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The Private Memoirs and Confessions of a Justified Sinner by James HoggRoman, 1948
Auto-da-Fé by Elias Canetti 1949
The President by Miguel Ángel AsturiasRoman, 1950
Barabbas by Pär LagerkvistRoman, 1951
A Tale of Poor Lovers [abridged] by Vasco PratoliniRoman, 1952
All the King's Men by Robert Penn WarrenRoman, 1953
Zorba the Greek by Nikos KazantzakisRoman, 1954
Tomorrow and Yesterday by Heinrich BöllRoman, 1955
The Lost Steps by Alejo Carpentier 1956
The Man Without Qualities by Robert MusilRoman, 1958
Balthazar by Lawrence DurrellRoman, 1959
Justine by Lawrence DurrellRoman, 1959
The Middle Age of Mrs Eliot by Angus WilsonRoman, 1960
Snow Country by Yasunari KawabataRoman, 1961
The Tin Drum by Günter GrassRoman, 1962
Children of Sanchez by Oscar LewisRoman, 1963
The Magician of Lublin by Isaac Bashevis SingerRoman, 1964
Autobiography by John Cowper PowysEssai, 1965
The Centaur by John UpdikeRoman, 1965
Niembsch oder der Stillstand : eine Suite by Peter HärtlingRoman, 1966
The Painted Bird by Jerzy KosińskiEssai, 1966
The Woman in the Dunes by Kōbō AbeRoman, 1967
The First Circle by Aleksandr SolzhenitsynRoman, 1968
One Hundred Years of Solitude by Gabriel Garcia MarquezRoman, 1969
Three Trapped Tigers by Guillermo Cabrera InfanteRoman, 1970
Drifting cities by Stratis TsirkasRoman, 1971
The Lord of the Rings by J. R. R. TolkienRoman, 1972
The Blood Oranges by John HawkesRoman, 1973
Sanatorium Under the Sign of the Hourglass by Bruno SchulzRoman, 1974
The Street of Crocodiles by Bruno SchulzRoman, 1974
A Voice from the Chorus by Andrei SinyavskyEssai, 1974
One Way or Another by Leonardo SciasciaRoman, 1975
The Angel of Darkness by Ernesto SábatoRoman, 1976
The Fifth Gospel by Mario PomilioRoman, 1977
The Romantic Agony by Mario PrazEssai, 1977
Memed, My Hawk by Yasar KemalRoman, 1978
A Plan for Escape by Adolfo Bioy CasaresRoman, 1979
Aunt Julia and the Scriptwriter by Mario Vargas LlosaRoman, 1980
God's Grandeur and Other Poems (Dover Thrift Editions) by Gerard Manley HopkinsRoman, 1980
Earthly Powers by Anthony BurgessRoman, 1981
L'amour n'est pas aimé by Hector BianciottiRoman, 1982
Il Malaparte illustrato by Giordano Bruno GuerriRoman, 1983
Life and Fate by Vasily Grossmannot in English Common KnowledgeRoman, 1984
Shame by Salman RushdieRoman, 1985
Milena by Margarete Buber-NeumannEssai, 1986
Palinuro of Mexico by Fernando del PasoRoman, 1986
Madame du Deffand and Her World by Benedetta CraveriEssai, 1987
A Maggot by John FowlesRoman, 1987
The Sleepwalker by Margarita KarapanouRoman, 1988
Pushkin House by Andrei BitovRoman, 1989
The Czar's Madman by Jaan KrossRoman, 1990
Danube by Claudio MagrisEssai, 1990
La saga de Youza by Youozas BaltouchisRoman, 1991
The Whirlpool by Jane UrquhartRoman, 1992
Breviario mediterraneo by Predrag MatvejevićEssai, 1993
The Things They Carried by Tim O'BrienRoman, 1993
Ever After by Graham SwiftRoman, 1994
Theory of War by Joan BradyRoman, 1995
Lytton Strachey: A Biography by Michael HolroydEssai, 1996
What a Carve Up! by Jonathan CoeRoman, 1996
The Inquisitors' Manual by António Lobo AntunesRoman, 1997
The Lament of the Linnet by Anna Maria OrteseRoman, 1998
A Light Comedy by Eduardo MendozaRoman, 1998
Pushkin's Button by Serena VitaleEssai, 1998
Aristocrats by Stella TillyardEssai, 1999
A Book of Memories by Péter NádasRoman, 1999
The Rings of Saturn by W. G. SebaldEssai, 1999
American Pastoral by Philip RothRoman, 2000
Bartleby & Co. by Enrique Vila-MatasEssai, 2000
Thine is the Kingdom by Abilio EstévezRoman, 2000
The Royal Physician's Visit by Per Olov EnquistRoman, 2001
My Name Is Red by Orhan PamukRoman, 2002
Mevrouw Bentinck : Onverenigbaarheid van karakter & De groten der aarde by Hella S. HaasseEssai, 2003
True History of the Kelly Gang by Peter CareyRoman, 2003
Reading Lolita in Tehran: A Memoir in Books by Azar NafisiEssai, 2004
The Shadow of the Wind by Carlos Ruiz ZafónRoman, 2004
Auf den Spuren von Byron und Tolstoi Eine literarische Wanderung von Montreux nach Meiringen by Michail SchischkinEssai, 2005
The Master by Colm TóibínRoman, 2005
Her Husband: Sylvia Plath and Ted Hughes: A Marriage by Diane MiddlebrookEssai, 2006
The History of Love by Nicole KraussRoman, 2006
Searching for John Ford by Joseph McBrideRoman, 2007
Poor People by William T. VollmannEssai, 2008
From the Land of Green Ghosts : A Burmese Odyssey by Pascal Khoo ThweEssai, 2009
This Life: A Novel by Karel SchoemanRoman, 2009
Learning to Pray in the Age of Technique (Portuguese Literature Series) by Gonçalo M. TavaresRoman, 2010
Must You Go?: My Life with Harold Pinter by Antonia FraserEssai, 2010
Oeuvres : Tome 2, Récits et essais by Marina Tsvetaevanot in English Common KnowledgeEssais, 2011
Persecution by Alessandro PipernoRoman, 2011
Congo: The Epic History of a People by David Van Reybroucknot in English Common KnowledgeEssai, 2012
The Retrospective by A. B. Yehoshuanot in English Common KnowledgeRoman, 2012
The Stranger's Child by Alan Hollinghurstnot in English Common KnowledgeRoman, 2013
A Brief Stop on the Road from Auschwitz by Göran Rosenbergnot in English Common KnowledgeEssai, 2014
I Saw Her That Night by Drago Jancarnot in English Common KnowledgeRoman, 2014
Atlas of an Anxious Man by Christoph Ransmayr2015
The Zone of Interest by Martin Amisnot in English Common KnowledgeRoman, 2015
The Crossing: My Journey to the Shattered Heart of Syria by Samar Yazbeknot in English Common KnowledgeEssai, 2016
H Is for Hawk by Helen Macdonaldnot in English Common KnowledgeRoman, 2016
East West Street by Philippe Sandsnot in English Common KnowledgeEssai, 2017
The Sympathizer by Viet Thanh Nguyennot in English Common Knowledge 2017
Mourning by Eduardo HalfonRoman, 2018
Qualcosa sui Lehman by Stefano Massini2018
Glückskind mit Vater by Christoph Heinnot in English Common KnowledgeRoman, 2019
Time of the Magicians: Wittgenstein, Benjamin, Cassirer, Heidegger, and the Decade That Reinvented Philosophy by Wolfram Eilenbergernot in English Common KnowledgeEssai. 2019
Apeirogon by Colum McCannnot in English Common KnowledgeRoman, 2020
Three Rings: A Tale of Exile, Narrative, and Fate by Daniel Mendelsohnnot in English Common KnowledgeEssai, 2020
Wolgakinderen by Gusel Jachinanot in English Common KnowledgeRoman, 2021
L'Écho du lac - Prix du Meilleur Livre Étranger 2021 non-fiction: Guerre et paix à travers les Balkans by Kapka Kassabovanot in English Common KnowledgeEssai, 2021
In Memory of Memory by Maria Stepanovanot in English Common KnowledgeEssai, 2022
Volver la vista atrás by Juan Gabriel Vásqueznot in English Common KnowledgeRoman, 2022