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Works (79)

The Cash Nexus: Money and Power in the Modern World, 1700-2000 by Niall Ferguson2001
Hirohito and the Making of Modern Japan by Herbert P. Bix2001
Ho Chi Minh by William J. Duiker2001
Night of Stone by Catherine Merridale2001
"A Problem from Hell": America and the Age of Genocide by Samantha Power2002
The Chastening: Inside The Crisis That Rocked The Global Financial System And Humbled The Imf by Paul Blustein2002
The Paradox of American Power: Why the World's Only Superpower Can't Go It Alone by Joseph S. Nye2002
Strangers in the House by Raja Shehadeh2002
The Dust of Empire: The Race for Mastery in the Asian Heartland by Karl Ernest Meyer2003
The Future of Freedom by Fareed Zakaria2003
Paris 1919: Six Months That Changed the World by Margaret MacMillan2003
Globalized Islam: The Search for a New Ummah by Olivier Roy2004
The Lesser Evil: Political Ethics in an Age of Terror by Michael Ignatieff2004
The Missing Peace: The Inside Story of the Fight for Middle East Peace by Dennis Ross2004
A New World Order by Anne-Marie Slaughter2004
The End of Poverty: Economic Possibilities for Our Time by Jeffrey D. Sachs2006
Imperial Reckoning: The Untold Story of Britain's Gulag in Kenya by Caroline Elkins2006
The Next Attack: The Failure of the War on Terror and a Strategy for Getting it Right by Daniel Benjamin2006
Taming American Power by Stephen M. Walt2006
Dangerous Nation by Robert Kagan2007
Fiasco: The American Military Adventure in Iraq by Thomas E. Ricks2007
The International Struggle Over Iraq by David M. Malone2007
Nixon and Mao: The Week That Changed the World by Margaret MacMillan2007
Legacy of Ashes: The History of the CIA by Tim Weiner2008
Multicultural Odysseys by Will Kymlicka2008
Securing Japan: Tokyo's Grand Strategy and the Future of East Asia by Richard J. Samuels2008
The Wilsonian Moment: Self-Determination and the International Origins of Anticolonial Nationalism by Erez Manela2008
Descent into Chaos: The U.S. and the Disaster in Pakistan, Afghanistan, and Central Asia by Ahmed Rashid2009
McMafia: Crime without Frontiers by Misha Glenny2009
The Post-American World by Fareed Zakaria2009
Rivals: How the Power Struggle Between China, India and Japan Will Shape Our Next Decade by Bill Emmott2009
The Dead Hand: The Untold Story of the Cold War Arms Race and Its Dangerous Legacy by David Hoffman2010
The Gamble: General David Petraeus and the American Military Adventure in Iraq, 2006–2008 by Thomas E. Ricks2010
Reflections on the Revolution In Europe: Immigration, Islam, and the West by Christopher Caldwell2010
The Teeth May Smile but the Heart Does Not Forget: Murder and Memory in Uganda by Andrew Rice2010
Arrival City: How the Largest Migration in History Is Reshaping Our World by Doug Saunders2011
The Hungry World: America's Cold War Battle against Poverty in Asia by Nick Cullather2011
Why the West Rules—For Now: The Patterns of History, and What They Reveal About the Future by Ian Morris2011
Yalta: The Price of Peace by Serhii Plokhy2011
Berlin 1961: Kennedy, Khrushchev, and the Most Dangerous Place on Earth by Frederick Kempe2012
George F. Kennan: An American Life by John Lewis Gaddis2012
On China by Henry Kissinger2012
A World on Fire: Britain's Crucial Role in the American Civil War by Amanda Foreman2012
From the Ruins of Empire: The Revolt Against the West and the Remaking of Asia by Pankaj Mishra2013
Ghosts of Empire: Britain's Legacies in the Modern World by Kwasi Kwarteng2013
Iron Curtain: The Crushing of Eastern Europe, 1944-1956 by Anne Applebaum2013
The Second Nuclear Age: Strategy, Danger, and the New Power Politics by Paul Bracken2013
The Battle of Bretton Woods: John Maynard Keynes, Harry Dexter White, and the Making of a New World Order by Benn Steil2014
Command and Control: Nuclear Weapons, the Damascus Accident, and the Illusion of Safety by Eric Schlosser2014
Europe: The Struggle for Supremacy, from 1453 to the Present by Brendan Simms2014
Those Angry Days: Roosevelt, Lindbergh, and America's Fight Over World War II, 1939-1941 by Lynne Olson2014
Age of Ambition: Chasing Fortune, Truth, and Faith in the New China by Evan Osnos2015
The Good War: Why We Couldn’t Win the War or the Peace in Afghanistan by Jack Fairweather2015
My Promised Land: The Triumph and Tragedy of Israel by Ari Shavit2015
Thirteen Days in September: Carter, Begin, and Sadat at Camp by Lawrence Wright2015
The End of Tsarist Russia: The March to World War I and Revolution by Dominic Lieven2016
The Guardians: The League of Nations and the Crisis of Empire by Susan Pedersen2016
Hall of Mirrors: The Great Depression, The Great Recession, and the Uses-and Misuses-of History by Barry Eichengreen2016
Kissinger: 1923-1968: The Idealist by Niall Ferguson2016
Children of Paradise: The Struggle for the Soul of Iran by Laura Secor2017
How Everything Became War and the Military Became Everything: Tales from the Pentagon by Rosa Brooks2017
The Invention of Russia: The Rise of Putin and the Age of Fake News by Arkady Ostrovsky2017
Islamic Exceptionalism: How the Struggle Over Islam Is Reshaping the World by Shadi Hamid2017
Asia's Reckoning: China, Japan, and the Fate of U.S. Power in the Pacific Century by Richard McGregor2018
Destined for War: Can America and China Escape Thucydides’s Trap? by Graham Allison2018
The Future of War: A History by Lawrence Freedman2018
The Internationalists and their plan to outlaw war by Oona A. Hathaway2018
How Democracies Die by Steven Levitsky2019
No Turning Back: Life, Loss, and Hope in Wartime Syria by Rania Abouzeid2019
The Road to Unfreedom: Russia, Europe, America by Timothy Snyder2019
The Third Revolution: Xi Jinping and the New Chinese State by Elizabeth C. Economy2019
The Narrow Corridor: States, Societies, and the Fate of Liberty by Daron Acemoglunot in English Common Knowledge2020
Power to the People: How Open Technological Innovation is Arming Tomorrow's Terrorists by Audrey Kurth Croninnot in English Common Knowledge2020
Roller-Coaster: Europe, 1950-2017 by Ian Kershawnot in English Common Knowledge2020
The Unsettling of Europe: How Migration Reshaped a Continent by Peter Gatrellnot in English Common Knowledge2020
Isolationism: A History of America's Efforts to Shield Itself from the World by Charles A. Kupchannot in English Common Knowledge2021
Killer High: A History of War in Six Drugs by Peter Andreasnot in English Common Knowledge2021
Twilight of Democracy: The Seductive Lure of Authoritarianism by Anne Applebaumnot in English Common Knowledge2021
War: How Conflict Shaped Us by Margaret MacMillannot in English Common Knowledge2021