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Works (71)

The Huron River: Voices from the Watershed by John R. KnottGeneral Nonfiction, 2001
Blue Wolf in Green Fire by Joseph HeywoodFiction, 2003
The Devil in the White City by Erik LarsonGeneral Nonfiction, 2003
Dying Embers by Robert BaileyFiction, 2003
Gina.Jamie.Father.Bear. by George Ella LyonChildren's, 2003
Indian Summer: The Tragic Story of Louis Francis Sockalexis, the First Native American in Major League Baseball by Brian McDonaldGeneral Nonfiction, 2003
Jam & Jelly By Holly & Nellie by Gloria WhelanChildren's, 2003
The Legend of Leelanau by Kathy-jo WarginChildren's, 2003
The Living Great Lakes: Searching for the Heart of the Inland Seas by Jerry DennisGeneral Nonfiction, 2003
Look About You: A Magical Childhood in Michigan's Wild Places by Erin AndersonChildren's, 2003
A Pitch in Time by Robert A. LytleChildren's, 2003
Population: 485: Meeting Your Neighbors One Siren at a Time by Michael PerryGeneral Nonfiction, 2003
Q Road by Bonnie Jo CampbellFiction, 2003
Rainbow's End by Bob AdamovFiction, 2003
Roofwalker by Susan PowerFiction, 2003
Signs and Wonders by Philip GulleyFiction, 2003
Voelker's Pond: A Robert Traver Legacy by Ed WarginGeneral Nonfiction, 2003
Walk on Water: Inside an Elite Pediatric Surgical Unit by Michael RuhlmanGeneral Nonfiction, 2003
Wheels for the World: Henry Ford, His Company, and a Century of Progress by Douglas BrinkleyGeneral Nonfiction, 2003
Enslaved by Ducks by Bob TarteGeneral Nonfiction, 2004
Going for the Record by Julie A. SwansonChildren's Chapter Book, 2004
If You Want to See a Caribou by Phyllis RootChildren's Picture Book, 2004
In the Middle of the Middle West: Literary Nonfiction from the Heartland by Becky BradwayGeneral Nonfiction, 2004
Lost in the Woods: A Photographic Fantasy by Carl R. SamsChildren's Picture Book, 2004
The River Between Us by Richard PeckChildren's Chapter Book, 2004
Saving Samantha: A True Story by Robbyn Smith van FrankenhuyzenChildren's Picture Book, 2004
Snow Music by Lynne Rae PerkinsChildren's Picture Book, 2004
Something Rising (Light and Swift) by Haven KimmelFiction, 2004
The Time Traveler's Wife by Audrey NiffeneggerFiction, 2004
True North by Jim HarrisonFiction, 2004
The Turtle Warrior: A Novel by Mary Relindes EllisFiction, 2004
You Remind Me of Me by Dan ChaonFiction, 2004
Your Negro Tour Guide: Truths in Black and White by Kathy Y. WilsonGeneral Nonfiction, 2004
Zingerman's Guide to Good Eating: How to Choose the Best Bread, Cheeses, Olive Oil, Pasta, Chocolate, and Much More by Ari WeinzweigGeneral Nonfiction, 2004
American Dream: Three Women, Ten Kids, and a Nation's Drive to End Welfare by Jason DeParleGeneral, 2005
Arc of Justice: A Saga of Race, Civil Rights, and Murder in the Jazz Age by Kevin BoyleGeneral, 2005
At the Shores: A Novel by Thomas RogersFiction, 2005
The Bird In Santa's Beard: How A Christmas Legend Was Forever Changed (Big Belly Series) by Jeffery L. SchatzerChildren's, 2005
The Bright Forever by Lee MartinFiction, 2005
Cast of Shadows: A Novel by Kevin GuilfoileMystery/Intrigue, 2005
The Circus in Winter by Cathy DayFiction, 2005
Clever Beatrice and the Best Little Pony by Margaret WilleyChildren's, 2005
Fire Point: A Novel of Suspense by John SmolensMystery/Intrigue, 2005
Friend on Freedom River by Gloria WhelanChildren's, 2005
Getting in the Game by Dawn FitzGeraldChildren's, 2005
Grit, Noise, and Revolution: The Birth of Detroit Rock 'n' Roll by David A. CarsonGeneral, 2005
Hidden by Paul JaskunasMystery/Intrigue, 2005
How Like an Angel: A Novel (Sweetwater Fiction: Originals) by Jack DriscollFiction, 2005
The Inner Circle by T. C. BoyleFiction, 2005
Lost Souls by Michael CollinsMystery/Intrigue, 2005
The Narcissist's Daughter by Craig HoldenMystery/Intrigue, 2005
Skirting the Issue: Stories of Indiana's Historical Women Artists by Judith Vale NewtonGeneral, 2005
Win One for the Gipper: America's Football Hero Edition 1. (True Story) by Kathy-jo WarginChildren's, 2005
Triple Cross by Kit EhrmanFiction, 2007
American Band: Music, Dreams, and Coming of Age in the Heartland by Kristen LaineGeneral Nonfiction, 2008
Barnstormers: Game 3 by Phil BildnerChildren's Chapter Books, 2008
The Comeback Season by Jennifer E. SmithChildren's Chapter Books, 2008
A Crooked Kind of Perfect by Linda UrbanChildren's Chapter Books, 2008
Dear American Airlines by Jonathan MilesFiction, 2008
Do Unto Otters: A Book About Manners by Laurie KellerChildren's Picture Books, 2008
Iggy Peck, Architect by Andrea BeatyChildren's Picture Books, 2008
Keeping the House by Ellen BakerFiction, 2008
Knockemstiff by Donald Ray PollockFiction, 2008
Little Heathens by Mildred Armstrong KalishGeneral Nonfiction, 2008
Miss Spitfire: Reaching Helen Keller by Sarah MillerChildren's Chapter Books, 2008
Sin in the Second City: Madams, Ministers, Playboys, and the Battle for America's Soul by Karen AbbottGeneral Nonfiction, 2008
The Third Coast: Sailors, Strippers, Fishermen, Folksingers, Long-Haired Ojibway Painters, and God-Save-the-Queen Monarchists of the Great Lakes by Ted McClellandGeneral Nonfiction, 2008
A Ticket to Ride by Paula McLainFiction, 2008
Ty and The Babe: Baseball's Fiercest Rivals: A Surprising Friendship and the 1941 Has-Beens Golf Championship by Tom StantonGeneral Nonfiction, 2008
When Dinosaurs Came with Everything by Elise BroachChildren's Picture Books, 2008
Woolbur by Leslie HelakoskiChildren's Picture Books, 2008