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Book awards: ReLit Award Shortlist

Book awards by cover

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Works (224)

Buddha Stevens : and other stories by Steven HaywardShort Fiction, 2001
Change Room by Mark CochranePoetry, 2001
Drought & other stories by Jan ThornhillShort Fiction, 2001
The Good Body by Bill GastonNovel, 2001
How Did You Sleep by Paul GlennonShort Fiction, 2001
Love & the Bottle by Don KerrShort Fiction, 2001
Mining for Sun by John ReibetanzPoetry, 2001
Nits : stories by Kristi-ly GreenShort Fiction, 2001
Oxygen by Annabel LyonShort Fiction, 2001
This Place Called Absence by Lydia KwaNovel, 2001
Eunoia by Christian BökPoetry, 2002
Pigeon: Poems by Karen SoliePoetry, 2002
Black Coffee Night by Emily SchultzShort Fiction, 2003
The deep. Novella by Mary SwanNovel, 2003
Disturbances of Progress by Lise DownePoetry, 2003
A Fine Passage by France DaigleNovel, 2003
My Own Devices by Corey FrostShort Fiction, 2003
Mycological Studies by Jay MillarPoetry, 2003
Necessary Betrayals by Guillaume VigneaultNovel, 2003
The obstacle course : stories by Richard CumynShort Fiction, 2003
Seven Pages Missing, Volume 1 by Steve McCafferyPoetry, 2003
Ashland by Gil AdamsonPoetry, 2004
Broken Accidents by Phlip ArimaShort Fiction, 2004
House Built of Rain by Russell ThorntonPoetry, 2004
Kameleon Man by Kim Barry BrunhuberNovel, 2004
A Love Supreme by Kent NusseyNovel, 2004
The Speaking Cure by David HomelNovel, 2004
Universal Recipients: Fictions by Dana BathShort Fiction, 2004
The Vicinity by David O'MearaPoetry, 2004
Way Up by Kathryn KuitenbrouwerShort Fiction, 2004
Blind Night by Cordelia StrubeNovel, 2005
Corner Pieces by Lance BlomgrenShort Fiction, 2005
Let's not let a little thing like the end of the world come between us by James MarshallShort Fiction, 2005
Mackerel Sky: A Novel by Natalee CapleNovel, 2005
Mirabel by Pierre NepveuPoetry, 2005
The Possible Past by Aislinn HunterPoetry, 2005
Said Like Reeds or Things by Mark TruscottPoetry, 2005
Sointula by Bill GastonNovel, 2005
The Worthwhile Flux by Corey FrostShort Fiction, 2005
Bloodknots by Ami Sands BrodoffShort Fiction, 2006
The Immaculate Conception by Gaétan SoucyNovel, 2006
In the Scaffolding by Eric MillerPoetry, 2006
Ligatures by Donato ManciniPoetry, 2006
A Perfect Night to Go to China by David GilmourNovel, 2006
The Redemption of Anna Dupree by Jim ChristyNovel, 2006
Yesterday's People by Goran SimicShort Fiction, 2006
All the Lifters by Esther MazakianPoetry, 2007
All This Town Remembers by Sean JohnstonNovel, 2007
Apostrophe (Misfits) by Bill KennedyPoetry, 2007
Black by George Elliott ClarkePoetry, 2007
The Good Bacteria: Poems by Sharon ThesenPoetry, 2007
The Hour of Bad Decisions by Russell WangerskyShort Fiction, 2007
I, Nadja and Other Poems by Susan ElmsliePoetry, 2007
Indigenous Beasts by Nathan SellynShort Fiction, 2007
Lanzmann and Other Stories by Damian TarnopolskyShort Fiction, 2007
ManBug by George K. IlsleyNovel, 2007
Miss Lamp by Christopher EwartNovel, 2007
The Mole Chronicles by Andy BrownNovel, 2007
De Niro's Game by Rawi HageNovel, 2007
Orphans of Winter by Rob RitchieNovel, 2007
Season of Iron (Rebecca Temple Mystery Series) by Sylvia Maultash WarshNovel, 2007
Skids by Cathleen WithShort Fiction, 2007
Soudain le Minotaure by Marie Hélène PoitrasNovel, 2007
Tear Down by Ali RileyPoetry, 2007
Types of Canadian Women: And of Woman Who Are or Have Been Connectd With Canada by K. I. PressPoetry, 2007
The Virgin Spy by Krista BridgeShort Fiction, 2007
What You Can't Have by Michael V. SmithPoetry, 2007
Whatever happens by Tim ConleyShort Fiction, 2007
Zero Gravity by Sharon EnglishShort Fiction, 2007
Aethel by Donato ManciniPoetry, 2008
Big White Knuckles by Brian Tucker2008
Bix's Trumpet and Other Stories by Dave MargoshesShort Fiction, 2008
Black Rabbit: & Other Stories by Salvatore DifalcoShort Fiction, 2008
Crown Shyness by Curtis Gillespie2008
I Cut My Finger by Stuart RossPoetry, 2008
Long Story Short: A Novella and Stories by Elyse FriedmanShort Fiction, 2008
The Milk Chicken Bomb by Andrew Wedderburn2008
Orphan Love: A Novel by Nadia Bozak2008
The Reckoning of Boston Jim by Claire MulliganNovel, 2008
The Shovel by Colin BrownePoetry, 2008
Sitcom by David McGimpseyPoetry, 2008
Six Ways to Sunday by Christian McPhersonShort Fiction, 2008
Soucouyant by David Chariandy2008
Two Hemispheres by Nadine McInnisPoetry, 2008
Up on the Roof by P. K. PageShort Fiction, 2008
Charlie Muskrat by Harold Johnson2009
Cleavage (Nunatak Fiction) by Theanna BischoffNovel, 2009
Dead Cars in Managua (Punchy Poetry) (Punchy Poetry) by Stuart RossPoetry, 2009
Elysium: & Other Stories by Pamela StewartShort Fiction, 2009
Evidence by Ian ColfordShort Fiction, 2009
Girls Fall Down by Maggie HelwigNovel, 2009
Little Hunger by Philip Kevin PaulPoetry, 2009
My White Planet: Stories by Mark Anthony JarmanShort Fiction, 2009
Noble Gas, Penny Black by David O'MearaPoetry, 2009
Penny Dreadful by Shannon StewartPoetry, 2009
Sentenced to Light by Fred WahPoetry, 2009
Shuck by Daniel Allen Cox2009
A Slice of Voice at the Edge of Hearing by Brian DedoraNovel, 2009
Squishy (Punchy Prose) by Arjun BasuShort Fiction, 2009
Always Die Before Your Mother: Poems by Patrick WoodcockPoetry, 2010
Après la nuit rouge by Christiane FrenetteNovel, 2010
Away from Everywhere by Chad PelleyNovel, 2010
Holding Still for as Long as Possible by Zoe WhittallNovel, 2010
The Last House by Michael KenyonPoetry, 2010
Lisa Robertson's Magenta Soul Whip by Lisa RobertsonPoetry, 2010
The Moon of Letting Go: and Other Stories by Richard Van CampShort Fiction, 2010
A Nice Place to Visit by Sky GilbertPoetry, 2010
The Others Raisd in Me by Gregory BettsPoetry, 2010
Overqualified by Joey ComeauNovel, 2010
Paper Radio: Poems by Damian RogersPoetry, 2010
Sentimental Exorcisms by David DerryShort Fiction, 2010
What Boys Like and Other Stories by Amy JonesShort Fiction, 2010
What We're Made of by RYAN TURNERShort Fiction, 2010
Wrong Bar by Nathaniel G. MooreNovel, 2010
Bats and Swallows by Teri VlassopoulosShort Fiction, 2011
Book by Ken SparlingNovel, 2011
The Bourgeois Empire: A Novel by Evie ChristieNovel, 2011
The Cube People by Christian McPhersonNovel, 2011
The Devil You Know by Jenn FarrellShort Fiction, 2011
Every Day in the Morning (slow) by Adam SeeligPoetry, 2011
The Find by Kathy PageNovel, 2011
Good Evening, Central Laundromat (Quattro Books Novella) by Jason HerouxNovel, 2011
The Good News About Armageddon by Steve McOrmondPoetry, 2011
A Good Time Had by All by Meaghan StrimasPoetry, 2011
I'm A Registered Nurse Not A Whore by Anne PerdueShort Fiction, 2011
The Inquisition Yours by Jen CurrinPoetry, 2011
Krakow Melt by Daniel Allen CoxNovel, 2011
Marimba Forever (Essential Poets Series) by Jim ChristyPoetry, 2011
Missed Her by Ivan E. CoyoteShort Fiction, 2011
One Bloody Thing After Another by Joey ComeauNovel, 2011
Punishing Ugly Children by Darryl BergerShort Fiction, 2011
Ronald Reagan, My Father by Brian Joseph DavisShort Fiction, 2011
I Still Don't Even Know You by Michelle BerryShort Fiction, 2011
Sweet England by Steve WeinerNovel, 2011
There Is No Other by Jon PapernickShort Fiction, 2011
You Know Who You Are by Ian WilliamsPoetry, 2011
Dirty Feet by Edem AwumeyNovel, 2012
The ditch was lit like this by Sean JohnstonPoetry, 2012
Easy Living: Stories by Jesus HardwellShort Fiction, 2012
Easy to Like by Edward RicheNovel, 2012
Flowers of Spit by Catherine MavrikakisNovel, 2012
Grunt of the Minotaur by Robin RichardsonPoetry, 2012
Post-Apothecary by Sandra RidleyPoetry, 2012
Prick: Confessions of a Tattoo Artist by Ashley LittleNovel, 2012
Shag Carpet Action by Matthew FirthShort Fiction, 2012
Stopping for Strangers by Daniel GriffinShort Fiction, 2012
Straight Razor Days by Joel Thomas HynesPoetry, 2012
Woods Wolf Girl by Cornelia HooglandPoetry, 2012
Cloudy with a Fire in the Basement by Ronna BloomPoetry, 2013
The Complete Lockpick Pornography by Joey Comeau2013
Conflict by Christine McNairPoetry, 2013
Dibidalen: Ten Stories by Seán VirgoShort Fiction, 2013
Dirty Bird by Keir LowtherNovel, 2013
Given by Susan MusgraveNovel, 2013
Heidegger Stairwell by Kayt BurgessNovel, 2013
How to Get Along with Women by Elisabeth de MariaffiShort Fiction, 2013
Husk by Corey RedekopNovel, 2013
The Lava in My Bones by Barry WebsterNovel, 2013
Lockpick Pornography by Joey ComeauNovel, 2013
Love and the Mess We're In by Stephen MarcheNovel, 2013
Maidenhead by Tamara Faith BergerNovel, 2013
Minor Episodes / Major Ruckus (The Chaos! Quincunx) by Garry Thomas MorseNovel, 2013
Mount Royal : there's nothing harder than love : a novel by Basil PapademosNovel, 2013
Natural Capital (Stuart Ross Books) by Jason HerouxPoetry, 2013
New and Selected Poems (1984-2011) by Cliff BurnsPoetry, 2013
Ninja Versus Pirate Featuring Zombies (The How to End Human Suffering Series) by James MarshallNovel, 2013
Our Gleaming Bones Unrobed by Grant LoveysPoetry, 2013
People Who Disappear by Alex LeslieShort Fiction, 2013
Personals by Ian WilliamsPoetry, 2013
Riot Lung (New Leaf (Thistledown Press)) by Leah HorlickPoetry, 2013
Seen Reading by Julie WilsonShort Fiction, 2013
Subtitles & other stories by Domenico CapilongoShort Fiction, 2013
Tracie's revenge & other stories by Wade BellShort Fiction, 2013
Trobairitz by Catherine OwenPoetry, 2013
Whitetail Shooting Gallery by Annette LaPointeNovel, 2013
The Alphabet Stones by Ursula PflugNovel, 2014
Anatomy of a Girl Gang by Ashley LittleNovel, 2014
Burning from the Inside by Christine WaldeNovel, 2014
Caught by Lisa MooreNovel, 2014
The Desperates by Greg KearneyNovel, 2014
Every Little Thing by Chad PelleyNovel, 2014
Fallsy Downsies by Stephanie DometNovel, 2014
Infidelity: A Novel by Stacey May FowlesNovel, 2014
Juanita Wildrose: My True Life by Susan DowneNovel, 2014
The Odious Child: and Other Stories by Carolyn BlackShort Fiction, 2014
Say Nothing Saw Wood by Joel Thomas HynesNovel, 2014
Sneaker Wave by Jeff BeamishNovel, 2014
The Strangers' Gallery by Paul BowdringNovel, 2014
Boundary Problems (Freehand Books) by Greg BechtelShort Fiction, 2015
Broom Broom by Brecken HancockPoetry, 2015
Bunny and Shark (Department of Narrative Studies) by Alisha PiercyNovel, 2015
By The Book: Stories and Pictures by Diane SchoemperlenShort Fiction, 2015
Celia's Song by Lee MaracleNovel, 2015
The First Principles of Dreaming by Beth GoobieNovel, 2015
Folle by Nelly ArcanNovel, 2015
Gifts for the One Who Comes After by Helen MarshallShort Fiction, 2015
The Green Hotel by Jesse GilmourNovel, 2015
Hello, Sweetheart by Elaine McCluskeyShort Fiction, 2015
House Dreams by Deanna YoungPoetry, 2015
How Does a Single Blade of Grass Thank the Sun by Doretta LauShort Fiction, 2015
How You Were Born by Kate CayleyShort Fiction, 2015
I'm Not Scared of You or Anything by Jon Paul FiorentinoShort Fiction, 2015
Jazz by Elizabeth CopelandNovel, 2015
Just Beneath My Skin by Darren GreerNovel, 2015
Mr. Jones by Margaret SweatmanNovel, 2015
New Tab by Guillaume MorissetteNovel, 2015
North East by Wendy McGrathNovel, 2015
Nothing Looks Familiar by Shawn SymsShort Fiction, 2015
On Malice by Ken BabstockPoetry, 2015
Paradise and Elsewhere by Kathy PageShort Fiction, 2015
Pedal by Chelsea RooneyNovel, 2015
Polyamorous Love Song (Department of Narrative Studies) by Jacob WrenNovel, 2015
School by Jen CurrinPoetry, 2015
Some Extremely Boring Drives by Marguerite PigeonShort Fiction, 2015
THOU by Aisha Sasha JohnPoetry, 2015
Universal Bureau of Copyrights by Bertrand LaverdureNovel, 2015
Walt by Russell WangerskyNovel, 2015
What I Want to Tell Goes Like This by Matt RaderShort Fiction, 2015
Yaw by Dani CouturePoetry, 2015
Chinkstar by Jon Chan SimpsonNovel, 2016
The Man Who Saved Henry Morgan: A Novel by Robert HoughNovel, 2016
Martin John by Anakana Schofieldnovel, 2016
Pauls by Jess TaylorShort Fiction, 2016
Where Did You Sleep Last Night by Lynn CrosbieNovel, 2016

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