Book AwardsGaylactic Spectrum Shortlist

Works (193)

Gods and Monsters [1998 film] by Bill CondonOther Work, 1999
Halfway Human by Carolyn Ives GilmanNovel, 1999
Maximum Light by Nancy KressNovel, 1999
The Painter Knight by Fiona PattonNovel, 1999
Secret Matter by Toby JohnsonHall of Fame, 1999
Shadow Man by Melissa ScottHall of Fame, 1999
Things Invisible to See: Gay and Lesbian Tales of Magic Realism by Lawrence SchimelOther Work, 1999
The Annunciate by Severna ParkNovel, 2000
The Granite Shield by Fiona PattonNovel, 2000
How Are the Mighty Fallen by Thomas Burnett SwannHall of Fame, 2000
The Quartered Sea by Tanya HuffNovel, 2000
South Park: Bigger, Longer & Uncut [1999 film] by Trey ParkerOther Work, 2000
Traitor's Moon by Lynn FlewellingNovel, 2000
The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier and Clay by Michael ChabonNovel, 2001
The Authority: Under New Management by Warren EllisOther Work, 2001
The Chosen by Ricardo PintoNovel, 2001
A Face without a Heart by Rick R. ReedNovel, 2001
The Jazz by Melissa ScottNovel, 2001
Kirith Kirin by Jim GrimsleyNovel, 2001
The Left Hand of Darkness by Ursula K. Le Guin2001
Oracle {novella} by Greg EganOther Work, 2001
Queer Fear: Gay Horror Fiction by Michael RoweOther Work, 2001
Teranesia by Greg EganNovel, 2001
Bouncing Off the Moon by David GerroldNovel, 2002
Dreamer by Steven HarperNovel, 2002
The Ghost Sister by Liz WilliamsNovel, 2002
The Kappa Child by Hiromi GotoNovel, 2002
Kushiel's Dart by Jacqueline CareyNovel, 2002
A Paradigm of Earth by Candas Jane DorseyNovel, 2002
Point of Dreams by Melissa ScottNovel, 2002
Sextopia by Cecilia TanOther Work, 2002
Soul of Light [short story] by Catherine AsaroShort Fiction, 2002
Triangle [short story] by Ellen KlagesShort Fiction, 2002
Trysts: A Triskaidecollection of Queer and Weird Stories by Steve BermanOther Work, 2002
Dance for the Ivory Madonna by Don SakersNovel, 2003
Eyes of the God: The Weird Fiction and Poetry of R. H. Barlow by R. H. BarlowOther Work, 2003
The Fall of the Kings by Ellen KushnerNovel, 2003
Hominids by Robert J. SawyerNovel, 2003
Lorimal's Chalice by Jane FletcherNovel, 2003
Mind and Body by Cecilia TanOther Work, 2003
Neil Gaiman's Murder Mysteries by P. Craig RussellComic/Graphic Novel, 2003
Nightmare by Steven HarperNovel, 2003
Solitaire by Kelley EskridgeNovel, 2003
Til Human Voices Wake Us by Stephen DedmanShort Fiction, 2003
The Uncanny X-Men #414 - Fall Down Go Boom by Chuck AustenComic/Graphic Novel, 2003
Willow and Tara, Wilderness (Buffy the Vampire Slayer) by Christopher GoldenComic/Graphic Novel, 2003
Wired Hard 3 by Cecilia TanOther Work, 2003
The Golden Boy by Warren RochelleShort Fiction, 2004
Hidden Warrior by Lynn FlewellingNovel, 2004
Hybrids by Robert J. SawyerNovel, 2004
Kiss {short story} by Steve BermanShort Fiction, 2004
Living with the Harpy by Tim PrattShort Fiction, 2004
Lust by Geoff RymanNovel, 2004
Poison [short fiction] by Beth BernobichShort Fiction, 2004
Spin State by Chris MoriartyNovel, 2004
Story Teller by Amy ThomsonNovel, 2004
The Tawny Bitch {short story} by Nisi ShawlShort Fiction, 2004
Trickster by Steven HarperNovel, 2004
Troll: A Love Story by Johanna SinisaloNovel, 2004
Walking Contradiction by Nancy Jane MooreShort Fiction, 2004
Dog Warrior by Wen SpencerNovel, 2005
The First Stone by Mark AnthonyNovel, 2005
Kissing Frogs by Jaye LawrenceShort Fiction, 2005
Murder of Angels by Caitlín R. KiernanNovel, 2005
Offspring by Steven HarperNovel, 2005
The Ordinary by Jim GrimsleyNovel, 2005
Pervert by Charles Coleman FinlayShort Fiction, 2005
Reruns by Selina RosenNovel, 2005
Shadows of the Night: Queer Tales of the Uncanny and Unusual by Greg HerrenOther Work, 2005
Smoke and Shadows by Tanya HuffNovel, 2005
Song of Bullfrogs Cry of Geese by Nicola GriffithShort Fiction, 2005
With Her Body (Conversation Pieces) by Nicola GriffithOther Work, 2005
Bite Club: A West Hollywood Vampire Novel (West Hollywood Vampire Novels) by Hal BodnerNovel, 2006
Dragon's Eye by James A. HetleyNovel, 2006
Smoke and Mirrors by Tanya HuffNovel, 2006
The Strange Adventures of Rangergirl by Tim PrattNovel, 2006
The Summer Isles by Ian R. MacLeodNovel, 2006
The Vesuvius Club by Mark GatissNovel, 2006
Bones Like Black Sugar by Catherynne M. ValenteShort Fiction, 2007
Captive Girl by Jennifer PellandShort Fiction, 2007
Carnival by Elizabeth BearNovel, 2007
Caught by Skin by Steve BermanShort Fiction, 2007
Dragon's Teeth by James A. HetleyNovel, 2007
Gaylaxicon Sampler 2006 by Don SakersOther Work, 2007
The Growing by Susanne M. BeckNovel, 2007
Hard Pill by John BaumgartnerOther Work, 2007
The Privilege of the Sword by Ellen KushnerNovel, 2007
Smoke and Ashes by Tanya HuffNovel, 2007
Snow by Wheeler ScottNovel, 2007
Spin Control by Chris MoriartyNovel, 2007
There's a Hole in the City by Richard BowesShort Fiction, 2007
The Virtu by Sarah MonetteNovel, 2007
Alleys and Doorways: Stories of Queer Urban Fantasy by Meredith SchwartzOther Work, 2008
A Bird of Ice {short story} by Craig Laurance GidneyShort Fiction, 2008
Bittersweet by Steve BermanShort Fiction, 2008
The Carhullan Army by Sarah HallNovel, 2008
Charming: a tale of true love {short story} by Ruby deBrazierShort Fiction, 2008
The Coat of Stars by Holly BlackShort Fiction, 2008
Dancing on the Head of a Pin by Kiernan KellyShort Fiction, 2008
Dividing the Sustain (short story) by James Patrick KellyShort Fiction, 2008
Dust by Elizabeth BearNovel, 2008
Ha'penny by Jo WaltonNovel, 2008
The Healing by Leigh EllwoodShort Fiction, 2008
Hero by Perry MooreNovel, 2008
Hex: A Novel of Love Spells by Darieck ScottNovel, 2008
Ink by Hal DuncanNovel, 2008
Lady Knight by L-J BakerNovel, 2008
New Amsterdam by Elizabeth BearNovel, 2008
Parts by Kal CobaltShort Fiction, 2008
Periphery: Erotic Lesbian Futures by Lynne JamneckOther Work, 2008
Prime Suspect by K.S. AugustinShort Fiction, 2008
So Fey: Queer Fairy Fiction by Steve BermanOther Work, 2008
Socket by Sean AbleyOther Work, 2008
Spaceman Blues: A Love Song by Brian Francis SlatteryNovel, 2008
Stardust [2007 film] by Matthew VaughnOther Work, 2008
Unspeakable Horror: From the Shadows of the Closet by Vince A. LiagunoOther Work, 2008
Vintage: A Ghost Story by Steve BermanNovel, 2008
Whiskey and Water by Elizabeth BearNovel, 2008
All the Windwracked Stars by Elizabeth BearNovel, 2009
City of Ashes by Cassandra ClareNovel, 2009
Havemercy by Jaida JonesNovel, 2009
Shadows Return by Lynn FlewellingNovel, 2009
Turnskin by Nicole KimberlingNovel, 2009
Wilde Stories 2009: The Year's Best Gay Speculative Fiction by Steve BermanOther Work, 2009
Ash by Malinda LoNovel, 2010
By the Mountain Bound by Elizabeth BearNovel, 2010
Centuries Ago and Very Fast by Rebecca OreNovel, 2010
The Enchantment Emporium by Tanya HuffNovel, 2010
Firooz and His Brother by Alex JeffersShort Fiction, 2010
Haunted Hearths & Sapphic Shades: Lesbian Ghost Stories by Catherine LundoffOther Work, 2010
Naamah's Kiss by Jacqueline CareyNovel, 2010
Palimpsest by Catherynne ValenteNovel, 2010
The Red Tree by Caitlín R. KiernanNovel, 2010
Seven for a Secret by Elizabeth BearNovel, 2010
Strange Fortune by Josh LanyonNovel, 2010
The Succession Of Knoorikios Khnum by Zachary JerniganShort Fiction, 2010
Black Blade Blues by J. A. PittsNovel, 2011
Bob the Book by David PrattNovel, 2011
A Book of Tongues by Gemma FilesNovel, 2011
Red Hood's Revenge by Jim C. HinesNovel, 2011
Stealing Fire by Jo GrahamNovel, 2011
The White Road by Lynn FlewellingNovel, 2011
The Wolf at the Door by Jameson CurrierNovel, 2011
The Cold Commands by Richard K. MorganNovel, 2012
God's War by Kameron HurleyNovel, 2012
Grail by Elizabeth BearNovel, 2012
The Highest Frontier by Joan SlonczewskiNovel, 2012
Huntress by Malinda LoNovel, 2012
Infidel by Kameron HurleyNovel, 2012
A Rope of Thorns by Gemma FilesNovel, 2012
Rule 34 by Charles StrossNovel, 2012
Static by L. A. WittNovel, 2012
The Wild Ways by Tanya HuffNovel, 2012
Casket of Souls by Lynn Flewellingnot in English Common KnowledgeNovel, 2013
Forged in Fire by J. A. Pittsnot in English Common KnowledgeNovel, 2013
Point of Knives by Melissa Scottnot in English Common Knowledge2013
Rapture by Kameron Hurley2013
Bloodline by Jordan L. HawkNovel [Published in 2013], 2014/2015
A Case of Possession by KJ CharlesNovel [Published in 2013], 2014/2015
The Dark Defiles by Richard K. MorganNovel [Published in 2013], 2014/2015
Daughter of Mystery by Heather Rose JonesNovel [Published in 2013], 2014/2015
A Death at the Dionysus Club by Melissa ScottNovel [Published in 2013], 2014/2015
The Future Falls by Tanya HuffNovel [Published in 2013], 2014/2015
Heirs of Grace by Tim PrattNovel [Published in 2013], 2014/2015
King of Dublin by Lisa HenryNovel [Published in 2013], 2014/2015
The Mercury Waltz by Kathe KojaNovel [Published in 2013], 2014/2015
Red Delicious by Caitlín R. KiernanNovel [Published in 2013], 2014/2015
The Redemption Engine by James L. SutterNovel [Published in 2013], 2014/2015
Shards of Time by Lynn FlewellingNovel [Published in 2013], 2014/2015
Wind Raker by Melissa ScottNovel [Published in 2013], 2014/2015
Angel on the Ropes by Jill ShultzNovel [Published in 2014], 2014/2015
Blood Oranges by Kathleen TierneyNovel [Published in 2014], 2014/2015
Dead in the Desert by Lou HarperNovel [Published in 2014], 2014/2015
His Sacred Bones: Book Three of The Rifter by Ginn HaleNovel [Published in 2014], 2014/2015
The Holy Road: Book Two of The Rifter by Ginn HaleNovel [Published in 2014], 2014/2015
Indexing by Seanan McGuireNovel [Published in 2014], 2014/2015
The Left Hand of Justice by Jess FaradayNovel [Published in 2014], 2014/2015
The Magpie Lord by KJ CharlesNovel [Published in 2014], 2014/2015
Something More Than Night by Ian TregillisNovel [Published in 2014], 2014/2015
Stormhaven by Jordan L. HawkNovel [Published in 2014], 2014/2015
The Summer Prince by Alaya Dawn JohnsonNovel [Published in 2014], 2014/2015
Threshold by Jordan L. HawkNovel [Published in 2014], 2014/2015
The Violent Century by Lavie TidharNovel [Published in 2014], 2014/2015
Widdershins by Jordan L. HawkNovel [Published in 2014], 2014/2015
The Watchmaker of Filigree Street by Natasha Pulley 2016
The Bastards' Paradise by Kathe KojaNovel, 2016
Chaos Station by Kelly JensenNovel, 2016
Cherry Bomb by Caitlín R. KiernanNovel, 2016
Ebenezer by JoSelle Vanderhooft (Editor)Novel, 2016
Karen Memory by Elizabeth BearNovel, 2016
My Real Children by Jo WaltonNovel, 2016
The Mystic Marriage by Heather Rose JonesNovel, 2016
Planetfall by Emma NewmanNovel, 2016