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Book awards: Library of Congress Children's Literature Center Best Children's Book

Book awards by cover

Works (512)

666 Jellybeans! All That?: An Introduction to Algebra by Malcolm E. Weiss1964-1978
About Wise Men and Simpletons: Twelve Tales from Grimm by Elizabeth Shub1964-1978
Absolute Zero by Helen Cresswell1964-1978
Abu Ali: Three Tales of the Middle East by Dorothy O. VanWoerkom1964-1978
Across Five Aprils by Irene Hunt1964-1978
Adventures in Space and Time: The Story of Relativity by Herbert Kondo1964-1978
African Rhythm--American Dance: A Biography of Katherine Dunham by Terry Harnan1964-1978
African success story: the Ivory Coast by Marc Bernheim1964-1978
Against Time! by Roderic Jeffries1964-1978
Alan and Naomi by Myron Levoy1964-1978
Albert's Toothache by Barbara Williams1964-1978
Alcoholism by Alvin Silverstein1964-1978
All Day Long: Fifty Rhymes of the Never Was and Always Is by David McCord1964-1978
All-of-a-Kind Family Downtown by Sydney Taylor1964-1978
I am a stranger on the earth : the story of Vincent Van Gogh by Arnold Dobrin1964-1978
I am David by Anne Holm1964-1978
I Am Not a Short Adult!: Getting Good at Being a Kid (A Brown Paper School Book) by Marilyn Burns1964-1978
I Am the Cheese by Robert Cormier1964-1978
I Am the Darker Brother: An Anthology of Modern Poems by African Americans by Arnold Adoff1964-1978
The Amazing Dandelion by Millicent E. Selsam1964-1978
The amazing seeds by Ross E. Hutchins1964-1978
Amelia Mixed the Mustard and Other Poems by Evaline Ness1964-1978
American Indian Habitats: How to Make Dwelling and Shelters with Natural Materials by Nancy Simon1964-1978
American painter in Paris; a life of Mary Cassatt by Ellen Janet (Cameron) Wilson1964-1978
And I Mean It, Stanley by Crosby Bonsall1964-1978
Andrew Jackson by Margaret L. Coit1964-1978
Angles Are Easy As Pie (Youth Math Books) by Robert Froman1964-1978
Animal and plant life spans by Alice Lightner Hopf1964-1978
Animal movers; a collection of ecological surprises by George Laycock1964-1978
Animals on the Farm by Feodor Rojankovsky1964-1978
Animals That Frighten People: Fact Versus Myth by Dorothy Edwards Shuttlesworth1964-1978
Animals that Hide, Imitate, and Bluff by Lilo Hess1964-1978
Anna by E. M. Almedingen1964-1978
Annerton Pit by Peter Dickinson1964-1978
Annie and the Old One by Miska Miles1964-1978
Arabel's Raven by Joan Aiken1964-1978
The Archaeology of Minoan Crete (Walck Archaeology) by Reynold Alleyne Higgins1964-1978
Arilla Sun Down by Virginia Hamilton1964-1978
Arrow to the Sun: A Pueblo Indian Tale by Gerald McDermott1964-1978
The Art of Ancient Peru1964-1978
The Art of China by Shirley Glubok1964-1978
The art of Japan by Shirley Glubok1964-1978
Arthur's Honey Bear by Lillian Hoban1964-1978
Arthur's Pen Pal by Lillian Hoban1964-1978
Ash Road by Ivan Southall1964-1978
D'Aulaires' Book of Norse Myths by Ingri d'Aulaire1964-1978
D'Aulaires' Trolls by Ingri d'Aulaire1964-1978
The Ballooning Adventures of Paddy Pork by John S. Goodall1964-1978
The Bat by Nina Leen1964-1978
Beat the Turtle Drum by Constance C. Greene1964-1978
Beauty by Robin McKinley1964-1978
Because of a flower by Lorus Johnson Milne1964-1978
Bel Ria by Sheila Burnford1964-1978
The Best Christmas Pageant Ever by Barbara Robinson1964-1978
Best of Childrens Books 1964-1978: With 1979 Addenda by Virginia Haviland1964-1978
Beyond Earth: The Search for Extraterrestrial Life by Roy A. Gallant1964-1978
Big Yellow Balloon1964-1978
Bilgewater by Jane Gardam1964-1978
A Billion For Boris by Mary Rodgers1964-1978
Birth of a Foal (Carolrhoda Nature Watch Book) by Hans-Heinrich Isenbart1964-1978
Birth of a Forest by Millicent E. Selsam1964-1978
The Black Cauldron by Lloyd Alexander1964-1978
Black Hearts in Battersea by Joan Aiken1964-1978
Black Images: The Art of West Africa by Penelope Naylor1964-1978
The Black Pearl by Scott O'Dell1964-1978
Blood Feud by Rosemary Sutcliff1964-1978
The Blue Hawk by Peter Dickinson1964-1978
The Blue Whale by Kazue Mizumura1964-1978
Bobo's Dream by Martha Alexander1964-1978
The Bongleweed by Helen Cresswell1964-1978
The Boy Who Didn't Believe in Spring by Lucille Clifton1964-1978
A Boy, a Dog, and a Frog by Mercer Mayer1964-1978
Brave Eagle's Account of the Fetterman Fight by Paul Goble1964-1978
Bridge to Terabithia by Katherine Paterson1964-1978
Bright Candles: A Novel of the Danish Resistance by Nathaniel Benchley1964-1978
Bulbs, Corms, and Such by Millicent E. Selsam1964-1978
The Bushbaby by William Stevenson1964-1978
The Cabinetmakers by Leonard Everett Fisher1964-1978
Can I Keep Him? by Steven Kellogg1964-1978
Candles for Beginners to Make by Alice Thompson Gilbreath1964-1978
Candles for Beginners to Make by Alice Thompson Gilbreath1964-1978
Casey at the Bat: A Ballad of the Republic Sung in the Year 1888 by Ernest L. Thayer1964-1978
Castle by David Macaulay1964-1978
A Castle of Bone by Penelope Farmer1964-1978
The Castle of Llyr by Lloyd Alexander1964-1978
Cat in the Mirror by Mary Stolz1964-1978
Cathedral: The Story of Its Construction by David Macaulay1964-1978
Cats : all about them by Alvin Silverstein1964-1978
Cats and Bats and Things With Wings by Conrad Aiken1964-1978
Caves and Life by Herbert Spencer Zim1964-1978
The Cay by Theodore Taylor1964-1978
Ceramics: from clay to kiln by Harvey Weiss1964-1978
The Champion of Merrimack County by Roger Wolcott Drury1964-1978
Charles Darwin and Natural Selection by Alice Dickinson1964-1978
The Chess Book by Jane Sarnoff1964-1978
Child of the Owl by Laurence Yep1964-1978
A Child's Calendar by John Updike1964-1978
Children of the Fox by Jill Paton Walsh1964-1978
Chinese writing: An introduction by Diane Wolff1964-1978
Chipmunks on the Doorstep by Edwin Tunis1964-1978
Christmas All Around the House: Traditional Decorations You Can Make by Florence Harvey Pettit1964-1978
Christmas Crafts: Things to Make the 24 Days Before Christmas by Carolyn Meyer1964-1978
City of Birds and Beasts: Behind the Scenes at the Bronx Zoo by Jack Denton Scott1964-1978
City rocks, city blocks and the moon by Edward Gallob1964-1978
City: A Story of Roman Planning and Construction by David Macaulay1964-1978
Clean Air - Sparkling water by Dorothy Edwards Shuttlesworth1964-1978
The Clown of God by Tomie DePaola1964-1978
The Code and Cipher Book by Jane Sarnoff1964-1978
Cold against disease by Lucy Kavaler1964-1978
Collage and construction by Harvey Weiss1964-1978
Collecting Small Fossils by Lois Jackson Hussey1964-1978
Colonial Crafts for You to Make by Janet D'Amato1964-1978
Colonial craftsmen and the beginnings of American industry by Edwin Tunis1964-1978
The Color of Man by Robert Carl Cohen1964-1978
Come Away From The Water, Shirley by John Burningham1964-1978
The Contender by Robert Lipsyte1964-1978
Count and See by Tana Hoban1964-1978
Cricket Boy: A Chinese Tale by Feenie Ziner1964-1978
Cricket Songs: Japanese Haiku by Harry Behn1964-1978
Cupid and Psyche: A Love Story by Edna Barth1964-1978
The Curious Raccoons by Lilo Hess1964-1978
The Dam Builders by James E. Kelly1964-1978
The Dancing Bear by Peter Dickinson1964-1978
Dandelion by Don Freeman1964-1978
Dandelion, Pokeweed and Goosefoot Sct by Elizabeth Schaeffer1964-1978
Dangerous air by Lucy Kavaler1964-1978
Death is a noun; a view of the end of life by John Langone1964-1978
The Devil in Vienna by Doris Orgel1964-1978
The Devil's Storybook by Natalie Babbitt1964-1978
The diatoms: A photomicrographic book by G. W. Prescott1964-1978
Dinner at Alberta's by Russell Hoban1964-1978
Dinosaur Time by Peggy Parish1964-1978
The Discontented Ghost by Scott Corbett1964-1978
Discovering nature indoors; a nature and science guide to investigations with small animals by Laurence Pringle1964-1978
Dogsbody by Diana Wynne Jones1964-1978
Dollhouse Magic by P. K. Roche1964-1978
Dorrie's Book by Marilyn Sachs1964-1978
Dragonsong by Anne McCaffrey1964-1978
Dragonwings by Laurence Yep1964-1978
Drakestail (Greenwillow read-alone) by Jan Wahl1964-1978
Drummer Hoff by Barbara Emberley1964-1978
Early Thunder by Jean Fritz1964-1978
Earthfasts by William Mayne1964-1978
Ed Emberley's Drawing Book of Animals by Ed Emberley1964-1978
The Edge of Next Year by Mary Stolz1964-1978
Egyptian Hieroglyphs for Everyone: An Introduction to the Writing of Ancient Egypt by Joseph and Lenore Scott1964-1978
Elidor by Alan Garner1964-1978
The Empty Chair by Bess Kaplan1964-1978
Escape To Freedom: A Play About Young Frederick Douglass (Puffin books) by Ossie Davis1964-1978
Eskimo Crafts and Their Cultural Backgrounds1964-1978
Far Out the Long Canal by Meindert DeJong1964-1978
The Farthest Shore by Ursula K. Le Guin1964-1978
The Fat Cat: A Danish Folktale by Jack Kent1964-1978
Fat Men From Space by Daniel Manus Pinkwater1964-1978
Father Fox's Pennyrhymes by Clyde Watson1964-1978
Favorite Fairy Tales Told in Japan by Virginia Haviland1964-1978
Festivals for You to Celebrate by Susan Gold Purdy1964-1978
Figgie Hobbin by Charles Causley1964-1978
The Fireside Book of Children's Songs by Marie Winn1964-1978
Fireweed by Jill Paton Walsh1964-1978
The First Book of Puerto Rico by Antonio J. Colorado1964-1978
The First Book of Terrariums by John Hoke1964-1978
The First Book of Turtles and Their Care by John Hoke1964-1978
The First Morning: An African Myth by Margery Bernstein1964-1978
A flock of words; an anthology of poetry for children and others by David Mackay1964-1978
Fly Away Home by Christine Nöstlinger1964-1978
Flying to the Moon: An Astronaut's Story by Michael Collins1964-1978
Fog by Mildred Lee1964-1978
The four clever brothers by Jacob Grimm1964-1978
Four Women in a Violent Time: Anne Hutchinson (1591-1643), Mary Dyer (1591?-1660), Lady Deborah Moody (1600-1659), Penelope Stout (1622-1732) by Deborah Crawford1964-1978
Fourteen hundred cowries, and other African tales by Abayomi Fuja1964-1978
Freaky Friday by Mary Rodgers1964-1978
Frog and Toad Are Friends by Arnold Lobel1964-1978
Frogs, Toads, Salamanders and How They Reproduce by Dorothy Hinshaw Patent1964-1978
From Anna by Jean Little1964-1978
From Petals to Pinecones: A Nature Art and Craft Book1964-1978
Fun With Crewel Embroidery by Erica Wilson1964-1978
Funny Bags by Betsy Pflug1964-1978
The Funny Little Woman by Arlene Mosel1964-1978
The Funny Side of Science, by Melvin Berger1964-1978
Games and How to Play Them by Anne F. Rockwell1964-1978
Gandhi, by Olivia E. Coolidge1964-1978
Gentle Ben by Walt Morey1964-1978
George and Martha Encore by James Marshall1964-1978
The Ghost Belonged to Me by Richard Peck1964-1978
Ghosts I Have Been by Richard Peck1964-1978
Giraffe: The Silent Giant by Miriam Schlein1964-1978
A Girl Called Al by Constance C. Greene1964-1978
The Girl Who Loved the Wind by Jane Yolen1964-1978
The Girl Who Married a Ghost and Other Tales from the North American Indian by Edward S. Curtis1964-1978
Granfa' Grig Had a Pig and Other Rhymes Without Reason by Wallace Tripp1964-1978
Graph Games, (Young Math Books) by Frederique Papy1964-1978
A Great Aquarium Book by Jane Sarnoff1964-1978
The Great Gilly Hopkins by Katherine Paterson1964-1978
The Great Houdini by Anne Edwards1964-1978
Great Song Book by Timothy John1964-1978
Gregory Griggs and Other Nursery Rhyme People by Arnold Lobel1964-1978
The Grouchy Ladybug by Eric Carle1964-1978
Hand puppets; how to make and use them by Laura Ross1964-1978
Handtalk by Remy Charlip1964-1978
Harlequin Moth: Its Life Story by Millicent E. Selsam1964-1978
Harriet the Spy by Louise Fitzhugh1964-1978
The Haunted Mountain by Mollie Hunter1964-1978
I Have a Sister, My Sister is Deaf by Jeanne Whitehouse Peterson1964-1978
Hawk, I'm Your Brother by Byrd Baylor1964-1978
The Hawks of Chelney by Adrienne Jones1964-1978
The Headless Cupid by Zilpha Keatley Snyder1964-1978
Hearts, Cupids and Red Roses by Edna Barth1964-1978
Hector Protector and As I Went Over the Water: Two Nursery Rhymes by Maurice Sendak1964-1978
Henry Reed's Baby-Sitting Service by Keith Robertson1964-1978
Henry Reed's Big Show by Keith Robertson1964-1978
Henry the Explorer by Mark Taylor1964-1978
Heritage Sampler by Hoople1964-1978
The Heritage Sampler: A Book of Colonial Arts & Crafts by Cheryl G. Hoople1964-1978
Higglety Pigglety Pop!: Or There Must Be More to Life by Maurice Sendak1964-1978
Hildilid's Night by Cheli Durán Ryan1964-1978
The Hoboken Chicken Emergency by Daniel Pinkwater1964-1978
Hopkins of the Mayflower: Portrait of a Dissenter by Margaret Hodges1964-1978
House Mouse by David Thompson1964-1978
The House of Dies Drear by Virginia Hamilton1964-1978
The House with a Clock in Its Walls by John Bellairs1964-1978
How Djadja-Em-Ankh Saved the Day: A Tale from Ancient Egypt by Lise Manniche1964-1978
How Life Began: Creation versus Evolution by Roy A. Gallant1964-1978
How Many Miles to Babylon? by Paula Fox1964-1978
How to Count Like a Martian by Glory St. John1964-1978
How to Make Your Own Book. by Harvey Weiss1964-1978
How to run a railroad: Everything you need to know about model trains by Harvey Weiss1964-1978
How Tom Beat Captain Najork and His Hired Sportsmen by Russell Hoban1964-1978
Human Engineering, Marvel or Menace? by John Langone1964-1978
The Hundred Penny Box by Sharon Bell Mathis1964-1978
Hunted Mammals of the Sea by Robert M. McClung1964-1978
Hush, Little Baby by Margot Zemach1964-1978
I, Charlotte Forten, Black and Free by Polly Longsworth1964-1978
In the Night Kitchen by Maurice Sendak1964-1978
Incident at Hawk's Hill by Allan W. Eckert1964-1978
Inside Jazz by Graham Collier1964-1978
Instructor's Manual/Test Bank to Accompany Exploring Teaching1964-1978
The Iron Man by Ted Hughes1964-1978
It Ain't All for Nothin' by Walter Dean Myers1964-1978
It Could Always Be Worse: A Yiddish Folk Tale by Margot Zemach1964-1978
It Doesn't Always Have to Rhyme by Eve Merriam1964-1978
It's Halloween by Jack Prelutsky1964-1978
It's Raining Said John Twaining: Danish Nursery Rhymes (Aladdin Books) by N. M. Bodecker1964-1978
Jambo Means Hello: Swahili Alphabet Book by Muriel Feelings1964-1978
Jeff's Hospital Book by Harriet Langsam Sobol1964-1978
Jennifer, Hecate, Macbeth, William McKinley, and Me, Elizabeth by E. L. Konigsburg1964-1978
Jim Bridger's Alarm Clock and Other Tall Tales by Sid Fleischman1964-1978
Jingo Django by Sid Fleischman1964-1978
The Journey Back by Johanna Reiss1964-1978
Julie of the Wolves by Jean Craighead George1964-1978
Just Me by Marie Hall Ets1964-1978
Kavik the Wolf Dog by Walt Morey1964-1978
Keeping the Plants You Pick by Laura Louise Foster1964-1978
The Kentucky Thoroughbred by Kent Hollingsworth1964-1978
Kid's dog : a rapid training method for boys and girls by Richard A. Wolters1964-1978
Kids Indoor Gardening by Aileen Paul1964-1978
Killer Whales by Seymour Simon1964-1978
King Grisly-Beard by Maurice Sendak1964-1978
King Rooster, Queen Hen by Anita Lobel1964-1978
The King's Fifth by Scott O'Dell1964-1978
Kings, Queens, Knights, and Jesters: Making Medieval Costumes by Lynn Edelman Schnurnberger1964-1978
The Knee-high Man and Other Tales by Julius Lester1964-1978
Kneeknock Rise by Natalie Babbitt1964-1978
I Know You, Al by Constance C. Greene1964-1978
Ladybug, Ladybug, Fly Away Home by Judy Hawes1964-1978
The Last Elizabethan: A Portrait of Sir Walter Raleigh by Constance Heaven1964-1978
The Laura Ingalls Wilder Songbook: Favorite Songs from the Little House Books by Eugenia Garson1964-1978
Lazy Blackbird and Other Verses by Jack Prelutsky1964-1978
Less Than Nothing Is Really Something by Robert Froman1964-1978
Let's Celebrate: Holiday Decorations You Can Make (Greenwillow Read-Alone) by Peggy Parish1964-1978
Let's celebrate: Holiday decorations you can make (Greenwillow read-alone) by Peggy Parish1964-1978
Let's Get Turtles by Millicent E. Selsam1964-1978
Let's Make Jam by Hannah Lyons Johnson1964-1978
Life and Times of Frederick Douglass by Frederick Douglass1964-1978
Life in a Bucket of Soil by Rhine Richard1964-1978
Life in a drop of water by George I. Schwartz1964-1978
The Light Princess by George MacDonald1964-1978
Listen to the Crows by Laurence P. Pringle1964-1978
The Little Fishes by Erik Christian Haugaard1964-1978
Little Sister and the Month Brothers by Beatrice Schenk de Regniers1964-1978
Lone Bull's Horse Raid by Paul Goble1964-1978
Long Journey Home by Julius Lester1964-1978
A Look at Ants by Ross E. Hutchins1964-1978
Look What I Can Do by Jose Aruego1964-1978
Looking at architecture by Roberta M. Paine1964-1978
Looking at Art by Alice Elizabeth Chase1964-1978
The Loon's Necklace by William Toye1964-1978
Lost Wild America: The Story of Our Extinct and Vanishing Wildlife by Robert M. McClung1964-1978
Lost Wild Worlds: The Story of Extinct and Vanishing Wildlife of the Eastern Hemisphere by Robert M. McClung1964-1978
Ludell and Willie by Brenda Scott Wilkinson1964-1978
Lullabies and Night Songs by Alec Wilder1964-1978
Lysbet and the Fire Kittens by Marietta Moskin1964-1978
Machines by Anne F. Rockwell1964-1978
Made in West Africa by Christine Price1964-1978
The Magic Stone by Leonie Kooiker1964-1978
The Magician by Uri Shulevitz1964-1978
Malcolm X by Arnold Adoff1964-1978
Marv by Marilyn Sachs1964-1978
Mary McLeod Bethune by Eloise Greenfield1964-1978
Mask-Making With Pantomime and Stories from American History by Laura Ross1964-1978
May I Bring a Friend? by Beatrice de Regniers1964-1978
The Mean Old Mean Hyena by Jack Prelutsky1964-1978
Measure With Metric by Franklyn M. Branley1964-1978
Meat Pies and Sausages: Three Tales of Fox and Wolf by Dorothy O. Van Woerkom1964-1978
The Midnight Fox by Betsy Byars1964-1978
Midnight Is a Place by Joan Aiken1964-1978
Mimosa: The Sensitive Plant by Millicent E. Selsam1964-1978
Model Theatres and How to Make Them by Alan J. Allport1964-1978
Models of America's past and how to make them by C. J. Maginley1964-1978
The monster riddle book by Jane Sarnoff1964-1978
Moominvalley in November by Tove Jansson1964-1978
Moonbear by Frank Asch1964-1978
Mother Goose in French (Poesies de la Vraie Mere Oie) by Barbara Cooney1964-1978
The Mother Goose Treasury by Raymond Briggs1964-1978
Motors and engines and how they work by Harvey Weiss1964-1978
Museum people: Collectors and keepers at the Smithsonian by Peggy Thomson1964-1978
Mushroom in the Rain by Mirra Ginsburg1964-1978
Musical instruments of Africa; their nature, use, and place in the life of a deeply musical people by Betty Warner Dietz1964-1978
My Brother Sam is Dead by James Lincoln Collier1964-1978
My Day on the Farm by Chiyoko Nakatani1964-1978
My Kind of Verse by John Smith1964-1978
The mystery of masks by Christine Price1964-1978
Naomi by Berniece Rabe1964-1978
The Nargun and the Stars by Patricia Wrightson1964-1978
Natural and Synthetic Poisons by Gail Kay Haines1964-1978
A Natural History of Giraffes by Dorcas MacClintock1964-1978
The Natural Snack Cookbook: 151 Good Things to Eat by Jill Pinkwater1964-1978
Nature's World Records by John R. Quinn1964-1978
A Necklace of Raindrops and Other Stories by Joan Aiken1964-1978
The New Food Book: Nutrition, Diet, Consumer Tips, and Foods of the Future by Melvin Berger1964-1978
New Trail Blazers of Technology by Harland Frank Manchester1964-1978
No Way of Telling by Emma Smith1964-1978
Nobody Asked Me If I Wanted a Baby Sister by Martha Alexander1964-1978
Nobody is Perfick by Bernard Waber1964-1978
Nuclear Energy (First Book) by Daniel Stephen Halacy1964-1978
Of Love and Death and Other Journeys (Republished as: Ask no questions) by Isabelle Holland1964-1978
Of quarks, quasars, and other quirks: Quizzical poems for the supersonic age by Sara Westbrook Brewton1964-1978
Oh, Lizzie! the Life of Elizabeth Cady Stanton by Doris Faber1964-1978
Old Mother Hubbard and Her Dog by Sarah Catherine Martin1964-1978
The Old Woman who lived in a Vinegar Bottle by Rumer Godden1964-1978
On Christmas Day by Mervyn Horder1964-1978
One Fat Summer (Ursula Nordstrom Book) by Robert Lipsyte1964-1978
One Wide, River to Cross by Barbara Emberley1964-1978
The Only Earth We Have by Laurence Pringle1964-1978
The opossum by Kazue Mizumura1964-1978
Our Hungry Earth: The World Food Crisis by Laurence P. Pringle1964-1978
I Own the Racecourse by Patricia Wrightson1964-1978
Ox of the Wonderful Horns, The: And Other African Folktales by Ashley Bryan1964-1978
Paint, brush, and palette by Harvey Weiss1964-1978
The Pancake by Anita Lobel1964-1978
Partners, Guests and by Hilda Simon1964-1978
A partnership of mind and body, biofeedback by Larry Kettelkamp1964-1978
Passover by Howard Greenfeld1964-1978
Pennington's Seventeenth Summer by K. M. Peyton1964-1978
The Peregrine Falcons by Alice Schick1964-1978
Perez and Martina by Pura Belpre1964-1978
Perplexing Puzzles and Tantalizing Teasers by Martin Gardner1964-1978
Pests and people; the search for sensible pest control by Laurence P. Pringle1964-1978
Pet Show! by Ezra Jack Keats1964-1978
Peter and Veronica by Marilyn Sachs1964-1978
Peter Pitseolak's Escape from by Peter Pitseolak1964-1978
Philip Hall Likes Me. I Reckon Maybe. by Bette Greene1964-1978
The Piggy in the Puddle by Charlotte Pomerantz1964-1978
The Planet of Junior Brown by Virginia Hamilton1964-1978
Play It in Spanish; Spanish Games and Folk Songs for Children. by Mariana Beeching De Prieto1964-1978
Please Don't Go by Peggy Woodford1964-1978
A Pocketful of Cricket by Rebecca Caudill1964-1978
Pocketful of Riddles by William Wiesner1964-1978
A Poison Tree and Other Poems by Mercer Mayer1964-1978
Popcorn by Millicent E. Selsam1964-1978
Probability by Charles F. Linn1964-1978
The Puffin Book of Improbable Records (Young Puffin Books) by Quentin Blake1964-1978
Push, Pull, Empty, Full: a Book of Opposites by Tana Hoban1964-1978
The queen of Eene by Jack Prelutsky1964-1978
Queenie Peavy by Robert Burch1964-1978
Rabbits: all about them by Alvin Silverstein1964-1978
Rain Rain Rivers by Uri Shulevitz1964-1978
Ramona and Her Father by Beverly Cleary1964-1978
Rats and mice; friends and foes of man by Alvin Silverstein1964-1978
The Real Thief by William Steig1964-1978
Recipes for Art and Craft Materials by Helen Roney Sattler1964-1978
Reflections on a Gift of Watermelon Pickle by Stephen Dunning1964-1978
Reptiles (An Easy-Read Fact Book) by Susan Harris1964-1978
Ring Out! A Book of Bells by Jane Yolen1964-1978
Ring the Judas Bell by James D. Forman1964-1978
Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry by Mildred D. Taylor1964-1978
Room for Me and a Mountain Lion: Poetry of Open Spaces by Nancy Larrick1964-1978
A Room Made of Windows by Eleanor Cameron1964-1978
Room Made of Windows1964-1978
Rosie's Walk by Pat Hutchins1964-1978
Round About and Long Ago; Tales from the English Counties,: Tales from the English Counties by Eileen H. Colwell1964-1978
Rounds About Rounds by Jane Yolen1964-1978
Salt by Harve Zemach1964-1978
Scaly wings; a book about moths and their caterpillars by Ross E. Hutchins1964-1978
Science Art and Visual Illusions by Robert Froman1964-1978
The Scroobious Pip by Edward Lear1964-1978
Seahorse (A Science I can read book) by Robert A. Morris1964-1978
Secret of the Sachem's Tree by F. N. Monjo1964-1978
The Secret Three by Mildred Myrick1964-1978
The Seeing Eye. by Victor B. Scheffer1964-1978
Seeing Red by Roger Ormerod1964-1978
Shamrocks, Harps, and Shillelaghs: The Story of the St. Patrick's Day Symbols by Edna Barth1964-1978
Shaw's Fortune: The Picture Story of a Colonial Plantation by Edwin Tunis1964-1978
Shawn Goes to School by Petronella Breinburg1964-1978
The Shrinking of Treehorn by Florence Parry Heide1964-1978
The Sidewalk Racer, and Other Poems of Sports and Motion by Lillian Morrison1964-1978
Signs and Symbols Around the World by Elizabeth S. Helfman1964-1978
Signs and symbols of the sun by Elizabeth S. Helfman1964-1978
The Simple Facts of Simple Machines by Elizabeth James1964-1978
Sing Down the Moon by Scott O'Dell1964-1978
Skating Rink1964-1978
Slake's Limbo by Felice Holman1964-1978
Slavery 1 by Meltzer1964-1978
Slumps, Grunts, and Snickerdoodles: What Colonial America Ate and Why by Lila Perl1964-1978
Small Poems by Valerie Worth1964-1978
Small Wolf by Nathaniel Benchley1964-1978
Small Worlds Close Up by Lisa Grillone1964-1978
Smith by Leon Garfield1964-1978
A snake-lover's diary by Barbara Brenner1964-1978
Snakes by Nina Leen1964-1978
Snakes: The Facts and the Folklore by Hilda Simon1964-1978
Snow-White and the Seven Dwarfs by Jacob Grimm1964-1978
The Snowman by Raymond Briggs1964-1978
Song of the Boat by Lorenz B. Graham1964-1978
Songs and Stories from Uganda by W. Moses Serwadda1964-1978
A Sound of Chariots by Mollie Hunter1964-1978
A Special Bravery by Johanna Johnston1964-1978
The Spider's Web by Oxford Scientific Films1964-1978
Squirrels by George Laycock1964-1978
Stanley and Rhoda by Rosemary Wells1964-1978
The Star-Spangled Banner by Peter Spier1964-1978
The Stones of Green Knowe by L. M. Boston1964-1978
The Story of Edward by Philippe Dumas1964-1978
Strange Intruder by A. Catherall1964-1978
A Stranger Came Ashore by Mollie Hunter1964-1978
Strega Nona by Tomie DePaola1964-1978
Striped Ice Cream! by Joan M. Lexau1964-1978
Sumi's Prize by Yoshiko Uchida1964-1978
Summer of My German Soldier by Bette Greene1964-1978
The Summer People by John Rowe Townsend1964-1978
The Surprise Picnic by John S. Goodall1964-1978
Sweetly Sings the Donkey: Animal Rounds for Children to Sing or Play on Recorders by John Langstaff1964-1978
A Swiftly Tilting Planet by Madeleine L'Engle1964-1978
The Tailypo: A Ghost Story (Paul Galdone Classics) by Joanna C. Galdone1964-1978
Taking Root: Jewish Immigrants in America by Milton Meltzer1964-1978
Talking Hands: Indian Sign Language by Aline Amon1964-1978
The Tanners by Leonard Everett Fisher1964-1978
Taran Wanderer by Lloyd Alexander1964-1978
The Tavern at the Ferry by Edwin Tunis1964-1978
Teacup Full of Roses by Sharon Bell Mathis1964-1978
Teddy Bear Habit or How to Become a Winner by James Lincoln Collier1964-1978
Teddy Bears 1 to 101964-1978
They Put on Masks by Byrd Baylor1964-1978
This Star Shall Abide by Sylvia Engdahl1964-1978
This Time, Tempe Wick? by Patricia Lee Gauch1964-1978
I Thought I Heard the City by Lilian Moore1964-1978
Tikta'liktak: An Inuit-Eskimo Legend by James A. Houston1964-1978
To Be a Slave by Julius Lester1964-1978
A Toad for Tuesday by Russell E. Erickson1964-1978
Tom Paine Revolutionary by Olivia Coolidge1964-1978
The Tomato and Other Fruit Vegetables by Millicent Selsam1964-1978
Toolchest by Jan Adkins1964-1978
Topsy-Turvies: Pictures to Stretch the Imagination by Mitsumasa Anno1964-1978
Transport 7-41-R by Terry Degens1964-1978
Trial Valley by Vera Cleaver1964-1978
The Trumpet of the Swan by E. B. White1964-1978
Two on an Island by Bianca Bradbury1964-1978
Two piano tuners by M. B. Goffstein1964-1978
The Ugly Duckling by Hans Christian Andersen1964-1978
Underground by David Macaulay1964-1978
Undersea vehicles and habitats; the peaceful uses of the ocean by Frank Ross1964-1978
The Upstairs Room by Johanna Reiss1964-1978
V.D by Eric W. Johnson1964-1978
Very Far Away from Anywhere Else by Ursula K. Le Guin1964-1978
A Very Young Gymnast by Jill Krementz1964-1978
A Very Young Rider by Jill Krementz1964-1978
The View From the Cherry Tree by Willo Davis Roberts1964-1978
The View from the Oak: The Private Worlds of Other Creatures by Judith Kohl1964-1978
I Was All Thumbs by Bernard Waber1964-1978
Watch It Grow Watch It Change by Joan Elma Rahn1964-1978
West from Home: Letters of Laura Ingalls Wilder, San Francisco, 1915 by Laura Ingalls Wilder1964-1978
What a Wonderful Bird the Frog Are by Myra Cohn Livingston1964-1978
What's going to happen to me?: When parents separate or divorce by Eda J. LeShan1964-1978
Wheels, Scoops and Buckets by Elizabeth S. Helfman1964-1978
When Clay Sings by Byrd Baylor1964-1978
When Hitler Stole Pink Rabbit by Judith Kerr1964-1978
Where the Lilies Bloom by Vera Cleaver1964-1978
Where Was Patrick Henry on the 29th of May? by Jean Fritz1964-1978
The White Archer by James Houston1964-1978
Who Said Meow? by Maria Polushkin1964-1978
Why Don't You Get a Horse, Sam Adams? by Jean Fritz1964-1978
Why Frogs Are Wet by Judy Hawes1964-1978
Why Mosquitoes Buzz in People's Ears by Verna Aardema1964-1978
Why We Do What We Do: A Look at Psychology by Elizabeth Hall1964-1978
The Wicked One by Mollie Hunter1964-1978
The wild horse gatherers by Alden Robertson1964-1978
Wild Horses of the Red Desert by Glen Rounds1964-1978
Wild Orphan Babies: Mammals and Birds : Caring for Them and Setting Them Free (Holt Owlet) by William J. Weber1964-1978
Winning by Robin F. Brancato1964-1978
Witch of 4th Street: And Other Stories by Myron Levoy1964-1978
With a Deep Sea Smile: Story Hour Stretches for Large or Small Groups by Virginia A. Tashjian1964-1978
The wolf by Michael W. Fox1964-1978
Wolfie by Janet Chenery1964-1978
The Wonderful Flight to the Mushroom Planet by Eleanor Cameron1964-1978
The wonders of fungi by Lucy Kavaler1964-1978
A Wrinkle in Time by Madeleine L'Engle1964-1978
Yankee Doodle by Edward Bangs1964-1978
Young Mark by E. M. Almedingen1964-1978
Z for Zachariah by Robert C. O'Brien1964-1978
A Zoo in Your Room by Roger A. Caras1964-1978

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