by Sean MichaelNovel, 2007
Bleeding Through Kingdoms: Cinderella's Rebellion by Riley LaSheaNovel, 2007
Blown Away by Perry WynnNovel, 2007
Bound In Flesh by David Thomas LordNovel, 2007
Broken Wings by L-J BakerNovel, 2007
Danny's Dragon by Sedonia GuilloneNovel, 2007
Dead to the World by L. E. BryceNovel, 2007
Details of the Hunt by Laura BaumbachNovel, 2007
The Empress And the Acolyte by Jane FletcherNovel, 2007
The Fallen by Joshua DagonNovel, 2007
Here Be Dragons by T. A. ChaseNovel, 2007
His Beautiful Samurai by Sedonia GuilloneNovel, 2007
Izzy and Eve: An Erotic Thriller by Neal DrinnanNovel, 2007
Kushiel's Scion by Jacqueline CareyNovel, 2007
The Last Green Tree by Jim GrimsleyNovel, 2007
The Literary Six by Vince A. LiagunoNovel, 2007
Master Han's Daughter by MidoriNovel, 2007
A Matter of Degrees by Alex MarcouxNovel, 2007
The Meadowlark Sings by Helen Ruth SchwartzNovel, 2007
Mercykill: Shattered Melody by Michael BarnetteNovel, 2007
Mordred, Bastard Son by Douglas CleggNovel, 2007
Morningstar by Jade FalconerNovel, 2007
Off World by Stephanie VaughanNovel, 2007
Scarlet and the White Wolf by Kirby CrowNovel, 2007
Ship to Shore by Jules JonesShort Fiction, 2007
Sister Lost, Sister Found by Jeanne G'FellersNovel, 2007
Soul Mates: Bound by Blood by Jourdan LaneNovel, 2007
Strange Robby by Selina RosenNovel, 2007
A Strong and Sudden Thaw by R. W. DayNovel, 2007
Supervillainz by Alicia E. GoransonNovel, 2007
Sword of the Guardian: A Legend of Ithyria (Legends of Ithyria) by Merry ShannonNovel, 2007
To Serve and Submit by Susan WrightNovel, 2007
Trin by J.M. SnyderNovel, 2007
Tristaine Rises (Tristaine) by Cate CulpepperNovel, 2007
Warring States: A Jurisdiction Novel by Susan R. MatthewsNovel, 2007
Wulf by Kayelle AllenNovel, 2007

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Award description

The Gaylactic Spectrum Awards are given to works of science fiction, fantasy and horror that explore LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender) topics in a positive way. Site: http://www.spectrumawards.org

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