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Aaron's Wait by Dorien GreyBest Overall Gay Fiction, 2009
Angels of the Deep by Kirby CrowBest Writing Style, 2009
Barking at the Moon by Nene AdamsBest Overall Lesbian Fiction, 2009
Bee Among the Clover by Marguerite LabbeBest Historical Fiction, 2009
Blood and Mint Chocolates by Adrianne BrennanBest Overall Lesbian Fiction, 2009
The Bones of Summer by Anne BrookeBest Mystery/Thriller Fiction, 2009
Brushback by Jamie ScofieldBest Overall Gay Fiction, 2009
Collision Course by K.A. MitchellBest Overall Gay Fiction, 2009
Complications (Courtland Chronicles, #3) by Cat GrantBest Overall Bisexual/Transgender Fiction, 2009
Conflict in Blood by Ariel TachnaBest Paranormal/Horror Fiction, 2009
Control by Manna FrancisJury's Honorable Mention, 2009
Faith & Fidelity by Tere MichaelsBest Characters, 2009
False Colors: An M/M Romance by Alex BeecroftBest Setting, 2009
The First Risk by Charles JensenBest Overall Non Fiction, 2009
Flight [Bennett] by Nicki BennettBest Overall Cover, 2009
Games & Players by Manna FrancisJury's Honorable Mention, 2009
Hell Cop by Astrid AmaraBest Sci-fi/Futuristic Fiction, 2009
Hemovore by Jordan Castillo PriceBest Overall Cover, 2009
Holy Communion by Mykola DementiukBest Overall Bisexual/Transgender Fiction, 2009
Immortality is the Suck by A.M. RileyBest Paranormal/Horror Fiction, 2009
L.A. Heat by P. A. BrownBest Overall Gay Fiction, 2009
Mind Fuck by Manna FrancisJury's Honorable Mention, 2009
My Fair Captain by J.L. LangleyBest Sci-fi/Futuristic Fiction, 2009
Northern Love by Nica BerryBest Fantasy Fiction, 2009
A Note in the Margin by Isabelle RowanBest Contemporary Fiction, 2009
Out of Position by Kyell GoldBest Setting, 2009
The Pauper's Prize by Mark AldersBest Fantasy Fiction, 2009
Queer Wolf by Ginn HaleBest Overall Lesbian Fiction, 2009
Quid Pro Quo by Manna FrancisJury's Honorable Mention, 2009
Quis Custodiet by Manna FrancisJury's Honorable Mention, 2009
A Report from Winter by Wayne CourtoisBest Overall Non Fiction, 2009
The Rest of Our Lives by Dan StoneBest Paranormal/Horror Fiction, 2009
A Strong and Sudden Thaw by R. W. DayBest Writing Style, 2009
That's What Brothers Do by Derekica SnakeBest Contemporary Fiction, 2009
Two Spirits: A Story of Life With the Navajo by Walter L. WilliamsBest Overall Bisexual/Transgender Fiction, 2009
The Underwater Hospital by Jan SteckelBest Overall Non Fiction, 2009
Warrior's Cross by Madeleine UrbanBest Overall Cover, 2009
The Way You Say My Name by Sara BellBest Coming of Age/Young Adult Fiction, 2009
Whistling in the Dark by Tamara AllenBest Writing Style, 2009
1049 Club by Kim PritekelBest Setting, 2010
Alex's Appeal by Jenna ByrnesBest Gay Paranormal/Horror Fiction, 2010
All Lost Things by Josh AterovisYoung adult, 3rd place, 2010
Breaking the Ice by Kim BaldwinContemporary, 1st place - tied, 2010
Cethe by Becca AbbottBest Gay Fantasy Fiction, 2010
Counterpoint: Dylan's Story by Ruth SimsBest Gay Historical, Honorable mention, 2010
Curse of Arachnaman by Hayden ThorneBest Gay Coming of Age/Young Adult Fiction, 2010
Date with a Sheesha by Anthony BidulkaBest Gay Mystery/Thriller Fiction, 2010
Death of a Dying Man by J. M. RedmannBest Writing Style, 2010
Dee Dee Day by Mykola DementiukBest Bisexual/Transgender Contemporary Fiction, 2010
Diana Comet and Other Improbable Stories by Sandra McDonald Best Overall Bisexual/Transgender Fiction, 2010
everafter by Nell StarkBest Lesbian Paranormal/Horror Fiction, 2010
The Eye of Ra (Repeating History, #1) by Dakota ChaseBest Gay Coming of Age/Young Adult Fiction, 2010
Fever by V. K. PowellBest Writing Style, 2010
Fugly by K.Z. SnowBest Overall Cover, 2010
The Golden Age of Gay Fiction by Drewey Wayne GunnBest Overall Non Fiction, 2010
Goldenseal by Gill McKnightBest Lesbian Paranormal/Horror Fiction, 2010
THE HADRIAN ENIGMA A Forbidden History by George GardinerBest Gay Historical Fiction, 2010
Hero by Heidi CullinanBest Gay Fantasy Fiction, 2010
An Ideal for Living by Marshall MooreBest Gay Contemporary Fiction, 2010
Illusion Of Night by C.J. BlackBest Characters, 2010
Josef Jaeger by Jere' M. FishbackYoung adult, 2010
L.A. Boneyard by P. A. BrownBest Gay Mystery/Thriller Fiction, 2010
Last Chance by Viki LynBest Gay Paranormal/Horror Fiction, 2010
Light of the Body by Mark AldersBest Gay Sci-Fi/Futuristic Fiction, 2010
The Lonely War by Alan ChinBest Setting, 2010
The Lost Library: Gay Fiction Rediscovered by Tom CardamoneBest Overall Cover, 2010
Lover's Knot by Donald HardyBest Overall Gay Fiction, 2010
Loving Someone Gay by Don ClarkBest Overall Non Fiction, 2010
The Marién Revelation by Miguel SantanaBest Gay Contemporary Fiction, 2010
Mephisto Aria by Justine SaracenBest Writing Style, 2010
Mexican Heat by Laura BaumbachRomantic suspense 2nd place, 2010
Miles and the Magic Flute by Heidi CullinanBest Gay Fantasy Fiction, 2010
More by Sloan ParkerBest Gay Contemporary Romance Fiction, 2010
Natural Order by Moondancer DrakeBest Lesbian Paranormal/Horror Fiction, 2010
Nigredo by Alex MykalsBest Bisexual/Transgender & Lesbian Fantasy Fiction, 2010
Oracle by R.J. ScottBest Overall Cover, 2010
Our Sacred Balance by Marguerite LabbeBest Gay Paranormal/Horror Fiction, 2010
Queering the Text: Biblical, Medieval, and Modern Jewish Stories (White Crane Wisdom) by Andrew RamerBest Overall Non Fiction, 2010
Returning Tides (Provincetown Tales 6) by RadclyffeBest Lesbian Mystery/Thriller Fiction, 2010
The Riddle of the Sands {Fathom’s Five} by Geoffrey KnightBest Overall Gay Fiction, 2010
Seduction of Moxie by Colette MoodyBest Setting, 2010
Seeker by Ronica BlackBest Writing Style, 2010
She's My Dad by Iolanthe WoulffBest Overall Bisexual/Transgender Fiction, 2010
Showdown At Yellowstone River by Angelia SparrowBest Overall Bisexual/Transgender Fiction, 2010
Side Order of Love by Tracey RichardsonContemporary, 1st place - tied, 2010
The Silent Hustler by Sean MeriwetherBest Gay Contemporary Fiction, 2010
Slow Bloom by Anah CrowBest Gay Erotica Contemporary Fiction, 2010
Spanking New by Clifford HendersonBest Bisexual/Transgender Contemporary Fiction, 2010
Special Delivery by Heidi CullinanBest Writing Style, 2010
Spring of the Stag God (Stag God Chronicles) by J. C. HernesonBest Gay Fantasy Fiction, 2010
Strawberries for Dessert by Marie SextonBest Gay Contemporary Romance Fiction, 2010
Summer Song by Louise BlaydonBest Gay Coming of Age/Young Adult Fiction, 2010
Tales My Body Told Me: A Novel by Wayne CourtoisBest Gay Contemporary Fiction, 2010
Tilting at Windmills by Geonn CannonBest Lesbian Contemporary Fiction, 2010
Trenekis of Hiera by Mark KendrickBest Gay Sci-Fi/Futuristic Fiction, 2010
An Uncommon Whore by Belinda McBrideBest Gay Sci-Fi/Futuristic Fiction, 2010
The Wine-Dark Sea by A. J. LlewellynBest Gay Erotica Contemporary Fiction, 2010
The Wish by Eden WintersBest Gay Contemporary Romance Fiction, 2010
Wolfsbane Winter by Jane FletcherBest Bisexual/Transgender & Lesbian Fantasy Fiction, 2010
After the Fall by Robin SummersBest Lesbian Debut Novel/Book, 2011
Angel 1089 (Heaven Corp., #1) by C. C. BridgesBest Gay Sci-Fi / Futuristic, 2011
Benedetto Casanova - The Memoirs by Marten WeberBest Overall Gay Novel/Book, 2011
Blacque/Bleu by Belinda McBrideBest Gay Paranormal / Horror, 2011
Blood Hunt by L.L. RaandBest Lesbian Paranormal / Horror, 2011
Bourn's Edge by Barbara DaviesBest Overall Lesbian Novel/Book, 2011
Breathe by Sloan ParkerBest Writing Style, 2011
Building Arcadia (Blueprints Not Included) by Ryan LovelessBest Overall Bisexual / Transgender Novel/Book, 2011
Caught by A. B. GayleBest Gay Contemporary Romance, 2011
City Falcon by Feliz FaberBest Overall Cover, 2011
The Collectors by Lesley GowanBest Lesbian Contemporary Erotica, 2011
The Cowboy Poet by Claire ThompsonBest Gay Contemporary Erotica, 2011
The Cranberry Hush by Ben MonopoliBest Bisexual / Transgender Debut Novel/Book, 2011
Dancing with Venus by Roscoe JamesBest Lesbian Contemporary Erotica, 2011
Dark Edge of Honor by Aleksandr VoinovBest Gay Sci-Fi / Futuristic, 2011
Dark Sun (New Seattle, #1) by M. J. O'SheaBest Gay Sci-Fi / Futuristic, 2011
The Definitive Albert J. Sterne by Julie BozzaBest LGBT Mystery / Thriller, 2011
Double Feature by Aislinn KerryBest Gay Sci-Fi / Futuristic, 2011
The Eternal Dungeon Omnibus 2010 by Dusk PetersonBest Setting Development, 2011
The Evolution of Ethan Poe by Robin ReardonLGBT Coming of Age / Young Adult, Plot Development, Characters Development, Writing Style, Overall Gay Novel/Book, 2011
For Frying Out Loud - Rehoboth Beach Diaries by Fay JacobsBest Overall Non Fiction, 2011
Harmony by Karis WalshBest Writing Style, 2011
Hell's Pawn by Jay BellBest Gay Fantasy, 2011
Hellebore & Rue: Tales of Queer Women and Magic by JoSelle VanderhooftBest Lesbian Sci-Fi / Fantasy, 2011
Isolation Play by Kyell GoldBest Overall Cover, 2011
Jane Doe by Lisa GirolamiBest Setting Development, 2011
Jumpstart the World by Catherine Ryan HydeBest LGBT Coming of Age / Young Adult & Best Overall Bisexual / Transgender Novel/Book, 2011
Match Maker by Alan ChinBest Gay Contemporary General Fiction, 2011
A Matter of Blood by Andi MarquetteBest Lesbian Sci-Fi / Fantasy, 2011
Maye's Request by Clifford HendersonBest Lesbian Contemporary General Fiction, 2011
Mere Mortals by ErastesBest LGBT Historical, 2011
Mesmerized by David-Matthew BarnesBest LGBT Coming of Age / Young Adult, 2011
Midnight by Megan DerrBest Gay Paranormal / Horror, 2011
Moonlight, Tiger, and Smoke by Connie BaileyBest Overall Cover, 2011
Moonspun by Lee BenoitBest Gay Fantasy, 2011
Much of Madness, More of Sin by Andrew WolterBest Setting Development, 2011
My West: Personal Writings on the American West -- Past, Present and Future by Patricia Nell WarrenBest Overall Non Fiction, 2011
nevermore by Trinity TamBest Lesbian Paranormal / Horror, 2011
The Nobleman and the Spy by Summer DevonBest LGBT Historical, 2011
Nowhere Ranch by Heidi CullinanBest Gay Contemporary Erotica, 2011
The Only Gold by Tamara AllenBest Writing Style, 2011
P'tit Cadeau by Anel VizBest Setting Development, 2011
Parties in Congress by Colette MoodyBest Lesbian Contemporary Romance, 2011
Rarer Than Rubies by EM LynleyBest LGBT Mystery / Thriller, 2011
Refuse by Elliott DeLineBest Overall Bisexual / Transgender Novel/Book, 2011
Retirement Plan by Martha MillerBest Lesbian Contemporary General Fiction, 2011
Sarah, Son of God by Justine SaracenBest Overall Bisexual / Transgender Novel/Book, 2011
Short Circuits: A Life in Blogs (Volume I) by Dorien GreyBest Overall Non Fiction, 2011
Six Metres of Pavement by Farzana DoctorBest Lesbian Contemporary General Fiction, 2011
Solemn Contract by Morgan CheshireBest Gay Debut Novel/Book, 2011
A Solid Core of Alpha by Amy LaneBest Gay Sci-Fi / Futuristic, 2011
Song of Oestend by Marie SextonBest Gay Fantasy, 2011
Static by L. A. WittBest Bisexual / Transgender Sci-Fi / Paranormal / Fantasy, 2011
Strange Bedfellows by Q. KellyBest Lesbian Contemporary Romance, 2011
Suffer the Little Children by Tracy RowanBest Writing Style, 2011
These Haunted Heights by Ally BlueBest Gay Contemporary Romance, 2011
The Third Buddha by Jameson CurrierBest Gay Contemporary General Fiction, 2011
Thrace by Penelope FridayBest Bisexual / Transgender Sci-Fi / Paranormal / Fantasy, 2011
Too Soon for Love by Kimberly GardnerBest Gay Contemporary Romance, 2011
Travels Through Love And Time by Christine Hall VolkoffBest Lesbian Contemporary Erotica, 2011
True Stories by Felice PicanoBest Overall Non Fiction, 2011
Unbroken Circle by Mary GriggsBest Lesbian Debut Novel/Book, 2011
Up for Grabs 2: None of the Above by Lauren P. BurkaBest Bisexual / Transgender Sci-Fi / Paranormal / Fantasy, 2011
Visible Friend by K.Z. SnowBest Overall Cover, 2011
Water Mark (Micky Knight Mysteries) by J. M. RedmannBest LGBT Mystery / Thriller, 2011
Wild by Meghan O'BrienBest Setting Development, 2011
With the Band by L. A. WittBest Gay Contemporary Erotica, 2011
Women of the Mean Streets: Lesbian Noir by J. M. RedmannBest LGBT Mystery / Thriller, 2011
Yield by Lee HouckBest Gay Contemporary General Fiction, 2011; Best Characters Development, 2011; Best Gay Debut Novel/Book, 2011
Zombielicious by Timothy McGivneyBest Gay Paranormal / Horror, 2011
Across the East River Bridge by Kate McMurrayBest Gay Paranormal / Horror, 2012
Another Dumb Jock by Jeff ErnoBest LGBT Young Adult / Coming of Age, 2012
Atom Heart John Beloved by Luke HartwellBest Bisexual/Transgender Novel/Book, 2012
Awake Unto Me by Kathleen KnowlesBest Lesbian Debut Novel/Book, 2012
The Bacchi by Belinda McBrideBest Bisexual/Transgender Sci-Fi / Fantasy, 2012
Better Off Red by Rebekah WeatherspoonBest Lesbian Paranormal / Horror, 2012
Blind Space by Marie SextonBest Gay Sci-Fi / Fantasy, 2012
The British Devil by Greg HogbenBest LGBT Biographies & Memoirs, 2012
Buccaneer Island by J.P. BeausejourBest LGBT Erotica, 2012
Caregiver by Rick R. ReedThe William Neale Award for Best Gay Romance, 2012
Changing Worlds by Cari Z.Best Gay Sci-Fi / Fantasy, 2012
Country Mouse by Amy LaneBest Bisexual/Transgender Romance & Erotic Romance, 2012
A Cowboy's Heart by J. M. SnyderBest Bisexual/Transgender Fiction, 2012
Coyote's Creed by Vaughn R. DemontBest Gay Paranormal / Horror, 2012
Dark Soul Collection by Aleksandr VoinovBest LGBT Cover, 2012
Desire and Devour, Stories of Blood and Sweat by Jeff MannBest LGBT Erotica, 2012
Don't Let Me Go by J.H. TrumbleBest Gay Debut Novel/Book, 2012
The Dragon Tamer by Ana BoschBest LGBT Cover, 2012
The Fling by Rebekah WeatherspoonBest Lesbian Erotic Romance, 2012
Freefall by Andrea SpeedBest Gay Paranormal / Horror, 2012
Fur: The Love of Hair by Ron SureshaBest LGBT Non Fiction, 2012
Hard Tail by JL MerrowThe William Neale Award for Best Gay Romance, 2012
The Heart's History by Lewis DeSimoneBest Gay Contemporary General Fiction, 2012
Home Fires Burning by Charlie CochraneBest Gay Historical, 2012
Ill Will by J. M. Redmann Best Lesbian Novel/Book, 2012
Incubation by Freddy MacKayThe Bobby Michaels Award for Best Gay Erotic Romance, 2012
Incursion by Aleksandr VoinovBest Bisexual/Transgender Sci-Fi / Fantasy, 2012
Ink by Isabelle RowanBest LGBT Cover, 2012
It was too soon before-- : the unlikely life, untimely death, and unexpected rebirth of gay pioneer, Dirk Vanden by Dirk VandenBest LGBT Biographies & Memoirs, 2012
Le Jazz Hot by Clancy NachtBest Bisexual/Transgender Romance & Erotic Romance, 2012
Lemon Reef by Robin SilvermanBest Lesbian Debut Novel/Book, 2012
Let the Faggots Burn: The Upstairs Lounge Fire by Johnny TownsendBest LGBT Non Fiction, 2012
Listening To Dust by Brandon ShireBest Gay Contemporary General Fiction, 2012
The Locket and the Flintlock by Rebecca S. BuckBest Lesbian Historical, 2012
Love, Christopher Street: Reflections of New York City by Thomas KeithBest LGBT Non Fiction, 2012
LoveLife by Rachel SpanglerBest Lesbian Romance, 2012
Man Enough by Beth BurnettBest Bisexual/Transgender Fiction, 2012
The Marrying Kind by Ken O'NeillBest Gay Debut Novel/Book, 2012
Mars on the Rise by Rae GeeBest Bisexual/Transgender Sci-Fi / Fantasy, 2012
McKee - Unabridged by A.C. HenleyBest Lesbian Novel/Book, 2012
Midnight in Berlin by JL MerrowBest Gay Paranormal / Horror, 2012
Missing by Drake BraxtonBest Gay Mystery / Thriller, 2012
The Night Off by Meghan O'BrienBest Lesbian Erotic Romance, 2012
One Saved to the Sea by Catt KingsgraveBest Lesbian Paranormal / Horror, 2012
Only Make Believe by Elliott MackleBest Gay Mystery / Thriller, 2012
Paradox by Chris QuintonBest Gay Sci-Fi / Fantasy, 2012
Perking the Pansies - Jack and Liam move to Turkey by Jack ScottBest LGBT Biographies & Memoirs, 2012; Best Gay Debut Novel/Book, 2012
Pig by SBR MartinBest Lesbian Contemporary General Fiction, 2012
Pirate's Fortune by Gun BrookeBest Lesbian Sci-Fi / Fantasy, 2012
Power Play: Awakening by Rachel HaimowitzBest LGBT Erotica, 2012
Purgatory: A Novel of the Civil War by Jeff MannBest Gay Historical, 2012
A Question of Ghosts by Cate CulpepperBest Lesbian Paranormal / Horror, 2012
The Red Satin Collection by Giselle RenardeBest Bisexual/Transgender Romance & Erotic Romance, 2012
Red+Blue by A. B. GayleThe William Neale Award for Best Gay Romance, 2012
Renfred's Masquerade by Hayden ThorneBest LGBT Young Adult / Coming of Age, 2012
Riding the Rails by Jerry L. WheelerBest LGBT Erotica, 2012
Second You Sin by Scott ShermanBest Gay Mystery / Thriller, 2012
She Left Me Breathless by Trin DeniseBest Lesbian Mystery / Thriller, 2012
Sidecar by Amy LaneThe William Neale Award for Best Gay Romance, 2012
Sidecar by Ann McManBest Lesbian Contemporary General Fiction, 2012
Silence Is Multi-Colored In My World by Red HaircrowBest LGBT Biographies & Memoirs, 2012
Silver by Darcy AbrielBest Bisexual/Transgender Romance & Erotic Romance, 2012
The Slipstream Con by S. Reesa HerberthBest Bisexual/Transgender Sci-Fi / Fantasy, 2012
Sometime Yesterday by Yvonne HeidtBest Lesbian Debut Novel/Book, 2012
Soulwalker by Erica LawsonBest Lesbian Sci-Fi / Fantasy, 2012
Speechless by Kim FieldingBest LGBT Cover, 2012
Speed Demons by Gun BrookeBest Lesbian Romance, 2012
Stars & Stripes by Abigail RouxThe Bobby Michaels Award for Best Gay Erotic Romance, 2012
sunfall by Nell StarkBest Lesbian Paranormal / Horror, 2012
Sweet Like Sugar by Wayne HoffmanBest Gay Contemporary General Fiction, 2012; Best Gay Novel/Book, 2012
Third by Q. KellyBest Lesbian Sci-Fi / Fantasy, 2012
Three Days by L.T. MarieBest Lesbian Erotic Romance, 2012
Tio Jorge by Vincent MeisBest Bisexual/Transgender Fiction, 2012
To Touch the Stars by Jeremy PackThe William Neale Award for Best Gay Romance, 2012
Tyger, Tyger, Burning Bright by Justine SaracenBest Lesbian Historical, 2012
The View from 16 Podwale Street by Paul Alan FaheyBest Lesbian Historical, 2012
Waiting by Q. KellyBest Lesbian Contemporary General Fiction, 2012
Where There's Smoke by L. A. WittThe Bobby Michaels Award for Best Gay Erotic Romance, 2012
Whistle Pass by KevaDBest Gay Historical, 2012
Who's Your Daddy? by Lauren GallagherBest Bisexual/Transgender Fiction, 2012
Wholehearted by Ronica BlackBest Lesbian Romance, 2012
Women of the Dark Streets: Lesbian Paranormal by RadclyffeBest Lesbian Paranormal / Horror, 2012
Words to Die By by William HoldenBest Gay Paranormal / Horror, 2012
The Zero Knot by K.Z. SnowBest LGBT Young Adult / Coming of Age, 2012
After Shadow by Kim PritekelBest Lesbian Paranormal Romance, 2013
Angel on the Ropes by Jill ShultzBest B/T & LGBT Fantasy, Paranormal Romance & Sci-fi / Futuristic, 2013
The Battle for Jericho by Gene GantBest Bisexual Novel, 2013
Becoming Agie by Grigory RyzhakovBest Transgender Novel, 2013
A Betting Man by Sandrine Gasq-DionBest LGBT Romantic Comedy, 2013
Billy's Bones by Jamie FessendenBest Gay Mystery / Thriller, 2013
Black Forest: Kingdoms Fall by Riley LaSheaBest Lesbian Fantasy, 2013
The Boys and the Bees by Mari DonneBest LGBT Cover – Design, 2013
Brute by Kim FieldingBest Gay Fantasy, 2013
Can You Feel What I'm Saying?: An Erotic Anthology by James Earl HardyBest LGBT Erotica, 2013
Coming Home by Robyn WalkerBest LGBT Cover – Design, 2013
Cowboys, Armageddon, and The Truth: How a Gay Child was Saved From Religion by Scott TerryBest LGBT Biography / Memoir / Non Fiction / Poetry, 2013
Damaged Angels by Larry BenjaminBest Gay Contemporary General Fiction, 2013
Deep Deception by Cathy PegauBest Lesbian Sci-Fi / Futuristic, 2013
A Delicate Refusal by T. T ThomasBest Lesbian Historical Romance, 2013
Desolation Point by Cari HunterBest Lesbian Mystery / Thriller, 2013
The Devil's Concubine by Jill BradenBest Bisexual Novel, 2013
Dex in Blue by Amy LaneBest Gay Contemporary General Fiction, 2013
Dirty Laundry by Heidi CullinanBest LGBT Erotic Romance - Bobby Michaels Award, 2013
Disasterology 101 by Taylor V DonovanBest Gay Contemporary Romance - William Neale Award, 2013
Don't Ask by Laura HughesBest LGBT Novel, 2013
Down in Cuba by Vincent MeisBest Bisexual Novel, 2013
Dreams of Fire and Gods: Dreams by James ErichBest LGBT Young Adult, 2013
Ethan, Who Loved Carter by Ryan LovelessBest Gay Novel, 2013
Evolution [Library Edition] by Sam KadenceBest LGBT Cover – Illustration, 2013
Falling for Rain by Susan LaineBest LGBT Cover – Illustration, 2013
Finding Master Right by L. A. WittBest LGBT Erotic Romance - Bobby Michaels Award, 2013
Fox Run by Robin RoseauBest Lesbian Paranormal Romance, 2013
From the Boots Up by Andi MarquetteBest Lesbian Contemporary Romance, 2013
The Gravedigger's Brawl by Abigail RouxBest Gay Paranormal Romance, 2013
Greenwode by J Tullos HennigBest LGBT Novel, 2013
Hainted by Jordan L. HawkBest Gay Paranormal Romance, 2013
Healing Hearts by Donna K. FordBest Lesbian Debut, 2013
The Horns & Halos Collection [anthology] by Toni GriffinBest Gay Fantasy, 2013
If It Flies by L. A. WittBest LGBT Erotica, 2013
If It Fornicates by L. A. WittBest LGBT Erotica, 2013
In Blue Poppy Fields (Guardian Demon, #3) by Ciaran DwynvilBest LGBT Erotica, 2013
In the Midst of Tribulation by Mary GriggsBest Lesbian Sci-Fi / Futuristic, 2013
In This Small Spot by Caren J. WerlingerBest Lesbian Contemporary General Fiction, 2013
Inherent Gifts by Alicia CameronBest Gay Sci-Fi / Futuristic, 2013
Into This River I Drown by TJ KluneBest LGBT Cover – Design, 2013
Jump the Gun by Lori L. LakeBest Lesbian Mystery / Thriller, 2013
The Killer Wore Leather: A Mystery by Laura AntoniouBest LGBT Novel, 2013
Knitter in His Natural Habitat by Amy LaneBest LGBT Cover – Design, 2013
I Know Very Well How I Got My Name: A Novella by Elliott DeLineBest Transgender Novel, 2013
Ladyfish by Andrea BramhallBest Lesbian Debut, 2013
The Left Hand of Calvus by L. A. WittBest Transgender Novel, 2013
Lesser Evils by Andrea SpeedBest Gay Sci-Fi / Futuristic, 2013
Letters Never Sent by Sandra MoranBest Lesbian Historical Romance, 2013
Licensed to Spy by Barbara DaviesBest LGBT Romantic Comedy, 2013
Line and Orbit by Lisa SoemBest Gay Sci-Fi / Futuristic, 2013
The Lone Hunt by L.L. RaandBest Lesbian Paranormal Romance, 2013
Love Continuance and Increasing by Julian GriffithBest B/T & LGBT Contemporary Fiction, Mystery / Thriller, Contemporary & Historical Romance, 2013
Lovers in Arms by Osiris BrackhausBest Gay Historical Romance, 2013
Magical Echo by Linda Kay SilvaBest Lesbian Sci-Fi / Futuristic, 2013
Make Do And Mend by Adam FitzroyBest Gay Novel, 2013
The Mingled Destinies Of Crocodiles and Men by Eric ArvinBest Gay Fantasy, 2013
Miserere by Caren J. WerlingerBest LGBT Historical, 2013
Montana Red by Jane ElliotBest Gay Historical Romance, 2013
Mourning Heaven by Amy LaneBest Gay Novel, 2013
My Roommate's a Jock? Well, Crap! by Wade KellyBest LGBT Romantic Comedy, 2013
Neither Present Time by Caren J. WerlingerBest Lesbian Contemporary Romance, 2013
Nor Iron Bars a Cage by Kaje HarperBest Gay Fantasy, 2013
On a Lee Shore by Elin GregoryBest LGBT Historical, 2013
Openly Straight by Bill KonigsbergBest LGBT Young Adult, 2013
The Other Man by Paul Alan FaheyBest LGBT Biography / Memoir / Non Fiction / Poetry, 2013
Out on the Panhandle by R. E. BradshawBest Lesbian Novel, 2013
Pressure Head by JL MerrowBest Gay Mystery / Thriller, 2013
Promises Made Under Fire by Charlie CochraneBest LGBT Historical, 2013
The Pyramid Waltz by Barbara Ann WrightBest Lesbian Fantasy, 2013
Racing for the Sun by Amy LaneBest Gay Novel, 2013
Raining Men by Rick R. ReedBest Gay Contemporary General Fiction, 2013
The Return by Brad BoneyBest Gay Contemporary General Fiction, 2013
A Romantic Mann by Jeff MannBest LGBT Biography / Memoir / Non Fiction / Poetry, 2013
Roving Pack by Sassafras LowreyBest Transgender Novel, 2013
Safeword by A. J. RoseBest Gay Mystery / Thriller, 2013
Sea Glass Inn by Karis WalshBest Lesbian Novel, 2013
Second Chance Sam by Bren ChristopherBest LGBT Erotic Romance - Bobby Michaels Award, 2013
Shell Game by Benny LawrenceBest Lesbian Fantasy, 2013
Slam! by JL MerrowBest LGBT Romantic Comedy, 2013
Something New Under the Sun by L. A. WittBest Gay Sci-Fi / Futuristic, 2013
Spirit Sanguine by Lou HarperBest Gay Paranormal Romance, 2013
Stealing the Wind by Shira AnthonyBest LGBT Cover – Illustration, 2013
Tyler Buckspan by Jere' M. FishbackBest LGBT Young Adult, 2013
Under the Rushes by Amy LaneBest Gay Sci-Fi / Futuristic, 2013
A Very Public Eye by Lori L. LakeBest Lesbian Mystery / Thriller, 2013
Where We Belong by Catherine Ryan HydeBest Lesbian Novel, 2013
Wind and Dreams by Linda NorthBest Lesbian Historical Romance, 2013
Alpha Trine by Lexi AnderBest Bisexual General Fiction, 2014
Babette: The Many Lives, Two Deaths and Double Kidnapping of Dr. Ellsworth by Ross EliotBest Transgender Non Fiction, 2014
Beards: An Unshaved History (English and German Edition) by Kevin ClarkeBest LGBT Visual Arts & Photography, 2014
Breaking Free: A Guarded Novel by Cat GrantBest LGBT Erotica, 2014
Camellia by Cari Z.Best Lesbian Contemporary & Erotic Romance, 2014
A Case of Possession by KJ CharlesBest Gay Fantasy Romance, 2014
Corruption by Eden WintersBest Gay Mystery / Thriller, 2014
Dogs of War: An Underdogs Novel by Geonn CannonBest Lesbian Sci-Fi / Futuristic & Fantasy, 2014
Eight Dates: A Romance by Lori L. LakeBest Lesbian Romantic Comedy, 2014
The End of Eve: A Memoir by Ariel GoreBest Lesbian Book, 2014
Gaysia: Adventures in the Queer East by Benjamin LawBest Gay Book, 2014
The Gentleman's Madness by Bonnie DeeBest Gay Historical, 2014
Goblins: Book 1 by Melanie TushmoreBest Gay Fantasy Romance, 2014
Hibernation and Other Poems by Bear Bards by Ron J. SureshaBest LGBT Poetry, 2014
If We Shadows by D.E. AtwoodBest Transgender Fiction, 2014
A Kingdom Lost by Barbara Ann WrightBest Lesbian Fantasy Romance, 2014
A Little Too Broken by Brad VanceThe Bobby Michaels Award for Best Gay Erotic Romance, 2014
Loved and Lost by Stephanie KusiakBest Lesbian Debut, 2014
The Mating of Michael by Eli EastonThe William Neale Award for Best Gay Contemporary Romance, 2014
Merry Gentlemen by Josephine MylesBest Gay Romantic Comedy, 2014
Monsters Under the Bed (Lifting the Veil Series Book 4) by Susan LaineBest Gay Paranormal Romance, 2014
A PLACE FOR CLIFF by Talon P.S.Honorable Mention, 2014
Playing Ball by Kerry FreemanBest LGBT Anthology / Collection, 2014
Rarely Pure and Never Simple (Variant Configurations #1) by Angel MartinezBest Gay Sci-Fi / Futuristic, 2014
Rest Home Runaways by Clifford HendersonBest Lesbian Contemporary General Fiction, 2014
Rising Frenzy by Brandon WittBest Gay Fantasy, 2014
Season of the Wolf by Robin SummersBest Lesbian Mystery / Thriller, 2014
Sex & Sourdough by A. J. ThomasBest Gay Contemporary General Fiction, 2014
Silent by Sara AlvaBest Gay & Lesbian Young Adult, 2014
Slide by Garrett LeighBest Bisexual Debut, 2014
Splinters by Thorny SterlingBest LGBT Cover – Illustration, 2014
Stuff by Josephine MylesBest Bisexual Romance, 2014
Think of England by KJ CharlesBest Gay Historical Romance, 2014
This Is Not a Love Story by Suki FleetBest Gay Debut, 2014
The Tin Box by Kim FieldingBest LGBT Cover – Design, 2014
Trusting Thomas by K.C. WellsThe Bobby Michaels Award for Best Gay Erotic Romance, 2014
Waiting for the Violins by Justine SaracenBest Lesbian Historical Fiction & Romance, 2014
Wide Asleep (Tales from Ballena Beach) by Nick NolanBest Gay Paranormal Romance, 2014
Windigo Thrall by Cate CulpepperThe Cate Culpepper Award for Best Lesbian Paranormal Romance , 2014
Banished Sons Of Poseidon by Andrew J. PetersHonorable Mention, 2015
Barring Complications by Blythe RipponBest Lesbian Debut, 2015
Beneath the Stain by Amy LaneThe William Neale Award for Best Gay Contemporary Romance, 2015
The Burnt Toast B&B by Heidi BelleauBest Transgender Romance, 2015
Call Me Home: A Novel by Megan KruseBest Gay Contemporary General Fiction, 2015
Carry the Ocean by Heidi CullinanBest LGBT Cover - Design, 2015
Come to My Window by Mia KerickBest Lesbian Young Adult, 2015
The Devil Lancer: A Novel of the Crimean War (Crimean War Novels) by Astrid AmaraGay Fantasy, 2015
Epitaph by Andrea SpeedBest Gay Sci-Fi / Futuristic, 2015
Fool's Gold by Jess FaradayBest Gay Historical Fiction, 2015
For Real by Alexis HallThe Bobby Michaels Award for Best Gay Erotic Romance, 2015
Girl Sex 101 by Allison MoonBest LGBT Non Fiction, Poetry, Visual Arts / Photography, 2015; Best Lesbian Book, 2015
Hammer and Bone by Kirby CrowBest LGBT Cover - Illustration, 2015
Keep the Stars Running by Lexi AnderBest LGBT Anthology / Collection, 2015
Kneel, Mr. President by Lauren GallagherBest Bisexual Romance, 2015
The Language of Hoofbeats by Catherine Ryan HydeBest Lesbian Contemporary General Fiction, 2015
Love Me Tomorrow by Ethan DayBest Gay Romantic Comedy, 2015
Making a Comeback by Julie BlairBest Lesbian Contemporary Romance, Erotic Romance & Romantic Comedy, 2015
Medusa by Elizabeth WatasinBest Lesbian Fantasy & Fantasy Romance, 2015
Model Citizen by Lissa KaseyThe Dorien Grey Award for Best Gay Mystery / Thriller, 2015
Most Beautiful Words by Raine O'TierneyBest Gay Fantasy Romance, 2015
Nights at Rizzoli by Felice PicanoThe Dirk Vanden Award for Best LGBT Biography/Memoir, 2015
No Good Reason by Cari HunterBest Lesbian Mystery / Thriller, 2015
Peripheral People by Reesa HerberthBest Gay Sci-Fi / Futuristic, 2015
Rabbits of the Apocalypse by Benny LawrenceBest Lesbian Sci-Fi / Futuristic, 2015
Red in Tooth and Claw (Underdogs Book 4) by Geonn CannonThe Cate Culpepper Award for Best Lesbian Paranormal Romance, 2015
A Scout is Brave by Jay Jordan HawkeBest Gay Young Adult, 2015
The Secret Casebook of Simon Feximal by KJ CharlesBest Gay Book, 2015; Best Gay Paranormal Romance, 2015
Semper Fi by Keira AndrewsBest Gay Historical Romance, 2015
Speaking Out: Queer Youth in Focus by Rachelle Lee SmithBest Bisexual, Transgender & LGBT Debut, 2015
Summer Symphony by Brandon ShireBest Bisexual Fiction, 2015
To Summon Nightmares by J.K. PendragonBest Transgender Fiction, 2015
The Witch of Stalingrad by Justine SaracenThe Sandra Moran Award for Best Lesbian Historical Fiction & Romance, 2015
Across Your Dreams by Jay Lewis TaylorGay Historical, 2016
Alexey Dyed in Red by A.M. ValenzaAsexual Debut, 2016
Backcast by Ann McManLesbian Contemporary General Fiction & Young Adult, 2016
The Beast That Never Was by Caren J. WerlingerLesbian Fantasy, 2016
Beauty and Cruelty by Meredith KatzLesbian Debut, 2016
Broken by Nicola HakenLGBT Cover, 2016
Broken Blades by Aleksandr VoinovGay Historical Romance, 2016
Cold to the Touch by Cari HunterLesbian Mystery / Thriller, 2016
The Edge of Control by Lou KellyGay Romantic Suspence, 2016
Enchanted Soles by Sasha L. MillerBisexual Fantasy & Fantasy Romance, 2016
Enemies of the State by Tal BauerBisexual Fiction, 2016
Ex-Wives of Dracula by Georgette KaplanLesbian Historical & Paranormal Romance, 2016
The Forbidden Zone by Reis AsherRunner Up Best Gay Sci-Fi/Futuristic Book, 2016
Foxes by Suki FleetGay Young Adult, 2016
Hexbreaker by Jordan L. HawkGay Paranormal Romance, 2016
The Horse Mistress: Book 1 by R. A. Steffan2016
A Kind of Romance by Lane HayesGay Erotic Romance & Erotica The Bobby Michaels Award, 2016
Knight of Flames by Amelia FaulknerBisexual Historical & Paranormal Romance, 2016
Lily and Dunkin by Donna GephartTransgender Fiction & Biography, 2016
Love Bites by Lila BruceLesbian Romantic Comedy & Suspence, 2016
Poppy Jenkins by Clare AshtonLesbian Contemporary & Erotic Romance, 2016
Scardust by Suzanne van RooyenGay Sci-Fi / Futuristic, 2016
A Second Harvest by Eli EastonGay Contemporary Romance The William Neale Award, 2016
Starless Nights (Dark Horizons) (Volume 2) by Rae D. MagdonLesbian Sci-Fi / Futuristic, 2016
Tempest by Cari Z.Gay Fantasy Romance, 2016
Thrall: Beyond Gold and Glory by Barbara Ann WrightLesbian Fantasy Romance, 2016
To Terminator, With Love by Wes KennedyAsexual Debut, 2016
Tournament of Losers by Megan DerrGay Fantasy The Eric Arvin Award, 2016
Tracefinder: Contact by Kaje HarperGay Mystery / Thriller The Dorien Grey Award. 2016
We Go Forward by Alison EvansAsexual Debut, 2016
What Does "Queer" Mean Anyway?: The Quick and Dirty Guide to LGBTQIA Vocabulary by Chris BartlettLGBT Non Fiction & Poetry Dirk Vanden Award, 2016
What It Looks Like by Matthew J. MetzgerTransgender Romance, 2016
Winter Ball by Amy LaneGay Romantic Comedy, 2016
The Worst Bad Thing by J.E. BirkBisexual Contemporary Romance & Fiction, 2016
Aqua Follies by Liv RancourtGay - Historical Romance, 2017
Arrows Through Archer by Nash SummersThe William Neale Award for Gay Contemporary Romance, 2017
Best Maid Plans by Jody KlaireLesbian - Romantic Comedy & Suspence, 2017
Bitterroot Queen by Jove BelleLesbian - Contemporary General Fiction, 2017
Blank Spaces (Toronto Connections) (Volume 1) by Cass LennoxBest Asexual Book, 2017
Block and Strike by Kelly JensenBisexual - Contemporary Romance, 2017
Caught Inside by Jamie DeaconGay Debut, 2017
The Chains Of Their Sins (Taking Shield) (Volume 4) by Anna ButlerGay - Sci-Fi / Futuristic, 2017
Daimonion (The Apocalypse Book 1) by J.P. JacksonAlternative Universe/Reality, 2017
Dali by E.M. HamillBisexual - Alternative Universe/Reality, Fantasy & Sci-Fi / Futuristic, 2017
Dangerous Times by Isobelle WinterTransgender Debut, Transgender - Sci-Fi / Futuristic, Paranormal Romance, Fantasy & Fantasy Romance, 2017
Depth of Return (Another Healing Book 2) by M. RaiyaThe Sandrine Gasq-Dion Award for Gay Paranormal Romance, 2017
The Difference Between by Blake MorenoGay & Lesbian - Erotica, 2017
The Druid Next Door by E. J. RussellGay - Fantasy Romance, 2017
Equality: What Do You Think about When You Think of Equality? by Paul Alan FaheyLGBT - Non Fiction, 2017
Every Breath You Take (Pride and Joy) by Robert WinterGay - Romantic Suspence, 2017
Give Me Thorns by Elizabeth AndreHonorable Mention, 2017
Hacked Up by Ethan StoneThe Dorien Grey Award for Gay Mystery / Thriller, 2017
Having Her Back by Ann GallagherBisexual, Lesbian & Transgender - Young Adult , 2017
Heart Trouble by JaeLesbian - Contemporary & Erotic Romance, 2017
How We Love by Michael Ryan WebbGay - Contemporary General Fiction & Humor, 2017
Just Drive by L. A. WittThe Bobby Michaels Award for Gay Erotic Romance, 2017
Leaning Into Forever (Leaning Into Series Book 7) by Lane HayesBisexual - Erotic Romance, 2017
Leaning Into the Fall (Leaning Into Series Book 2) by Lane HayesBisexual - Erotic Romance, 2017
The Master Will Appear by L. A. WittThe Bobby Michaels Award for Gay Erotic Romance, 2017
One Bullet by Casey WolfeGay - Contemporary Romance Honorable Mention, 2017
The One Thing I Know by Keelan EllisBisexual, Lesbian & Transgender - Historical & Historical Romance (The Sandra Moran Award for Lesbian Historical Romance), 2017
Permanent Jet Lag by A. N. CaseyBisexual Mystery/Thriller, 2017
Peter Darling by Austin ChantTransgender - Sci-Fi / Futuristic, Paranormal Romance, 2017
A Quantum Uncertainty (Nexus Trilogy) (Volume 2) by C. A. FarlowLesbian - Fantasy & Paranormal Romance (The Cate Culpepper Award for Best Paranormal Romance), 2017
A Quiet Death by Cari HunterLesbian - Mystery / Thriller, 2017
Recovery (Reawakening Book 3) by Amy Rae DurresonGay - Fantasy (The Eric Arvin Award for Gay Fantasy), 2017
Scarred by Mia KerickTransgender - Contemporary Romance, Erotic Romance & Romantic Comedy, 2017
Spun! by JL MerrowBisexual - Romantic Comedy & Suspence, 2017
Where the Light Glows by Dena BlakeLesbian Debut, 2017
Wolf's Clothing (Legend Tripping) (Volume 2) by E. J. RussellBisexual - Paranormal Romance, 2017
Family Camp by Eli EastonBest Gay - Contemporary Romance & Romantic Comedy, 2019