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Book awards: IBBY Honour Book

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Works (2,353)

Stony Heart Country by David Metzenthen [2002, 2002]
Cachés dans la forêt by Albertine Deletaille1958
The Fairy Doll by Rumer Godden1958
Francesco by Jean Dulieu1958
The Girl from Nowhere by Hertha von Gebhardt1958
The Golden Pharaoh by Karl Bruckner1958
The House of Sixty Fathers by Meindert DeJong1958
Lost in the Barrens by Farley Mowat1958
Majhno kot mezinec by Ela Peroci1958
Miadoux by Henri Cornélus1958
Moominland Midwinter by Tove Jansson1958
Die silberne Kette by Gertrud Häusermann1958
The Spettecake Holiday by Edith Unnerstad1958
Stendolken by Palle Lauring1958
The Turkish Twins by Cahit Uçuk1958
Vevi by Erica Lillegg1958
Along Came a Dog by Meindert DeJong1960
Leyendas mexicanas by Rafael Morales1960
Maren's Little Owl by Finn Havrevold1960
Nkwala by Edith Lambert Sharp1960
Old One-Toe by Michel-Aimé Baudouy1960
Padu is gek by Miep Diekmann1960
Pellas bok by Anna Lisa Wärnlöf1960
Ptám se, ptám se, pampeliško by Künstler Jiří Trnka1960
Red Moon & High Summer by Herbert Kaufmann1960
Die Sternenmühle Gedichte für Kinder und ihre Freunde by Illustrator Johannes Grüger1960
Tom's Midnight Garden by Philippa Pearce1960
Warrior Scarlet by Rosemary Sutcliff1960
The Witch of Blackbird Pond by Elizabeth George Speare1960
The Wolf and the Seven Little Kids by Felix Hoffman1960
The Borrowers Afloat by Mary Norton1962
The Boy, the Swallow and the Cat by Miguel Buñuel1962
Una camicia per Gec by Mariangela Cisco1962
The Day of the Bomb by Karl Bruckner1962
Gårdarnas krig by Harry Kullman1962
Island of the Blue Dolphins by Scott O'Dell1962
My Great-Grandfather and I by James Krüss1962
Path of the Orange Peels: Adventures in the Early Days of Tel Aviv by Nahum Gutman1962
The Road to Agra by Aimée Sommerfelt1962
The Sleeping Beauty by Felix Hoffmann1962
The Sunken City and Other Tales from Round the World by James McNeill1962
Tangara by Nan Chauncy1962
Taro the Dragon Boy by Miyoko Matsutani1962
Who Will Comfort Toffle? A Tale of Moomin Valley by Tove Jansson1962
Bilderbibel by Felix Hoffmann1964
The Bronze Bow by Elizabeth George Speare1964
Feuerschuh und Windsandale by Ursula Wölfel1964
En Gip dins el televisor by Gianni Rodari1964
The Incredible Journey by Sheila Burnford1964
Komm mit mir, kleine Bronx by Hans Peterson1964
Kristy's Courage by Babbis Friis1964
Un merveilleux grand-père by Jaroslava Blažková1964
The Return of the Twelves by Pauline Clarke1964
Smešne reči by Dušan Radović1964
Tales from Moominvalley by Tove Jansson1964
Ten obcy by Irena Jurgielewiczowa1964
De un país lejano by Ángela C Ionescu1964
Vielleicht in fünf, sechs Jahren by Othmar Franz Lang1964
Yo, le petit tibétain by Micheline Chevallier1964
Blæsten by Ib Spang Olsen1966
Button & Popper by Oili Tanninen1966
Djeco, laku no´c by Ela Peroci1966
Dobrá mysl by Helena Šmahelová1966
Fiesta en Marilandia by Concha Fernández Luna1966
The Guns of Valmy by Léonce Bourliaguet1966
Haru no medama by Kiyoto Fukuda1966
The Most Beautiful Place by Gina Ruck-Pauquèt1966
My Name Is Pablo by Aimée Sommerfelt1966
The Namesake: A Story of King Alfred by C. Walter Hodges1966
Nicholas' Red Day by Inger Sandberg1966
Storie di domani by Giordano Pitt1966
Ucho od śledzia by Hanna Ożogowska1966
Unsere drei Stanisläuse by Vera Ferra-Mikura1966
Where the Wild Things Are by Maurice Sendak1966
Za lahko no♯ by Ela Peroci1966
Adieu Paris, adieu Catherine by Eveline Hasler1968
La barca gialla by Giuseppe Bufalari1968
Die Bucht der schwarzen Boote by Barbara Bartos-Höppner1968
Cangura para todo by Gloria Fuertes1968
Contact Lost by Leif Hamre1968
Louie's Lot by E. W. Hildick1968
The Marsh Crone's Brew by Ib Spang Olsen1968
Mussen Tiere draussenbleiben! by Marlen Haushofer1968
Nunnu by Oili Tanninen1968
Omin Hambbe i Slättköping by Max Lundgren1968
Papelucho Misionero by Marcela Paz1968
Valley of the Smallest: The Life Story of a Shrew by Aileen Lucia Fisher1968
Angel en Colombia by Jaime Ferr©Łn1970
Das blaue Känguruh by Mira Lobe1970
Es geschah im Nachbarhaus. Geschichte eines Verdachts by Willi Fährmann1970
O livro do Adelininho by Lília da Fonseca1970
Marius by Rolf Døcker1970
I Own the Racecourse by Patricia Wrightson1970
Piquin y Chispita, relato para ninos by Serafin J. Garcia1970
Polttaa polttaa by Asko Martinheimo1970
Pulga by Siny van Iterson1970
De rödas uppror by Harry Kullman1970
Raduga, Duga : Russkie narodnye, pesenki, poteski, pribautki by Jurij Alekseevič Vasnecov1970
O sobradinho dos pardais by Herberto Sales1970
Up a Road Slowly by Irene Hunt1970
Il vento sull'erba nuova by Klára Jarunková1970
Verwirrung an der N 19 by Hans Schmitter1970
"Bogserbȧten." Med teckningar av Tord Nygren by Hans-Eric Hellberg1972
Blue Fin by Colin Thiele1972
The Cat Who Came in Off the Roof by Annie M.G. Schmidt1972
Con le legioni di Scipione: (La Battaglia di Zama): diario secondo Tito Livio, Polibio ed altre fonti by Luciano Soldan1972
Cuentos del Zodíaco by Fernando Sadot1972
Die Flucht mit Luzifer by Jeanne Schlageter1972
Die grauen und die grünen Felder by Ursula Wölfel1972
Gusten Grodslukare by Ole Lund Kirkegaard1972
Justino, o retirante by Odette de Barros Mott1972
La Mandarine et le mandarin by Pierre Gamarra1972
O rezavém rváči a huňatém pánovi by Bohumil Říha1972
Die Spur führt in die Höhle by Wilhelm Meissel1972
The Trumpet of the Swan by E. B. White1972
Vihreä vallankumous by Inari Krohn1972
Balada de un castellano by María Isabel MolinaFor Text, 1974
Freedom-Fighter: The Story of Moses by Max BolligerFor Text, 1974
The Headless Cupid by Zilpha Keatley SnyderFor Text, 1974
Hexen in der Stadt by Ingeborg EngelhardtFor Text, 1974
Ida und Ob by Barbara FrischmuthFor Text, 1974
Josh by Ivan SouthallFor Text, 1974
King Tulle: The Founding of Tulaborg by Irmelin Sandman LiliusFor Text, 1974
Koniec wakacji by Janusz DomagalikFor Text, 1974
Otto is a Rhino by Ole Lund KirkegaardFor Text, 1974
Pojken från Hammarfjäll. Anno 1813 by Olga WikströmFor Text, 1974
Prikazen sviat (Bulgarska klasika za detsa) (Bulgarian Edition) by Angel KaralichevFor Text, 1974
Prune by Luce FillolFor Text, 1974
Psi̲la sti̲ stani̲ ti̲s garythallias mythistori̲ma by Pipina Tsimikali̲For Text, 1974
Rozprávky z lesa by Rudo MoricFor Text, 1974
Rumcajs a Manka by Václav ČtvrtekFor Text, 1974
Rumcajs. Il by Václav ČtvrtekFor Text, 1974
Shakespeare-Märchen by Franz FühmannFor Text, 1974
Three Jolly Fellows by Eno RaudFor Text, 1974
What the Neighbours Did and Other Stories by Philippa PearceFor Text, 1974
Baron Münchhausen: His Wonderful Travels and Adventures by Erich KästnerFor Illustration, 1974
The Companions by Lygia BojungaFor Illustration, 1974
The Dancer, the Bear and the Nobody Boy by Daniele BourFor Illustration, 1974
The Funny Little Woman by Arlene MoselFor Illustration, 1974
Joseph and Lulu and the Prindiville House Pigeons by Ted GreenwoodFor Illustration, 1974
Maestros de la fantasía by Angela C. IonescuFor Illustration, 1974
Professorn och de blå stövlarna by Kjell Ivan AndersonFor Illustration, 1974
Rijmpjes en versjes uit de oude doos by S. AbramszFor Illustration, 1974
Rozprávky z nefritov/U 00b4/ych hôr polynézske rozprávky by Viktor KrupaFor Illustration, 1974
Stadtmaus und Landmaus by Ruth HürlimannFor Illustration, 1974
Titch by Pat HutchinsFor Illustration, 1974
Torvi, joka ei lakannut soimasta by Matti LouhiFor Illustration, 1974
Det tossede land by Arne UngermannFor Illustration, 1974
Der Wal im Wasserturm by Rüdiger StoyeFor Illustration, 1974
おしゃべりなたまごやき (日本傑作絵本シリーズ) by Teruo TeramuraFor Illustration, 1974
Alligator Pie by Dennis LeeFor Text, 1976
Benvenuto heisst willkommen by Hans-Georg NoackFor Text, 1976
Das Blaue vom Himmel by Hannes HüttnerFor Text, 1976
The Blue Book of Tales by Ľubomír FeldekFor Text, 1976
Un elefante ocupa mucho espacio by Elsa Isabel BornemannFor Text, 1976
Fables of Leonardo da Vinci by da Vinci LeonardoFor Text, 1976
The Ghost of Thomas Kempe by Penelope LivelyFor Text, 1976
Des hommes traqués: roman by Michel GrimaudFor Text, 1976
M. C. Higgins, the Great by Virginia HamiltonFor Text, 1976
Mallko by Gastón SuárezFor Text, 1976
Mr. Boo by Hannu MäkeläFor Text, 1976
Razkazi za det︠s︡a by Georgi KaralavovFor Text, 1976
De rode schuur by Ota HofmanFor Text, 1976
Smoke over Golan by Uriel OfekFor Text, 1976
Der Sonntagsvater by Eveline HaslerFor Text, 1976
Das Sprachbastelbuch by Gerri ZotterFor Text, 1976
O velho que foi embora by Leny W. DornellesFor Text, 1976
Witch Fever by Leif Esper AndersenFor Text, 1976
雨の動物園 by 舟崎 克彦,For Text, 1976
The Adventures of Little Mouk by Wilhelm HauffFor Illustration, 1976
I Am Air by José Luis García SánchezFor Illustration, 1976
The Brownie Scouts by Maria KonopnickaFor Illustration, 1976
Dawn by Uri ShulevitzFor Illustration, 1976
How Tom Beat Captain Najork and His Hired Sportsmen by Russell HobanFor Illustration, 1976
Komm, sagte die Katze by Mira LobeFor Illustration, 1976
Kostas Kubilinskas by Volodymyr KubiĭovychFor Illustration, 1976
Mulga Bill's Bicycle by A. B. PatersonFor Illustration, 1976
Olipa kerran : klassillisia satuja by Björn LandströmFor Illustration, 1976
Prikazi ot tsial sviat by Nikolai RainovFor Illustration, 1976
Siebenschön und viele andere Märchen von bekannten und unbekannten Dichtern by Regina HänselFor Illustration, 1976
The Sleighs of Old Montreal by Carlo ItalianoFor Illustration, 1976
Three Is Company by Friedrich Karl WaechterFor Illustration, 1976
Tic ticket by Michelle DaufresneFor Illustration, 1976
U veselého věnce by Josef Štefan KubínFor Illustration, 1976
The Ugly Duckling by Hans Christian AndersenFor Illustration, 1976
Uma vez um homem, uma vez um gato by Irene de AlbuquerqueFor Illustration, 1976
A Bolsa Amarela by Lygia BojungaFor Text, 1978; Slovak Translation, 1994
Cara Assuntina by Luciana MartiniFor Text, 1978
Caramelos de menta by Carmen Vazquez-VigoFor Text, 1978
Dikidi et la sagesse antifables by Jacqueline HeldFor Text, 1978
Du wärst der Pienek by Ursula WölfelFor Text, 1978
Dunajská král'ovná Bratislavské báje, povesti a historické obrázky by Mária ĎuríčkováFor Text, 1978
El increíble mundo de Llanca by Alicia MorelFor Text, 1978
Eule du, Eule ich die schönsten Märchen aus der Schweiz by Fritz SenftFor Text, 1978
Garbage Delight by Dennis LeeFor Text, 1978
Ihmisen vaatteissa : kertomus kaupungilta by Leena KrohnFor Text, 1978
Kidnapning by Bjarne ReuterFor Text, 1978
Kluci, holky a Stodůlky : Pro čtenáře od 9 let. 1 by Eva BernardinováFor Text, 1978
Lilla Sparvel by Barbro LindgrenFor Text, 1978
Malý kouzelník a velká pětka by Uwe KantFor Text, 1978
Mouse Woman and the Vanished Princesses by Christie HarrisFor Text, 1978
The October Child by Eleanor SpenceFor Text, 1978
Ryū no iru shima by Yoichi TakashiFor Text, 1978
Seasons of the Sea by Monique CorriveauFor Text, 1978
Skok-Podskok by Asen BosevFor Text, 1978
Sposób na Alcybiadesa by Edmund NiziurskiFor Text, 1978
A Tangled Web by Hannelore ValencakFor Text, 1978
Tre trylleord en julefortelling fra Troms - om å være redd by Jo Giæver TenfjordFor Text, 1978
Tuck Everlasting by Natalie BabbittFor Text, 1978
Vicuncela canción para una vicuña by Hugo Molina ViañaFor Text, 1978
A Year and a Day by William MayneFor Text, 1978
I am a Railway Station (Who am I?) by Ruth ThomsonFor Illustration, 1978
Animali nelle favole by PhaedrusFor Illustration, 1978
Anno's Alphabet by Mitsumasa AnnoFor Illustration, 1978
Bílá zima by Milena LukešováFor Illustration, 1978
The Bear Who Wanted to Be a Bear by Jörg SteinerFor Illustration, 1978
Beliže mi, beli k l'udovým uspávankám by Alojz KlimoFor Illustration, 1978
La cachette by Ginette AnfousseFor Illustration, 1978
Droga księżycowa Literackie wyprawy w kosmos - Częśc III by Maria KannFor Illustration, 1978
Emilie, Tome 1 : by Domitille de PressenséFor Illustration, 1978
Emilie, Tome 2 : Emilie et ses cousins by Domitille de PressenséFor Illustration, 1978
Hush, Little Baby by Margot ZemachFor Illustration, 1978
Ida Maria från Arfliden by Ann-Madeleine GelotteFor Illustration, 1978
Jasonin kesä by Camilla MickwitzFor Illustration, 1978
Julian in the Autumn Woods by Milena LukesovaFor Illustration, 1978
The Little Girl and the Rain by Milena LukesovaFor Illustration, 1978
Los pecosos by Marcela PazFor Illustration, 1978
The runaway punt by Michael F. PageFor Illustration, 1978
Rund ums Schiff von Kanus, Koggen und grossen Kähnen by Ali MitgutschFor Illustration, 1978
Die schönsten Fabeln by Jean de La FontaineFor Illustration, 1978
Thorn Rose by Errol Le CainFor Illustration, 1978
Tim and Trisha by Svend OttoFor Illustration, 1978
A turma do Pererê by ZiraldoFor Illustration, 1978
...and now Miguel by Joseph KrumgoldItalian Translation, 1978
August, the Month of Winds by Wladislaw Petrowitsch KrapiwinGerman Translation, 1978
The Bed Book by Sylvia PlathSwedish Translation, 1978
Charlotte's Web by E. B. WhiteHebrew Translation, 1978
Cucumber King by Christine NöstlingerEnglish Translation, 1978
The Glassblower's Children by Maria GripeEnglish Translation, 1978
Little House in the Big Woods by Laura Ingalls WilderDanish Translation, 1978
Little House on the Prairie by Laura Ingalls WilderDanish Translation, 1978
Mr Miniscule and the Whale by Julian TuwimSlovak Translation, 1978
My Sweet-Orange Tree by José Mauro de VasconcelosFrench Translation, 1978
Silas and Ben-Godik by Cecil BødkerGerman Translation, 1978
Silas and the Black Mare by Cecil BødkerGerman Translation, 1978
Silas and the Runaway Coach by Cecil BødkerGerman Translation, 1978
A White Sail Gleams by Valentin KataevCzech Translation, 1978
Sieben und dreimal sieben Geschichten by Gerhard Holtz-BaumertWriting & illustration, 1980
Underground to Canada by Barbara Smucker 1980
[Ich bin anders als du] by Hedi WyssWriting, 1980
Agar ādamʹhā hamdīgar rā dūst bidārand by Nasīm KhāksārWriting, 1980
Barankin's Fantasy World by Medvedev ValeryWriting, 1980
A Dream of Seas by Lilith NormanWriting, 1980
Děvčátko Zdena a moudrý pes : [pro čtenáře od 9 let] by Zdeňka BezděkováWriting, 1980
El hombrecito vestido de gris y otros cuentos by Fernando AlonsoWriting, 1980
El niño que llegó hasta el sol un cuento by Orlando AraujoWriting, 1980
The Gods in Winter by Patricia MilesWriting, 1980
Harkaitz, elurra ari zueneko haurra by Jesús María ArrietaWriting, 1980
Hold Fast by Kevin MajorWriting, 1980
I̲ archontissa tou Aigaiou, Syra by Giolanta Pateraki̲Writing, 1980
Kököjszi és Bobojsza by Sándor TörökWriting, 1980
Lentonoidan poika : saamelaisia satuja by Annukka AikioWriting, 1980
Magdalena by Wenche KrossøyWriting, 1980
En Mir, l'esquirol by Josep VallverdúWriting, 1980
Möhkämammutti by Arvi ArjatsaloWriting, 1980
La nave dei guerrieri by Giuseppe BufalariWriting, 1980
Om Ken by Thøger BirkelandWriting, 1980
Ramona and Her Father by Beverly ClearyWriting, 1980
Steffis roter Luftballon by Irina KorschunowWriting, 1980
Todas as crianças da terra by Sidónio MuralhaWriting, 1980
Train M by François SautereauWriting, 1980
Uma estranha aventura em Talalai by Joel Rufino dos SantosWriting, 1980
De vlucht van Nataiyu by Käthe RecheisWriting, 1980
A Way from Home by Maud ReuterswardWriting, 1980
William och Vild-Jam by Christina AnderssonWriting, 1980
Yama e iku ushi by Takashi KawamuraWriting, 1980
Anni Manninen by Marja-Leena MikkolaIllustration, 1980
Corri, pallina! by Francesco Tullio AltanIllustration, 1980
Doctor Ouch by Kornei ChukovskyIllustration, 1980
Each Peach Pear Plum by Janet AhlbergIllustration, 1980
Fall is Coming (Kika's First Books) by Francesco Tullio AltanIllustration, 1980
De fem killinger by Mimi Vang OlsenIllustration, 1980
The Fight by Ginette AnfousseIllustration, 1980
Fiocca la neve by Francesco Tullio AltanIllustration, 1980
The Girl With No Name by Jose Luis Garcia SanchezIllustration, 1980
Ein god dag by Einar ØklandIllustration, 1980
Das grosse Buch von Gina Ruck-Pauquèt Geschichten, Spässe und Gedichte by Gina Ruck-PauquètIllustration, 1980
Koĭ kakŭv e i zashto takŭv e : khumor za det︠s︡a by Nikolaĭ I︠A︡nkovIllustration, 1980
L'Alphabet fou : ou, Le Livre des syllabes sibyllines : se lit à haute voix et de plus en plus vite by Agnes RosenstiehlIllustration, 1980
Den långa rajden by Bodil HagbrinkIllustration, 1980
The Little Pickpocket by Avner KatzIllustration, 1980
Margarita by Rubén DaríoIllustration, 1980
Moje próżnowanie by Joanna KulmowaIllustration, 1980
Noah's Ark by Peter SpierIllustration, 1980
Nuota, pesciolino! by Francesco Tullio AltanIllustration, 1980
Pfui Ponnipott by Christian Oppermann-DimovIllustration, 1980
The Quinkins by Percy TreziseIllustration, 1980
The Swallows Return by Francesco Tullio AltanIllustration, 1980
Three Brothers and Mountain Pears by Tadashi HiranoIllustration, 1980
To Kastro mas : mythistorēma by Maria PyliōtouIllustration, 1980
Unten steht der Semmelbeiss Gedichte für Kinder by Christa ZeuchIllustration, 1980
Wake Up Hippo! by Francesco Tullio AltanIllustration, 1980
Abel's Island by William SteigSpanish Translation, 1980
The End of the Third Age: Being the Sixth Book of the Lord of the Rings by J. R. R. TolkienHebrew Translation, 1980
The Farmers in the Well by Friedrich Karl WaechterGerman Translation, 1980
The Frog Princess by Ivan BilibineFrench Translation, 1980
Goddam Gypsy by Ronald LeeGerman Translation, 1980
Gold Crown Lane by Irmelin Sandman LiliusNorwegian Translation, 1980
The Goldmaker's House by Irmelin Sandman LiliusNorwegian Translation, 1980
Horses of the Night by Irmelin Sandman LiliusNorwegian Translation, 1980
Karlson on the Roof / Karlson Flies Again / The World's Best Karlson by Astrid LindgrenPortuguese Translation, 1980
Lord of the Rings Book 2 Fellowship of the Ring Part 1-2 {Japanese New Edition} by J. R. R. TolkienHebrew Translation, 1980
Lord of the Rings Book 3 Fellowship of the Ring Part 2-1 {Japanese New Edition} by J. R. R. TolkienHebrew Translation, 1980
Lord of the Rings Book 4 Fellowship of the Ring Part 2-2 {Japanese New Edition} by J. R. R. TolkienHebrew Translation, 1980
Lord of the Rings Book 5 The Two Towers Part 1-1 {Japanese New Edition} by J. R. R. TolkienHebrew Translation, 1980
Lord of the Rings Book 6 The Two Towers Part 1-2 {Japanese New Edition} by J. R. R. TolkienHebrew Translation, 1980
The Magic Stone by Leonie KooikerEnglish Translation, 1980
Marya Morevna by Irina ZheleznovaFrench Translation, 1980
Moominpappa's Memoirs by Tove JanssonPolish Translation, 1980
L'oiseau de feu (Contes russes) by Ivan Jakovlevic BilibinFrench Translation, 1980
Pacchi-dono dal Giappone by Shizue TakashimaItalian Translation, 1980
La plume de Finist Fier faucon (Contes russes) by Ivan BilibineFrench Translation, 1980
The Ring Goes East: Being the Fourth Book of The Lord of the Rings by J. R. R. TolkienHebrew Translation, 1980
The Sea Lord by Alet SchoutenEnglish Translation, 1980
Sister Alyonushka and Brother Ivanushka / The White Duck by Irina ZheleznovaFrench Translation, 1980
Till We Have Faces: A Myth Retold by C. S. LewisHebrew Translation, 1980
Vasilisa the Beautiful: Russian Fairy Tales by Irina ZheleznovaFrench Translation, 1980
The War of the Ring: Being the Fifth Book of the Lord of the Rings by J. R. R. TolkienHebrew Translation, 1980
A Wizard of Earthsea by Ursula K. Le GuinSwedish Translation, 1980
Zielone kasztany by Janusz DomagalikGerman Translation, 1980
Ara us n'explicaré una by Pep AlbanellWriting, 1982
Autumn Street by Lois LowryWriting, 1982
Berzsián és Dideki by Ervin LázárWriting, 1982
Besøkstid by Alf KvasbøWriting, 1982
Contos pra nenos by Paco MartínWriting, 1982
Los cuentos del tio Patota by Eduardo Robles BozaWriting, 1982
Drôle de samedi soir ! by Claude KlotzWriting, 1982
E il leone sorrise by Donatella ZiliottoWriting, 1982
El duende y la marioneta by Hugo Molina ViañaWriting, 1982
El Hojarasquerito Del Monte/ Leaf Pile of the Mountain (Spanish Edition) by Rafael OramasWriting, 1982
El misterio de la isla de Tökland by Joan Manuel GisbertWriting, 1982
Fem prinsar by Lennart HellsingWriting, 1982
Gibt Florian auf? by Lene Mayer-SkumanzWriting, 1982
Giovanni by Anna Pitschna Grob-GanzoniWriting, 1982
Jak je bosé noze v rose by Milena LukešováWriting, 1982
The Keeper of the Isis Light by Monica HughesWriting, 1982
Kwiat kalafiora by Małgorzata MusierowiczWriting, 1982
Lampáš malého plavčíka by Ján NavrátilWriting, 1982
A locomotiva tchaaf by Carlos CorreiaWriting, 1982
Lornac ist überall by Otto SteigerWriting, 1982
Marie et le chat sauvage by Illustratorin Danièle BourWriting, 1982
O misterioso rapto de Flor-Do-Sereno (combate de Zé Grande, herói dos Canaviais do pais de Pernambuco, contra o monstro Sazafrás, de antiga e negra memória) by Haroldo BrunoWriting, 1982
Ein Mundvoll Erde by Stefanie ZweigWriting, 1982
My One-Legged Friend and Me by Anna-Liisa HaakanaWriting, 1982
La Piedra Del Zamuro by Rafael Rivero OramasWriting, 1982
Playing Beatie Bow by Ruth ParkWriting, 1982
Tulku by Peter DickinsonWriting, 1982
日本キリスト敎児童文学全集. 第13 by 竹崎 有斐,Writing, 1982
1 kutya, 2 cica 3 meseregény by György VéghIllustration, 1982
Barnas egen sangbok by Jon-Roar BjørkvoldIllustration, 1982
Ciao! Sono sempre io, la Stefi by Grazia NidasioIllustration, 1982
Dos cuentos de princesas by Maria PuncelIllustration, 1982
Drakberget by Stefan MählqvistIllustration, 1982
Era uma vez duas avós by Naumim AizenIllustration, 1982
The Garden of Abdul Gasazi by Chris Van AllsburgIllustration, 1982
In einem Schloß in Schottland lebte einmal ein junges Gespenst by Franz HohlerIllustration, 1982
Lasten kultainen Kalevala by Aili KonttinenIllustration, 1982
Mister Magnolia by Quentin BlakeIllustration, 1982
Petrouchka: Adapted from Igor Stravinsky and Alexandre Benois by Elizabeth CleaverIllustration, 1982
Procházky Prahou by Jana ŠtefánkováIllustration, 1982
The Rainforest Children by Margaret PittawayIllustration, 1982
Sippur meha-Khayim by Illustratorin Alona FrankelIllustration, 1982
Skazki by Maler Valentin Ivanovič KurdovIllustration, 1982
Superhare by Helme HeineIllustration, 1982
Tiny by Mira LobeIllustration, 1982
Tsuki to asobō by Kōta TaniuchiIllustration, 1982
At the Back of the North Wind by George MacDonaldGerman Translation, 1982
The Big Janosch Book of Fun and Verse by JanoschEnglish Translation, 1982
Cipísek by Václav ČtvrtekPolish Translation, 1982
The Farthest Shore by Ursula K. Le GuinNorwegian Translation, 1982
The King's Daughter by Suzanne MartelEnglish Translation, 1982
The Leopard by Cecil BødkerPortuguese Translation, 1982
Mathias Sandorf by Jules VerneCzech Translation, 1982
McBroom's Wonderful One-Acre Farm: Three Tall Tales by Sid FleischmanFrench Translation, 1982
Nicholas and the Gang by Jean-Jacques SempéSpanish Translation, 1982
Offbeat Friends by Elfie DonnellySwedish Translation, 1982
Pri Valshevnitzite iz svetskata poezija za detsa by Christo RadevskiBulgarian Translation, 1982
Die Reise nach Jaroslaw. Roman by Rolf SchneiderItalian Translation, 1982
The Siblings by Roy BrownGerman Translation, 1982
Wie die Erde rund wurde by Illustrator Mitsumasa AnnoGerman Translation, 1982
Zlateh the Goat and Other Stories by Isaac Bashevis SingerEnglish Translation, 1982
Julius Blom by Bo CarpelanWriting & Finnish Translation, 1984
The Watcher in the Garden by Joan Phipson [1984] ∙ Writing ∙ 1984
[Bir ofiz suz] beš tomlik by Hakim NazirWriting, 1984
Años difíciles by Juan FariasWriting, 1984
All the Kings Men by William MayneWriting, 1984
Asperú, juglar embrujado by Mercè Canela GarayoaWriting, 1984
La bambina che non voleva andare a dormire by Pinin CarpiWriting, 1984
Cuentos Araucanos. la Gente de la Tierra by Alicia MorelWriting, 1984
Fabula De La Ratoncita Presumida (Coleccion Rimas Y Adivinanzas) by Aquiles NazoaWriting, 1984
Grävlingväskan by Olle MattsonWriting, 1984
Kambani na ščastlivo detstvo stichove za deca i junoši by Nikolaj ZidarovWriting, 1984
Kluci ze zabraného by Eliška HorelováWriting, 1984
L'homme aux oiseaux by Robert SoulièresWriting, 1984
Liederspatz : Ein Lieder-Lese-Bilderbuch by Fredrik VahleWriting, 1984
Lotara joateko ipuinak by Asun BalzolaWriting, 1984
Margaspalvė genio kalve eilėraščių rinktinė by Anzelmas MatutisWriting, 1984
Olipa-kerran-maan kukat eli Liisa särkyneen peilin maassa by Leena LaulajainenWriting, 1984
Piraci z Wysp Śpiewających by Adam BahdajWriting, 1984
Pom Pom meséi by István CsukásWriting, 1984
The Root Cellar by Janet LunnWriting, 1984
Sigurd drakedreperen by Torill Thorstad HaugerWriting, 1984
Slagsmål og silkebånd by Gerd RindelWriting, 1984
Sweet Whispers, Brother Rush by Virginia HamiltonWriting, 1984
Two Little Bears by Hanna MuschgWriting, 1984
La vieja que comía gente leyendas de espantos by Francisco HinojosaWriting, 1984
Waar kom je vandaan? : waar ga je naar toe? by Philippe DumasWriting, 1984
Der weisse Wolf by Käthe RecheisWriting, 1984
Το Τέλος των Τεράτων by Κίρα ΣίνουWriting, 1984
La capa del Morrocoy cuento guajiro by Ramón Paz IpuanaIllustration, 1984
Doctor De Soto by William SteigIllustration, 1984
Futari by Yasuo SegawaIllustration, 1984
Great Painters by Piero VenturaIllustration, 1984
Hansel and Gretel by Anthony BrowneIllustration, 1984
Idzie rak nieborak wierszyki i piosenki ludowe by Danuta WawiłowIllustration, 1984
Jon's Moon by Carme Sole VendrellIllustration, 1984
Jäniksenpoika by Heljä Liukko-SundströmIllustration, 1984
Mese Vackorról, egy pisze kölyökmackóról by István KormosIllustration, 1984
Le mot interdit by Nicolas de HirschingIllustration, 1984
Mutter Holunder 21 Märchen aus dem Teekessel by Hans Christian AndersenIllustration, 1984
När elefanterna dansar --- : djur på en savann i Afrika by Inga BorgIllustration, 1984
A Northern Alphabet by Ted HarrisonIllustration, 1984
Sally Vally by Mathis MathisenIllustration, 1984
Snežienka by Hans Christian AndersenIllustration, 1984
Sti̲ laïki̲! Sti̲ laïki̲! by Eleni G. Valabani̲Illustration, 1984
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Who Sank the Boat? by Pamela AllenIllustration, 1984
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Anna annA by Lukas HartmannWriting, 1986
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The Changeover by Margaret MahyWriting, 1986
Das cousas de Ramón Lamote by Paco MartínWriting, 1986
Døden rider raskt by Hans HansenWriting, 1986
Dancing in the Anzac Deli by Nadia WheatleyWriting, 1986
Daniel na Saharze by Danuta BieńkowskaWriting, 1986
Demaʻot shel esh by Devorah OmerWriting, 1986
En Gilbert i les línies by M. Àngels GardellaWriting, 1986
Je pars à la guerre, je serai là pour le goûter by Illustratorin Béatrice PonceletWriting, 1986
Jenny och den röda stormen : ur Jenny M. Linds minnen, Nebraska 1890 by Stig EricsonWriting, 1986
Jenseits der Berge by Alfred Clemens BaumgärtnerWriting, 1986
Kam chodia na zimu zmrzlinári by Daniel HevierWriting, 1986
Kiki's Delivery Service by Eiko KadonoWriting, 1986
Kuinka Sepontyttö vapautti taivaanvalot by Tuula KallioniemiWriting, 1986
Kunkori és a Kandúrvarázsló by Ede TarbayWriting, 1986
L'enfant de lumière by Suzanne MartelWriting, 1986
Little Arthur's sun by Chažak Gjul'nazarjanWriting, 1986
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Sweetgrass by Jan HudsonWriting, 1986
Tales from the Mabinogion by Gwyn ThomasWriting, 1986
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La belle lisse poire du prince de Motordu by PefIllustration, 1986
Brave Little Pete of Geranium Street by Rose LagercrantzIllustration, 1986
Chin Chiang and the Dragon's Dance by Ian WallaceIllustration, 1986
D Gschicht vom Dinohousi u vom Tatzefridu by Daniela-Maria SchaufelbergerIllustration, 1986
El cavallet de cartó by Josep Lozano LermaIllustration, 1986
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Givʻat ha-kaftorim by Shlomit Cohen-AssifIllustration, 1986
Grillito Sociyote en el circo de pulgas, y otros cuentos de animales by Gilberto Rendon OrtizIllustration, 1986
Hiawatha's Childhood by Henry Wadsworth LongfellowIllustration, 1986
Jeg skal få en katt eller Dumme dyr by Wenche BlombergIllustration, 1986
Julieta y su caja de colores (Spanish Edition) by Pellicer López CarlosIllustration, 1986
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Little Red-Cap by Lisbeth ZwergerIllustration, 1986
Maigo by Tōshi YoshidaIllustration, 1986
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Possum Magic by Mem FoxIllustration, 1986
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Solgudens vogn by Hans HansenIllustration, 1986
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Red is Best by Kathy StinsonSpanish Translation, 1986
The Stream That Stood Still by Beverley NicholsSwedish Translation, 1986
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Two Thousand Pound Goldfish by Betsy ByarsFinnish Translation, 1986
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The Big Loser by Raymond PlanteWriting, 1988
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Woof! by Allan AhlbergWriting, 1988
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Un asalto mayusculo by Vicky NizriIllustration, 1988
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Benvenuto Wilko by Illustrator Francesco TestaIllustration, 1988
Don't Call Me Little Bunny by Grégoire SolotareffIllustration, 1988
El mico y el loro tradición oral by Diana CastellanosIllustration, 1988
El perro del cerro y la rana de la sabana by Ana Maria MachadoIllustration, 1988
The Emperor's Panda by David DayIllustration, 1988
First there was Frances by Bob GrahamIllustration, 1988
Flode alene by Trond-Viggo TorgersenIllustration, 1988
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Lintukotolaiset by Pekka VuoriIllustration, 1988
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The Paper Crane by Molly BangIllustration, 1988
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Peter ist der allerkleinste Riese by Angelika KaufmannIllustration, 1988
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Quem Embaralha Se Atrapalha by Eva FurnariIllustration, 1988
Quem Espia Se Arrepia by Eva FurnariIllustration, 1988
Shakuntala by KalidasaIllustration, 1988
Spanos and the Forty Dragons by Champēs TsangarēsIllustration, 1988
To potami trechei na synanti̲sei ti̲ thalassa by Loïzu MarōIllustration, 1988
Where's My Monkey? by Dieter SchubertIllustration, 1988
Who's That Knocking at My Door?: A Story in Verse by Tilde MichelsIllustration, 1988
Wishing to Go Fishing by Sven NordqvistIllustration, 1988
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Now One Foot, Now the Other by Tomie DePaolaSpanish Translation, 1988
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ʻAnan ba-yad by Hillel OmerWriting, 1990
Ị Ntinton o Pavelakịs mou ki Egọ by Filisa ChatzịchannaWriting, 1990
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1 é 5, 3 é 10! by Santuza AbrasIllustration, 1990
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A Christmas Carol by Charles DickensIllustration, 1990
Could you stop Josephine? by Stéphane PoulinIllustration, 1990
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Easter by Jan PieńkowskiIllustration, 1990
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The Night of the Stars by Douglas GutierrezIllustration, 1990
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Now Now Marcus by Martin AuerIllustration, 1990
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Owl Moon by Jane YolenIllustration, 1990
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Where the Forest Meets the Sea by Jeannie BakerIllustration, 1990
The Wonderful Adventures of Nils by Selma LagerlöfIllustration, 1990
Yappie looks round in Budapest by István CsukásIllustration, 1990
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やまのディスコ by 鈴木 康司,Illustration, 1990
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Contos por palabras by Agustín Fernández PazWriting, 1992
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Di san jun tuan by Zhilu ZhangWriting, 1992
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Dystopia by Dennis JürgensenWriting, 1992
El vol del colom by Joaquim CarbóWriting, 1992
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Redwork by Michael BedardWriting, 1992
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Taube Klara by Wolf SpillnerWriting, 1992
Toutoulouze et Ouriki by Ulrike BlatterWriting, 1992
Una vita in margine by Beatrice Solinas DonghiWriting, 1992
Ø-Rejsen by Illustratorin Bente Olesen NyströmIllustration, 1992
Across Town by SaraIllustration, 1992
Aesop's fables by Dichter AesopusIllustration, 1992
A Bicycle for Rosaura by Daniel BarbotIllustration, 1992
The Boy and the Whale by Katherine ScholesIllustration, 1992
Az elrabolt királykisasszony bukovinai székely népmese by Elek LíviaIllustration, 1992
Gran teatro dei Burnattini by Roberto InnocentiIllustration, 1992
Island of no return by G. Kwesi AnnohIllustration, 1992
I̲ metri̲si̲ tou chronou by Mariora ExarchopoulouIllustration, 1992
Klicketick by Christine NöstlingerIllustration, 1992
Little Tricker the Squirrel Meets Big Double the Bear by Ken KeseyIllustration, 1992
Luzinha curiosa by Roberto CaldasIllustration, 1992
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The Orphan Boy by Tololwa M. MollelIllustration, 1992
La pipa del abuelo by Graciela MontesIllustration, 1992
Rudolf Raser die schnellste Geschichte der Welt by Stephan BrülhartIllustration, 1992
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Unieläimet by Outi MarkkanenIllustration, 1992
Voces na lagoa do espantallo by Xan López DominguezIllustration, 1992
Yacho no zukan by Masayuki YabuuchiIllustration, 1992
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We were not like other people by Efraim SevelaEnglish Translation, 1992
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Pohádkové vandrování po Čechách by Vladimir HulpachWriting & Illustration, 1994
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The Bamboo Flute by Garry DisherWriting, 1994
En barkbåt till Eddie by Viveca LärnWriting, 1994
Chrabryj cvetok stichotvorenija by Roman SefWriting, 1994
Cölestin (die Maus) auf dem Floss by Hermann HaiderWriting, 1994
The Delmonico two o five by Allan JermiesonWriting, 1994
Den'jadagy iṇ zur alma by Robert Mugallimovič MiṇnullinWriting, 1994
Un dimanche avec... Matisse by Florian RodariWriting, 1994
Domēnikos muthistorema by Manos KontoleōnWriting, 1994
Ei lange reise by Ragnar HovlandWriting, 1994
El Profesor Ziper Y LA Fabulosa Guitarra Electrica (Infantil) (Spanish Edition) by Juan VilloroWriting, 1994
Emperatour, Sibzamini-ye chabarom by Mohammad MohammadiWriting, 1994
Eḥad yoter midai by Nirah HarelWriting, 1994
De gale by Kim Fupz AakesonWriting, 1994
Galería de piratas y bandidos de América by Gonzalo EspañaWriting, 1994
Geranium by Gonzalo MoureWriting, 1994
Golden Oware Counters by J. O. De Graft HansonWriting, 1994
Le Gros Probleme Du Petit Marcus (Premier Roman, 25) (French Edition) by Gilles GauthierWriting, 1994
Heksenes datter by Dorota TerakowskaWriting, 1994
It hûs fol ferhalen by Mindert WijnstraWriting, 1994
Kniven och ringen : berättelse från vikingatid by Yvonne HoffmanWriting, 1994
Kus me by Bart MoeyaertWriting, 1994
Lyddie by Katherine PatersonWriting, 1994
Mačja preja by Svetlana MakarovičWriting, 1994
Memorias de una vaca by Bernardo AtxagaWriting, 1994
Merehundi Jutud II by Voldemar MillerWriting, 1994
Modlitbičky by Milan RúfusWriting, 1994
Nachtverhaal by Paul BiegelWriting, 1994
OS Olhos De Ana Marta (Portuguese Edition) by Alice VieiraWriting, 1994
Parempi valita susi by Esko-Pekka TiitinenWriting, 1994
Parempi valita susi by Esko-Pekka TiitinenWriting, 1994
Raton y Vampiro Se Conocen by Yolanda PantinWriting, 1994
Siebenstorch by Benno PludraWriting, 1994
Stories vir die vaak voorleesstories vir wakker kinders by Linda RodeWriting, 1994
Stēn poreia tēs eleutherias : mythistorēma by Antreas KōnstantinidēsWriting, 1994
Tantos medos e outras coragens by Roseana MurrayWriting, 1994
Ticket to Curlew by Celia Barker LottridgeWriting, 1994
Veronica ovvero «i gatti sono talmente imprebedibili!» by Angela NanettiWriting, 1994
Las visitas by Silvia SchujerWriting, 1994
Zum Beispiel: Paul Klee wir entdecken Kunst by Katharina BÜTIKOFERWriting, 1994
「うそじゃないよ」と谷川くんはいった (PHP創作シリーズ) by Jōko IwaseWriting, 1994
Állatkerti Útmutató by Dichter Devecseri, Übersetzer GáborIllustration, 1994
Adéu, i bona sort! by Ricardo AlcántaraIllustration, 1994
All the Magic in the World by Wendy HartmannIllustration, 1994
Do not go around the edges : poems by Daisy UtemorrahIllustration, 1994
El libro de los Animales by Aquiles NazoaIllustration, 1994
El mar y la costa by Varios AutoresIllustration, 1994
Emily by Michael BedardIllustration, 1994
Una fiaba nel bosco by Alessandra D'EsteIllustration, 1994
Grdi Raček by Dänemark Hans Christian Schriftsteller AndersenIllustration, 1994
Gurnemauz by Illustratorin Carola HollandIllustration, 1994
Hay que enseñarle a tejer al gato by Ema WolfIllustration, 1994
Heinähattu ja Vilttitossu loman tarpeessa by Sinikka NopolaIllustration, 1994
I̲ Katerina kai o Aoratos paizoun kryfto by Loïzu MarōIllustration, 1994
Lille Kong Magnus by Pia ThaulovIllustration, 1994
Martinko Kinkaš by Schriftstellerin Němcová, Tschechoslowakei BoženaIllustration, 1994
Ourasima une imagerie en transparence d'après le conte japonais by Warja Honegger-LavaterIllustration, 1994
Primeiro Livro De Poesia by Sophia De MelloIllustration, 1994
The Princess in the Kitchen Garden by Annemie HeymansIllustration, 1994
Pula, Gato! by Marilda CastanhaIllustration, 1994
Rehepapp ja vanapagan : eesti muinasjutte by Jüri TalvetIllustration, 1994
Resor jag aldrig gjort, av Syborg Stenstump by Anna HöglundIllustration, 1994
Serebrjanoe bljudečko i nalivnoe jabločko by N.A. TerechovaIllustration, 1994
Sharp the dog by Winfred AfenyoIllustration, 1994
Le sourire du loup by Anne BrouillardIllustration, 1994
Tocotoc El cartero enamorado by Clarisa RuizIllustration, 1994
Travels for Two: Stories and lies from my childhood by Stéphane PoulinIllustration, 1994
Tulipanenes hemmelighet by Jo TenfjordIllustration, 1994
Ein und Alles by Christine NöstlingerIllustration, 1994
A Year Around the Great Oak by Gerda MullerIllustration, 1994
おれは歌だ おれはここを歩く―アメリカ・インディアンの詩 by 秋野 亥左牟Illustration, 1994
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A Bridge to the Stars by Henning MankellGerman Translation, 1994
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Emil in the Soup Tureen by Astrid LindgrenEstonian Translation, 1994
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George's Marvelous Medicine by Roald DahlDanish Translation, 1994
Mamma Moo on the Swing by Jujja WieslanderDutch Translation, 1994
The Man from the Other Side by Uri OrlevEnglish Translation, 1994
Peter Pan by J. M. BarriePortuguese Translation, 1994
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Thief in the Village by James BerryFrench Translation, 1994
Tin Toeval en het geheim van Tweebeens-eiland by Guus KuijerItalian Translation, 1994
Agua del cántaro by Clara Amelia Acuña de SojoWriting & Illustration 1996
Mattie and Grandpa by Roberto PiuminiIllustration & English Translation, 1996
Blue train to the moon by Dianne HofmeyrWriting, 1996
Cando petan na porta pola noite by Xabier P. DocampoWriting, 1996
Catherine, Called Birdy by Karen CushmanWriting, 1996
Como un salto de campana by Víctor CarvajalWriting, 1996
Damianova rieka rozprávky o láske a večnosti by Daniel PastirčákWriting, 1996
Donovan från Jamaica by Marianne BacklénWriting, 1996
La espada y la rosa by Antonio Martínez-MenchénWriting, 1996
Evitarle malos pasos a la gente by Armando José SequeraWriting, 1996
Falling by Anne ProvoostWriting, 1996
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Historias a Fernandez (Spanish Edition) by Ema WolfWriting, 1996
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Lossen med guldører by Kåre BluitgenWriting, 1996
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La nuit des pélicans by Pierre CoranWriting, 1996
Die optog van die aftjoppers by George WeidemanWriting, 1996
Polkovnik vsegda naidetsia : povestʹ, rasskazy by Oleg KhandusʹWriting, 1996
Pusa od krampusa by Zvonimir BalogWriting, 1996
Rowan of Rin by Emily RoddaWriting, 1996
Someone Came Knocking by Anne MerrickWriting, 1996
Ta dakrya ti̲s Persephoni̲s by ΛΙΤΣΑ ΨΑΡΑΥΤΗWriting, 1996
También los insectos son perfectos by Alberto BlancoWriting, 1996
Traveling on into the Light and Other Stories by Martha BrooksWriting, 1996
Tuliraja by Hannele HuoviWriting, 1996
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En vind fylt av tusen sommere by Thore HansenWriting, 1996
When the World Was New by Jürg SchubigerWriting, 1996
The Wolf Saga by Käthe RecheisWriting, 1996
Die Zeit ist kaputt by Klaus KordonWriting, 1996
Un été 58 by Jean-Paul NozièreWriting, 1996
Зимняя девочка: Рассказы и повесть by Sergej Anatolʹevič IvanovWriting, 1996
Ḥasanī bih maktab nimīʹraft va 19 masal va matal dīgar by Muḥammad Raḍa JusefiWriting, 1996
おさるになるひ (どうわがいっぱい) by Hiroshi ĪtoWriting, 1996
Adam a Eva by Ondrej SliackyIllustration, 1996
Adriana y el árbol by Sergio KernIllustration, 1996
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Anna's Art Adventure by Bjorn SortlandIllustration, 1996
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Chumba la Cachumba by Carlos CotteIllustration, 1996
A cor das vogais by Teresa LimaIllustration, 1996
The Creation by James Weldon JohnsonIllustration, 1996
Eero by Marjatta LevantoIllustration, 1996
El baile de los cantaritos by Alicia MorelIllustration, 1996
O feitiço do sapo by Eva FurnariIllustration, 1996
First Light by Gary CrewIllustration, 1996
Gifts by Jo Ellen BogartIllustration, 1996
Im Pfirsich wohnt der Pfirsichkern. Kinderlyrik. Kinderbuch. Ab 8 by Wolf HarranthIllustration, 1996
Kurmīša grāmata by Ligita LinmeiereIllustration, 1996
Max Napp by Barbro LindgrenIllustration, 1996
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One Round Moon and a Star for Me by Ingrid MennenIllustration, 1996
Op hoge poten by Annemarie van HaeringenIllustration, 1996
Oren om te horen by Gode-Liva UlenersIllustration, 1996
Pokuraamat by Edgar ValterIllustration, 1996
En t'attendant by Nathalie Léger-CressonIllustration, 1996
To paramythi pou sou yposchethi̲ka by Tatiana Raïsi̲-Volanaki̲Illustration, 1996
Tri medvjeda i gitara by Ljudevit BauerIllustration, 1996
Uncle David by Libby GleesonIllustration, 1996
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War Game by Michael ForemanIllustration, 1996
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I Am the Cheese by Robert CormierGreek Translation, 1996
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Baby by Patricia MacLachlanGerman Translation, 1996
The Chief by Robert LipsyteFrench Translation, 1996
The Master Puppeteer by Katherine PatersonSpanish Translation, 1996
Motu-Iti, het meeuweneiland by Roberto PiuminiDutch Translation, 1996
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Road to Chlifa by Michele MarineauEnglish Translation, 1996
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al-Barghashah al-shaqīyah by Nuhá Ṭabbārah ḤammūdWriting, 1998
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The Big Bazoohley by Peter CareyWriting, 1998
Het boek van Bod Pa by Anton QuintanaWriting, 1998
Chlapec Lampášik by Ján MilčákWriting, 1998
Cinco para las nueve y otros cuentos by Alonso CuetoWriting, 1998
Diario de un explorador by Jorge AccameWriting, 1998
Disteltage by Renate WelshWriting, 1998
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Gezworen woorden (Dutch Edition) by Akky van der VeerWriting, 1998
A Girl Named Disaster by Nancy FarmerWriting, 1998
Hur kunde hon! by Annika HolmWriting, 1998
Hurra, vi är på operan! : en upptäcktsfärd bakom kulisserna med bild och text ur operavärlden by Lisbeth LandefortWriting, 1998
In die tyd van die esob by Martie PrellerWriting, 1998
Isojalkainen poika : kuusi tositapausta by Asko MartinheimoWriting, 1998
The joining by Peter SlingsbyWriting, 1998
The Maestro by Tim Wynne-JonesWriting, 1998
Mala in velika Luna by Boris A. NovakWriting, 1998
Mamire, el Ultimo Nino by Víctor CarvajalWriting, 1998
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Menino do rio doce by ZiraldoWriting, 1998
Moja sobaka ljubit džaz rasskazy by Marina MoskvinaWriting, 1998
Monsterbesuch! by Brigitte SchärWriting, 1998
Na fogueira dos versos by Antonio García TeijeiroWriting, 1998
Najwyższa góra świata by Anna OnichimowskaWriting, 1998
Otah ḳiblu ḥinam by Nurit ZarchiWriting, 1998
Pas de soleil en Alaska : roman by Xavier DeutschWriting, 1998
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Poil de serpent, dent d'araignée by Danielle MarcotteWriting, 1998
Die Reise in den Norden by Karla SchneiderWriting, 1998
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Ta magika gualia by Maroula Phella TheodosiadouWriting, 1998
La Tarte aux escargots by Brigitte SmadjaWriting, 1998
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Vuelven los fantasmas! by Mercedes FrancoWriting, 1998
The Wreck of the Zanzibar by Michael MorpurgoWriting, 1998
Yawmiyāt hirr by Imilī NaṣrallāhWriting, 1998
Zakázané holky by Hana BořkovcováWriting, 1998
Çufoja dhe bubi Kaçurrel by Gaqo BushakaWriting, 1998
Ē voē tōn ydatōn by Τούλα ΤίγκαWriting, 1998
ふしぎな木の実の料理法 (こそあどの森の物語 1) by Jun OkadaWriting, 1998
O arkoudos Arthouros by Nikolas AndrikopoulosIllustration, 1998
Bone Button Borscht by Aubrey DavisIllustration, 1998
Ciboulette et Léon by Catherine LouisIllustration, 1998
Clown by Quentin BlakeIllustration, 1998
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Egon och rävungen by Catarina KruusvalIllustration, 1998
El dueño de la luz - Cuento Warao by Ivonne RivasIllustration, 1998
La era del sueño by Alicia MorelIllustration, 1998
The Gift by Gabriela KeselmanIllustration, 1998
The Gift of the Sun: A Tale from South Africa by Dianne StewartIllustration, 1998
De hellige tre narrer by Tor Åge BringsværdIllustration, 1998
Hr. Flugt går under jorden by Anne PedersenIllustration, 1998
Leon Tolstoi by Leo TolstoyIllustration, 1998
Mademoiselle Sauve-qui-peut by Philippe CorentinIllustration, 1998
Magjistrica e dymbëdhjetë pasqyrave by Mira MeksiIllustration, 1998
Maria Teresa by Roger MelloIllustration, 1998
Un milagro de San Martín de Porras by Ricardo PalmaIllustration, 1998
The Most Beautiful Village in the World by Yutaka KobayashiIllustration, 1998
Muromskoe chudo : o svi︠a︡tom bogatyre Ilʹe Muromt︠s︡e, Petre i Fevronii, episkope Vasilii i okai︠a︡nnom zmee by Georgiĭ I︠U︡dinIllustration, 1998
Niñas y niños de maiz by Vicky RamosIllustration, 1998
La nouvelle famille de choune by Anne VelgheIllustration, 1998
OLAS MAREAS Y CORRIENTES by Luci Cruz WilsonIllustration, 1998
Olavi ja Aapo by Markus MajaluomaIllustration, 1998
The Old Woman Who Loved to Read by John WinchIllustration, 1998
Pchła szachrajka by Jan BrzechwaIllustration, 1998
Peter and the Wolf by Sergei ProkofievIllustration, 1998
Qissahʹhā-yi man va māmān by Viyūlit RāziqʹpanāhIllustration, 1998
Reinaart de vos : de felle met de rode baard by Henri van DaeleIllustration, 1998
Risinn þjófótti og skyrfjallið by Sigrún Helgadóttir,Illustration, 1998
Slncové dievčatko : rozprávky pre najmenších by Mária ĎuríčkováIllustration, 1998
Starry Messenger: Galileo Galilei by Peter SísIllustration, 1998
Theos Traum : eine gute Nachtgeschichte by Karoline KehrIllustration, 1998
Tutú Marambá by María Elena WalshIllustration, 1998
Vyprávění ze Starého zákona by Renáta FučíkováIllustration, 1998
Wolf oder Schaf, böse oder brav? by Linda WolfsgruberIllustration, 1998
Et zeh! by Nirah HarelIllustration, 1998
Čarolija ljepote, čarolija dobrote by Mira Krajačić-BeutzIllustration, 1998
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The Daydreamer by Ian McEwanRussian Translation, 1998
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The Hunting of the Snark by Lewis CarrollGalician Translation, 1998
Ich bin Julia, und Du? : der Alltag mit einer cerebralen Bewegungsstörung by Evi GrafFrench Translation, 1998
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Intsomi Yomdatshi Obhabhayo by Kathleen MilneXhosa Translation, 1998
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Li︠u︡bimye stikhi by Viktor LuninPortuguese Translation, 1998
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New World by Gillian CrossGerman Translation, 1998
No Roof in Bosnia by Els de GroenEnglish Translation, 1998
Northern Lights by Philip PullmanDanish Translation, 1998
Nothing but the Truth by AviGreek Translation, 1998
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Stone Cold by Robert SwindellsSwedish Translation, 1998
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Die Naechtlichen Wege Der Uhren Maerchen by Māra CielēnaWriting & Illustration, 2000
Agapaei Gianko, agapaei-- by ΦΙΛΟΜΗΛΑ ΒΑΚΑΛΗ ΣΥΡΟΓΙΑΝΝΟΠΟΥΛΟΥWriting, 2000
Amilina abeceda by Ferida DurakovićWriting, 2000
Anxos en tempos de chuvia by Miguel VázquezWriting, 2000
Bunyols de vacances by Teresa DuranWriting, 2000
The Center of the World by Andreas SteinhöfelWriting, 2000
Csigamese by István KamarásWriting, 2000
Los cuatro amigos de siempre by Gilberto Rendon OrtizWriting, 2000
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Dupin Dirk i Lijena Kobila by Joĵa HorvatWriting, 2000
Dziewczyna mistrza gry by Krystyna SiesickaWriting, 2000
El imperio de las cinco lunas by Celso RománWriting, 2000
El Misterio Velazquez by Eliacer CansinoWriting, 2000
Ella auf Klassenfahrt by Timo ParvelaWriting, 2000
Fan hantsjeklap en sûkerbak by Jant van der Weg-LavermanWriting, 2000
First Day (A Little Ark Book) by Margaret WildWriting, 2000
Florentino, el guardador de secretos by Jorge EslavaWriting, 2000
Geusē apo neratzi : leptomereies henos epous : historiko aphēgēma by Anna Kalogērou-PaulouWriting, 2000
Ha-masaʻ sheli im Aleks by Ruth AlmogWriting, 2000
Jubeltenen by Rita VerschuurWriting, 2000
The Lily Pond by Annika ThorWriting, 2000
Minhas memórias de Lobato, contadas por Emília, Marquesa de Rabicó e pelo Visconde de Sabugosa by Luciana SandroniWriting, 2000
Moja dolina by Kristina BrenkovaWriting, 2000
The Moon King by Siobhan ParkinsonWriting, 2000
The Mysterious Librarian by Dominique DemersWriting, 2000
Mágico Sur by Manuel Peña MuñozWriting, 2000
Návígi á hvalaslóð by Elías Snæland Jónsson.Writing, 2000
Nedočkavý prvák : rozprávky a básničky do prváckej lavice by Dana PodrackáWriting, 2000
Një udhëtim i rrezikshëm : roman by Bedri DedjaWriting, 2000
Out of the Dust by Karen HesseWriting, 2000
Potopa: Soví spev (2008) by Iva ProcházkováWriting, 2000
Savār-i sivvum by Muḥammad Kāẓim MazīnānīWriting, 2000
Sikkas fortælling by Cecilie EkenWriting, 2000
Skilpoppe by Barrie HoughWriting, 2000
Der Sonntagsriese by Heinz JanischWriting, 2000
The Sterkarm Handshake by Susan PriceWriting, 2000
Săpka i︠u︡rri by Mishshi I︠U︡khmaWriting, 2000
Toby by Graciela CabalWriting, 2000
Tūshka al-khadrāʾ by ʻAbd al-Tawwāb YūsufWriting, 2000
Uncle Ronald by Brian DoyleWriting, 2000
Versos com reversos by João Pedro MessederWriting, 2000
De vervangster by Frank AndriatWriting, 2000
Vos en haas by Sylvia Vanden HeedeWriting, 2000
Vrengt by Harald Rosenløw EegWriting, 2000
Zhiznʹ zamechatelʹnykh deteĭ by Valeriĭ Mikhaĭlovich VoskoboĭnikovWriting, 2000
鬼の橋 (福音館創作童話シリーズ) by Yū ItōWriting, 2000
Amazonas : águas, pássaros, seres e milagres by Thiago de MelloIllustration, 2000
Apo Stroph : der Strich in der Gegend : ein fadenscheiniger Comic-Strip by Adelheid DahimèneIllustration, 2000
Boy of the Deeps by Ian WallaceIllustration, 2000
The Boy on the Beach by Niki DalyIllustration, 2000
The Brave Adventures of Lapitch by Ivana Brlić-MažuranićIllustration, 2000
Comment reconnaître un monstre by Gustavo RoldánIllustration, 2000
Da bin ich by Friedrich K. WaechterIllustration, 2000
Da havet skyllede ind over byen en nat by Lotte InukIllustration, 2000
Detstvo Isusovo : Tomino evangelie : detstvoto na nashii︠a︡ Gospod Isus Khristos, kak rasna i kak praveshe chudesa by Ivan SerafimovIllustration, 2000
Duke Ellington: The Piano Prince and His Orchestra by Andrea Davis PinkneyIllustration, 2000
Dębołki by Joanna KulmowaIllustration, 2000
El morralito de ocelote by Pascuala CoronaIllustration, 2000
The Emperor's New Clothes by Hans Christian AndersenIllustration, 2000
Gia to chatiri tōn zōōn. [Biblio 3] by Ilia LiokēIllustration, 2000
The Great Canoe: A Karina Legend by Maria Elena MaggiIllustration, 2000
ha-Melekh she-yadaʻ ha-kol by ʻOfrah Gelbarṭ-AvniIllustration, 2000
Helden op sokken by Annie MakkinkIllustration, 2000
Los hijos del bosque : el libro secreto de la vida en los bosques, mares y montañas de Chile meridional by Rodolfo Hoffmann M.Illustration, 2000
Hē Alikē stē chōra tōn marmarōn by Alkē ZeēIllustration, 2000
Jedna mama i dvanaest sinova by Alija H. DubočaninIllustration, 2000
Kazka pro krasuni︠u︡ i zlu babu by N. MuzychenkoIllustration, 2000
The Long March: The Choctaw's Gift to Irish Famine Relief by Marie-Louise FitzpatrickIllustration, 2000
Den långa resan : en berättelse om en ostindienfarare by Mats WahlIllustration, 2000
Málfríður og tölvuskrímslið by Sigrún Eldjárn,Illustration, 2000
My Valley by Claude PontiIllustration, 2000
No sé by Mabel PiérolaIllustration, 2000
Nykytaide suurin piirtein by Marjatta LevantoIllustration, 2000
Osmijanko rozpráva 8x8=64 nových rozprávok by Krista BendováIllustration, 2000
The Poet and the Lunatics by G. K. ChestertonIllustration, 2000
Příběhy, na které svítilo slunce : báje a pověsti starého Egypta, Mezopotámie a Izraele by Eduard PetiškaIllustration, 2000
O rebanho perdeu as asas by António MotaIllustration, 2000
Sardinen wachsen nicht auf Bäumen by Véra EggermanIllustration, 2000
Táltos Jankó és más mesék by Elek BenedekIllustration, 2000
Tamr : ilʻab, ilʻab, ilʻab wa taʻallim by ʻAdlī Rizq AllāhIllustration, 2000
Das weite Feld by Oddmund HagenIllustration, 2000
Why? by Nikolai PopovIllustration, 2000
The Worst Band in the Universe by Graeme BaseIllustration, 2000
Zeg me dat het niet zal sneeuwen! by Jaak DreesenIllustration, 2000
Zelišča male čarovnice by Polonca KovačIllustration, 2000
おかぐら (日本傑作絵本シリーズ) by Akiko WakiIllustration, 2000
The Animals' Conference by Erich KästnerSlovene Translation, 2000
The Arabian Nights: Their Best-Known Tales by Kate Douglas WigginJapanese Translation, 2000
Atlantis: The Legend of the Lost City by Christina BalitIrish Translation, 2000
Bonsai by Christine NöstlingerSpanish Translation, 2000
The Collector of Moments by Quint BuchholzFrench Translation, 2000
Cuentos de otros lugares de la Tierra by Cecilia Beuchat ReichardtSpanish Translation, 2000
El Monstruo de la Oscuridad by Uri OrlevSpanish Translation, 2000
Flemish Legends by Charles de CosterBulgarian Translation, 2000
Frederick by Leo LionniPortuguese Translation, 2000
The Golden Shadow by Leon GarfieldDutch Translation, 2000
Halinka by Mirjam PresslerEnglish Translation, 2000
Hello? Is Anybody There? by Jostein GaarderPolish Translation, 2000
Hjältar i strumplästen by Annie MakkinkSwedish Translation, 2000
The Indian in the Cupboard by Lynne Reid BanksIcelandic Translation, 2000
The King of the Golden River by John RuskinBasque Translation, 2000
The Life of Our Lord: Written for His Children During the Years 1846 to 1849 by Charles DickensRussian Translation, 2000
Make Lemonade by Virginia Euwer WolffGerman Translation, 2000
Mardī kih mīshamurd by Malba TahanPersian Translation, 2000
Der Meermann, der Kaufmann und Dr. Freud by Tor FretheimGerman Translation, 2000
Mr. Once-Upon-A-Time by Remy SimardEnglish Translation, 2000
Mrs. Piggle-Wiggle by Betty MacDonaldSlovak Translation, 2000
Mutter, Vater, ich und sie by Jürg SchubigerFrench Translation, 2000
The Narrative of Arthur Gordon Pym of Nantucket by Edgar Allan PoeGalician Translation, 2000
Number the Stars by Lois LowryHebrew Translation, 2000
På en ø i havet-- by Alexis KourosDanish Translation, 2000
De roos en het zwijn by Anne ProvoostNorwegian Translation, 2000
Sannie Langtand by Alex D'AngeloAfrikaans Translation, 2000
Snježna kraljica : bajke i priče by H. C. AndersenCroatian Translation, 2000
Stella, Star of the Sea by Marie-Louise GayFrench Translation, 2000
Valerie and the Good-Night Swing by Mira LobeBurgenland-Croatian Translation, 2000
The Wheel on the School by Meindert DeJongSlovene Translation, 2000
Willy the Wizard by Anthony BrowneSpanish Translation, 2000
Dad Runs Away with the Circus by Etgar Keret2002
The Ugly Duckling (Caldecott Honor Book) by Hans Christian Andersen2002
Afsānah-ʾi tanbal-i qahrimān : fīlmnāmah barā-yi kūdakān va nawʹjavānān by Bihrūz GharībʹpūrWriting, 2002
al-Waṣfah al-ʻajībah wa-akhwāthā : ḥikāyāt jadīdah min al-turāth al-shaʻbī wa-al-ʻāmī by Amānī Al-ʻAshmāwīWriting, 2002
Ett annat sätt att vara ung by Per NilssonWriting, 2002
Because pula means rain by Jenny RobsonWriting, 2002
Benny and Omar by Eoin ColferWriting, 2002
Black Air by Agustín Fernández PazWriting, 2002
Botoi bat bezala = Como un botón by Juan Kruz IgerabideWriting, 2002
Charlie Wilcox by Sharon E. McKayWriting, 2002
Cinco de Noviembre : a historical tale by Rene` B. Javellana S.J.Writing, 2002
Cuatro milagros de Nochebuena : relatos by Beatriz ConchaWriting, 2002
Cuentos para leer a escondidas by Mireya TabuasWriting, 2002
David et le Fantôme by Francois GravelWriting, 2002
The Days of the Deer by Liliana BodocWriting, 2002
La duenda by Evelio RoseroWriting, 2002
Duula, a mulher canibal : um conto africano by Rogério Andrade BarbosaWriting, 2002
Ert þú Blíðfinnur? : ég er með mikilvæg skilaboð by Þorvaldur Þorsteinsson,Writing, 2002
Geraamtes dra nie klere nie by Jan VermeulenWriting, 2002
Das große Glück in der kleinen Schachtel. Eine tierische Liebesgeschichte by Susanne VettigerWriting, 2002
Growing up by Devika RangachariWriting, 2002
Das Haus in der Sonnengasse by Zbyněk MalinskýWriting, 2002
Internet Canavari 1 by Muharrem BuharaWriting, 2002
Jakob heimatlos by Benno PludraWriting, 2002
Jeż by Katarzyna KotowskaWriting, 2002
Jordens skod by Anders JohansenWriting, 2002
Kadar glava nad oblaki plava : izbrane pesmi za otroke in mladino by Niko GrafenauerWriting, 2002
Krajina Agord by Daniel HevierWriting, 2002
O limpa-palavras e outros poemas by Alvaro MagalhãesWriting, 2002
Lissi im Wunderland by Monika PelzWriting, 2002
Meriyll by Viktor CanosinajWriting, 2002
Mijn zus draagt een heuvel op haar rug by Ed FranckWriting, 2002
Monster by Walter Dean MyersWriting, 2002
La mort à vivre by EugeneWriting, 2002
Opovidanni︠a︡ pro malenʹku kopiĭku ta velyku hryvni︠u︡ by I︠E︡vhen BilousovWriting, 2002
The Other Side of Truth by Beverley NaidooWriting, 2002
PetePite by Nógrádi GáborWriting, 2002
The Raging Quiet by Sherryl JordanWriting, 2002
Risto Räppääjä ja Nuudelipää by Sinikka NopolaWriting, 2002
An rógaire agus a scáil by Gabriel RosenstockWriting, 2002
Sagor från Främlingsgatan by Irmelin Sandman LiliusWriting, 2002
Samba para un "Menino da rua" by Gabriel Janer ManilaWriting, 2002
Sayang Anakku Sayang by Khadijah HashimWriting, 2002
Sola er en feit gud by Jon EwoWriting, 2002
Sombres Citrouilles by Malika FerdjoukhWriting, 2002
Ta deka orphana paramythia by Hellē PaionidouWriting, 2002
Toate întâmplările se prefac în cuvinte by Vasile RomanciucWriting, 2002
Veselchaki : rasskazy by Viktor Goli︠a︡vkinWriting, 2002
Voor altijd samen, amen by Guus KuijerWriting, 2002; French Translation, 2004
Wachten op Apollo : hoe Arachne in een spin veranderde en andere mythen vrij naar Ovidius by Lida DijkstraWriting, 2002
Yaldat ha-ḳeshet be-ʻanan by Noomi ShemuelWriting, 2002
Zaboravljeni Sin by Miro GavranWriting, 2002
Ο χιονάνθρωπος πήρε τη μαμά : Μια ιστορία σαν παραμύθι by Voula MastoriWriting, 2002
やまんば山のモッコたち (福音館創作童話シリーズ) by Yōko TomiyasuWriting, 2002
Aba boreaḥ ʻim ha-ḳirḳas by Etgar KeretIllustration, 2002
Die Amsel heisst Selma : Tier-Anagramme von A bis Z by Esther SpinnerIllustration, 2002
Arkimedes og brødskiva by Hans SandeIllustration, 2002
The brothers Wu and the good-luck eel : a tale from the Philippine Islands by Fran NgIllustration, 2002
Conto estrelas em ti : 17 poetas escrevem para a infância by Albano MartinsIllustration, 2002
Cumpleaños de dinosaurio by Mónica WeissIllustration, 2002
O dobré a o zlé moci by Karel ŠiktancIllustration, 2002
Doctor Me Di Cin by Roberto PiuminiIllustration, 2002
Dunyā-yi rangīnʹkamān by Bahram KHAEFIllustration, 2002
El segrest de la primavera : Marc Trena, detectiu privat by Joan de D PratsIllustration, 2002
Elsan ja Eetun erikoistapaukset by Tittamari MarttinenIllustration, 2002
Falling Angels by Colin ThompsonIllustration, 2002
Fox by Margaret WildIllustration, 2002
Een grote ezel by Rindert KromhoutIllustration, 2002
Ilógico zoológico by David ChericiánIllustration, 2002
Male živali by Lila PrapIllustration, 2002
Mesék és mondák Mátyás királyról by Ildikó KrízaIllustration, 2002
Mia malt by Sigrid LaubeIllustration, 2002
Mor by Kim Fupz AakesonIllustration, 2002
's Nachts by Wolf ErlbruchIllustration, 2002
Scarlet Sails by Alexander GrinIllustration, 2002
Sen, który odszedł by Anna OnichimowskaIllustration, 2002
Sihirli öpücük by Zeynep BassaIllustration, 2002
Sindbad in the Land of Giants by Ludmila ZemanIllustration, 2002
The Story of the Blue Planet by Andri Snaer MagnasonIllustration, 2002
The Surprising Adventures of Baron Munchausen by Rudolf Erich RaspeIllustration, 2002
Tales from Old Ireland by Malachy DoyleIllustration, 2002
The Tempest by William ShakespeareIllustration, 2002
Tiger call by Manorama JafaIllustration, 2002
To agalma pou kryōne : mia alēthinē historia pou egine sto Ethniko Archaiologiko Mouseio tēs Athēnas by Chrēstos MpulōtēsIllustration, 2002
Vildvinter by Anna-Karin PalmIllustration, 2002
Le vélo rose by Jeanne AshbéIllustration, 2002
A Whole World by Katy CouprieIllustration, 2002
Ḥikāyāt Arājūz by Īhāb ShākirIllustration, 2002
てんぐのはうちわ (日本の民話えほん) by Yoshiko KōyamaIllustration, 2002
The 13½ Lives of Captain Bluebear by Walter MoersSlovene Translation, 2002
Aunque Parezca Mentira / Strange As it May Seem (Sopa de Libros / Books Soup) (Spanish Edition) by Ana Maria MachadoSpanish Translation, 2002
Contes by Charles PerraultSpanish Translation, 2002
Contos da terra do dragão : contos tradicionais e populares da China by Suoying WangPortuguese Translation, 2002
Der Diener der bösen Geister by Roberto PiuminiGerman Translation, 2002
Doften av vanilj by Liina TalvikNorwegian Translation, 2002
Foundling Mick by Jules VerneSlovak Translation, 2002
Freak the Mighty by Rodman PhilbrickGreek Translation, 2002
Gretchen Sackmeier by Christine NöstlingerLithuanian Translation, 2002
Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone by J. K. RowlingFinnish Translation, 2000; Afrikaans, Basque, & Turkish Translations, 2002
Holes by Louis SacharPersian Translation, 2002; Lithuanian Translation, 2006
Kensuke's Kingdom by Michael MorpurgoFrench Translation, 2002
The Last Giants by François PlaceCatalan Translation, 2002
Last Summer with Maizon by Jacqueline WoodsonJapanese Translation, 2002
Lautan Gaudi : kisah seekor penyu gergasi by Shinji TajimaMalay Translation, 2002
Little Onion by Gianni RodariMoldavian Translation, 2002
Lost in Time by Hans Magnus EnzensbergerEnglish Translation, 2002
Maniac Magee by Jerry SpinelliGerman Translation, 2002
Mayroon akong alagang puno by Carla M. PacisFilipino Translation, 2002
Owl at Home by Arnold LobelSpanish Translation, 2002
Samir And Yonatan by Daniella CarmiEnglish Translation, 2002
Skazki ulit︠s︡y Broka by Pierre GripariRussian Translation, 2002
Skellig by David AlmondFinnish & Dutch Translations, 2002
Spud in Winter by Brian DoyleFlemish Translation, 2002
Sretni princ i druge bajke by Oscar WildeCroatian Translation, 2002
The Thousand and One Nights by Antoine GallandPortuguese Translation, 2002
Three Cheers for Catherine the Great! by Cari BestSwedish Translation, 2002
Tina and Tino by Valerie María Luisa - Moir SilvaEnglish and Spanish Translation, 2002
The village of a hundred smiles and other stories by Barrie BakerFrench Translation, 2002
Wetti & Babs by Christine NöstlingerAlbanian Translation, 2002
ʻAlilot Gilgamesh : sipur ha-yedidut ha-muflaʾah ben Gilgamesh ha-melekh ṿi-yedido Enkidu ... by S. ShifrahHebrew Translation, 2002
Dīvānah va Chāh by Muḥammad Riz̤ā ShamsWriting & Illustration, 2004
The Fellowship of the Ring by J. R. R. Tolkien 2004
La mujer escribe cuentos para niñas y niños by Varios AutoresWriting & Illustration, 2004
003-L'OISEAU DE PASSAGE by Hélène VachonWriting, 2004
2 histórias de Natal by Alice VieiraWriting, 2004
Abelard en Heloise by Ed FranckWriting, 2004
La Abuela grillo : mito [creado por el pueblo] ayoreo by Liliana de la QuintanaWriting, 2004
Aldabra, The Tortoise Who Loved Shakespeare by Silvana GandolfiWriting, 2004
Candida (Spanish Edition) by Elvia SilveraWriting, 2004
Caught on a Train by Carlo GéblerWriting, 2004
Debela : keks, čips & ljubavna bol by Silvija ŠestoWriting, 2004
Dekying nāngfā by Dārārāi.,Writing, 2004
Le Dernier Voyage de Saint-Exupéry by Carl NoracWriting, 2004
Dieda oder Das fremde Kind by Renate WelshWriting, 2004
Els llops de la lluna roja by Josep Francesc DelgadoWriting, 2004
Engill í vesturbænum by Kristín SteinsdóttirWriting, 2004
Hana's Suitcase by Karen LevineWriting, 2004
Hirvi by Sari PeltoniemiWriting, 2004
Ingen grekisk gud, precis by Katarina KieriWriting, 2004
Kafkape ha-ʻets shel Andreh : ʻal-pi zikhronotaṿ shel Aryeh Ben-Pelʾi by Tsruya LahavWriting, 2004
Leccion De Piano by Felipe GarridoWriting, 2004
Leopard v skvorechnike by S SakharnovWriting, 2004
Lokaal 13 by Baukje WytsmaWriting, 2004
Luža : zgodbe za mladino by Matjaž PikaloWriting, 2004
Maíto Panduro by Gonzalo MoureWriting, 2004
Naked Without a Hat by Jeanne WillisWriting, 2004
Omps! : ein dinosaurier zu viel by Hanna JohansenWriting, 2004
Paula õpib emakeelt by Aino PervikWriting, 2004
Pel de lobo by Xosé MirandaWriting, 2004
Pies para la princesa by Ivar Da CollWriting, 2004
Pán Prváčik : rozprávky pre prvákov by Ján UličianskyWriting, 2004
På den yderste ø by Josefine OttesenWriting, 2004
Qiṣṣah awwalhā khayāl wa ākhirhā khayāl : qiṣṣah mustawḥāt min al-turāth al-filisṭīnī by Sonia NimrWriting, 2004
SANDOSENANG KUYA (A Dozen Brothers) - Philippine Book by Russell MolinaWriting, 2004
Sheep with Boots by Maritgen MatterWriting, 2004
Sidabrinė kultuvelė by Martynas VainilaitisWriting, 2004
Skogen som Gud glömde by Annika LutherWriting, 2004
Stjernetrekker by Harald Rosenløw EegWriting, 2004
To agalma pou petouse st' oneiro tou by Maria PyliōtouWriting, 2004
To chthes tou erōta : mythistorēma by Hērō PapamoschouWriting, 2004
Trapiti avagy by László DarvasiWriting, 2004
Trezentos parafusos a menos by Ricardo AzevedoWriting, 2004
True Believer by Virginia Euwer WolffWriting, 2004
Ughniyāt ilá al-ashyāʾ al-jamīlah by Abdelwahab M. ElmessiriWriting, 2004
La vaca de esta historia by Silvia Graciela SchujerWriting, 2004
La Vie à coups d'éponge (French Edition) by Boris MoissardWriting, 2004
The Waterbearer by Dianne HofmeyrWriting, 2004
Where in the World by Simon FrenchWriting, 2004
Začarovaná třída by Ivona BřezinováWriting, 2004
Świat do góry nogami by Beata OstrowickaWriting, 2004
Ştiuca la şcoală by Arcadie SuceveanuWriting, 2004
神の守り人〈上〉来訪編 (新潮文庫) by 上橋 菜穂子Writing, 2004
"Piratskie" istorii : zapisannye umnym govori︠a︡shchim kotom so slov ego khozi︠a︡ina by Tatʹi︠a︡na Klebanskai︠a︡Illustration, 2004
7 chiotika paramythia by Nikos GialourēsIllustration, 2004
L'anima nuvola by Janna CarioliIllustration, 2004
The Art Room by Susan Vande GriekIllustration, 2004
Ay, amor! by Brenda BellorínIllustration, 2004
Bajki o rzeczach i nierzeczach by Zofia BeszczyńskaIllustration, 2004
Beauty and the Beast by Jeanne-Marie Leprince de BeaumontIllustration, 2004
The Black Brothers: A Novel in Pictures by Lisa TetznerIllustration, 2004
Bobadilla Brun og den udødelige makrellen by Thore HansenIllustration, 2004
A cavalo no tempo by Luísa Ducla SoaresIllustration, 2004
Conto de Escola by Machado de AssisIllustration, 2004
Desde la enredadera by Juan GedoviusIllustration, 2004
Geitekillingen som kunne telle til ti by Alf PrøysenIllustration, 2004
Goodbye, Mr. Muffin by Ulf NilssonIllustration, 2004
Grandpa's Angel by Jutta BauerIllustration, 2004
ha-Ḥatunah by Nurit ZarchiIllustration, 2004
Halugica by Vladimir NazorIllustration, 2004
Heksje Paddenwratje by Henri Van DaeleIllustration, 2004
Kekec in Bedanec by Andrej Rozman RozaIllustration, 2004
Krakkakvæði by Böðvar GuðmundssonIllustration, 2004
Las lagartijas no vuelan by María Cristina RamosIllustration, 2004
Lahe leksikon by Viivi VariksaarIllustration, 2004
Len-rim-nam by Chīwan Wisāsa,Illustration, 2004
Marc Just Couldn't Sleep by Garbiela KeselmanIllustration, 2004
Mein neuer Freund, der Mond, Arabisch-Deutsch by Walid TaherIllustration, 2004
Los mejores dias/ The Best Days (Spanish Edition) by Heinz JanischIllustration, 2004
Primul meu dicționar român-francez = Mon premier dictionnaire roumain-français by Ioan MânăscurtăIllustration, 2004
Pėledos giesmė by Martynas VainilaitisIllustration, 2004
Russkie volshebnye skazki by P. BaginIllustration, 2004
An Sclábhaí by Colmán Ó RaghallaighIllustration, 2004
Strado & Varius by Martina SkalaIllustration, 2004
The Three Pigs by David WiesnerIllustration, 2004
Tuláčik a Klára by Erik GrochIllustration, 2004
Unang unggoy by Rene O. VillanuevaIllustration, 2004
Vesta-Linnea ja hirviö-äiti by Tove AppelgrenIllustration, 2004
What's Cooking, Jamela? by Niki DalyIllustration, 2004
Who's Afraid of the Big Bad Book? by Lauren ChildIllustration, 2004
Het woordenboek van Vos en Haas by Sylvia Vanden HeedeIllustration, 2004
A Year on Our Farm by Penny MatthewsIllustration, 2004
Zootica by Ródez,Illustration, 2004
A Zöldszakállú király : Magyar népmesék by Katona ImreIllustration, 2004
かえるの平家ものがたり (日本傑作絵本シリーズ) by Kazunari HinoIllustration, 2004
(Un)arranged Marriage by Bali RaiGerman Translation, 2004
101 Ways to Bug Your Parents by Lee WardlawPersian Translation, 2004
The Amber Spyglass by Philip PullmanGreek Translation, 2004
Artemis Fowl by Eoin ColferIcelandic Translation, 2004
Big Mouth & Ugly Girl by Joyce Carol OatesSwedish Translation, 2004
A Book of Coupons by Susie MorgensternEnglish Translation, 2004
A Child's Garden of Verses by Robert Louis StevensonSpanish Translation, 2004
Coraline by Neil GaimanDanish Translation, 2004
Cuentos sobre el origen del hombre y el mundo by Cecilia Beuchat ReichardtSpanish Translation, 2004
Eight Children and Rosie by Anne-Cath VestlyEstonian Translation, 2004
El desastre by Claire FranekSpanish Translation, 2004
El Silencio blanco y otros cuentos by Jack LondonSpanish Translation, 2004
Eye of the Wolf by Daniel PennacEnglish Translation, 2004
Le favolette di Alice by Gianni RodariPolish Translation, 2004
Fresh Fish: A Tale from Tanzania by John KilakaGerman Translation, 2004
De geest van oom Kwesi by Janne LundströmFlemish Translation, 2004
ha-Kitah ha-meʻofefet by Erich KästnerHebrew Translation, 2004
The Horse and His Boy by C. S. LewisCroatian Translation, 2004
The Illustrated Mum by Jacqueline WilsonFinnish Translation, 2004
The Invisible by Mats WahlGerman Translation, 2004
Losing the Plot (Mel Beeby, Agent Angel) by Annie DaltonNorwegian Translation, 2004
Malika by Joke van LeeuwenFrench Translation, 2004
Mga Lihim Sa Gabi Ni Ruming (Rumings Night Secrets) by Rhandee GarlitosFilipino and English Translation, 2004
Un Misterio En El Laberinto by Italo CalvinoPortuguese Translation, 2004
Naomi and Mrs. Lumbago by Gilles TiboEnglish Translation, 2004
The Nose from Jupiter by Richard ScrimgerFrench Translation, 2004
Pinocchio by Carlo CollodiPortuguese Translation, 2004
Polʹnoe sobranie skazok by Jacob GrimmRussian Translation, 2004
Ramona Forever by Beverly ClearyJapanese Translation, 2004
Red Sky in the Morning by Elizabeth LairdArabic Translation, 2004
A Single Shard by Linda Sue ParkSpanish Translation, 2004
Die spree met foete by Philip De VosAfrikaans Translation, 2004
Sách sean, agus scéalta eile by Mícheál Ó ConghaileIrish Translation, 2004
The Wind Singer by William NicholsonSlovene Translation, 2004
The Wish List by Eoin ColferItalian Translation, 2004
Wo ist das Meer? by Jürg SchubigerFrench Translation, 2004
The Last Dragon by Silvana De Mari2006
Palavra que voa by João Pedro MessederWriting & Illustration, 2006
Airborn by Kenneth OppelWriting, 2006
al-Aṣāyil al-khams by Henrietta SiksekWriting, 2006
al-Shāṭiʾ al-sirrī by ʻĀydah NuʻmānWriting, 2006
Altan khȯrsh by Zhambyn DashdondogWriting, 2006
Amach: Ursceal Gairid by Alan TitleyWriting, 2006
Anica in velike skrbi by Desa MuckWriting, 2006
Arklio Dominyko meilė by Vytautas V. LandsbergisWriting, 2006
As- Sultan Nubhan yalubu Ihsan by Fatima El MaadoulWriting, 2006
La biblioteca secreta de la escondida by Leonor Bravo V.Writing, 2006
Bromba i filozofia by Maciej WojtyszkoWriting, 2006
Busfahrt mit Kuhn by Tamara BachWriting, 2006
Bu̇lăgem : shigyrʹlăr by Rafail GazizovWriting, 2006
Carte pentru câini deștepți by Aurel ScobioalăWriting, 2006
Chamario: Libro De Rimas Para Ninos (Rimas Y Adivinanzas) (Spanish Edition) by Eduardo PoloWriting, 2006
Chante, Luna by Paule du BouchetWriting, 2006
Cheffie is de baas by Kaat VranckenWriting, 2006
Dancing in the Dust: A novel by Kagiso Lesego MolopeWriting, 2006
Dhelpra e Trojes: fibula by Ferit LamajWriting, 2006
Dječje oči by Arsen DedićWriting, 2006
El encierro de una pequena doncella by Estercilia SimancasWriting, 2006
The Enslavement by Gunnhildur Hrólfsdóttir.,Writing, 2006
Epic by Conor KostickWriting, 2006
Feidie shang de Mukamu Yinyue by Aibek ÖmărWriting, 2006
Fujinhisho by Noriko OgiwaraWriting, 2006
Glazastik i kljuch-nevidimka by Sofia ProkofevaWriting, 2006
The Great Stopgap by Pál BékésWriting, 2006
Greedy Monkey loses a best friend by Evangeline L. BarongoWriting, 2006
Horas de vuelo by Eraclio ZepedaWriting, 2006
Hur kär får man bli? by Katarina von BredowWriting, 2006
Ilyathens stemme by Karen SkovmandWriting, 2006
Imparāṭūr-i kalimāt by Aḥmad AkbarpūrWriting, 2006
J'ai vendu ma soeur by Danielle SimardWriting, 2006
Juggling with Mandarins by V. M. JonesWriting, 2006
Jules in Amerique by Daniel de RouletWriting, 2006
Konglesugeren by Bjørn F. RørvikWriting, 2006
Krokodiloa ohe azpian by Mariasun LandaWriting, 2006
Locomotion by Jacqueline WoodsonWriting, 2006
Namornik Kapko Dierka by Ján NavrátilWriting, 2006
Nelja nimega koer by Jaan RannapWriting, 2006
Nikolai Kärpäsen ihmeellinen talvi : omituisia juttuja by Tuula KallioniemiWriting, 2006
No Guns at My Son's Funeral by Paro AnandWriting, 2006
O pais de amarnos by Ana María FernándezWriting, 2006
Perros de nadie by Esteban ValentinoWriting, 2006
Poiēmata gia paidia : kratiko vraveio paidikou logotechnikou vivliou vradeio gynaikeias logotechnikēs syntrophias by Sophia I. PhilntisēWriting, 2006
Rani and Sukh by Bali RaiWriting, 2006
Rosie in Wien by Monika HelferWriting, 2006
Semerbak puisi : kumpulan puisi kanak-kanak by Khadijah HashimWriting, 2006
Shu xue jia di yan guang : Zhang Jingzhong yuan shi xian gei zhong xue sheng de li wu by Jingzhing ZhangWriting, 2006
Simon y el carro de fuego by Jacqueline BalcellsWriting, 2006
Sirsnin̦salas by Māris RungulisWriting, 2006
Sterke skouders by Hanneke de JongWriting, 2006
Takēs-- ho skoupoxylos : euthymes histories gia paidia 9-12 chronōn by Toula KakoullēWriting, 2006
Terramosla by Antoni Garcia LlorcaWriting, 2006
L'ultimo orco by Silvana De MariWriting, 2006
Vaselinetjie by Anoeschka Von MeckWriting, 2006
Veli'nin kurabiyesi by Ayla ÇinaroğluWriting, 2006
Verunka a kokosový dědek by Pavel ŠrutWriting, 2006
Villihaukka by Ben KallandWriting, 2006
Você lembra, pai? by Daniel MundurukuWriting, 2006
Vsë naoborot by Aleksandr RatnerWriting, 2006
When We Lived in Uncle's Hat by Peter StammWriting, 2006
Yasigol Mirŭgi by Chŏng-hŭi KimWriting, 2006
Yedidut arugah ba-reshet by Ami GedaliaWriting, 2006
เพื่อนรักริมโขง by KhamachartWriting, 2006
5 çocuk 5 İstanbul by Betül SayınIllustration, 2006
Actual Size by Steve JenkinsIllustration, 2006
al-Fannān wa-al-aḥlām by Adl Rizq AllIllustration, 2006
al-Fatūr = the Breakfast by ʻAbd Allah RuzīIllustration, 2006
Atxiki sekretua : sorginaren eskuliburua by Elena OdriozolaIllustration, 2006
Aḥlām Ḥasan by Yaʻqūb ShārūnīIllustration, 2006
Biały niedźwiedź, czarna krowa by Marcin. BrykczyńskiIllustration, 2006
The Big Question by Wolf ErlbruchIllustration, 2006
Bolʹshai︠a︡ kniga luchshikh skazok G.-Kh. Andersena by H. C. AndersenIllustration, 2006
Cambalhota by Ricardo LimaIllustration, 2006
Cowboy Bunnies by Christine LoomisIllustration, 2006
De dans van de drummers by Hans HagenIllustration, 2006
Dynkur : sagan um tröllastrákinn sem óttaðist dagsbirtuna by Brian PilkingtonIllustration, 2006
El misterio de las bolitas de colores by Edna IturraldeIllustration, 2006
El usurpador de la luna llena by Beatriz FerroIllustration, 2006
Escondidas by Olga CuéllarIllustration, 2006
Fairy tales about twosomes by Māra CielēnaIllustration, 2006
The Flying Canoe by Roch CarrierIllustration, 2006
Den förträfflige herr Glad by Malin KiveläIllustration, 2006
Gallo Galí Galo by Gerald EspinozaIllustration, 2006
Grandpa and Thomas by Pamela AllenIllustration, 2006
Un hombre de mar (A la Orilla del Viento) (Spanish Edition) by Castro RodolfoIllustration, 2006
Hr. Pippeli-Poul by Peter MouritzenIllustration, 2006
Hugo allein daheim. by Sibylle VogelIllustration, 2006
Kas kiemely daros by Kazys JakubėnasIllustration, 2006
Klikk by Oyvind TorseterIllustration, 2006
I Kokkinoskoufitsa by Argyr̲ Kokoreli̲Illustration, 2006
Kështjella : përshtatje për fėmijë by Ismail KadareIllustration, 2006
The Little Gold Key or the Adventures of Burattino by Aleksej TolstojIllustration, 2006
Liu and the Bird: A Journey in Chinese Calligraphy by Catherine LouisIllustration, 2006
Lizzie Nonsense by Jan OrmerodIllustration, 2006
Mairāp sakotthap by Thatsiri Phūnnān.,Illustration, 2006
Makwelane en die krokodil by Maria HendriksIllustration, 2006
Monday by Anne HerbautsIllustration, 2006
A new coat for Ben by Rachel DaveyIllustration, 2006
La niña de la calavera by Marcela RecabarrenIllustration, 2006
Nowhere safe to live by Joseph NdawulaIllustration, 2006
Once Upon a Time in India by Nita BerryIllustration, 2006
Papa se met en quatre by Hélène RiffIllustration, 2006
Polž Vladimir gre na štop by Mojca OsojnikIllustration, 2006
Popelka a další pohádky bratří Grimmů by Melita DenkováIllustration, 2006
Punguta cu doi bani by Ion CreangaIllustration, 2006
I re del mondo : ovvero la Corona Ferrea rubata by Roberto PiuminiIllustration, 2006
Sae ka toego sip'ŏ by Pyŏng-ho HanIllustration, 2006
See, kes lustib by Viive NoorIllustration, 2006
Shahrzād va bachchahʹhā-yi qiṣṣahʹgū by Farshīd ShafiʻīIllustration, 2006
Something Beginning with P: New Poems from Irish Poets by Seamus CashmanIllustration, 2006
Tales from Hans Christian Andersen by Hans Christian AndersenIllustration, 2006
Vel̕ká kniha slovenských rozprávok by L̕ubomír FeldekIllustration, 2006
Vilma och Mona spanar och smyger by Eva LindströmIllustration, 2006
Yue guang guang by Qingyun HuangIllustration, 2006
Šuma Striborova by Ivana Brlić-MažuranićIllustration, 2006
みみずのオッサン (絵本・こどものひろば) by Shinta ChōIllustration, 2006
Across the Nightingale Floor by Lian HearnNorwegian Translation, 2006
Als ik niet toevallig de hond van tante Doris verwisseld had by Ingelin AngerbornFlemish Translation, 2006
O arminho dorme by Xosé A. Neira CruzCatalan Translation, 2006; Portuguese Translation, 2012
Babayaga by Taï-Marc Le ThanhSpanish Translation, 2006
Bambert's Book of Missing Stories by Reinhardt JungItalian Translation, 2006
Beyond the Station Lies the Sea by Jutta RichterFrench Translation, 2006
The Canning Season by Polly HorvathSpanish Translation, 2006
The Canterville Ghost by Oscar WildeSpanish Translation, 2006
The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time by Mark HaddonSlovenian Translation, 2006
Dream Carvers by Joan ClarkFrench Translation, 2006
The Dream Collector by Troon HarrisonArabic Translation, 2006
The Fire-Eaters by David AlmondDutch Translation, 2006
The Gardener by Sarah StewartSpanish Translation, 2006
The Giraffe and the Pelly and Me by Roald DahlSlovakian Translation, 2006
The Golem's Eye by Jonathan StroudDanish Translation, 2006
Good for Nothing by Michel NoelEnglish Translation, 2006
Guardian Ghost by Christine NöstlingerKorean Translation, 2006
Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets by J. K. RowlingGalician Translation, 2006
Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix by J. K. Rowling Albanian Translation, 2006
Ho matthaios kai ho pappous by Vassiliki NikaGreek Translation, 2006
A House Called Awful End by Philip ArdaghGerman Translation, 2006
Kiinalainen kissa : satuja ja tarinoita 1928-1946 by Mika WaltariCzech Translation, 2006
Lost in the Labyrinth by Patrice KindlGerman Translation, 2006
Malka by Mirjam PresslerWriting & Dutch Translation, 2004; Hebrew Translation, 2006
The Midwife's Apprentice by Karen CushmanPersian Translation, 2006
Muinasjutud Caprine'ile by Maurice CarêmeEstonian Translation, 2006
Oh hogwash, Sweet Pea! by Ngareta GabelEnglish Translation, 2006
Persepolis: The Story of a Childhood by Marjane SatrapiSwedish Translation, 2006
Postarska bajka: devet bajki by Karel ČapekCroatian Translation, 2006
Run, Boy, Run by Uri OrlevFrench Translation, 2006
Samson i Roberto : sekret patera Pʹetro by Ingvar AmbjørnsenRussian Translation, 2006
The Serpent Gift by Lene KaaberbølEnglish Translation, 2006
The Shadows of Ghadames by Joelle StolzEnglish Translation, 2006
The Shamer's Daughter by Lene KaaberbølIcelandic Translation, 2006
The Slippery Slope by Lemony SnicketPolish Translation, 2006
The Storyteller's Daughter: One Woman's Return to Her Lost Homeland by Saira ShahPortuguese Translation, 2006
Through the Looking-Glass and What Alice Found There by Lewis CarrollIrish Translation, 2006
Under the Hawthorn Tree by Marita Conlon-McKennaIrish Translation, 2002; Arabic Translation, 2006
Voikukkien laulu by Hilde HagerupFinnish Translation, 2006
The Wolf Who Cried Boy by Bob HartmanAfrikaans Translation, 2006
al-Khirāf lā taʾkulu al-qiṭaṭ by Khālid JumʻahWriting & illustration, 2008
Hē portokalenē by Myrianthē Panagiōtou PapaonēsiphorouWriting & Illustration, 2008
Koro's medicine by Melanie DreweryTranslation, 2008
Lampião e Lancelote (Em Portuguese do Brasil) by Fernando VilelaWriting & Illustration, 2008
Māsa un brālis by Inese ZandereWriting & Illustration, 2008
This Side of the Sky by Marie-Francine HebertTranslation, 2008
"Denk nicht, wir bleiben hier!" die Lebensgeschichte des Sinto Hugo Höllenreiner by Anja TuckermannWriting, 2008
Amazonky Dnipra : lehendy by Aleksandra KravchenkoWriting, 2008
Avanim ḳeṭanot shel ahavah by Yona TepperWriting, 2008
Ayna ikhtafá ākhir al-dīnāṣawrāt? by Amal FaraḥWriting, 2008
Betsi : pou maïte ak yon boujon lespwa by Joslin TwouyoWriting, 2008
Big Bad Sheep by Bettina WegenastWriting, 2008
Bjorn le morphir by Thomas LavacheryWriting, 2008
Botaqan by Akımbay Japar UliWriting, 2008
Caravan to Tibet by Deepa AgarwalWriting, 2008
Cartas a Leandro by Fanuel Hanán DíazWriting, 2008
Casa furnicuţelor by Alina MironWriting, 2008
Co vyprávěla Dlouhá chvíle by Viola FischerováWriting, 2008
The Crazy Man by Pamela PorterWriting, 2008
Dom ośmiu tajemnic by Liliana BardijewskaWriting, 2008
Domniţa-pǎstoriţǎ : legendǎ pentru copii mari şi mici by Claudia PartoleWriting, 2008
Each Little Bird That Sings by Deborah WilesWriting, 2008
El árbol de lilas by María Teresa AndruettoWriting, 2008
Ensilumi by Johan BargumWriting, 2008
Eva y su Tan by Andrea MaturanaWriting, 2008
Genesis by Bernard BeckettWriting, 2008
Hedvig och Max-Olov by Frida NilssonWriting, 2008
Here Lies Arthur by Philip ReeveWriting, 2008
The hidden star by K. Sello DuikerWriting, 2008
Horaengi kkoraengi malnoli by Ho-sǒn OWriting, 2008
Hoşçakal Akdeniz by Mustafa AsoğluWriting, 2008
Hē koilada me tis petalondes by Helenē DikaiouWriting, 2008
Iban Stories (Malaysia Heritage Series) by Heidi MunanWriting, 2008
Jesam li se zaljubila? by Sanja PilićWriting, 2008
Jonathan Goes to School by Eva Mutongole WamalaWriting, 2008
Der Kajütenjunge des Apothekers by Rachel van KooijWriting, 2008
Kintas : apysaka by Vytautē ŽilinskaitēWriting, 2008
Kriško kraške : avtobiografija z izborom otroških pesmi o rodnem Križu, morju in Krasu by Miroslav KošutaWriting, 2008
Kwaad bloed by Marita de SterckWriting, 2008
Leiutajateküla Lotte : [jutustus] by Andrus KivirähkWriting, 2008
Ma vie ne sait pas nager by Élaine TurgeonWriting, 2008
Marte y las princesas voladoras (A La Orilla Del Viento) (Spanish Edition) by María BarandaWriting, 2008
Mbaye uwande? by Jean Damascène NdayambajeWriting, 2008
Me gustan las vacas by Enrique LaraWriting, 2008
Il Mio cuore e una piuma di struzzo by Teresa BuongiornoWriting, 2008
My friends in the wild by Liu XianpingWriting, 2008
Njobžâvääri pessijâšmarkkâneh by Marja-Liisa OlthuisWriting, 2008
Oeral binne bisten! by Machiel BraaksmaWriting, 2008
Otomodasa ni narimashō by Hōko TakadonoWriting, 2008
Pepito : el habitador de los tejados by Manuel JaneiroWriting, 2008
Phō̜ nāyok-- Sāimai Bān Nō̜ng Hī : wannakam yaowachon by Somkhit Singsong.,Writing, 2008
Putri Kemang : cerita rakyat dari Bengkulu, Indonesia by Murti BunantaWriting, 2008
Píšt'alkár ; Dievčatko so zápalkami by Erik GrochWriting, 2008
Pārsiān va man by Ārmān ĀryanWriting, 2008
Quelques années de moins que la lune by Germano ZulloWriting, 2008
Rumini by Judit BergWriting, 2008
Sininen huone by Mila TeräsWriting, 2008
Skyggeporten by Lene KaaberbølWriting, 2008
Slaaf kindje slaaf by Dolf VerroenWriting, 2008
A sombra descalza by an AlfayaWriting, 2008
Something Invisible by Siobhan ParkinsonWriting, 2008
Steinhjartađ by Sigrún EldjárnWriting, 2008
Suurlemoen! (Afrikaans Edition) by Jaco JacobsWriting, 2008
Trapizonda : un video juego para leer by Isabel Mesa de InchausteWriting, 2008
Und ich dachte, ich wäre anders by Ingelin RøsslandWriting, 2008
Urrezko giltza by Patxi ZubizarretaWriting, 2008
Utshepo Mde: Tall Enough by Mhlobo JadezweniWriting, 2008
Virus vorchanii︠a︡ : povestʹ, v kotoroĭ chto ni glava--to sovershenno pravdivai︠a︡, no chashche--neveroi︠a︡tnai︠a︡ istorii︠a︡ by Sergeĭ MakhotinWriting, 2008
Y si viene la guerra by Liset Lantigua GonzezWriting, 2008
Abecedario temerario by Gladys ArellanoIllustration, 2008
al-Kanz by Fāṭimah MaʻdūlIllustration, 2008
The Brave Little Goat of Monsieur Seguin by Alphonse DaudetIllustration, 2008
Bwiza bwa mashira by Éditions BakameIllustration, 2008
Clubs by Kate De GoldiIllustration, 2008
The Crows of Pearblossom by Aldous HuxleyIllustration, 2008; Portuguese Translation, 2008
Cuando los gatos verdes cantan = When the green cats sing by Eulalia CornejoIllustration, 2008
Dolyiwa Jangsumae by Jae-Soo LiuIllustration, 2008
Fables by Jean de La FontaineIllustration, 2008
Fox Walked Alone by Barbara ReidIllustration, 2008
Here's A Little Poem: A Very First Book of Poetry by Jane YolenIllustration, 2008
Hr. Alting by Bente Olesen NyströmIllustration, 2008
Hver étur isbirni? by Kristín SteinsdóttirIllustration, 2008
The Incredible Book Eating Boy by Oliver JeffersIllustration, 2008
Jazz by Walter Dean MyersIllustration, 2008
Les jouets font la fête by Nicole LalanneIllustration, 2008
Khun lung chō̜p plūk tonmāi by Krœ̄k Yunphan.,Illustration, 2008
Kirik semşiye by Sevim AkIllustration, 2008
Det kittlar när löven kommer by Anna BengtssonIllustration, 2008
L'home del sac by Josep M. JovéIllustration, 2008
Let's Play In The Forest While The Wolf Is Not Around by Claudia RuedaIllustration, 2008
Lingvistické pohádky by Petr NiklIllustration, 2008
Masarasenani dan matahari : cerita rakyat dari Papua by Murti BunantaIllustration, 2008
Mia Tiu ja sata sanaa by Sari AirolaIllustration, 2008
Morski igrokazi by Ljudevit BauerIllustration, 2008
Muss man Miezen siezen? by Gerda Anger-SchmidtIllustration, 2008
La otra orilla/ The other side (Spanish Edition) by Marta CarrascoIllustration, 2008
Ouma Ruby's Secret by C. Van WykIllustration, 2008
Panna, the lonely duckling by Ira SaxenaIllustration, 2008
Pepelka by Jacob GrimmIllustration, 2008
Pequeño Quijote ilustrado by Miguel de Cervantes SaavedraIllustration, 2008
Primavera by Manuel MarínIllustration, 2008
Rote Wangen. Mit Illustrationen von Aljoscha Blau by Heinz JanischIllustration, 2008
Rozprávky Hans Christiana Andersena by Hans Christian AndersenIllustration, 2008
Ruttu tuttu! : Eesti isade unejutte by Karl Martin SinijärvIllustration, 2008
Shab bih khayr farmāndah by Aḥmad AkbarpūrIllustration, 2008
Si Tanggang the ungrateful son by K. (editor) GurunathanIllustration, 2008
Sipur ṭaʻim by אבישג רבינרIllustration, 2008
Superguppie krijgt kleintjes by Edward van de VendelIllustration, 2008
Szerintem mindenki maradjon otthon vasárnap délután by Ottó KissIllustration, 2008
Taiyō orugan by Ryôji AraiIllustration, 2008
To Sofo vivlio tēs Soumoutou by Vasō PsarakēIllustration, 2008
The two greedy women by Ruth M. MwayiIllustration, 2008
Het verhaal van Slimme Krol en hoe hij aan de dood ontsnapte by Gerda DendoovenIllustration, 2008
Vikingkonger by Kari Gjæver PedersenIllustration, 2008
La waytacha by Teodoro Núñez UretaIllustration, 2008
Wielkie zmiany w dużym lesie by Grażyna RuszewskaIllustration, 2008
Winnie-the-Pooh by A. A. MilneIllustration, 2008
L'étroit cavalier by Michel GalvinIllustration, 2008
29 contes bojos by Ursula WölfelSpanish Translation, 2008
Alles Liebe, deine Sunshine : eine Erzählung in Briefen aus Jamaika by Paulette RamsayGerman Translation, 2008
Besuche bei Charles by Vincent CuvellierGerman Translation, 2008
Breaktime by Aidan ChambersSpanish Translation, 2008
Dark Angel by David KlassGerman Translation, 2008
Dumb Creatures by Jeanne WillisJapanese Translation, 2008
The Education of Little Tree by Forrest CarterSlovak Translation, 2008
El ojo de vidrio de mi abuelo by Bartolomeu Campo de QueirósSpanish Translation, 2008
Emil and Karl by Yankev GlatshteynEnglish Translation, 2008
Emthonjeni by Russell KaschulaisiXhosa Translation, 2008
O espantalho enamorado by Guido ViscontiPersian Translation, 2008
Fantastic Mr. Fox by Roald DahlKorean Translation, 2008
Firesong by William NicholsonCroatian Translation, 2008
Grimm's Fairy Tales by Jacob GrimmSlovenian Translation, 2008
Herra Huu hoitaa puutarhaa by Hannu MäkeläEstonian Translation, 2008
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The Journey to the End of the World by Henning MankellBasque Translation, 2008
Just Like Tomorrow by Faïza GuèneSwedish & English Translations, 2008
Kaltes Schweigen by Mats WahlFlemish Translation, 2008
Min syster är en ängel by Ulf StarkFrench/Romanian Translation, 2008
The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane by Kate DiCamilloDutch Translation, 2008
Mistaken Identity by Norah McClintockFrench Translation, 2008
Mo by Lara RiosWriting & Illustration, 1992; Thai Translation, 2008
Monstres Malades by Emmanuelle HoudartSpanish Translation, 2008
I Need You More Than I Love You and I Love You To Bits by Gunnar ArdeliusNorwegian Translation, 2008
Neue Schulgeschichten vom Franz by Christine NöstlingerGreek Translation, 2008
Ngā rongoā a Koro by Melanie DreweryMaori Translation, 2008
Norrskenssnö by Riitta JalonenSwedish Translation, 2008
Papelucho by Marcela PazSpanish Translation, 2008
Podivuhodná cesta Nilse Holgerssona Švédskem by Selma LagerlöfCzech Translation, 2008
Punguţa cu doi bani = La petite bourse aux pièces d'or ; Capra cu trei iezi = La chèvre et ses trois biquets by Ion CreangăRomanian Translation, 2008
Ronia, the Robber's Daughter by Astrid LindgrenDanish Translation, 2008
Sanning eller konsekvens by Annika ThorIcelandic Translation, 2002; Japanese Translation, 2006; Italian Translation, 2008
The Secret Garden by Frances Hodgson BurnettHebrew Translation, 2008
Silverwing by Kenneth OppelIcelandic Translation, 2008
Le tap tap du bonheur : Timin by Marie-Claude AmbroiseHaitian Creole Translation, 2008
Le temps des mots à voix basse by Anne-Lise GrobétyWriting, 2004; Catalan Translation, 2008
Tian shi de chi bang by Annie DaltonChinese Translation, 2008
True Friends: A Tale from Tanzania by John KilakaKinyarwanda Translation, 2008
Veronica by Johanna SpyriLithuanian Translation, 2008
Der Zapperdockel und der Wock by Georg BydlinskiArabic Translation, 2008
Nonah, or, The Ghost of Gunung Mulu by Margaret H. L. LimWriting & Illustration, 2010
--Und raus bist du by Renate WelshWriting, 2010
The 10 PM Question by Kate De GoldiWriting, 2010
172 Hours on the Moon by Johan HarstadWriting, 2010
Albatros, ta'er al-jazeera = Albatross, the island's bird by Elias ZogheibWriting, 2010
Alla ta matia tēs maïmous ki alla tēs koukouvagias by Sophia MantouvalouWriting, 2010
Allemaal willen we de hemel by Els BeertenWriting, 2010
Anekdotak by Ruben RuizWriting, 2010
Angie by Janja VidmarWriting, 2010
Anila's Journey by Mary FinnWriting, 2010
Barṿaz u-shemo gaʻaguʻa by Orit RazWriting, 2010
Before Green Gables by Budge WilsonWriting, 2010
Belye bashni Rodiny : izbrannoe by Wladislaw Petrowitsch KrapiwinWriting, 2010
La biblioteca by Gonzalo EspañaWriting, 2010
Brionglóidí, agus aistir eile by Aine Ni GhlinnWriting, 2010
Børnenes bedemand by Oscar KWriting, 2010
Büyük tuzak : küçük Cadi Şeroks'un ikinci macerasi by Aslı DerWriting, 2010
Csoda és Kósza by Czigány ZoltánWriting, 2010
Dos cigüeñas, una bruja y un dragón by Leonor Bravo V.Writing, 2010
Draugaslóð by Kristín Helga Gunnarsdóttir,Writing, 2010
E sulle case il cielo by Giusi QuarenghiWriting, 2010
El buscador de finales by Pablo De SantisWriting, 2010
Emma Gloria och den röda längtansboken by Henrika AnderssonWriting, 2010
From somewhere out there by Karthika DassWriting, 2010
Futuros peligrosos (Novela Grafica/ Graphic Novel) (Spanish Edition) by Elia BarcelóWriting, 2010
Fuyūjon by Kyōko HamanoWriting, 2010
Les galetes del Saló de Te Continental by Josep Maria FonallerasWriting, 2010
The Ghost's Child by Sonya HartnettWriting, 2010
Giati hoi kotes den petane by Maria OlympiouWriting, 2010
Grįz̆imo istorija by Gendrutis MorkūnasWriting, 2010
Grǎuncioare de luminǎ : basme zmeieplasme by Ion HadârcăWriting, 2010
Gufidaun, Martin und der Außerirdische by Bruno BlumeWriting, 2010
Hay naranjas y hay limones (La Saltapared / the Jumpwall) (Spanish Edition) by Fernando del PasoWriting, 2010
Hjärnkoll : så funkar synen och medvetandet by Jonathan LindströmWriting, 2010
Hush! Hush! by Michel NoëlWriting, 2010
Iman wa-al-Ta'erah al-Waraqiyah = Iman and the kite by Dīmah SaḥwīlWriting, 2010
In'aine by Natalja SinitskajaWriting, 2010
Jacques Roumain parle aux enfants by Jacques RoumainWriting, 2010
O jogo de amarelinha by Graziela Bozano HetzelWriting, 2010
Katy of sky road by Dianne CaseWriting, 2010
Ked' sa pes smeje by Juraj ŠebestaWriting, 2010
Khorvootoi tanilstsan tuukh by Lodon TudevWriting, 2010
Knorke! jeb Tobiass un Fufū meklē Mocartu by Juris Zvirgzdin̦šWriting, 2010
León : el peregrino del Golfo de Arauco by Alfonso AlcaldeWriting, 2010
Lien Se Lankstaanskoene by Derick Van der WaltWriting, 2010
Maksi rate vwayaij la by Marie-Claude AmbroiseWriting, 2010
Man hashtomin-e an haft nafaram = I am the eighth of the seven by ʻIrfān Naẓar ĀhārīWriting, 2010
Marenkikeiju by Laura LähteenmäkiWriting, 2010
Mercredi à la librairie by Sylvie NeemanWriting, 2010
Miss Charity by Marie-Aude MurailWriting, 2010
Mŏltchŏnghan Yi Yu-chŏng : Yu Ŭn-sil ch'angjak tonghwa by Ŭn-sil YuWriting, 2010
Mư̄ang khō̜n dek by ปรีดา อัครจันทโชติWriting, 2010
Només ens queda l'amor by Agustín Fernández PazWriting, 2010
The Pasta Detectives by Andreas SteinhöfelWriting, 2010
Pazite kako igrate! by Ivona ŠajatovićWriting, 2010
O poveste nouâ povești by Silvia KerimWriting, 2010
Het punt met mij is dat ik alles kan by Eva GerlachWriting, 2010
Příběhy českých knížat a králů by Alena JežkováWriting, 2010
The Sandfather by Linda NewberyWriting, 2010
Seltsimees laps ja suured inimesed : veel üks jutustus õnnelikust lapsepõlvest by Leelo TungalWriting, 2010
Spegelspreuk : in stik oer Prins Willem en Lodelakei yn it Ljouwert fan de 18de ieu by Lida DykstraWriting, 2010
Sīkā wa-Mūkkā by ʻAfāf ṬubbālahWriting, 2010
Tuziki ne zdajut'sja Jurij Ligun : iljustraciï Maksima Palenka by Jurij LigunWriting, 2010
The Wednesday Wars by Gary D. SchmidtWriting, 2010
ABC3D by Marion BatailleIllustration, 2010
Acertijero! by Valentín RincónIllustration, 2010
al-Aṣdiqāʾ al-aʻdāʾ by Ḥassān ʻAbd AllāhIllustration, 2010
The Arrival by Shaun TanIllustration, 2010
BieBu, oder, Ameisen haben vom Blütenbestäuben wirklich keine Ahnung! : wie: mein Bienen- und Blümchenbuch by Renate HabingerIllustration, 2010
Brīnumbēbīša gads : dzejoļi mūsu ģimenei by Inese ZandereIllustration, 2010
Camino a casa (Los Especiales de A la Orilla del Viento) (Spanish Edition) by Jairo BuitragoIllustration, 2010
Cielos descalzos by Wafi SalihIllustration, 2010
Contes treaditionnels palestiniens by Sharīf KanāʻnahIllustration, 2010
Drevený tato by Tomáš JanovicIllustration, 2010
El camino de la luna by Laura EscuderoIllustration, 2010
El Elefante Encadenado (Spanish Edition) by Jorge BucayIllustration, 2010
Elsku besti pabbi by Björk BjarkadóttirIllustration, 2010
Enciklopedija čudovišta by Stanislav MarijanovićIllustration, 2010
I Feel a Foot! by Maranke RinckIllustration, 2010
The Frog Castle by Jostein GaarderIllustration, 2010
Gabriela, la poeta viajera by Alejandra ToroIllustration, 2010
Gaiscíoch na Beilte Uaine by Caitríona Nic SheáinIllustration, 2010
H.O.U.S.E.: Homes That Are Outrageous, Unbelievable, Spectacular, and Extraordinary: 35 Designs for Fantastic Living by Aleksandra MizielinskaIllustration, 2010
Hansel and Gretel by Jacob GrimmIllustration, 2010
Harap Alb by Ion CreangăIllustration, 2010
Hē vrochē tōn asteriōn by Vasia MōralēIllustration, 2010
Iyagi chumŏni iyagi by Ŏk-pae YiIllustration, 2010
Jakob og Neikob by Kari StaiIllustration, 2010
Jõemehike by Tiia SoaseppIllustration, 2010
Kenafayim by מאיה חנוךIllustration, 2010
Kissa Killin kiukkupussi by Tuula KorolainenIllustration, 2010
Kreyoni by Toya SetoutIllustration, 2010
Küçü sirlar by Sevim AkIllustration, 2010
Little Mouse's Big Book of Fears by Emily GravettIllustration, 2010
The Little Word Catcher by Danielle SimardIllustration, 2010
Majđnice in majnice : pesmi mnogih let za mnoge bralce = Budding songs, maying songs : poems of many years for many readers by Tone PavčekIllustration, 2010
Il mondo è anche di Tobias by Elena Spagnoli FritzeIllustration, 2010
Muzi : a múzeumkerti fiúk by Pásztor ÁrpádIllustration, 2010
Ning by Chīwan Wisāsa,Illustration, 2010
La porte by Michel Van ZeverenIllustration, 2010
Rabisco, um cachorro perfeito by Michele IacoccaIllustration, 2010
Rubah-e dom borideh = The fox without a tail by Jamāl al-Dīn AkramīIllustration, 2010
Sirr malikat al-mulūk by Yaʻqūb ShārūnīIllustration, 2010
Siyolo's jersey by Mari GroblerIllustration, 2010
Snabels herbarium by Christina WeiseIllustration, 2010
The Steadfast Tin Soldier by Hans Christian AndersenIllustration, 2010
That's How I See Things by Gita WolfIllustration, 2010
The Three Fishing Brothers Gruff by Ben GalbraithIllustration, 2010
Tō nēsi pou oloi ēthelan : eikonographēmenē historia tēs Kyprou by Marina ChristofidesIllustration, 2010
Ushio by Hideo ItōIllustration, 2010
Vem är söt? by Stina WirsénIllustration, 2010
We Are the Ship: The Story of Negro League Baseball by Kadir NelsonIllustration, 2010
Alabama Moon by Watt KeyGerman Translation, 2010
Alek: The Children of Crow Cove by Bodil BredsdorffFrench Translation, 2010
AM PM by Jocelyne TrouillotFrench Translation, 2010
The Bear and the Wildcat by Kazumi YumotoArabic Translation, 2010
The Children of Húrin by J. R. R. TolkienRussian Translation, 2010
Clarice Bean Spells Trouble by Lauren ChildGreek Translation, 2010
De dag dat ik een hond wilde zijn by Ingelin AngerbornFlemish Translation, 2010
Dido and Pa by Joan AikenJapanese Translation, 2010
Gossamer by Lois LowryPersian Translation, 2010
Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows by J. K. RowlingCatalan Translation, 2010
The Hobbit by J. R. R. TolkienCroatian Translation, 1996; Norwegian & Basque Translations, 2010
Høyt over husene by Marvin HallerakerIrish Translation, 2010
Je suis fou de Vava by Dany LaferrièreHaitian Creole Translation, 2010
Kallfv pewma mew = Sueño azul by Elicura ChihuailafSpanish Translation, 2010
Ko Maraea me ngā toroa by Patricia GraceMaori Translation, 2010
Larklight: A Rousing Tale of Dauntless Pluck in the Farthest Reaches of Space by Philip ReeveCzech Translation, 2010
Me voy a casar con Tania by Bart Van NuffelenSpanish Translation, 2010
Mio nonno era un ciliegio by Angela NanettiSlovak Translation, 2010
My Brother Simple by Marie-Aude MurailGerman Translation, 2010
A Noite D'o Rison by Gonzalo MoureGalician Translation, 2010
Not Quite As Grimm by JanoschLithuanian Translation, 2010
Oh, boy! by Marie-Aude MurailItalian Translation, 2010
Olive's Ocean by Kevin HenkesCroatian Translation, 2010
On Open Water by Annika ThorFrench Translation, 2008; Finnish Translation, 2010
Ottoline and the Yellow Cat by Chris RiddellAfrikaans Translation, 2010
Pieces of Me by Charlotte GingrasEnglish Translation, 2010
Room on the Broom by Julia DonaldsonSlovenian Translation, 2010
The Shadow of Malabron: The Perilous Realm: Book One by Thomas Wharton French Translation, 2010
The Story of a Seagull and the Cat Who Taught Her to Fly by Luis SepúlvedaThai Translation, 2010
Tatun ja Patun Suomi by Aino HavukainenSwedish Translation, 2010
The Tiger Rising by Kate DiCamilloEstonian Translation, 2010
Toby Alone by Timothée de FombelleHungarian Translation, 2010
Tunnels by Roderick GordonIcelandic Translation, 2010
Urīdu an ashar! Wa-lan ad̲hab ilā 'n-naum by Lauren TšāyildArabic Translation, 2010
The Water Babies by Charles KingsleySpanish Translation, 2010
What I Was by Meg RosoffDutch Translation, 2010
The Willoughbys by Lois LowryKorean Translation, 2010
Yamozha and His Beaver Wife by Vital ThomasDogrib Translation, 2010
Zovlon tuulsan zorigt ḫövgüün : ḫüüḫdijn roman by Ligden,Mongolian Translation, 2010
Astrid the Unstoppable by Maria ParrWriting & Dutch Translation, 2012
The canoe's story by Meshack AsareWriting & Illustration, 2012
Imvugo idasanzwe by Ibrahima NdiayeWriting & Illustration, 2012
Over the Wall by Renate AhrensTranslator, 2012
Princese Aurēlija un kokspoki by Māra CielēnaWriting & Illustration, 2012
Revolver by Marcus SedgwickWriting, 2012
Þankaganga = Myślobieg by Vala ÞórsdóttirWriting, 2012
12 paschalina avga kai hē magissa exaphanistra by Phrixos MichaēlidēsWriting, 2012
126 lèt damou by Joslin TwouyoWriting, 2012
Ankhnii hairiin tuuj by Dorj GarmaaWriting, 2012
Anā insān by Amal FaraḥWriting, 2012
The Caliph's House: A Year in Casablanca by Tahir ShahWriting, 2012
Cesar in roža by Bina Štampe ŽmavcWriting, 2012
Chamádeme Simbad by Francisco CastroWriting, 2012
Code Name : Butterfly by Ahlam BsharatWriting, 2012
A contradição humana by Afonso CruzWriting, 2012
Cuentos prohibidos por la abuela by Mireya TabuasWriting, 2012
En deux mille trop loin by RascalWriting, 2012
El sueño de Buinaima by Rember YahuarcaniWriting, 2012
L'Enigma Altai by Miquel RayóWriting, 2012
Faces in the water by Ranjit LalWriting, 2012
The frozen boy by Guido SgardoliWriting, 2012
Fuse by S.A. PartridgeWriting, 2012
Galgenmeid by Jean-Claude Van RijckeghemWriting, 2012
The Gift of the Stars by Basil JohnstonWriting, 2012
Hinter der blauen Tür by Marcin SzczygielskiWriting, 2012
Historia de un segundo by Jordi Sierra i FabraWriting, 2012
Historias de la cuchara by Maria Cristina AparicioWriting, 2012
The Hug by David GrossmanWriting, 2012
Hēphta orphana molyvia-- hēphta histories by Phōteinē PhrankoulēWriting, 2012
In the never-ever wood by Linda RodeWriting, 2012
Jakub s vel'kými ušami by Ján MilčákWriting, 2012
Kancil dan raja hutan : cerita rakyat dari Jawa, Indonesia by SuyadiWriting, 2012
Die kleine Sensenfrau by Michael StavaričWriting, 2012
Kulor i hjärtat by Cilla NaumanWriting, 2012
Learning to Scream by Beate Teresa HanikaWriting, 2012
Mangoes at the cemetery by Ruth M. MwayiWriting, 2012
Me Rosvolat by Siri KoluWriting, 2012
Mem, wat ite wy hjoed? by Berber van der GeestWriting, 2012
Met je hoofd boven water by Gideon SamsonWriting, 2012
Mila magnolia lore by Miren Agur MeabeWriting, 2012
Muchas gracias, señor Tchaikovsky by Monica Beltran BrozonWriting, 2012
Naufrage en mer de Chine by Anne de PreuxWriting, 2012
Nazí by Iva ProcházkováWriting, 2012
The Nine Lives of Travis Keating by Jill MacLeanWriting, 2012
Oma Emma Mama by Lorenz PauliWriting, 2012
Parktaki gergedanlar by Mehmet AtillaWriting, 2012
Un perro puertas afuera by Ana Carlota GonzezWriting, 2012
Printsess luluu ja härra kere by Piret RaudWriting, 2012
Rochiţa leneşǎ by Iulian FilipWriting, 2012
La saison des pluies by Mario BrassardWriting, 2012
A Small Free Kiss in the Dark by Glenda MillardWriting, 2012
Taking Flight by Sheena WilkinsonWriting, 2012
The Travelling Restaurant by Barbara ElseWriting, 2012
Turtle in Paradise by Jennifer L. HolmWriting, 2012
Uahan kŏjinmal : Kim Yŏ-ryŏng changp'yŏn sosŏl by Ryŏ-ryŏng KimWriting, 2012
Underfors by Maria TurtschaninoffWriting, 2012
Vango: Between Sky and Earth by Timothee de FombelleWriting, 2012
Velikiĭ moguchiĭ russkiĭ i︠a︡zyk : krylatye slova v stikhakh i kartinkakh dli︠a︡ deteĭ vsekh vozrastov by Andreĭ UsachëvWriting, 2012
Veronika lyder som harmonika by Rebecca Bach-LauritsenWriting, 2012
Waẓifat ummī by ʻAbīr BallānWriting, 2012
Zeleni pas by Nada MihelčićWriting, 2012
Érase una vez un espacio by Marta CarrascoWriting, 2012
Ṭabaqah-yi haftam gharbī by Jamshīd KhāniyānWriting, 2012
Un abuelo, sí by Nelson Ramos CastroIllustration, 2012
The Amazing Travels of Ibn Battuta by Fatima SharafeddineIllustration, 2012
Arngrímur apaskott og hrafninn by Kristín Arngrímsdóttir.,Illustration, 2012
As margens da alegria by João Guimarães RosaIllustration, 2012
Ballet for Martha: Making Appalachian Spring by Jan GreenbergIllustration, 2012
Beyoğlu macerası : bilgi avcıları gizli görevde by Sara ŞahinkanatIllustration, 2012
Bioscope by Mamta NainyIllustration, 2012
Bōshi by Yōsuke InōeIllustration, 2012
Cantecleir by Jo RoetsIllustration, 2012
Chiamatemi Sandokan!: un omaggio a Emilio Salgari by Fabian NegrinIllustration, 2012
Chèvre de monsieur Seguin (La) by Adrienne BarmanIllustration, 2012
Depressa, devagar by Isabel Minhós MartinsIllustration, 2012
Dois Passarinhos (Em Portuguese do Brasil) by (Diego Sanchez) DipachoIllustration, 2012
Evenings on a Farm Near Dikanka by Nikolai GogolIllustration, 2012
Fridolin Franse frisiert by Michael RoherIllustration, 2012
Garmann's Secret by Stian HoleIllustration, 2012
Die Geschichte vom Fuchs, der den Verstand verlor by Martin BaltscheitIllustration, 2012
Geveret migzeret by Naṭali BelhasenIllustration, 2012
Halmeoni, eodigayo? Aengdu Ddareo ganda! by Hae-Ran ChoIllustration, 2012
The hero of Little Street by Gregory RogersIllustration, 2012
Ik leer je liedjes van verlangen, en aan je apenstaartje hangen : 47 verdichte dierenverhalen van Bette Westera by Bette WesteraIllustration, 2012
The Imaginary Garden by Andrew LarsenIllustration, 2012
Just Sisi by Wendy HartmannIllustration, 2012
Kembo : incidente en la pista del Circo Medrano by Carlos PérezIllustration, 2012
Kherse dana chera be in ruz oftadeh bud = Why did the wise bear end up like this? by Ali Asghar SeydabadiIllustration, 2012
Konpe chat ak Konpe chen: Ala mize dous (Haitian Edition) by Fedo BoyerIllustration, 2012
Krajinka s koníkom by Marta ŠurinováIllustration, 2012
Little Owl Lost by Chris HaughtonIllustration, 2012
Mary Poppins by P. L. TraversIllustration, 2012
Mažoji žiema by Kasparavičius KęstutisIllustration, 2012
Miltín 1934 (Spanish Edition) by Juan EmarIllustration, 2012
Mongol ardyn ulgėruud = Mongolian parable by B. ChuluunsurėnIllustration, 2012
The Moon and Farmer McPhee by Margaret MahyIllustration, 2012
Ni Terong Kuning, cerita rakyat dari Bali, Indonesia = The yellow eggplant, a Balinese folktale, Indonesia by Putu Oka SukantaIllustration, 2012
Noemova archa : příběh o potopě světa by Tereza ŘíčanováIllustration, 2012
Omar was Haha by Safaʾ OmerIllustration, 2012
Press Here by Hervé TulletIllustration, 2012
Roža v srcu by Bina Štampe ŽmavcIllustration, 2012
Segundo acto (Los Especiales De a La Orilla Del Viento) (Spanish Edition) by Marco ChamorroIllustration, 2012
Shajarat al-jummayz by Fāṭimah MaʻdūlIllustration, 2012
Siv sover vilse by Pija LindenbaumIllustration, 2012
Skyggedæmonens datter by Mette FinderupIllustration, 2012
The snake who wants to buy a shoe by Sun TryIllustration, 2012
Sto panēgyri tōn pouliōn by Athena BiniouIllustration, 2012
Ta isia kai ta strava by Hellē PaionidouIllustration, 2012
Tache al tache by Alicia MolinaIllustration, 2012
Vares keedab hernesuppi by Leida TiganeIllustration, 2012
Vizavi de vizavarzǎ by Aureliu BusuiocIllustration, 2012
Yummy: Eight Favorite Fairy Tales by Lucy CousinsIllustration, 2012
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Barsakh by Simon StrangerArabic Translation, 2012
Before I Die by Jenny DownhamGreek Translation, 2012
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Eye Of The Crow by Shane PeacockFrench Translation, 2012
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Ghost Hunter by Michelle PaverCzech Translation, 2012
Go To Sleep, Gecko!: A Balinese Folktale by Margaret Read MacDonaldIndonesian Translation, 2012
Good Omens: The Nice and Accurate Prophecies of Agnes Nutter, Witch by Terry PratchettSlovene Translation, 2012
ha-Koaḥ ha-ʻelyon shel Laḳi by Susan PatronHebrew Translation, 2012
Heaven Eyes by David AlmondPersian Translation, 2012
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The House at Pooh Corner by A. A. MilneIcelandic Translation, 2012
I, Coriander by Sally GardnerEstonian Translation, 2012
Le journal d'Aurore, Tome 2 : Toujours fâchée by Marie DesplechinNorwegian Translation, 2012
Kafka and the Travelling Doll by Jordi Sierra i FabraGalician Translation, 2012
A Long Way from Chicago by Richard PeckJapanese Translation, 2012
Lotta on Troublemaker Street by Astrid LindgrenRussian Translation, 2012
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Mrs Armitage on Wheels by Quentin BlakeSpanish Translation, 2012
No and Me by Delphine de ViganEnglish Translation, 2012
Old Hu-Hu by Kyle MewburnMāori Translation, 2012
Pasakos by Beatrix PotterLithuanian Translation, 2012
The Pigman by Paul ZindelKorean Translation, 2012
Princesses Of The World by Katell GoyerArabic Translation, 2012
Päť minút pred večerou by Iva ProcházkováSlovak Translation, 2012
Raven Summer by David AlmondDutch Translation, 2012
Relato de mi sueño azul by Elicura ChihuailafSpanish Translation, 2012
The Scroobious Pip by Edward LearRomanian Translation, 2012
The Shepherd's Granddaughter by Anne Laurel CarterGerman Translation, 2012
Struwwelpeter by Heinrich HoffmannSwiss German Translation, 2012
Three Cave Mountain by Per Olov EnquistCroatian Translation, 2012
A Time of Miracles by Anne-Laure BondouxSpanish Translation, 2012
Today, Maybe by Dominique DemersEnglish Translation, 2012
The Trip to Panama by JanoschBasque Translation, 2012
Troppa fortuna by Hélène VignalItalian Translation, 2012
Tuhat ja yksi yötä by Jaakko Hämeen-AnttilaFinnish Translation, 2012
Mimi mystery by Michael Daniel AmbatchewWriting & Illustration, 2014
Why We Took the Car by Wolfgang Herrndorf2014
8 kisah indah tentang sakura by Renny YaniarWriting, 2014
Ani lo ganav by Tami Shem-TovWriting, 2014
Asheghanehaye Younos dar Shekam-e Mahi = Romances of Jonah in the fish's belly by Jamshīd KhāniyānWriting, 2014
Aventuras y orígenes de los pájaros : lecturas de mitos chilenos para niños, niñas y jóvenes by Sonia Montecino AguirreWriting, 2014
Azken garaipena by Iban ZalduaWriting, 2014
Cin = Jinn by Qäşäm İsabäyliWriting, 2014
Dreaming of light by Jayne BaulingWriting, 2014
El verdadero negocio del Señor Trapani by Pablo De SantisWriting, 2014
The Fault in Our Stars by John GreenWriting, 2014
Ferdinandas ir Pū by Lina ŽutautėWriting, 2014
Fjouwer dappere mûskes by Eppie DamWriting, 2014
La fábula de los cochinos by Rosario AnzolaWriting, 2014
Fărâme de suflet by Aurelian SilvestruWriting, 2014
The Golden Day by Ursula DubosarskyWriting, 2014
Huo jing shi zi xiao zhu by Hongbo GaoWriting, 2014
Huset där humlorna bor by Stefan CastaWriting, 2014
Hō prōtathlētēs by Elenē Artemiou PhōtiadouWriting, 2014
La increíble tía Dorita by Rosario Moyano AguirreWriting, 2014
Invisibiliflú by Francisco Delgado SantosWriting, 2014
La isla de Bowen by César MallorquíWriting, 2014
Johanka v Zapadáčiku by Toňa RevajováWriting, 2014
Kad muzejā iespīd mēness : jeb Tobiass un draugi sargā Rīgas vēsturi by Juris ZvirgzdiWriting, 2014
Komatøs by Ronnie AndersenWriting, 2014
Leeus met letsels by Fanie ViljoenWriting, 2014
Listonos ̌vit́r : (co prǐnesl a co mi sěptal) by Radek MalýWriting, 2014
Loba by Verónica MurguíaWriting, 2014
Lookyang klang huay = Rubber fruit in the middle of a stream by Kamin KamaniWriting, 2014
Martrådar by Mia FranckWriting, 2014
Mingan my village by RogéWriting, 2014
My Brother's War by David HillWriting, 2014
Mā aḥlá al-nawm! by Samar Maḥfoūẓ BarrājWriting, 2014
Noel et busca by Àngel BurgasWriting, 2014
Oma, Huhn und Kümmelfritz by Michael RoherWriting, 2014
Palabras de auga by Marcos S. CalveiroWriting, 2014
Pampa Blues by Rolf LappertWriting, 2014
Preah ang mchas min ches soeuch = Prince who never laughed by Heng DaryWriting, 2014
Puteri Tioman = The green turtle by Rossiti Aishah RashidiWriting, 2014
Radovedne pravljice by Slavko PreglWriting, 2014
Reisubók Ólafíu Arndísar by Kristjana Friðbjörnsdóttir,Writing, 2014
Se il diavolo porta il cappello : romanzo by Fabrizio SileiWriting, 2014
Something Big by Sylvie NeemanWriting, 2014
The Stamp Collector by Jennifer LanthierWriting, 2014
Ta oikogeneiaka tōn teratōn : apo tēn hēllēnikē mythologia by Nannina Sakka-NikolakopoulouWriting, 2014
Tetsu no shibuki ga haneru by Mito MaharaWriting, 2014
Der Turm der Drachenlenker by Ellen van VelzenWriting, 2014
Tuvi jalutab by Ilmar TrullWriting, 2014
Ultimate Game by Christian LehmannWriting, 2014
The Unforgotten Coat by Frank Cottrell BoyceWriting, 2014
Uḥib ʻālimī by Kafāḥ Bū ʻAlīWriting, 2014
Valoa valoa valoa by Vilja-Tuulia HuotarinenWriting, 2014
Visita à baleia by Paulo VenturelliWriting, 2014
Wie klopt daar? by Bart MoeyaertWriting, 2014
Wondrous Journeys in Strange Lands by Sonia NimrWriting, 2014
You Can't See the Elephants by Susan KrellerWriting, 2014
Zimnyaya dver by S. VostokovWriting, 2014
Zvonka Zmaj i Tri kavalira by Branka PrimoracWriting, 2014
50 thao = 50 times as big by Chīwan Wisāsa,Illustration, 2014
Alpha, Vēta-- 2, 3-- anō katō ta scholeia! by Katina Zeniou KōnstantinidouIllustration, 2014
La Araucana by ALONSO DE ERCILLAIllustration, 2014
Azzi in Between by Sarah GarlandIllustration, 2014
Birds of a Feather by Bernadette GervaisIllustration, 2014
The Cat Book by Silvia BorandoIllustration, 2014
Chek Chek chorng riep kar = Chek Chek wants to get married by Ponlok SidetIllustration, 2014
Colorín colorado by Sozapato,Illustration, 2014
Ye ye de da huo xia by Xu LuIllustration, 2014
Disparate by Eugenio MontejoIllustration, 2014
Dıgar dar khaneh-ye pisarak haft sandalı bood = Then there were seven chairs in the little boy's house by Aḥmad Riz̤ā AḥmadīIllustration, 2014
Eguberria : 24 tradiciones, canciones y cuentos navideños del País Vasco by Juan Kruz IgerabideIllustration, 2014
Eriin sain Uai Uai = Hero Uai Uai by Zhambyn DashdondogIllustration, 2014
Feather by Rémi CourgeonIllustration, 2014
A fome do lobo by Claudia Maria De VasconcellosIllustration, 2014
Greierul care s-cri-cri-e by Arcadie SuceveanuIllustration, 2014
The Herd Boy by Niki DalyIllustration, 2014
Hávamál by Þórarinn EldjárnIllustration, 2014
Jerry Giraffe and the giant butter cookie by Maria ChristaniaIllustration, 2014
Kailash by Sue Yian QuekIllustration, 2014
Kaka un pavasaris by Andrus KivirähkIllustration, 2014
Kashtanka by Anton ChekhovIllustration & Albanian Translation, 2000; Illustration, 2014
Kāʾināt saqf al-ghurfah by Nabīhah MuḥaydalīIllustration, 2014
Lightning Jack by Glenda MillardIllustration, 2014
Medzi nami zvieratami by Viera BrunovskáIllustration, 2014
Močvirniki : zgodbe iz Zelene Dobrave by Barbara SimonitiIllustration, 2014
Mukhtar abu daneen kbar = Mukhtar with large ears by Sonia NimrIllustration, 2014
Nezadovoljna bubamara by Sunčana ŠkrinjarićIllustration, 2014
Nul is een raar getal by Henriette BoerendansIllustration, 2014
Nutcracker by E. T. A. HoffmannIllustration, 2014
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Pas le temps by Anne CrausazIllustration, 2014
Pasakos by Jacob GrimmIllustration, 2014
Riḥlah dānah by Ṣāliḥah GhābishIllustration, 2014
Rævefælden by Lilja ScherfigIllustration, 2014
Shinsekai e by Hiroshi AbeIllustration, 2014
Sleep Like a Tiger by Mary LogueIllustration, 2014
Sonnye tramvai by Осип МандельштамIllustration, 2014
Tinkertank by נורית זרחיIllustration, 2014
Die Ton-Angeber by Anna Czerwinska-RydelIllustration, 2014
Ule õue õunapuu : valimik eesti rahvajutte, -laule, mõistattusi ja vanasõnu by Erna NormannIllustration, 2014
V království mocných víl : pohádky paní d'Aulnoy by Madame d' AulnoyIllustration, 2014
Vanhan Rauman Kirsti by Annastiina MäkitaloIllustration, 2014
Virginia Wolf by Kyo MaclearIllustration, 2014
Vita streck och Öjvind by Sara LundbergIllustration, 2014
Wenn ich groß bin, werde ich Seehund: Vierfarbiges Bilderbuch by Nikolaus HeidelbachIllustration, 2014
Willy Puchners Welt der Farben by Willy PuchnerIllustration, 2014
The word witch : the magical verse of Margaret Mahy by Margaret MahyIllustration, 2014
Zezolla by Rodolfo CastroIllustration, 2014
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The Adventures of Tom Sawyer by Mark TwainBasque Translation, 2014
The Alchemaster's Apprentice by Walter MoersSlovene Translation, 2014
Un amigo para siempre by Marina ColasantiSpanish Translation, 2014
Bajki dla Idy by Mikołaj ŁozińskiLatvian Translation, 2014
The Big Yawn by Monika SpangArabic Translation, 2014
The Biggest Bear by Lynd WardFrench Translation, 2014
Croc and Bird by Alexis DeaconSpanish Translation, 2014
Dirt Road Home by Watt KeyGerman Translation, 2014
Findus and the Christmas Tomte by Sven NordqvistLithuanian Translation, 2014
Fish in the Sky by Fridrik ErlingsEnglish Translation, 2010; Greek Translation, 2014
Hai sǎ ne jucǎm by Natalʹi︠a︡ ChubRomanian Translation, 2014
Harvey by Herve BouchardEnglish Translation, 2014
In the Sea There Are Crocodiles by Fabio GedaEnglish Translation, 2014
The Invention of Hugo Cabret by Brian SelznickPortuguese Translation, 2010; Persian Translation, 2014
James and the Giant Peach by Roald DahlKhmer Translation, 2014
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Leo und das ganze Glück by Synne LeaDanish Translation, 2014
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The Longest Whale Song by Jacqueline WilsonIcelandic Translation, 2014
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Mishpaḥat ha-Muminim : ḥoref ḳasum by Tove JanssonHebrew Translation, 2014
Nasreddine by Odile WeulersseEnglish Translation, 2014
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Ogtorguid duilen odokh motort dugui by Minoru NasutaMongolian Translation, 2014
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The Paul Street Boys by Ferenc MolnárFinnish Translation, 2014
The Perks of Being a Wallflower by Stephen ChboskySpanish Translation, 2014
Le petit homme et Dieu by Kitty CrowtherDutch Translation, 2014
The Pull of the Ocean by Jean-Claude MourlevatSpanish Translation, 2014
The Red Bird by Astrid LindgrenArabic Translation, 2014
Remember that November by Jennifer BeckMaori Translation, 2014
Swallows and Amazons by Arthur RansomeJapanese Translation, 2014
Telephone Tales by Gianni RodariGalician Translation, 2014
Ten Little Caterpillars by Bill Martin Jr.Spanish Translation, 2014
This Is London by Miroslav SasekChinese Translation, 2014
The White Giraffe by Lauren St. JohnArabic Translation, 2014
Word Nerd by Susin NielsenFrench Translation, 2014
Zorgamazoo by Robert Paul WestonGerman Translation, 2014
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Orie by Lúcia HiratsukaBRAZIL (Portuguese), Writing, 2016
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The Unlikely Hero of Room 13B by Teresa TotenCANADA (English), Writing, 2016
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Mang yang by cao wen xuanCHINA (Chinese), Writing, 2016
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Ο Νικόλας και η Έλλη by Marina Michaēlidou-KadēCYPRUS (Greek), Writing, 2016
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Dig og mig ved daggry by Sanne Munk JensenDENMARK (Danish), Writing, 2016
Hon, sum róði eftir ælaboganum by Rakel HelmsdalDENMARK (Faroese), Writing, 2016
Last Night in Nuuk by Niviaq KorneliussenDENMARK (Greenlandic), Writing, 2016
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Laylat al-nār by Yaʻqūb ShārūnīEGYPT (Arabic), Writing, 2016
Gibraltari laevakoerte ühing by Juhani PüttseppESTONIA (Estonian), Writing, 2016
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Vesta-Linnéa i månskenet by Tove AppelgrenFINLAND (Swedish), Writing, 2016
Piglettes by Clementine BeauvaisFRANCE (French), Writing, 2016
Jenseits der blauen Grenze by Dorit LinkeGERMANY (German), Writing, 2016
Yennenga the Dagomba Princess by Eric BawahGHANA (English), Writing, 2016
To paliópaido by Αγγελική ΔαρλάσηGREECE (Greek), Writing, 2016
Istwa Martin Luther King by Joslin TwouyoHAITI (Creole), Writing, 2016
Le petit vendeur d’eau de Port-au-Prince by Charlotte Cadet VoltaireHAITI (French), Writing, 2016
Milyen madár by Árpád KollárHUNGARY (Hungarian), Writing, 2016
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Misteri kota tua by Yovita SiswatiINDONESIA (Indonesian), Writing, 2016
Arash (story Tyrandakhtn man storyteller) by Pejman RahimzadaIRAN (Persian), Writing, 2016
L'estate che conobbi il Che by Luigi GarlandoITALY (Italian), Writing, 2016
あたらしい子がきて by Jōko IwaseJAPAN (Japanese), Writing, 2016
Yepuedago Malhae Zweo by Sang-kyo LeeREPUBLIC OF KOREA (Korean), Writing, 2016
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Copii în cătuşele Siberiei: nuvelă documentară by Spiridon VangheliMOLDOVA (Romanian), Writing, 2016
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In nije heit by Thys WadmanNETHERLANDS (Frisian), Writing, 2016
Singing Home the Whale by Mandy HagerNEW ZEALAND (English), Writing, 2016
Odin's Child by Siri PettersenNORWAY (Norwegian), Writing, 2016
Amirah / qissat: Zakariya Muhammad ; rusumat: Ahmad al-Khalidi by Zakariya MuhammadPALESTINE (Arabic), Writing, 2016
Most nad Missisipi by Ewa PrzybylskaPOLAND (Polish), Writing, 2016
V gostiakh u klevera by Shevchenko A.RUSSIA (Russian), Writing, 2016
Wantwaye Umutima by Bizumuremyi FabriceRWANDA (Kinyarwanda), Writing, 2016
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Ropotarna by Peter SvetinaSLOVENIA (Slovenian), Writing, 2016
Uit by Fanie ViljoenSOUTH AFRICA (Afrikaans), Writing, 2016
Miscast by Charmaine KendalSOUTH AFRICA (English), Writing, 2016
Orkestra lurtarra by Harkaitz CanoSPAIN (Basque), Writing, 2016
Zona prohibida by David CiriciSPAIN (Catalan), Writing, 2016
Escarlatina la cocinera cadáver by Ledicia CostasSPAIN (Galician), Writing, 2016
Trampa para un pintor by María Isabel MolinaSPAIN (Spanish), Writing, 2016
The Murderer's Ape by Jakob WegeliusSWEDEN (Swedish), Writing, 2016
Autopsie d'un papillon by Jean-Noël SciariniSWITZERLAND (French), Writing, 2016
2 ½ Gespenster by Regina DürigSWITZERLAND (German), Writing, 2016
Mevzumuz derin by Ahmet BükeTURKEY (Turkish), Writing, 2016
Bāʾiʿ al-'āḥlām by Muhannad al- ʿĀqūṣUNITED ARAB EMIRATES (Arabic), Writing, 2016
Phoenix by SF SaidUNITED KINGDOM (English), Writing, 2016
Brown Girl Dreaming by Jacqueline WoodsonUSA (English), Writing, 2016
Cuentos a patadas by José UrriolaVENEZUELA (Spanish), Writing, 2016
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Qez hamar by Khachik HrachyanARMENIA, Illustration [Maran Hrachyan], 2016
Banjo and Ruby Red by Libby GleesonAUSTRALIA, Illustration [Freya Blackwood], 2016
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Ik denk by Toon TellegenBELGIUM, Illustration [Ingrid Godon], 2016
Os três ratos de Chantilly by Alexandre CamanhoBRAZIL, Illustration [Alexandre Camanho], 2016
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The Lion and the Bird by Marianne DubucCANADA, Illustration [Marianne Dubuc], 2016
Pajarario by Alejandra AcostaCHILE, Illustration [Alejandra Acosta], 2016
Don't play jump rope with frog by 彭懿CHINA, Illustration [Jiu’er], 2016
Emma y Juan by Amalia SatizábalCOLOMBIA, Illustration [Amalia Satizábal], 2016
Marino : o životu jednog brodića by Manuela Vladić-MaštrukoCROATIA, Illustration [Manuela Vladić-Maštruko], 2016
Ho arlekinos tēs Phengaropolēs by K. ChrysosCYPRUS, Illustration [George Gavriel], 2016
Ferdinande! by Robin KrálCZECH REPUBLIC, Illustration [Andrea Tachezy], 2016
The Wild Swans by Hans Christian AndersenDENMARK, Illustration [Lars Gabel], 2016
Mestre Wilson by Marco ChamorroECUADOR, Illustration [Marco Chamorro], 2016
Sanah fi Qana by Hadīl GhanīmEGYPT, Illustration [Yasser Gaessa], 2016
Unerong by Triin SoometsEstonia, Illustration [Anne Linnamägi], 2016
Koira nimeltään Kissa by Tomi KontioFINLAND, Illustration [Elina Warsta], 2016
Papa sur la lune by Adrien AlbertFRANCE, Illustration [Adrien Albert], 2016
Lindbergh: The Tale of a Flying Mouse by Torben KuhlmannGERMANY, Illustration [Torben Kuhlmann], 2016
Sto nēsi tēs rodīas by Manos KontoleōnGREECE, Illustration [Myrto Delivoria], 2016
Drôle de Ratutu ! by Clélie AupontHAITI, Illustration [Rodchield Lamothe], 2016
Adamik Zsolt, Hanga Réka féle bibedombi szörnyhatározó XXXVI. javított kiadás by Zsolt AdamikHUNGARY, Illustration [Réka Hanga], 2016
Skrímsla kisi by Vedis Jonsdottir,ICELAND, Illustration [Áslaug Jónsdóttir], 2016
Zal va Simurgh by Mustafá RahmandustIRAN, Illustration [Manali Manouchehri], 2016
Hardill lo ragill by Hagi BareketISRAEL, Illustration [Omer Hoffmann], 2016
Questo è un alce?: Is this a moose? by Andrea AntinoriITALY, Illustration [Andrea Antinori], 2016
Kibō no bokujō by Eto MoriJAPAN, Illustration [Hisanori Yoshida], 2016
7-yŏn tongan ŭi cham : Pak Wan-sŏ kŭrim tonghwa by Wan-sŏ PakREPUBLIC OF KOREA, Illustration [Se-hyun Kim], 2016
Grāmata Gundegai : dzejoļi ne tikai bērniem by Pēters BrūverisLATVIA, Illustration [Gundega Muzikante], 2016
Samakah ḥalamtu bi-hā by Ghaydā YamanLEBANON, Illustration [Simar Halwany], 2016
Skrisiu: [paveikslėlių knyga] by Ieva BabilaitėLITHUANIA, Illustration [Ieva Babilaitė], 2016
Jaguar, Corazón de la montaña by Ana Paula OjedaMEXICO, Illustration [Juan Palomino], 2016
În cămaşă de cireaşă by Arcadie SuceveanuMOLDOVA, Illustration [Stela Damaschin-Popa], 2016
Alice's Adventures in Wonderland / Through the Looking-Glass by Lewis CarrollNETHERLANDS, Illustration [Floor Rieder], 2016
The Boring Book by Vasanti UnkaNEW ZEALAND, Illustration [Vasanti Unka], 2016
Samira and the Skeletons by Camilla KuhnNORWAY, Illustration [Camilla Kuhn], 2016
Qittatu Nora by Obadah TaqlaPALESTINE, Illustration [Buthaina Abu al-Bandora], 2016
Listopad. Stichi russkich poėtov by Ivan BuninRUSSIA, Illustration [Nikolay Ustinov], 2016
Gira amatsiko by Roberta MilanesiRWANDA, Illustration [Roberta Milanesi], 2016
Kozliatka rozprávka o kozliatkach, ale neposlušných by Mária Rázusová-MartákováSLOVAKIA, Illustration [Vladimír Král], 2016
A Boy and a House by Maja KastelicSLOVENIA, Illustration [Maja Kastelic], 2016
Rhinocephants on the Roof by Marita Van der VyverSOUTH AFRICA, Illustration [Dale Blankenaar], 2016
Icaro by Francesco GucciniSPAIN, Illustration [Federico Delicado], 2016
Om detta talar man endast med kaniner by Anna HöglundSWEDEN, Illustration [Anna Höglund], 2016
My Little One by Germano ZulloSWITZERLAND, Illustration [Albertine], 2016
Piraye'nin bir günü by Arslan SaymanTURKEY, Illustration [Denlz Üçbaşaran], 2016
Hîna 'âftahou hadhâ al-kitâba / Lâ taftahî hadhâ al-kitâba by Fatima SharafeddineUNITED ARAB EMIRATES, Illustration [Fereshteh Najafi], 2016
The Promise by Nicola DaviesUNITED KINGDOM, Illustration [Laura Carlin], 2016
The Farmer and the Clown by Marla FrazeeUNITED STATES, Illustration [Marla Frazee], 2016
Taquititán de poemas (Spanish Edition) by VariosVENEZUELA, Illustration [Ana Palmero Cáceres], 2016
A Little Princess by Frances Hodgson BurnettARMENIA (Armenia), Translation [Alvard Jivanyan], 2016
Nine Open Arms by Benny LindelaufWriting, 2006; AUSTRALIA (English), Translation [John Nieuwenhuizen], 2016
My Name Is Parvana by Deborah EllisAUSTRIA (German), Translation [Brigitte Rapp], 2016
Boy Nobody by Allen ZadoffBELGIUM (Dutch), Translation [Margot van Hummel], 2016
My Aunt is a Pilot Whale by Anne ProvoostBELGIUM (French), Translation [Emmanuèle Sandron], 2016
Stefano by Maria Teresa AndruettoBRAZIL (Portuguese), Translation [Marina Colasanti], 2016
I'm Big Enough by Amber StewartCAMBODIA (Khmer), Translation [Panha Kreng], 2016
Jane, the Fox, and Me by Fanny BrittCANADA (English), Translation [Christelle Morelli & Susan Ouriou], 2016
Amor by Lowell A. SiffCHILE (Spanish), Translation [Mariana Saúl], 2016
Verso De No Sé Qué by VariosCOLOMBIA (Spanish), Translation [María del Sol Peralta], 2016
When I Was a Little Boy by Erich KästnerCROATIA (Croatian), Translation [Ivan Ott], 2016
Malé lalulá by Christian MorgensternCZECH REPUBLIC (Czech), Translation [Radek Malý], 2016
Den gamle mannen og hvalen by Stian HoleDENMARK (Danish), Translation [Naja Marie Aidt], 2016
Krokodil en Giraf, een paar apart by Daniela KulotEGYPT (Arabic), Translation [Abier Megahed], 2016
As Red as Blood by Salla SimukkaESTONIA (Estonian), Translation [Kadri Jaanits], 2016
The Girl Who Fell Beneath Fairyland and Led the Revels There by Catherynne M. ValenteFINLAND (Finnish), Translation [Sarianna Silvonen], 2016
Never Fall Down by Patricia McCormickFRANCE (French), Translation [Jean-François Ménard], 2016
Piedra, papel o tijera by Inés GarlandGERMANY (German), Translation [Ilse Layer], 2016
Wonder by R. J. PalacioGREEK (Greece), Translation [Marisa De Castro], 2016; SPAIN (Spanish), Translation [Diego de los Santos Domingo], 2016
La fille à la guitare = Yon fi, yon gita, yon vwa by Evelyne TrouillotHAITI (Creole), Translation [Evelyne Trouillot], 2016
The Robber Hotzenplotz by Otfried PreußlerHUNGARY (Hungarian), Translation [Lídia Nádori], 2016
Divergent by Veronica RothICELAND (Icelandic), Translation [Magnea J. Matthíasdóttir], 2016
The Scarecrow and His Servant by Philip PullmanIRAN (Persian), Translation [Farzad Farbod], 2016
Every Thing On It by Shel SilversteinISRAEL (Hebrew), Translation [Noam Partom], 2016
Het geluk komt als de donder by Guus KuijerITALY (Italian), Translation [Valentina Freschi], 2016
No Crystal Stair: A Documentary Novel of the Life and Work of Lewis Michaux, Harlem Bookseller by Vaunda Micheaux NelsonJAPAN (Japanese), Translation [Masaru Harada], 2016
Loveletterya, Butakhae! by Hyang-ok KoREPUBLIC OF KOREA (Korean), Translation [Hyang-ok Ko], 2016
Emma Glorija un sarkanā Ilgu grāmata by Henrika AnderssonLATVIA (Latvian), Translation [Mudīte Treimane], 2016
Charlie and the Chocolate Factory by Roald DahlLEBANON (Arabic), Translation [Marc Abboud & Dany Nasr], 2016
The Silver Donkey by Sonya HartnettLITHUANIA (Lithuanian), Translation [Viltaras Alksnėnas], 2016
Heroides by Publius Ovidius NasoMEXICO (Spanish), Translation [Darío Zárate Figueroa], 2016
Ovliin ulger by Zacharias TopeliusMONGOLIA (Mongolian), Translation [Ts. Sukhbaatar], 2016
The Bunker Diary by Kevin BrooksNETHERLANDS (Dutch), Translation [Jenny de Jonge], 2016
Detective Gordon: The First Case by Ulf NilssonNEW ZEALAND (English), Translation [Julia Marshall], 2016
Keys by Sacha CotterNEW ZEALAND (Te Reo Māori), Translation [Kawata Teepa], 2016
I'll Give You the Sun by Jandy NelsonNORWAY (Norwegian), Translation [Hilde Stubhaug], 2016
How Frog Went To Heaven by Aaron ShepardPALESTINE (Arabic), Translation [Wasim Kurdi], 2016
Semia 3 × 1 by Nóra MajorosRUSSIA (Russian), Translation [Tatiana Voronkina], 2016
Často si vymýšľam- že ma bolí škola, aby som nemusel ísť do žalúdka by Zvonimir BalogSLOVAKIA (Slovak), Translation [Alica Kulihová], 2016
Bog Child by Siobhán DowdSLOVENIA (Slovenian), Translation [Tina Mahkota], 2016
How to Train Your Dragon by Cressida CowellSOUTH AFRICA (Afrikaans), Translation [Kobus Geldenhuys], 2016
Stories Of Africa by Gcina MhlopheSOUTH AFRICA (isiXhosa), Translation [Sindiwe Magona], 2016
Baile le Moketa. Pale ya Dintja tse Pedi tse Thibaneng Ditsebe by Gerard SekotoSOUTH AFRICA (seSotho), Translation [Selloane Khosi], 2016
The Wind in the Willows by Kenneth GrahameSPAIN (Basque), Translation [Miren Arratibel], 2016
The Day My Father Became a Bush by Joke van LeeuwenSPAIN (Catalan), Translation [Gustau Raluy & Caroline de Jong], 2016
Me in the Middle by Ana Maria MachadoSPAIN (Galician), Translation [Ramón Nicolás], 2016
The Ocean at the End of the Lane by Neil GaimanSWEDEN (Swedish), Translation [Kristoffer Leandoer], 2016
Intergalactic Ed and the Space Pirates by Ella DentonUNITED ARAB EMIRATES (Arabic), Translation [Hagar Ali], 2016
Anton and Piranha by Milena BaischUNITED KINGDOM (English), Translation [Chantal Wright], 2016
Mikis and the Donkey by Bibi Dumon TakUNITED STATES (English), Translation [Laura Watkinson], 2016

Award description

The IBBY Honour List is a biennial selection of outstanding, recently published books, honouring writers, illustrators and translators from IBBY (International Board on Books for Young People) member countries. The IBBY Honour List is one of the most widespread and effective ways of furthering IBBY's objective of encouraging international understanding through children's literature.

[1998 and earlier known to be incomplete; 2000 forward believed complete but unverified. Details of country/language/translator name should be added].


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